Woman Tells John Kerry She Regrets Her Abortion, Staffer Destroys Her Sign

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 12, 2004   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Woman Tells John Kerry She Regrets Her Abortion, Staffer Destroys Her Sign

by Steven Ertelt
LifeNews.com Editor
March 12, 2004

Tampa, FL (LifeNews.com) — As the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Senator John Kerry backs abortion. But a woman in Florida who wanted Kerry to know she regretted her abortion says she is glad he saw a sign she carried at a recent campaign event — even though his staff tore it up afterwards.

After watching the nightly news, Rebecca Porter had a dream envisioning herself letting Kerry know she had an abortion and regretted her decision.

Porter told LifeNews.com that she and a friend went to an event the Kerry campaign had scheduled in Tampa. She brought along a sign that simply read, "My abortion hurt me."

She hoped Kerry would see it, but knowing only a limited number of people were being allowed inside the event, her best prospects were to show it those attending.

"I almost didn’t go because doubt and fear was beginning to set in," Porter said. "But I went to hold my sign for the people walking in. I did not go as a Bush supporter or as a Republican, but as a woman hurt by abortion."

Dozens of people walked by and saw her sign.

Some looked away. Wives talked with their husbands. Friends whispered to each other in hushed tones after passing by.

Other came to talk with her and Cindy, but few had anything negative to say.

Porter tells LifeNews.com that one detractor told her he wished the abortion had killed her. His wife elbowed him in the stomach afterwards.

"There was no protest. We were not there to say anything. Just to let our signs speak for us — and they did, powerfully," Porter, the Florida director of the Operation Outcry Silent No More, said.

The two women were finally able to go inside the event and stand at the back of the crowd. As Kerry finished his speech, he closed by saying he would guarantee that "women would have the right to choose" abortion.

Not long after, Porter made her way to an area where Kerry was shaking hands with a large group of people. She eventually found herself exactly where she hoped she would be — a few feet away from the man some hope will be the next president.

She held up her sign.

"Then it happened," Porter explains. "He reached up to shake a hand in the back and his eyes went up to my sign. He read it and then he looked into the crowd to see who was holding it — and he looked me directly in the eyes."

"I hope he saw my pain. I was not angry, just pleading with him to understand. You could see the shock and surprise on his face," Porter said.

But within seconds, a Kerry campaign staff member approached Porter and grabbed her sign.

"You can’t have that sign here," the Kerry staffer said.

The sign tore and Porter let go. After he had possession of it, the Kerry staffer "tore it to pieces" and walked away. "He wouldn’t even let me have the pieces," Porter said.

LifeNews.com spoke with a Kerry press assistant who declined to comment. Officials with the Florida Kerry campaign did not return a phone call.

Onlookers were surprised by what they saw and expressed their disagreement. One man walked over to the two women, said he was pro-life and that what happened "wasn’t right."

Looking back on her experience, however, Porter is not angry.

"I was not upset. I felt like I had done what the Lord had wanted me to accomplish," she says.

"I hope [Kerry will] remember my sign and my pain in my eyes. I know there were many people laying in their beds that night thinking about their abortions."

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