New Hampshire Play Will Now "Only Indirectly" Fund Abortions

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New Hampshire Play Will Now "Only Indirectly" Fund Abortions

by Paul Nowak Staff Writer
February 12, 2004

Portsmouth, NH ( — Following an onslaught of calls from outraged pro-lifers, the producer of the February 15 performance of "The Vagina Monologues" at the Seacoast Repertory Theatre, clarified that the proceeds will not fund abortions. At least not directly.

However, the funds will still go to the Portsmouth Feminist Health Center — an abortion business. Diana Braun, executive director of the abortion facility, said the funds will be used as the producers of the production have directed — to aid rape and domestic abuse victims.

That doesn’t satisfy pro-life advocates.

"My gut says it’s still going to the same people, same center," said local pro-life advocate Kathleen Dufton, who had called the Theatre after hearing of the play’s pro-abortion beneficiary. "It’s an abortion center and, to me, you cannot justify any work in a building or place where they are intentionally killing unborn babies and permanently injuring — physically and mentally and spiritually — the women who are having the abortion."

Dufton had pointed out earlier that there are many other women’s health centers that provide tangible assistance to women, but don’t do abortions.

"To get a mammogram free you can go to Family First. You don’t have to go the [Feminist Center]," said Dufton. "Their main resource [at the Feminist Center] has been the killing of unborn babies."

Dufton also said she plans to protest at the play with family and friends, "peacefully and prayerfully."

Claudia Koziner and her partner Craig Faulkner at C &C Productions, as well as their host the Seacoast Repertory Theatre have received criticism for their choice of beneficiary. Kozinger said, when it was first reported that the Feminist Center was to receive the proceeds, she forgot to mention that the funds would be designated for rape and domestic abuse victims.

"If I’m judged because I came out a week too late, so be it. I’d rather be criticized for not thinking on my feet than for misleading," said Kozinger, who chose the beneficiary of the play. "I take full responsibility for not being specific, but just as I’m fully responsible for not being specific, I am now responsible for clarifying."

Stacy Baker-Chilicki, the marketing director of the theater, says the theater has no position on the abortion issue.

"Seacoast Repertory Theatre has a signed contract with C & C Productions as a renter and can not control who they chose as a benefactor and will not do so. Any views, opinions or chosen benefactors of C & C Productions, or any other production company for that matter, that might rent the theater for an event does not represent the views and options of the Seacoast Repertory Theatre," Baker-Chilicki told "Seacoast Repertory Theatre does not and will not take a ‘side’ in this or any political issue."

Ed Holdgate, President of New Hampshire Right to Life, believes the theater’s "no-position" stance is indeed a statement of their sympathies.

"We implore the pro-abortion crowd and those feigning ignorance or ‘no-position’ on the matter to consider this: if born babies, say up to 30 days old, could be legally exterminated at the Feminist clinics, would their actions and inactions be the same," asked Holdgate.

Despite the threat of a picket and the controversy, those working on the play told the Portsmouth Herald ticket sales have been good for Sunday’s performance.

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