"Sex and the City" Charity Auction Criticized for Abortion Donation

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 11, 2004   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

"Sex and the City" Charity Auction Criticized for Abortion Donation

by Steven Ertelt
LifeNews.com Editor
February 11, 2004

New York, NY (LifeNews.com) — The racy HBO series "Sex and the City" is as much about fashion as it is women who just can’t seem to make a connection with the right guy. A charity auction consisting of clothing worn by the stars on the set might seem like a good idea. However, the popular series and cable network are drawing criticism because some of the proceeds will benefit Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion business.

Bidders may have the chance to literally walk in Carrie Bradshaw’s high-heeled shoes or sport a designer tie worn by Mr. Big, but it will come at the price of supporting abortion.

That’s because Kristen Davis, who plays the mild-mannered Charlotte, has designated Planned Parenthood as her charity recipient.

Marla Weinstein, Davis’ publicist, told LifeNews.com that Davis "feels that women should retain the right to choose what happens to their bodies themselves."

But pro-life advocates say the donation, made by a show that prides itself on empowering women, sends the wrong message to young women — that abortion is better for women than having the baby.

"I’m really disappointed that they have to politicize this auction by sending a check to Planned Parenthood," Rai Rojas of National Right to Life told LifeNews.com. "It’s sad to see Davis has chosen to align the show and HBO with an organization that hurts women and kills unborn children."

A spokesperson for the auction declined to comment further on Davis’ choice.

"That’s not something we’re getting into. We have no idea why they were chosen and no comment," a representative said.

This is the third clothing auction HBO and "Sex and the City" have sponsored and each time the four leading actresses on the series have designated their favorite charities to split the proceeds. The two previous auctions raised nearly $35,000 and Davis selected Planned Parenthood to benefit both times.

HBO plans to match the auction totals, meaning its corporate dollars will find their way into Planned Parenthood’s bank account.

Jeff Tusson, Director of Corporate Affairs for HBO, declined to comment on the Planned Parenthood donations, but told LifeNews.com, "We welcome the women to put up the charity they want to support."

This isn’t the first time "Sex and the City" and the topic of abortion have collided.

A previous season featured an episode in which Miranda, played by Cynthia Nixon, becomes pregnant. She is determined that she’s going to have an abortion and her boyfriend will never know.

As is typical, Miranda’s friends are ready and willing to offer advice.

During their discussion, viewers discover that Samantha has had two abortions and Carrie, played by lead actress Sarah Jessica Parker, has had one. Charlotte, partly out of shock and partly out of self-pity (she is having trouble getting pregnant) walks out on the group. Shortly after, in conversation with her then-boyfriend Aiden, Carrie denies she has ever had an abortion.
Later, Carrie appears at an abortion facility with Miranda for her abortion. In the waiting room, she has doubts, but finally hears her name called and goes into another room.

Eventually, Miranda appears at home and tells Charlotte that she couldn’t go through with the abortion and she’s going to have the baby.

Rojas disparaged the flippant way in which the women seemingly use abortion as a method of birth control and said he isn’t surprised that Samantha, played by actress Kim Cattrell, eventually finds herself dealing with breast cancer. Studies show women who have induced abortion are more likely to contract the deadly disease.

LifeNews.com contacted several fans of the show for their reaction to the donations.

Ellen, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, said she supports the Planned Parenthood donation because the abortion business also provides birth control and contraception.

"Face it, today in our society, people are having sex. No matter what age. We really cannot stop it. Even if we talk to the younger people and tell them not to," she said.

Meanwhile, Julia Vanosdale of Fort Worth, Texas says she is pro-life and, though she doesn’t support Planned Parenthood, she says it is Davis’ right to select the charity of her choice.

"People will get offended, but you’ll never completely avoid that. The people that will be offended just won’t buy the stuff," Vanosdale said.

However, Vanosdale said she would prefer that the charity money instead go to groups like crisis pregnancy centers that provide women with tangible pregnancy assistance and abortion alternatives.

Rojas said the Planned Parenthood donation furthers the shows negative depiction of minorities. The HBO series has drawn criticism for featuring an all-white lead cast and mostly white supporting actors.

Planned Parenthood has long been accused by pro-life groups of harboring anti-minority views and placing abortion facilities in mostly black neighborhoods, for example, where the abortion rates then skyrocket.

"Of course it would make sense that they would give money to an organization that targets minorities," Rojas, director of NRLC’s Hispanic outreach department, said.

The other three charities chosen by the lead actresses include the New York Public Library, chosen by Sarah Jessica Parker; My Sister’s Place, a program that aids domestic violence victims, selected by Kim Cattrell; and the Drama Dept., a theater collective chosen by Cynthia Nixon.

The series is in its final season, though the foursome are expected to head to Hollywood to begin shooting a movie version of the show. Also, series creator Candace Bushnell is reportedly in discussion with ABC to create a cleaner, younger version of the show for prime time television.

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