Kentucky Senate Approves Pro-Life Bill for "Choose Life" License Plates

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Kentucky Senate Approves Pro-Life Bill for "Choose Life" License Plates

by Paul Nowak Staff Writer
February 10, 2004

Frankfort, KY ( — A bill that would create a "Choose Life" license plate in Kentucky passed in the state Senate last week, 27-4.

Sen. Jack Westwood (R-Erlanger) sponsored the bill that would give $20 from the special plate’s fee to the Kentucky Foster/Adoptive Care Association. The group would distribute the money to agencies that counsel pregnant women about the option of adoption as opposed to abortion.

Three other plates were also approved February 3, including a breast-cancer awareness plate and a special plate for the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels. However, a "Protect Choice" license plate, sponsored by pro-abortion Sen. David Karem (D-Louisville), was defeated.

The defeat of a plate endorsing abortion could have legal consequences.

Abortion advocates have filed lawsuits against Choose Life plates created in other states and one of their claims has been that they were denied the opportunity to have a plate that backed abortion. In some other states, a pro-abortion plate has never been proposed or the idea defeated.

The bill now goes to the House, which recently passed an Unborn Victims of Violence bill, to protect pregnant women and their unborn children, after years of seeing the pro-life legislation defeated in that chamber.

Ten states currently allow Choose Life plates on residents’ cars: Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Arkansas, Connecticut, Maryland, and Louisiana, and Montana.

Both Tennessee and South Carolina have approved "Choose Life" plates, but have not yet made them available to motorists.

According to Russ Amerling, National Publicity Coordinator for Choose Life, the plates have generated approximately $2.3 million nationwide to abortion alternatives, such as adoption and crisis pregnancy centers.

Florida’s "Choose Life" plates have generated $2 million of that revenue, and according to the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles, the "Choose Life" plates were the #9 top selling specialty plates among 89 in that state in the past 12 months.

Pro-life leaders have pointed out that the "Choose Life" plates are needed to help fund overlooked adoption and pregnancy organizations, while nationally Planned Parenthood received over $254 million in federal funding in 2002-2003, not including money received from donations or fees for performing abortions.

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