Indiana Pro-Life Group Seeks to Stop "Morning After" Pill Legislation

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Indiana Pro-Life Group Seeks to Stop "Morning After" Pill Legislation

by Maria Gallagher Staff Writer
February 2, 2004

Indianapolis, IN ( — Pro-life leaders in Indiana are trying to put the brakes on a legislative campaign to make Hoosier taxpayers pay for chemical abortions.

Senate Bill 62, sponsored by pro-abortion Indiana state Senator Vi Simpson, "is a dangerous bill that could open up a significant stream of taxpayer funding for abortion-causing drugs referred to as ’emergency contraceptives,’" according to Mike Fichter of Indiana Right to Life.

The controversial bill is scheduled for a second reading Tuesday afternoon. The measure seeks a Medicaid waiver for "family planning services," clearing the way for government funding of EC.

The bill’s supporters include Fort Wayne Feminists, the Indiana Civil Liberties Union, Indiana NOW (National Organization for Women), March of Dimes, Planned Parenthood Advocates, and the Pro-Choice Coalition of Indiana.

However, state Senator Jeff Drozda plans to introduce a pro-life amendment to the bill clarifying that pregnancy begins at fertilization.

"Although we originally referred to support for an amendment that must state that life begins at conception, we are further defining conception as fertilization since abortion advocates will argue that the term conception may apply to implantation or beyond," Indiana Right to Life’s Fichter said.

According to Fichter, Indiana abortion centers choose to consider pregnancy as beginning at implantation or some later stage, rather than at fertilization.

"The result is that drugs like Plan B, when used after conception has occurred, terminates a human life" but is not considered an abortion by those who perform abortions, Fichter said.

Last fall, the Indiana Supreme Court expanded taxpayer funding of abortions in Indiana. "Now the Indiana General Assembly is attempting to take it one step further," Fichter said.

Indiana Right to Life is urging taxpayers to contact their state senators and urge that Senate Bill 62 be opposed unless the pro-life amendment is added.

Indiana residents can contact their state senators by calling (317) 232-9400 or (800) 382-9467.

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