New Hampshire Pro-Lifer’s Car Shot at While Protesting Abortion

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New Hampshire Pro-Lifer’s Car Shot at While Protesting Abortion

by Paul Nowak Staff Writer
January 9, 2004

Manchester, NH ( — Pro-life State Rep. Kathy Souza’s car window was shot out Saturday while she was participating in New Hampshire Right to Life’s weekly vigil at a Planned Parenthood abortion business across the street.

While no charges have been made by police, Souza suspects it was a resident in the neighborhood where the facility is located. Earlier that morning a man had yelled at the protesters.

"This man came, stood out there and started yelling at us, saying we couldn’t be parking in front of his house," Souza recalled, referring to the resident’s rant as, "The usual verbal abuse."

"There was nobody else around except for us," Souza continued. "I don’t think it was a random incident."

Around 11:30 am, Souza said she heard a "funny sound…like a snowball hitting a car." A half hour later after the vigil was over, Souza discovered the damage.

"I went to put my umbrella in the trunk," said Souza. "When I shut the trunk, glass shattered everywhere."

No charges have been filed by police, who are investigating the incident. Investigators did confirm the passenger side window of Souza’s Ford Escort had been shot by a pellet or BB gun.

This is not the first time violent acts have been directed at the protesters. Last year, someone in a van drove onto the sidewalk in what appeared to be an attempt to run over some of the protesters.

"This just reinforces our contention that this [abortion facility] doesn’t belong in a residential neighborhood," said Souza. "They’ve installed bulletproof glass at the clinic, even though they say being there is not a risk to the neighborhood."

Pro-life groups and residents had been concerned about the facility’s location and the possibility of violence, and the Manchester Zoning Board had rescinded their approval, until Planned Parenthood’s legal team prevailed in federal and state courts, and forced the community to accept their facility in Manchester. It has been open since March of 2002.

Due to the cold, there were only a handful of 5-6 protesters on Saturday morning, Ed Holdgate, President of New Hampshire Right to Life told On a typical day, there are as many as 15 members attending the vigil.

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