Kentucky Abortions on the Decline Again, Pro-Life Education Credited

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Kentucky Abortions on the Decline Again, Pro-Life Education Credited

by Maria Gallagher Staff Writer
October 30, 2003

Frankfort, KY ( — The number of children dying from legal abortion has declined once again in Kentucky.

The Center for Vital Statistics in Frankfort has just released abortion statistics for the year 2002. They show that abortions in Kentucky dropped by 250 to a little more than 3,500.

In a written statement, Kentucky Right to Life expressed mixed emotions about the latest abortion figures.

"Kentucky Right to Life Association is delighted with the continued downward trend in the number of abortions in Kentucky. On the other hand, the fact that 3,502 unborn babies lost their lives to abortion in 2002 in Kentucky is a sobering reminder that we have a long way to go to restore the sanctity of human life."

In 1991, abortions in Kentucky numbered 9590, meaning that the abortion rate there now is nearly a third of what it once was. With the exception of a slight increase in 1997, abortions in Kentucky have been steadily dropping for more than a decade.

"In our times, it is easy to become discouraged," said Kentucky Right to Life. "The continued decline of abortions in Kentucky provides a much-needed reason for hope and solid affirmation of the hard work, prayers, and financial support of the pro-life community."

Approximately 45 percent of the abortions which took place represented repeat abortions.

"Tragically, ‘repeat’ abortion doesn’t necessarily mean that a woman had just one abortion before," said Michael Janocik, Assistant Director of Kentucky Right to Life. "There were 898 two-time abortions, 403 third-time abortions, 147 fourth-time abortions … and shockingly one tenth-time abortion."

Janocik notes that it is difficult to point to a particular work or strategy that has led to the overall decline in abortions.

"But we do find it interesting that the dramatic drop starting in 1998 coincides with a major television media campaign sponsored by the Right to Life Educational Foundation of Kentucky which began in late 1997 and continues to this day," Janocik said.

But Kentucky Right to Life points out that there are a number of individuals who can be thanked for the decrease in abortion in the state.

"We are extremely grateful for the women, who, perhaps under very difficult circumstances, courageously chose life for their children and dignity for themselves. The efforts of so many dedicated pro-life citizens, including crisis pregnancy professionals, sidewalk counselors, educators, lobbyists, political activists, clergy, and, of course, the grass roots pro-lifers who have sustained our efforts with prayers and financial support, should also be applauded and congratulated. We are saving lives," Kentucky Right to Life said.

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