Michigan Legislature Completes Third Attempt to Ban Partial-Birth Abortions

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Michigan Legislature Completes Third Attempt to Ban Partial-Birth Abortions

by Paul Nowak
LifeNews.com Staff Writer
September 30, 2003

Lansing, MI (LifeNews.com) — With the state Senate’s 25-11 passage of the Legal Birth Definition Act, Michigan now holds its breath for pro-abortion Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s (D) response. The final version of the bill is expected to reach her desk within a week of Tuesday’s vote.

If Granholm signs SB 395 into law, Michigan will be the first state to legally define a time of birth as the moment any part of the child’s body is visible outside of the mother. If she does not, the legislature will attempt to override the veto of the states third attempt at restricting abortion procedures similar to, and including, partial-birth abortions.

While the pro-life community of Michigan waits for Granholm response, Right to Life of Michigan has been encouraging its supporters to contact Granholm’s office to let their voices be heard.

"The message to Governor Granholm is simple," Right to Life of Michigan said in a statement. "’Dear Governor Granholm, please sign Senate Bill 395. Thank you.’"

Right to Life of Michigan has not been the only organization boldly proclaiming their support of the bill. The Michigan Catholic Conference ran a full-page ad in the September 28th editions of major newspapers across the state.

"Certainly, believers and non-believers alike can agree that our state has a compelling interest in protecting the life of a born person," Cardinal Adam Maida stated in the ad. "The Legal Birth Definition Act secures those rights, declaring that a partially born child is legally born, while providing for the life and physical health of the mother."

Should Gov. Granholm decide to veto the Legal Birth Definition Act, a two-thirds vote in both houses will be necessary to override — a rare occurrence. Although votes are typically harder to get for a veto override than passage of a bill, the House had the needed 74 votes and the Senate 25 of the 26 votes required for a two-thirds majority during initial process of passing SB 395.

The Legal Birth Definition Act follows previous attempts to ban partial birth abortions in Michigan, which were ruled unconstitutional in 1996 and 1999.

ACTION ALERT — Contact Gov. Jennifer Granholm and urge her to sign SB 395, the Legal Birth Definition Act.

Web: https://www.michigan.gov/gov/0,1607,7-168-22678_23862-65331–,00.html
Phone: 517-373-3400
FAX: (517) 241-1707
Mail: Governor Jennifer Granholm, PO Box 30013, Lansing, MI 48909