New Vaccines Don’t Use Cells from Aborted Babies

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 14, 2003   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

New Vaccines Don’t Use Cells from Aborted Babies

by Maria Gallagher Staff Writer
September 14, 2003

Clearwater, FL ( — Parents around the nation can now ensure that their children are protected against mumps and measles without having to resort to vaccines developed from cell lines taken from aborted babies.

Children of God for Life, a group that monitors vaccines from the pro-life perspective, says that the pharmaceutical giant Merck has confirmed that single dose Attenuvax (Measles) and Mumpsvax (Mumps) are now available to family physicians.

The vaccines represent a pro-life breakthrough, since they do not contain tissues from aborted unborn children.

"Thousands of parents and physicians have been waiting nearly two years for Merck to provide their single dose measles and mumps vaccines that are made from chick embryo, not aborted fetal cell lines," said Debi Vinnedge, Executive Director of Children of God for Life.

"And we are continuing to pressure them to provide us with an ‘untainted’ rubella and chickenpox vaccine. Perhaps when they see an outpouring of requests from the American public for these morally acceptable single doses, it will serve as a much needed wake-up call!" Vinnedge added.

Merck is now taking limited orders for the Measles and Mumps vaccines-three boxes per physician, with each box holding ten doses.

"If any doctor is worried about ordering 10 doses and not being able to use them, we will gladly refer patients or find another doctor to take them," Vinnedge explained.

Children of God for Life has mounted a campaign to ensure that vaccines are not tainted by pro-abortion laboratory methods.

The pro-life organization has launched the Campaign for Ethical Vaccines to:

* lobby vaccine manufacturers to produce safe, effective alternatives for Rubella/MMR, Hepatitis-A, and Chickenpox that are not developed from aborted fetal tissue;

* discourage vaccines or medical treatments that are derived from deliberately destroyed life, including fetal tissue and embryonic stem cell research;

* encourage the use of alternative vaccines where they are available and inform parents and doctors where they can find these alternatives;

* and to uphold the individual rights of any person who in good conscience refuses to use these vaccines due to their source.

The issue is particularly critical for school-age children, since many state health departments around the nation require students to be vaccinated before entering public or private schools.

In some cases, the requirement even applies to pre-schools and day care centers. In such instances, pro-life parents must apply for a religious exemption from the vaccine requirement in order to ensure school enrollment for their children.

However, just because a parent applies for a religious exemption, there is no guarantee it will be granted.

In a number of cases, as a result of the vaccine controversy, children have been expelled or state health departments have pressured parents to allow their children to receive the vaccinations. In other cases, authorities have threatened to have parents charged with child abuse if they did not agree to the vaccines.

In Atlanta, Georgia, for example, a pediatrician refused to provide any medical treatment to a child unless she had the vaccinations.

With the new availability of morally acceptable Measles and Mumps vaccines, parents may be able to avoid confrontations with health departments and school districts.

Doctors can order the Attenuvax and Mumpsvax vaccines by contacting their sales representative or by calling Merck at 1-800-422-9675 or 1-800-637-2579.

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