Women Who Regret Abortions Continue Silent No More Campaign

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 3, 2003   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Women Who Regret Abortions Continue Silent No More Campaign

by Steven Ertelt
LifeNews.com Editor
September 3, 2003

Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) — As the nation marked 30 years of legalized abortion and pro-life advocates highlighted the deaths of more than 40 million unborn children, women across the country who regretted their abortions pointed out that abortion has a second victim.

This past January, thousands of women lined up at the Supreme Court and at rallies in state capitals across the country and said they would be "silent no more" about the emotional and physical pain that accompanies an abortion.

Now that effort continues.

As part of the National Silent No More Awareness Campaign during the month of September, women who regret their abortions will be gathering again in front of the Supreme Court and at locations nationwide to be silent no more.

Many of the women will participate by sharing their personal stories of how abortion negatively impacted their lives, while others will hold signs that say: "I Regret My Abortion." The campaign is also inviting others who regret their involvement in an abortion to participate.

The group believes that by having women and others who regret their abortion speak out publicly it will help raise public awareness about the harm abortion does to women and their families.

The campaign is also reaching-out to women suffering from abortion but don’t know help is available.

Many women are afraid to acknowledge their pain because they feel they will be condemned or that their feelings will be dismissed, while others are convinced that they are the only ones hurting.

Georgette Forney, director of the National Organization of Episcopalians for Life, and co-founder of the Silent No More campaign, had an abortion at 16 and regrets her decision.

She tells LifeNews.com, "Hearing woman after woman speak about the problems created by abortion really puts this issue in perspective. Each woman’s story is different but the problems we faced; the nightmares, substance abuse, sterility, suicidal thoughts, self-hatred and relationship difficulties show the commonness of
the pain."

"Despite the sadness of each woman’s story, we are also able to share the help we’ve found to deal with the pain, which gives those still hurting hope," Forney added.

The campaign is also getting help in raising awareness from actress, model and author, Jennifer O’Neill.

O’Neill joined the campaign as their celebrity spokesperson because, as a woman who was forced to have an abortion, O’Neill understands the pain.

"Sharing how my faith and the knowledge of God’s truth brought me forgiveness, healing and closure after years of pain and regret is an awesome privilege," O’Neill explains.

"To have the opportunity to encourage and comfort the hearts of women who have suffered is humbling, and making the whole truth known about abortion is absolutely necessary."

O’Neill has been able to share the truth about abortion on the ABC television show "The View."

In addition to the gatherings being planned in September, the campaign is also organizing special services entitled: "An Hour of Reflection – A time of healing for pregnancy loss from abortion." Holding these unique services allows churches and those who want help the women and others hurting from abortion the opportunity to offer practical ministry in their local communities.

Abortion affects women spiritually, as well as emotionally and physically. The campaign believes the services help address the spiritual issues that are part of the healing process for many. 

Janet Morana, Associate Director of Priests for Life and co-founder of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign explains "We want to help women who are hurting after abortion find peace with themselves, their babies and God. This campaign and the events will raise awareness about the help and love available and let them know they’re not alone."

Silent No More Awareness gatherings and services will be held nationwide throughout September and October. The Washington, D.C., gathering will take place at Noon on September 10th, 2003, in front of the Supreme Court Building.

Local Silent No More Awareness gatherings and services can be
organized by anyone interested in raising awareness and helping those who are hurting.

For more information, see https://www.SilentNoMoreAwareness.org