California Recall: Arnold Explains Position, Pro-Lifers Back McClintock

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 28, 2003   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

California Recall: Arnold Explains Position, Pro-Lifers Back McClintock

by Steven Ertelt Editor
August 28, 2003

Sacramento, CA ( — Arnold Schwarzenegger expanded on his abortion position Wednesday and said that while he favors legal abortion he also backs some pro-life legislation. Also, the state’s largest pro-life organization officially endorsed pro-life state Sen. Tom McClintock.

Schwarzenegger gave his opinions during a call to the syndicated Sean Hannity radio show. He described himself to Hannity as "pro-choice" and said he did not support partial-birth abortions.

Asked whether he is in favor of parental notification when minors seek abortions, he replied, "I am. But in some cases when there is abuse in the family or problems in the family, then the courts should decide."

Pro-Life State Sen. Tom McClintock is the only leading candidate who is pro-life.

Responding to Schwarzenegger’s remarks, he pointed out that he opposes abortion, unlike the actor. "I’ve been in the public arena for 20 years. Positions I’ve taken have not changed in 20 years," McClintock said. "I am pro-life."

Meanwhile, the California Pro-Life Council PAC has endorsed McClintock.

Brian Johnston, the director of the CPLC PAC, told, "When pro-life candidate Bill Simon dropped out of the race for governor, that essentially cleared the
field for the pro-life movement to unite behind the one pro-life candidate best positioned to advance the message of life, Tom McClintock."

"He is committed to the restoration of policies that respect human life," Johnston said. "He will work to protect those members of society who are least able to protect themselves-unborn children, and medically disabled or dependent persons whose lives are threatened by abortion or euthanasia."

Polls have been mixed with some showing Schwarzenegger having a small lead and others showing pro-abortion Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamente (D) with the lead. Polls also continue to show that a majority of Californians favor recalling pro-abortion Gov. Gray Davis.

Daniel Ramirez, a pro-life Catholic businessman, is the only pro-life Democrat in the race. A previous candidate for Congress, Ramirez is not expected to be among the leading candidates.

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