Planned Parenthood Tells Activists to Make Christmas Donations for Abortion in Mike Pence’s Name
Washington, DC | 12/14/18

The abortion giant Planned Parenthood just loves to poke fun at pro-life Vice President Mike Pence.

Doctors Gave Premature Baby 1% Chance of Survival. After 209 Days in Hospital, Rowan’s Headed Home
Washington, DC | 12/14/18

When micropreemies, such as Rowan Breyts, are born so tiny and so fragile, it requires a lot of parental fortitude and faith not to give into

Pro-Life People Brave the Cold to Joyfully Sing Christmas Carols Outside Abortion Clinics
Washington, DC | 12/14/18

Pro-lifers will bring joy and light to one of the darkest places in America this winter by singing Christmas carols outside abortion facilities.

Children Saved From Abortion Thank President Trump For His Pro-Life Policies in New Letter Campaign
Washington, DC | 12/14/18

A pro-life group has launched a new letter campaign for children saved from abortion to thank President Donald Trump for his pro-life policies.

Christian Couple Adopts 5 Siblings to Keep Them Together: “We Said ‘Lord, What Can We Do?’”
Washington, DC | 12/14/18

A Washington, D.C. couple was beginning to enjoy life as empty nesters when they learned of a family crisis. Five siblings, all ages 10 and under,

Feminist Regrets Her Abortion: “I Do Know That it Was My Baby That I Killed”
Washington, DC | 12/14/18

One post-abortive feminist regrets her abortion:

Abortion Activist Alyssa Milano to Peddle Liberal Books to Kids
Washington, DC | 12/14/18

Unfortunately, actress Alyssa Milano is back in the news again … again, and this time her activism seems to have taken on a new more insidious

Ohio Legislature Approves Bill Banning Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Off Babies’ Limbs
Columbus, OH | 12/14/18

The Ohio legislature on Thursday gave final approval to a bill that would ban dismemberment abortions. The bill now heads to Governor John Kasich,

Kentucky Bill Would Ban All Abortions After an Unborn Baby’s Heartbeat Begins
Frankfort, KY | 12/14/18

A new Kentucky bill would protect unborn babies from abortion beginning when their heartbeat is detectable.

Planned Parenthood Admits Unborn Are Babies — in Preschool Sex Ed
Washington, DC | 12/14/18

A new animated film from the abortion provider highlights its terminology discrepancy.

Barack Obama, The Abortion President, Receives Human Rights Award
Washington, DC | 12/13/18

Former President Barack Obama received a human rights award Wednesday despite his long record of fighting against human rights for the unborn.

President Trump’s Decision to Defund Planned Parenthood of $50-60 Million Likely to Win in Court
Washington, DC | 12/13/18

President Donald Trump appears likely to win a court battle against the abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

Scientist Tells Congress: “We Do Not Need Body Parts From Aborted Babies to Treat Patients”
Washington, DC | 12/13/18

During a Congressional hearing today, a leading scientist informed members of Congress that research with body parts from aborted babies has