NPR Official Issues Memo to Staff Saying “Babies Are Not Babies Until They’re Born”
Washington, DC | 5/21/19

Ramesh Ponnuru at National Review pointed out that NPR standards-and-practices guru Mark Memmott issued a new memo -- a "guidance reminder" --

California Senate Passes Bill Mandating Free Abortions at All Colleges and Universities
Sacramento, CA | 5/21/19

The California Senate passed a bill Monday that would force all public colleges and universities to provide dangerous abortion drugs to their

WATCH: Abortion Activist Screams at Pro-Life Woman “F*** You And The Rest Of You F***ing Ignorant B****es!”
Washington, DC | 5/21/19

Abortion activists protested across the country today at rallies meant to respond to the several states that have passed pro-life laws protecting

Canada Censors “Unplanned,” Prohibits Showing Pro-Life Movie in Theaters
Washington, DC | 5/21/19

Canadian film distributors have refused to bring the film “Unplanned” to their country, citing “content” concerns as the problem.

CNN Compares Pro-Life People to Ralph Northam: They’re Both “on the Defensive”
Washington, DC | 5/21/19

Tuesday afternoon on CNN, Inside Politics and CNN Right Now compared conservatives and Republicans nationwide seeking to advance pro-life legislation

Ben Watson Slams Alyssa Milano: You’re “Racist” for Defending Abortions of Black Babies
Washington, DC | 5/21/19

Former NFL star Ben Watson slammed actress Alyssa Milano as a racist Sunday after she defended abortions for unborn black babies.

Babies Conceived in Rape Shouldn’t be Aborted Just Because of Their Father’s Crime
Washington, DC | 5/21/19

When it comes to gun violence in schools, people get outraged about children in danger of losing their lives. It’s a worthy concern. According

Instagram Claims It “Accidentally” Blocked Pro-Life Account and Censored Its Content
Washington, DC | 5/21/19

Instagram said Tuesday that it inadvertently and incorrectly blocked a pro-life group from accessing a feature on the platform that users often

Boston Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic Has Hospitalized 10 Women in Last 12 Months
Boston, Massachusetts | 5/21/19

A public records request has revealed that the Greater Boston Planned Parenthood abortion facility, located at 1055 Commonwealth Avenue, called

Pete Buttigieg Defends Abortions Up to Birth, Calls Killing Babies an “American Freedom”
Washington, DC | 5/20/19

Indiana Democrat Pete Buttigieg would defend unrestricted abortions up until birth if elected president, he told a Fox News town hall Sunday.

Joe Biden Will Force Christians to Pay for Abortions
Washington, DC | 5/20/19

A majority of American voters are Christians and they are pro-life when it comes to abortion. But presidential candidate Joe Biden wants them

Bernie Sanders and Kirsten Gillibrand Want National Law Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth
Washington, DC | 5/20/19

A growing number of Democratic presidential candidates say Congress should pass legislation protecting abortion access in case the Supreme Court

President Trump Tweets “I’m Strongly Pro-Life.” Says “We Must Stick Together for Life and Win in 2020”
Washington, DC | 5/20/19

In a series of tweets on Saturday, President Donald Trump encouraged pro-life Americans to continue fighting abortion and to come together to