Poll of 100,000 People, Focus Group of Undecided Voters Think Trump Won Presidential Debate
Washington, DC | 10/23/20

President Donald Trump won last night's debate, according to a Twitter poll with over 100,000 people and a focus group of undecided voters conducted

Pro-Abortion Joe Biden Has a Long History of Voting Against Pro-Life Values
Washington, DC | 10/23/20

It’s not surprising that President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are both pursuing Catholic voters in earnest in the hopes

CNN Slams Democrat Senator: You Should Have Attacked Amy Coney Barrett More
Washington, DC | 10/23/20

On Wednesday's New Day on CNN, co-host John Berman pressed Democratic Senator Chris Coons from by left by recalling accusations by liberals

15,000 People Expected To Gather For “Worship Protest” Against Church Lockdowns
Washington, DC | 10/23/20

Nearly 15,000 people are expected to gather Sunday in Washington, D.C. for a “worship protest” against restrictions on religious gatherings,

Mississippi Asks Supreme Court to Uphold Late-Term Abortion Ban, Case Could Overturn Roe
Jackson, MS | 10/23/20

The first female attorney general of Mississippi urged the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday to allow her state to protect unborn babies from abortions,

Senate Judiciary Committee Votes for Amy Coney Barrett’s Nomination
Washington, DC | 10/22/20

The Senate Judiciary Committee today voted unanimously 12-0 to send Judge Amy Coney Barrett's nomination to the full Senate floor after Democrats

Joe Biden Refuses to Answer Court Packing Question Until After He Becomes President
Washington, DC | 10/22/20

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden today said he will not answer the question of whether he will pack the Supreme Court until after he

President Trump Signs Statement Declaring There is “No Right to Abortion”
Washington, DC | 10/22/20

Pro-life leaders celebrated a historic moment Thursday when President Donald Trump's administration declared to the United Nations that aborting

Polish Court Bans All Abortions, Protects Human Rights of Unborn Children
Warsaw, Poland | 10/22/20

The constitutional court of Poland struck down a discriminatory abortion law Thursday that allows unborn babies with disabilities to be aborted.

Joe Biden is Catholic, But Catholics are Supporting Trump Because He’s Pro-Life
Washington, DC | 10/22/20

Cassandra Luevano does not think Catholic voters are convinced by Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden's talk about his faith.

Mitch McConnell Says Media Reports Amy Coney Barrett’s Christian Faith Like a “Secret Scandal”
Washington, DC | 10/22/20

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell condemned continuing attacks on Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett Wednesday, warning that “anti-religious

Catholic Bishop Urges Christians: “Use Your Vote to Stop Abortion”
Washington, DC | 10/22/20

Texas Catholic Bishop Joseph Strickland implored Christians to use their votes to stop the human rights abuse of abortion this November.

Here’s a Few More Reasons Why President Trump Will Defeat Joe Biden
Washington, DC | 10/22/20

In the face of virtually every poll showing Hillary Clinton up  by 3-6 points, I wrote the following on November 7, 2016, the day before the