WATCH: Lila Rose Slams Abortion at the UN: “It’s Never Right to Intentionally Take a Human Life”
Washington, DC | 4/22/19

Pro-life leader Lila Rose recently urged the United Nations to see abortion for what it really is: the intentional killing of an innocent human

Mom With Cancer Refused Abortion to Save Her Unborn Baby Girl’s Life, 10 Years Later They’re Doing Great
Washington, DC | 4/22/19

Almost 11 years ago, Sarah Wickline Hull received some of the worst possible news that a pregnant mother could hear: She had aggressive cancer,

Pregnancy Center Opens Next Door to Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic
Flossmoor, IL | 4/22/19

When Planned Parenthood opened a new abortion facility in Flossmoor, Illinois, just south of Chicago last January, Kris Cortes and her husband

Joe Biden Expected to Announce Presidential Campaign Next Week, Supports Abortions Up to Birth
Washington, DC | 4/19/19

Former Vice President and Senator Joe Biden is expected to announce next week that he is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination. Biden,

Assisted Suicide Will be Legal in New Jersey in August, Is Involuntary Euthanasia Next?
Trenton, NJ | 4/19/19

In becoming the ninth jurisdiction to legalize physician-assisted suicide, New Jersey has unleashed a Pandora’s box on its residents—and

Scared Mom Places Her Newborn in a Safe Haven Baby Box, Now The Baby Has a Loving Adopted Family
Washington, DC | 4/19/19

As the first signs of spring usher in plentiful sunshine and warm weather, it’s a time to celebrate new life and new beginnings. That’s why

After Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth, New York Democrats Ban Pro-Life Group From Using State Capitol
Albany, New York | 4/19/19

Pro-abortion Democrats in control of the New York legislature tried to stop a pro-life group from conducting its annual Lobby for Life day this

Pro-Abortion Presidential Candidate Kirsten Gillibrand: “We All Miss” Al Franken Even Though He Groped Women
Washington, DC | 4/19/19

Presidential hopeful and Democratic New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand revealed on Thursday that despite leading the charge for Al Franken to step

Planned Parenthood Tries to Change Its Image, But It Kills 97% of Babies Going There in Abortions
Washington, DC | 4/19/19

NRLC provides a bumper sticker that reads, “When you think Planned Parenthood, think abortion.” Well, it must be working.

Over 500 Babies Have Been Saved After the Abortion Had Already Begun, Here’s How
Washington, DC | 4/19/19

As of last spring, about 50 people each month called Culture of Life Family Services in Southern California, seeking information on Abortion

Netherlands Euthanized 6126 People Last Year, Including 213 Mentally Ill Patients
Amsterdam, Netherlands | 4/19/19

The Dutch media reported that, the 2018 euthanasia report indicates that there were 6126 reported euthanasia deaths in 2018 down from 6585 reported

Euthanasia Activists in Australia Want to Legalize Euthanizing Children as Young as 12
Canberra, Australia | 4/19/19

The legalization of euthanasia is being debated throughout Australia. Last year Victoria Australia legalized euthanasia. Similar to Canada, once

UK Pushing Women Into Dangerous “Conveyor Belt” Abortions With Little or No Medical Supervision
London, England | 4/19/19

The National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) this past week released draft abortion guidance which encourages services to rush