Planned Parenthood Celebrates Abortion on Valentine’s Day: “Let’s Have a Romantic Day” Killing Babies
Washington, DC | 2/15/19

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a day about love, but pro-abortion activists have managed twisted it into a celebration of the ugly, hateful

Leana Wen Celebrates Sarah Weddington, Who Exploited Norma McCorvey to Legalize Abortion
Washington, DC | 2/15/19

Planned Parenthood President Leana Wen recently celebrated the lawyer who exploited a woman to legalize abortion in America.

Arkansas Legislature Passes Bill to Ban Abortions if Roe v. Wade is Overturned
Little Rock, AR | 2/15/19

An Arkansas bill to ban abortions once Roe v. Wade is overturned is on its way to the governor's desk.

Kentucky Senate Passes Bill to Ban Abortions After Baby’s Heartbeat Begins
Frankfort, KY | 2/15/19

The Kentucky Senate swiftly approved a heartbeat bill Thursday after hearing a live scan of an unborn baby's heartbeat.

Illinois Bill Would Allow Abortions Up to Birth, Force Insurance Companies to Fund Abortions
Springfied, IL | 2/15/19

The Prairie State may be the next to join New York in radicalizing its abortion laws.

Abortion Clinic That Kills Babies Up to Birth Has Injured 34 Women in Botched Abortions
Albuquerque, NM | 2/15/19

Since 2008, members of Abortion Free New Mexico with the help of Operation Rescue and local pro-life street activists have documented 20 abortion

Pennsylvania Bill Would Ban Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome
Harrisburg, PA | 2/15/19

The popular Down Syndrome Protection Act is being reintroduced in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Planned Parenthood Killed 1,453 Babies in San Antonio Last Year, This Year It Wants to Kill More
San Antonio, Texas | 2/15/19

While some abortion clinics have closed down in San Antonio in recent months, one of the remaining clinics in the area is doubling down on killing

Alaska Supreme Court Forces Residents to Fund Abortions
Juneau, Alaska | 2/15/19

Alaska taxpayers must continue to fund abortions after the state Supreme Court ruled against two laws restricting abortion coverage through Medicaid.

Senate Will Vote February 25th on Bill to Stop Infanticide, Protect Babies Born Alive After Abortion
Washington, DC | 2/14/19

The Senate will cast a vote on February 25th to try to break the Democrat filibuster against a bill to stop infanticide.

President Trump Meets With Woman Who Survived Abortion and Pro-Life Advocate Alveda King
Washington, DC | 2/14/19

President Donald Trump today met with a woman who survived an abortion and also with a boy who was born at 20 weeks and survived. He also met

Independent Investigation Confirms Pro-Life Teens Told the Truth, Indicates Nathan Phillips Lied
Washington, DC | 2/14/19

An independent investigation confirmed Wednesday that a group of Covington Catholic teens told the truth about their now-viral confrontation

Senate Approves Attorney General Nominee Bill Barr, Who Has Supported Overturning Roe v. Wade
Washington, DC | 2/14/19

The Senate on Thursday voted to confirm William Barr as attorney general, 54-45, on a near party-line vote. All Republicans except for Rand Paul