Tennessee Legislature Passes Bill to Ban Abortions Once Roe v. Wade is Overturned
Nashville, Tennessee | 4/23/19

A bill on its way to Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee's desk this week would protect unborn babies by banning abortions once Roe v. Wade is overturned.

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly Vetoes Bill Giving Women Info About Abortion Alternatives
Washington, DC | 4/23/19

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly has vetoed a bill that would provide women information about abortion alternatives -- specifically info for women using

Canadian Province Has Euthanized 268 People in 2019, Killed Almost 3,000 Patients Since 2016
Toronto, Canada | 4/23/19

The Ontario Coroner's Office sent a quarterly report stating that there have been 2897 reported assisted deaths in Ontario since legalization

Planned Parenthood Activist Claims: “Abortions After Birth is Fake News Rhetoric”
Washington, DC | 4/23/19

Let’s agree that if you accept the premises, this makes a kind of demented sense.

Should We Respond to Abortion and Abortion Activists With Hate?
Washington, DC | 4/23/19

The headlines happen to be filled with hatred for humanity this past week. Here are just two examples.

Congressman Seth Moulton is Running for President, He Supports Infanticide and Abortions Up to Birth
Washington, DC | 4/22/19

Today, pro-abortion Massachusetts congressman Seth Moulton joined the crowded group of Democratic Party 2020 hopefuls, saying he is running

Mom With Cancer Refused Abortion to Save Her Unborn Baby Girl’s Life, 10 Years Later They’re Doing Great
Washington, DC | 4/22/19

Almost 11 years ago, Sarah Wickline Hull received some of the worst possible news that a pregnant mother could hear: She had aggressive cancer,

Teen Vogue Pushes Rights for Nature, But Killing Babies in Abortion is Just Fine
Washington, DC | 4/23/19

The nature-rights movement is creeping steadily into the mainstream. Recently, the world’s second-most-prestigious science journal, Science,

Federal Judge Blocks Ohio Law Banning Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Babies Limb From Limb
Columbus, Ohio | 4/22/19

After having been rebuked on another of his abortion rulings, last Thursday a federal judge issued a partial injunction blocking Ohio’s ban

Democrat Will Vote to Override North Carolina Governor’s Veto of Bill to Stop Infanticide
Charlotte, North Carolina | 4/22/19

A black Democratic lawmaker from North Carolina said he will vote to override Gov. Roy Cooper's veto of a bill to protect newborn babies from

California Supreme Court Stops Hearing Against David Daleiden Over “Political Bias and Selective Prosecution”
Sacramento, CA | 4/22/19

Undercover journalist David Daleiden received some good news Friday when the California Supreme Court suspended his preliminary hearing until

Court Rules State Can Shut Down Catholic Adoption Agency Because It Won’t Compromise Its Catholic Values
Philadelphia, PA | 4/22/19

A federal court of appeals ruled today that the state of Pennsylvania can essentially shut down a Catholic adoption agenda that refuses to compromise

Mainstream Media Censored “Unplanned” Movie: Just 21 Reviews Despite 92% Rating From Viewers
Washington, DC | 4/22/19

Two weeks ago, Brent Bozell and I noted The Washington Post failed to offer a review of the pro-life movie Unplanned -- except for a "Common