Judge Rules Oklahoma Abortion Clinics Can Kill Babies in Abortions Instead of Helping Coronavirus Patients
Oklahoma City, OK | 4/6/20

An Oklahoma federal judge blocked state health leaders Monday from enforcing a non-essential health care restriction on abortion facilities.

Study: CNN Barely Covered Coronavirus Outbreak Because It Was Too Busy Trashing Trump
Washington, DC | 4/6/20

CNN’s latest Trump-bashing narrative is something to the tune of: Everyone knew the coronavirus was a serious problem in January, and everyone

Churches Were Forced to Close, But Abortion Clinic Killed 40 Babies on Palm Sunday
Wichita, Kansas | 4/6/20

While churches remained closed on Palm Sunday in fear of the Coronavirus, Trust Women Wichita was open for business, conducting approximately

Christian Arrested for Praying Outside Abortion Clinic: “I Felt a Real Pain in My Heart for My Country”
Charlotte, North Carolina | 4/6/20

Police arrested David Benham and his son Saturday and said he violated coronavirus distancing orders while offering sidewalk counseling outside

China Has Killed Hundreds of Millions in Forced Abortions, But Gets Seat on UN Human Rights Panel
Washington, DC | 4/6/20

Tens of thousands of people across the globe have died so far from the Wuhan Coronavirus, thanks to the fact that China lied about what was happening

Court Orders Abortion of 14-Year-Old Girl’s 24-Week-Old Unborn Baby
New Delhi, India | 4/6/20

Heaping tragedy upon tragedy, an India high court granted a request Saturday for a young rape victim to abort her late-term unborn baby.

Over 62,000 Have Died From Coronavirus, But WHO Claims Killing Babies in Abortions is “Essential”
Washington, DC | 4/6/20

Abortion is considered an essential service during the coronavirus pandemic, the World Health Organization said in a statement Saturday.

Baby With Trisomy 18 Who Had to Fight For Heart Surgery Turns One-Year-Old
Washington, DC | 4/6/20

Last week, Chantel Gatica-Haynes posted about her daughter Sierra’s story. Sierra was born with Trisomy 18 and a congenital heart defect. “Every

Colorado Pro-Lifers Win Battle, Can Push Late-Term Abortion Ban When Coronavirus is Over
Denver, Colorado | 4/6/20

Colorado pro-life advocates received a deadline extension last week on their effort to collect signatures to protect unborn babies from late-term

ABC Trashes Pence’s Christian Faith: Do You “Talk to God” About How Many You Let Die From Coronavirus?
Washington, DC | 4/3/20

ABC’s Nightline has returned to its old timeslot with a larger audience after late local news (instead of after Jimmy Kimmel Live). On Wednesday’s

Cuomo Says He’s Fighting to Save “Even Just One Life” From Coronavirus, But Legalized Abortions Up to Birth
Washington, DC | 4/3/20

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, is having a bit of a moment. Cuomo’s state, and in particular his state’s crown jewel metropolis,

OBGYN Confirms: “Abortion is Not Essential Health Care, it Doesn’t Treat a Disease”
Washington, DC | 4/3/20

A leading OB-GYN dispelled myths about abortions being “essential” health care this week as the abortion industry battles in court to continue

President Donald Trump is “Fighting to Protect the Right to Life”
Washington, DC | 4/3/20

President Donald Trump received strong praise from Catholic leaders Thursday when they helped launch the new Catholics for Trump coalition.