Pro-Abortion Congressman Seth Moulton Drops Out of Democrat Presidential Race
Washington, DC | 8/23/19

Another bottom tier Democrat has dropped out of the race for president -- and this time it's pro-abortion Congressman Seth Moulton of Massachusetts.

Planned Parenthood Screams “There’s a Public Health Crisis!” But Women are Still Getting Health Care
Washington, DC | 8/23/19

Planned Parenthood chose to give up $60 million in taxpayer funding for health care for low-income individuals so that it could continue its

“Unplanned” Movie Star Ashley Bratcher: “My Mom Was on the Abortion Table When She Walked Out”
Washington, DC | 8/23/19

Actress Ashley Bratcher has become a strong advocate for unborn babies and mothers ever since she played Abby Johnson in the film “Unplanned.”

Birthmom: “Adoption Saved My Life.” God Used an Unplanned Pregnancy to Rescue Me
Washington, DC | 8/23/19

It seems that each time I am asked to share my story, different elements are highlighted depending on my current season in life. I pray that

David Daleiden Wants Kamala Harris’ Search Warrant Thrown Out So Case Against Him Will be Dismissed
Washington, DC | 8/22/19

Before Kamala Harris was a Democratic presidential candidate and a U.S. senator, she prosecuted undercover journalist David Daleiden for exposing

President Trump Was Right: Planned Parenthood is a $2 Billion Abortion Biz That Doesn’t Need Our Money
Washington, DC | 8/22/19

This week, Planned Parenthood (PP) forfeited $60 million in Title X tax funding instead of getting out of the abortion business. That was their

Abortion Activist Claims Pro-Life People Oppose Killing Babies Because They’re Woman-Hating Sexists
Washington, DC | 8/22/19

Abortion activist Jill Filipovic's argument is nothing new.

Planned Parenthood Just Lost $60 Million. And Women are Still Getting Health Care
Washington, DC | 8/22/19

This week, Planned Parenthood formally announced what we pro-lifers already knew about the abortion giant’s agenda: they would choose abortion

Babies are Born Alive and Left to Die After Abortions All Over the World
London, England | 8/22/19

The new state data has been described as ‘disturbing’ by SPUC Chief Executive, John Smeaton, after it revealed that following failed abortions,

Pro-Abortion Governor Jay Inslee Drops Out of Democrat Presidential Race
Washington, DC | 8/22/19

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee is the latest Democrat presidential candidate to drop out of the race for his party’s nomination. He struggled with

Pastor Asks People to Celebrate Their Children After Alyssa Milano Says Aborting Hers Gave Her “Joy”
Washington, DC | 8/22/19

The pro-life movement is a movement of joy.

Pro-Life Group Endorses Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin, a Champion For Unborn Babies
Frankfort, KY | 8/22/19

A leading national pro-life organization has endorsed Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin for re-election. Bevin is a pro-life champion who has signed

State Tries to Close Catholic Adoption Agency Because It Wants to Place Kids With a Mother and Father
Lansing, Michigan | 8/22/19

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys representing an adoption and foster care provider participated in a federal court hearing Wednesday in their