“Gosnell” Movie About Serial-Killer Abortionist Stays at #9 Despite Media Blackout, Expands to More Theaters
Washington, DC | 10/19/18

Despite a media blackout and virtually no coverage outside conservative media circles, the new movie “Gosnell” is holding firm in the top

Soros-Funded Activist Who Assaulted Pro-Life Woman Staffer Attacked Other Republicans Previously
Washington, DC | 10/19/18

The Democratic activist funded by George Soros who was charged with battery against the female campaign manager of pro-life Nevada Republican

French President Emmanuel Macron Says Women Who Have Large Families are Uneducated
Paris, France | 10/19/18

Abortion supporters and population control proponents have frequently targeted those with large families -- claiming that they are selfish or

Complaint Filed Against Pro-Abortion Professor Who Said White Republican Men Should Be Castrated
Washington, DC | 10/19/18

A Title X complaint has been fired against pro-abortion Professor C. Christine Fair. She is the pro-abortion professor who wished for violence

Canada Censors Pro-Life Billboards Alerting Canadians Abortion is Legal Up to Birth
Ottawa, Canada | 10/19/18

A decision by Ad Standards that ruled a pro-life billboard stating, “Canada has no abortion laws” has been upheld by an Appeal Panel. In

Elle Magazine Urges Women to Have Illegal Abortions if Roe Overturned: “Think Outside the Law”
Washington, DC | 10/19/18

Elle Magazine published a Thursday article encouraging women to breach the law in order to protect abortion access in the event that Roe V. Wade

Unborn Babies are Unique From Day One, Pro-Life is Pro-Science
Washington, DC | 10/19/18

Each year the March for Life board and staff choose a theme that will best contribute to building a culture of life; and as they do so, they

Obama Admin Took Teen Girls Out of State for Secret Abortions Without Their Parents Knowing
Washington, DC | 10/18/18

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama's administration may have skirted parental consent laws by taking teen girls out of state for secret abortions,

Claire McCaskill Staffer: “It’s F—— Beautiful” How Planned Parenthood Secretly Funnels Money to Her
Washington, DC | 10/18/18

An undercover video shows staffers on U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill's campaign describing how Planned Parenthood sends money to her secretly so

Chelsea Handler Blasts Republicans Over Kavanaugh: Just “Old White Men” Saying “Women Get No Voice”
Washington, DC | 10/18/18

It’s midterm season on mainstream television, so if talking politics is a must for your mid-morning routine, switch the channel over to Ellen.

Mail-Order Abortions: New Scheme Will Ship Abortion Drugs to Women to Kill Their Babies
Washington, DC | 10/18/18

How often do abortion activists claim abortions need to be legal to protect women from back alley and do-it-yourself abortions? Because now they

Population Control Group Backs Pro-Abortion Democrats and Funds Their Campaigns
Washington, DC | 10/18/18

A pro-population control group is throwing its support behind Democrats in several key Senate races.

Liberal Media Totally Ignores “Gosnell” Movie. Here’s the Numbers to Prove It
Washington, DC | 10/18/18

The following appeared today at the official Twitter account for Nick Searcy, who directs and stars in “Gosnell: the Trial of America’s Biggest