She Tried to Get Democrats to Accept Pro-Lifers, But Her Life Was Threatened and Her Idea Dismissed
Jefferson City, MO | 10/16/18

Joan Barry's request seemed simple enough. She asked her state Democratic Party to acknowledge that their members have a “diversity of views

Abortion Clinic Downplays Botched Abortion Requiring Ambulance to 911, Calls It “Miscarrying”
Cherry Hill, NJ | 10/16/18

A New Jersey abortion facility, the Cherry Hill Women’s Center, called 911 for emergency transport of a woman on Friday, October 12, 2018.

“Gosnell” Movie Profiling Serial-Killer Abortionist Breaks Top 10 Nationally Despite Media Blackout
Washington, DC | 10/15/18

Despite a media blackout and virtually no coverage outside conservative media circles, the new movie "Gosnell" made the list of top 10 movies

Pro-Abortion Witches Plan a Public “Hex Ritual” to Curse Justice Brett Kavanaugh
Washington, DC | 10/15/18

In true, bizarre New York fashion, a bookstore in Brooklyn is hosting a pro-abortion “hex ritual” to curse U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett

Domestic Terrorist Group Antifa Attacks Republican Party Headquarters
Washington, DC | 10/15/18

The Republican Party headquarters in Manhattan was attacked last week by Antifa.  The group smashed windows, vandalized the office and left

This “Abortion Doula” Has “Helped” Women Kill Over 2,000 Unborn Babies
London, England | 10/15/18

A Sunday feature from the BBC highlighted a woman with a macabre career: abortion doula.

I Took This Picture of the Media Ignoring Kermit Gosnell, Now They’re Ignoring the Gosnell Movie
Washington, DC | 10/15/18

A photo of empty media seats taken during testimony at the 2013 Kermit Gosnell trial in Philadelphia went viral. It pressured the media Bigs

Feminist Professor Who Assaulted Pro-Life Student Will Headline a Pro-Abortion Event
Washington, DC | 10/15/18

A California professor who assaulted a pro-life student in 2014 will headline a pro-abortion feminist lecture series Friday at the University

Planned Parenthood Demands Right to Abort Babies With Down Syndrome
Washington, DC | 10/15/18

Planned Parenthood and the ACLU slammed Indiana leaders Monday for striving to protect unborn babies with Down syndrome from discrimination.

Bob Casey Exploits His Pro-Life Opponent’s Grandson, Who Has Cancer, for Shameful Political Gain
Harrisburg, PA | 10/15/18

Rep. Lou Barletta, Pennsylvania’s Republican candidate for senate, slammed Democratic challenger Sen. Bob Casey on Sunday for running a “hurtful”

Woman Wanting Another Baby Has No Idea Why She’s Had 35 Babies Die in Miscarriages
Washington, DC | 10/15/18

A British mother named Alex Kramer recently shared a heartbreaking story of suffering 35 miscarriages despite desperately wanting children.

Supreme Court May Decide Whether States Can Ban Abortions on Babies with Down Syndrome
Washington, DC | 10/15/18

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill made a call to action Monday for the U.S. Supreme Court to take on a critical pro-life case.

Baby’s Birth Two Days Before the Legal Abortion Limit Should Change The Abortion Debate
London, England | 10/15/18

Anita and Dan Hyams are part of a growing number of families asking the British government to change the abortion limit to recognize the value