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Massachusetts Gov With Ties to Planned Parenthood Trying to Shut Down Pro-Life Free Speech

Boston, MA | 7/21/14 11:11 AM

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is urging the passage of a new state law that will restrict abortion protesters

Ice Cream Shop Owner Defends Creating Flavor for Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

Salem, OR | 7/21/14 10:52 AM

The owner of an Oregon ice cream shop is defending her decision to create an ice cream flavor for the Planned Parenthood abortion business.

Abortionist Who Failed to Report Rape of 13-Year-Old Heads to Court Next Month

South Bend, IN | 7/18/14 6:41 PM

Powerful Video Features Abortion Survivor Endorsing Greg Abbott Over Wendy Davis

Washington, DC | 7/18/14 4:53 PM

Claire Culwell knows what it’s like to be a survivor. At the age of 13, her mother learned she was pregnant and decided to have an abortion, though she didn’t know she was pregnant with twins.

When He Learned His Business Was Being Used to Build an Abortion Clinic, What He Did Was Priceless

New Orleans, LA | 7/18/14 4:23 PM

Video Shows Police Doing Nothing While Abortion Activist Steals Pro-Life Signs

Jackson, MS | 7/18/14 1:59 PM

Pro-Abortion Wendy Davis Caught Exaggerating Her Campaign Contributions

Austin, TX | 7/18/14 11:16 AM

“Pro-Life” West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin Votes to Overturn Ruling Protecting Hobby Lobby

Charleston, WV | 7/18/14 9:14 AM

Ice Cream Shop Creates Planned Parenthood Flavor for Abortion Giant’s Political Group

Salem, OR | 7/17/14 6:45 PM

Abortion giant Planned Parenthood has announced that a local ice cream parlor has created an ice cream just for them.

Planned Parenthood Setting Up New Abortion Clinic in Dallas

Dallas, TX | 7/17/14 5:53 PM

Pro-lifers rejoiced last summer, and with good reason, when Texas passed laws to stop abortions on pain-capable babies and impose some common sense safety standards on Texas abortion clinics.

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