Abortion Clinic Caught Arranging Abortions on 33-Week-Old Unborn Babies
Albuquerque, NM | 6/21/17

Over and over again, pro-life advocates have caught abortion supporters admitting that late-term unborn babies are aborted for purely elective

Catholic Church Stops Renting Building to Abortion Activists for Planned Parenthood Conference
Los Angeles, CA | 6/21/17

Concerns are growing about some Catholic Church leaders' commitment to protecting unborn babies and their mothers from abortion.

Man Beat His 16-Month-Old Daughter Into a Coma After Her Mother Refused an Abortion
Washington, DC | 6/20/17

In a horrifying case of brutality, a Brooklyn man allegedly beat his 16-month-old daughter nearly to death on Father's Day after the little girl's

Doctors and Pro-Life Leaders Tell Ohio Legislators to Ban Dismemberment Abortions
Washington, DC | 6/20/17

Today, Jessica Koehler, director of legislative affairs for Ohio Right to Life, testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in favor of the

Missouri House Passes Bill to Stop Planned Parenthood Selling Body Parts of Aborted Babies
Jefferson City, MO | 6/20/17

A Missouri House Committee has advanced legislation which would foreclose the sale of the body parts of aborted preborn children in Missouri.

Oregon House Kills Bill to Allow Starving Mentally Ill Patients to Death
Washington, DC | 6/20/17

The Oregon state House has killed legislation that pro-life groups strenuously opposed because it would put mentally ill patients at risk.

Pro-Life Trailer Stolen That Shows How Many Unborn Babies Die in Abortions
Little Rock Arkansas | 6/19/17

A pro-life outreach tool used throughout Arkansas to raise awareness about the number of babies lost to abortion was stolen over the weekend,

Georgia Now Bans Late-Term Abortions After 20 Weeks
Atlanta, GA | 6/19/17

Today the Georgia Supreme Court upheld the dismissal of a challenge to Georgia’s 20-week fetal pain abortion bill that had kept the 2012 law

California Will Give $20 Million of Your Tax Dollars to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz
Sacramento, California | 6/19/17

The abortion business Planned Parenthood is raking in big bucks to offset a defunding effort that has not even happened yet.

Shocking Reviews of This Abortion Clinic: “It Reminded Me of an Animal Clinic and Even Smelled Like One”
Harrisburg, PA | 6/19/17

Long before a surprise inspection shuttered the Hillcrest abortion center in Harrisburg, Google reviews painted a haunting portrait of the troubles

Man Raped and Impregnated a Girl, Then Tried to Abort Her Baby
Washington, DC | 6/16/17

A Wisconsin man appeared in court this week after being accused of sickening crimes involving child rape and a forced abortion.

New Jersey Democrats Trying to Force Taxpayers to Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz
Trenton, NJ | 6/16/17

New Jersey Democrats renewed their efforts this week to force taxpayers to fund the abortion chain Planned Parenthood.

Missouri Senate Passes Pro-Life Bill to Stop St. Louis From Becoming a “Sanctuary City” for Abortion
Jefferson City, MO | 6/15/17

In a special legislative session, Missouri Senate lawmakers passed a bill early Thursday to protect babies and moms by requiring annual inspections