Planned Parenthood Pushes Bill Making It Illegal to Record Undercover Footage Like David Daleiden Did
Sacramento, CA | 5/27/16

The Planned Parenthood abortion business s fighting David Daleiden and pro-life advocates on all fronts after his organziation released undercover

Ohio Senate Passes Bill to Stop Planned Parenthood From Dumping Aborted Babies in Landfills
Columbus, OH | 5/26/16

Yesterday the Ohio Senate approved  legislation that would require abortion businesses to treat the bodies of aborted babies humanely after

ACLU Sues to Overturn Georgia Law Banning Abortions on Unborn Babies After 20 Weeks
Atlanta, GA | 5/26/16

After an odd series of events, the ACLU is reviving a lawsuit against a Georgia law that protects unborn babies from painful late-term abortions

Planned Parenthood to Open New Orleans Clinic: “It’s Really Important” for Women to Abort
New Orleans, Louisiana | 5/26/16

Planned Parenthood is almost ready to open an abortion mega-clinic in New Orleans this summer, despite pro-life efforts to stop it.

Illinois Passes Bill Forcing Every Doctor, Pharmacist and Pregnancy Center to Promote Abortion
Springfield, IL | 5/26/16

Illinois came one step closer to forcing its pro-life medical community to choose between violating state law and violating deeply held religious

Michigan Senate Passes Bill to Punish Anyone Who Coerces a Woman to Have an Abortion
Washington, DC | 5/25/16

Two bills that would protect Michigan women from coerced abortions are on their way to the governor's desk this week after the state Senate passed

South Carolina Governor Signs Bill to Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks When Babies Feel Pain
Columbia, SC | 5/25/16

South Carolina Govenror Nikki Haley has signed a bill that would protect unborn babies from painful, late-term abortions.

Abortion Activists Rally to Support Late-Term Abortions, Want Nikki Haley to Veto 20-Week Ban
Columbia, SC | 5/25/16

Abortion activists gathered outside of the South Carolina Statehouse on Tuesday to pressure Gov. Nikki Haley to veto a bill protecting babies

Officials Reveal 58 Medical Emergencies From Botched Abortions at One Planned Parenthood Clinic
St. Louis, MO | 5/25/16

The St. Louis Fire Department has settled a lawsuit brought by Operation Rescue in 2013, which sought to obtain public information related to

Ohio Committee Passes Bill to Stop Planned Parenthood Dumping Aborted Babies in Landfills
Columbus, OH | 5/25/16

Today the Ohio Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee approved  legislation that would require abortion businesses to treat the bodies

Woman Sues Planned Parenthood for Lax Security After Her Husband is Killed There
Colorado Springs, CO | 5/24/16

Planned Parenthood is facing a new lawsuit from two woman who say lax security at its Colorado Springs abortion facility contributed to one woman's

New York Assembly Health Committee Passes Bill to Legalize Assisted Suicide
Albany, NY | 5/24/16

Having rushed the “Medical Aid in Dying Act”– A10059/S7579 was introduced just two weeks ago– the New York Assembly Health Committee

Los Angeles Threatens Pregnancy Centers, Trying to Force Them to Promote Abortions
Los Angeles, CA | 5/24/16

Los Angeles city officials are throwing their weight around and trying to intimidate pro-life pregnancy centers into complying with a new law