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California Legislators Trying Again to Legalize Assisted Suicide

Sacramento, CA | 1/15/15 3:43 PM

California ProLife Council, working in conjunction with a coalition of life-affirming groups, has defeated California Assisted Suicide proposals in the past. But euthanasia advocates have promised to be particularly aggressive this coming year.

Workers at Michigan Recycling Plant Find Body of Dead Newborn Baby

Roseville, MI | 1/15/15 12:49 PM

Planned Parenthood Hires Wendy Davis to Speak at Fundraising Event

Lansing, MI | 1/14/15 2:45 PM

Planned Parenthood Mid and South Michigan has resurrected Texas Abortion Barbie, Wendy Davis, as a speaker at one of their events.

Groundbreaking Pro-Life Bill Would Ban Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Babies Limb From Limb

Topeka, KS | 1/14/15 2:02 PM

The state of Kansas has been a haven for late-term abortions for decades and pro-life advocates there are unveiling new legislation that would help put an end to some of them.

Radical Abortion Extremists Flood Tennessee Capitol to Protest Pro-Life Bills

Nashville, TN | 1/14/15 12:49 PM

Yesterday was the first day of session for the new Tennessee legislature.

Planned Parenthood Workers Laugh as Woman Injured in Abortion Loaded Into Ambulance

Spokane, WA | 1/14/15 12:11 PM

Pro-Life Advocates Protest Episcopal Church Hosting Event to Celebrate 42 Years of Abortion

Wichita, KS | 1/14/15 11:43 AM

Pro-life advocates are protesting an Episcopal Church in Wichita, Kansas that is hosting an event for the Planned Parenthood abortion business to celebrate 42 years of legalized abortion.

Kentucky Senate Passes Pro-Life Bill to Inform Women of Abortion Risks, Alternatives

Frankfort, KY | 1/13/15 6:46 PM

The Kentucky Senate passed an informed consent bill that will require a meeting between the pregnant woman and the abortionist at least 24-hours before an abortion takes place.

Planned Parenthood Blames Obamacare for Closing Clinic, Contraception Mandate Meant Fewer Customers

Battle Creek, MI | 1/13/15 6:06 PM

An ironic twist of fate has occurred, Planned Parenthood which lobbied heavily for the Affordable Care Act, is now blaming the ObamaCare monstrosity for the closure of a Michigan clinic.

Tennessee: Pro-Life Women Legislators Announce New Pro-Life Bills to Stop Abortions

Nashville, TN | 1/13/15 5:09 PM

Several female members of the state Legislature have announced legislation which would restore common-sense policies regarding the practice of abortion in Tennessee.

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