Michigan Safe Haven Law Saves its 200th Newborn Baby From Infanticide
Lansing, Michigan | 8/22/17

On Monday the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services announced that the 200th infant has been surrendered under Michigan's Safe Delivery

Ohio Could Become Third State to Ban Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome
Columbus, OH | 8/22/17

The state of Ohio could become the third state in the nation to ban abortions on babies with Down Syndrome. An Ohio legislative committee held

Abortionist Has His License Suspended After Illegally Prescribing Drugs to Family and Staff
Columbus, OH | 8/21/17

Newly-released documents from the Ohio Medical Board describe the shocking details that led to the suspension of Ohio abortionist David Burkons,

Mother of Three Trying for a Fourth Child Now Pregnant With Sextuplets
Montgomery, Alabama | 8/18/17

An Alabama couple were understandably shocked and terrified when they learned that they are expecting sextuplets.

Environmentalists Push for “Nature Rights” Amendment Giving Plants and Flowers a “Right to Life”
Sacramento, California | 8/18/17

The California secession movement is active again, gathering signatures for a vote.

Planned Parenthood Abortion Business May Open Clinic at Local High School
Reading, Pennsylvania | 8/18/17

Parents and pro-life advocates urged a Pennsylvania school board Wednesday to reject a proposal to put a Planned Parenthood-run facility inside

Democrat Senator Says She Hopes President Trump is Assassinated
Washington, DC | 8/18/17

Missouri State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal (D) says there's "no way in hell" she will be resigning from her post, despite pleas from prominent

Teen Dies Whose School Said it Couldn’t Just Let Him Die if His Heart Stopped Beating
Montgomery, Alabama | 8/17/17

A severely ill Alabama teen died Monday in the middle of a public controversy between his parents and school regarding his do-not-resuscitate

New Texas Law Stops Doctors From Issuing DNR Without a Patient’s Consent
Austin, Texas | 8/17/17

Yesterday Governor Abbott signed Senate Bill 11 into law.  SB 11, one of five Pro-Life reforms on the governor’s agenda for the First Called

City Silences Preacher Called to Witness to Women Outside Abortion Clinics
Grand Rapids, MI | 8/17/17

A pro-life street preacher in Michigan says the city of Grand Rapids is trying to keep him from witnessing to women outside abortion clinics

Democrat Bob Casey Claims to be Pro-Life. Here’s His Chance to Prove It
Washington, DC | 8/17/17

Laws protecting children from abortion in the later stages of pregnancy continue to advance in various states. Two distinct but similar measures

Planned Parenthood is Wrong, Majority of People Oppose Forcing Taxpayers to Fund Abortions
Boston, Massachusetts | 8/16/17

This summer, a coalition of center-right groups launched a signature drive to try to make it possible to stop taxpayer funding of abortion in

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Signs Bill for Free Abortions for All, Including Illegal Aliens
Salem, Oregon | 8/15/17

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown today signed a bill that would force health insurers and taxpayers to pay for free abortions for residents and illegal