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New Jersey Senate Committee Passes Bill to Legalize Assisted Suicide

Washington, DC | 12/16/14 7:27 PM

After a second hearing, during which pro-life groups and disability rights advocates finally got a chance to present their views to lawmakers, a New Jersey state Senate committee has advanced a bill that would legalize assisted suicide.

She Ran a Filthy Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic Like Kermit Gosnell’s But Won’t Face Charges

Wilmington, DE | 12/16/14 11:12 AM

Do you remember when Planned Parenthood called Kermit Gosnell’s abortion facility a “criminal enterprise?

Should a Father Have Custody if He Pressured His Partner to Have an Abortion?

Jefferson City, MO | 12/15/14 6:55 PM

In Missouri, a new pro-life measure (HB 182) would allow a court to deny a father custody of his child if he attempted to coerce the mother into getting an abortion.

Minnesota Taxpayers Forced to Fund 65,000 Abortions Since 1995

St. Paul, MN | 12/15/14 4:37 PM

More than 65,000 unborn babies have been killed in Minnesota with taxpayer funds since a Dec. 15, 1995, Minnesota Supreme Court ruling required taxpayers to fund abortions

Closed! Abortionist Evicted From His Office Space For a Second Time This Year

West Bloomfield, MI | 12/15/14 12:14 PM

Michigan abortionist Michael Arthur Roth’s abortion business, the Novi Laser and Aesthetic Center, was evicted last month from its second office space this year. Currently, his abortion business remains closed.

Planned Parenthood Broke the Law to Defeat a Montana Pro-Life Candidate

Helena MT | 12/12/14 6:26 PM

The Planned Parenthood abortion business is not very good at complying with the law when it comes to abortion.

You’ll be Outraged When You See What Planned Parenthood is Teaching These Kids About Sex

San Francisco, CA | 12/12/14 1:20 PM

Late-Term Abortion Clinic Botches Two Abortions on the Same Day, Women Rushed to Hospital

Kettering, OH | 12/12/14 12:54 PM

Why Did a Catholic University Encourage Students to Volunteer at Planned Parenthood and NARAL?

St. Paul, MN | 12/12/14 12:20 PM

According to the University of St. Thomas website, their mission as a university is “inspired by Catholic intellectual tradition to educate students to be morally responsible leaders

Abortionists Have a History of Selling the Abortion Pill to Women Who Aren’t Pregnant

Washington, DC | 12/12/14 11:13 AM

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