Abortion Clinic Files for Bankruptcy After Losing $6.5 Million Botched Abortion Lawsuit
Trenton, NJ | 8/26/16

Notorious East Coast abortionist Steven Chase Brigham lost a major lawsuit earlier this month when a judge awarded a former patient $6.5 million

Abortionist Who Failed to Report Rape of Two 13-Year-Old Girls Loses His Medical License
Indianapolis, IN | 8/26/16

Indiana based abortion practitioner has lost his medical license for at least six months after being found guilty on multiple counts of breaking

Planned Parenthood Exploits Zika Virus Fears in Miami, Florida to Push Its Abortion Agenda
Miami, Florida | 8/25/16

Planned Parenthood certainly knows a business opportunity when it sees one.

8 Reasons Why Colorado Voters Should Vote Against Legalizing Assisted Suicide
Denver, CO | 8/25/16

Doctor-assisted suicide is a horrible idea for Colorado. Though its proponents promote doctor-assisted suicide as “death with dignity,”

Kentucky Supreme Court Lets Governor Close Illegal Abortion Clinic That Broke State Law
Louisville, KY | 8/25/16

A Lexington, Kentucky abortion clinic caught masquerading as a doctor's office will remain closed after the state Supreme Court rejected the

Government Covers Up Botched Abortion at Planned Parenthood That Put Woman in Hospital
Madison, WI | 8/25/16

Emergency radio traffic has revealed important information about what happened to an asthmatic Planned Parenthood patient who was transported

Abortion Doc Who Was So Bad Other States Banned Him is Illegally Running Clinics in New Jersey
Trenton, NJ | 8/25/16

One of the East Coast's most notorious abortionists is being accused this week of illegally running abortion clinics in New Jersey.

Baby Saved After Abortion Pill Was Reversed is Starting Kindergarten, This State Wants to Save More
Phoenix, AZ | 8/25/16

A Planned Parenthood lawsuit challenging an Arizona law to inform women of the possibility that abortion drugs can be reversed was settled this

Pennsylvania Senate Candidate Katie McGinty Won’t Say if She’ll Force You to Fund Abortions
Harrisburg, PA | 8/24/16

The U.S. Senate race in Pennsylvania is becoming one of the most watched and most expensive races in the country. U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey, a pro-life

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine Fights to Save Pro-Life Laws Stopping Abortions
Columbus, OH | 8/24/16

On Monday, Attorney General Mike DeWine filed an appeal in the Ohio Supreme Court in the case of Preterm v. Kasich, defending several pro-life

Woman Who Killed Her Unborn Baby at 25 Weeks, Threw Infant in Dumpster May Go Free
Indianapolis, IN | 8/24/16

Purvi Patel was arrested after she took abortion pills to take the life of her viable unborn baby. Patel later admitted to police that, after

Over 1,000 Pro-Life People Marched Around This Busy Abortion Center That Kills Babies
Charlotte, NC | 8/23/16

For the past three years, Eliana Smith has stood on the sidewalk outside of one of Charlotte, North Carolina's busiest abortion facilities to

Abortion Activists Want Head of Pro-Life Group Removed From Ohio Medical Board
Columbus, OH | 8/23/16

Abortion activists are trying to push a pro-life leader off the State Medical Board of Ohio after the board received a recent complaint involving