Ohio Legislature Passes Bill to Ban Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome
Columbia, SC | 12/13/17

An Ohio bill to protect unborn babies with Down syndrome from abortion passed the state legislature Wednesday, a move that places the measure

Mom of 6-Year-Old With Down Syndrome: It’s Okay if Babies With Down Syndrome are Aborted
Columbus, OH | 12/13/17

More than six years ago, Emily Chesnut chose life for her daughter who has Down syndrome.

Pennsylvania Legislature Passes Bill to Ban Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Babies Limb From Limb
Harrisburg, PA | 12/13/17

Pennsylvania lawmakers sent a bill to Gov. Tom Wolf's desk Tuesday to protect unborn babies from brutal dismemberment abortions and prohibit

Pro-Abortion Alabama Senate Candidate Doug Jones Defeats Roy Moore, Planned Parenthood Applauds
Washington, DC | 12/13/17

Abortion supporter Doug Jones defeated pro-life candidate Roy Moore in the special election for  Senate seat in Alabama. Jones will apparently

Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Opens New Tampa Clinic to “Coach Young People” to Have Sex
Tampa, FL | 12/12/17

Planned Parenthood opened a new abortion facility in Tampa, Florida this fall to promote abortion and risky sexual behavior to young people.

Supreme Court Asked to Stop Maine Law Used to Silence Pro-Life People
Washington, DC | 12/12/17

Alliance Defending Freedom filed a friend-of-the-court brief Monday with the U.S. Supreme Court that urges it to take up a challenge to a Maine

Man Kills His Girlfriend and Her Unborn Baby Because He Didn’t Want to be a Father
Memphis, Tennessee | 12/11/17

A pregnant mother and her unborn baby died in a shooting Saturday in Memphis, Tennessee, yet another incident in a long pattern of violence against

“Abortionist to the Stars” Botches Two Late-Term Abortions, Tells 911 Injured Woman Had “a Fetal Demise”
Beverly Hills, California | 12/11/17

It appears as an upscale doctor’s office in the tony Southern California community of Beverly Hills. Photos of the interior of the office show

Abortionist Caught With 14 Containers of Aborted Babies in His Car Just Gets a Small Fine
Detroit, MI | 12/11/17

“Trunk Abortionist” Michael Arthur Roth is getting off easy for one of the many felonies he has been charged with by officials in the state

Planned Parenthood Challenges Texas Law Requiring Proper Burial for Aborted Babies
Austin, TX | 12/11/17

The abortion chain Planned Parenthood will argue against a Texas law Monday that requires its abortion facilities to bury or cremate aborted

Principal Who Screamed at Pro-Life Teen: “I Don’t Give a S— What Jesus Says” Says His Life’s Been a Wreck Ever Since
Washington, DC | 12/8/17

Earlier this year and assistant principal at a Pennsylvania high school was caught on video yelling profanities at pro-life teenagers who are

Alabama Senate Candidate Doug Jones: If You Don’t Like That I’m Pro-Abortion Don’t Vote for Me
Montgomery, AL | 12/8/17

Alabama Senate candidate Doug Jones professes radical pro-abortion views that few Americans share.