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Pro-Life Billboards Make it Clear: Real Men Support Pregnant Women and Their Unborn Baby

Columbus, OH | 7/31/14 2:47 PM

Toledo, Ohio May Become Abortion Free as Abortion Clinic Has License Revoked

Toledo, OH | 7/31/14 1:45 PM

The city of Toledo may soon be abortion free as the last remaining abortion clinic there has had its license revoked.

To Hide Botched Abortion Injuring Woman, Planned Parenthood Refuses to Call 911

St. Louis, MO | 7/31/14 11:03 AM

In what is becoming an all-too-familiar occurrence, pro-life sidewalk counselors snapped photos as an ambulance arrived to transport yet another patient from the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in St. Louis, Missouri.

You Won’t Believe What Police Did When Pro-Lifers Tried to Protest at This Abortion Clinic

Jackson, MS | 7/31/14 10:35 AM

She Was 15, Raped, and Wanted to Abort Her Baby, Then This Happened

Washington, DC | 7/30/14 5:22 PM

She was my hardest case thus far determined to abort her rape conceived baby. By mistake this fifteen year old went to a pregnancy center looking for an abortion. They called me.

Baby Saved From Brain Tumor After Insurance Company Refusing to Cover Surgery Changes Mind

Houston, TX | 7/30/14 4:58 PM

Mom Just Watched as Neighbor Found Abandoned Baby She Left on the Side of the Road

Washington, DC | 7/30/14 3:03 PM

There were hints in the early reports about an abandoned baby who was found on a dirt road in White Cloud, Michigan that there were even more shocking revelations.

Massachusetts Governor Signs Radical Bill Prohibiting Pro-Life Free Speech

Washington, DC | 7/30/14 2:38 PM

Despite the fact the nation’s highest court took the state of Massachusetts to task for passing a law curtailing the free speech rights of pro-life advocates, the Bay State is again trying to suppress them.

Texas Man Faces Murder for Beating Pregnant Girlfriend So Brutally He Killed Her Unborn Baby

Austin, TX | 7/30/14 12:36 PM

MSNBC Host Applauds Court’s Decision Preventing Mississippi From Becoming Abortion Free

Washington, DC | 7/30/14 10:38 AM

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