Pregnancy Center Looking to Open Next Door to Abortion Clinic to Save Babies From Abortions
Raleigh, North Carolina | 4/28/16

A pro-life pregnancy center in North Carolina faced some opposition this week when a small group of pro-abortion people opposed its plans to

Louisiana House Passes Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Company
Washington, DC | 4/28/16

The Louisiana state House has approved legislation that would further defund the Planned Parenthood abortion company in the state.  Last year,

Louisiana House Committee Passes 4 Key Pro-Life Bills to Save Babies From Abortions
Baton Rouge, LA | 4/28/16

Yesterday, key pro-life bills in Louisiana Right to Life's 2016 Legislative Package saw progress at the Louisiana Capitol.

Tennessee AG Will Appeal Ruling Against Pro-Life Amendment 1
Nashville, TN | 4/27/16

Just a day after a state court judge ruled in favor of the state’s process for counting and ratifying votes on proposed amendments to the state

Abortion Business Closed in Virginia After Officials Found Filthy, Unsterilized Equipment
Richmond, VA | 4/27/16

The name Steven Chase Brigham is notorious on both sides of the abortion movement. The late-term abortionist lost his license to practice in

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal Signs Pro-Life Bill to Help Women and Save Babies From Abortion
Atlanta, GA | 4/27/16

Georgia Life Alliance Committee (GLAC) proudly attended the signing of Senate Bill 308 today. S.B. 308 establishes the Positive Alternatives

Alabama Senate Passes Bill to Ban Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Babies Limb From Limb
Montgomery, Alabama | 4/27/16

Alabama is the latest state where a pro-life piece of legislation to ban dismemberment abortions is advancing. The law would follow on the heels

Doctor Refuses to Say What Happens to Babies After They’re Aborted at Planned Parenthood
Jefferson City, MO | 4/26/16

Missouri state legislators are closer to learning what goes on behind the scenes at Planned Parenthood, but their state investigation faced a

South Dakota Becomes Third State to Tell Women Abortion Pill Can be Reversed
Pierre, SD | 4/26/16

South Dakota recently became the third state to ensure that women are fully informed about chemical abortions, including the possibility that

Botched Late-Abortion Leaves Part of Baby’s Head Inside Mother’s Womb
Boulder, CO | 4/26/16

Jennifer and Jason found out sometime in early 2013 that they were having a baby.

Abortion Activists Target Pro-Life Governor With Sick “Color Your Junk for Pence” Event
Indianapolis, IN | 4/26/16

What abortion activists think they'll accomplish by sending Indiana Gov. Mike Pence coloring pages of genitalia isn't quite clear.

Woman Convicted of Faking Cancer to Get Tax Money to Abort Her 22-Week-Old Baby
Phoenix, AZ | 4/25/16

A jury in Arizona has convicted Chalice Renee Zeitner of faking a cancer diagnosis in a scheme to get the state to pay for the 2010 abortion

Florida Supreme Court Suspends Pro-Life Law for Waiting Period Before an Abortion
Tallahassee, FL | 4/25/16

Just two months after a 24-hour abortion waiting period in Florida went in effect, abortion activists convinced the Florida Supreme Court to