Mother Wins Legal Battle to Refuse Vaccine for Her Child Made From Aborted Baby Parts
New York, NY | 9/3/15

In New York, a woman has won a legal battle to refuse a vaccine for her child because it was made from aborted baby body parts. The vaccine,

Supreme Court to Consider Texas Pro-Life Law Closing Abortion Clinics, Saving 10,000 From Abortion
Washington, DC | 9/3/15

Abortion activists from Texas are asking the Supreme Court to strike down a pro-life Texas law credited with closing multiple abortion clinics

Planned Parenthood Sues Ohio Because New Budget Could Close Its Abortion Clinics
Columbus, OH | 9/3/15

In July, Ohio Governor John R. Kasich signed a pro-life state budget into law that funds pregnancy centers and gives women abortion alternatives.

University of Toledo Caught Working With Abortion Clinic to Train Students How to Do Abortions
Toledo, OH | 9/3/15

In a shocking turn of events, news sources have discovered the University of Toledo has a secret partnership with a scandal-ridden abortion clinic.

Arizona Attorney General Investigating Planned Parenthood, Which Sells Aborted Baby Parts
Washington, DC | 9/3/15

Newly-filed court documents in Arizona indicate the Arizona Attorney General's office is now conducting an active investigation into allegations

Planned Parenthood in Minnesota Caught Possibly Lying About Selling Aborted Baby Body Parts
Washington, DC | 9/3/15

The Planned Parenthood abortion business in Minnesota appears to be lying about whether or not it sells aborted babies and their body parts for

Second California Committee Holds Hearing Today on Dangerous Bill to Legalize Assisted Suicide
Sacramento, CA | 9/3/15

Earlier this week, a California legislative committee approved a bill that would legalize assisted suicide with virtually no limits. The measure

Pro-Abortion North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp Flip-Flops, Now Opposes Late-Term Abortion Ban
Washington, DC | 9/2/15

In North Dakota, Senator Hedi Heitkamp says she will not support a late-term abortion ban even though she has in the past. Sen. Heitkamp is publically

2,030 Babies Saved From Abortion in Ohio After Three Abortion Clinics Close Down
Washington, DC | 9/2/15

A new report from Ohio shows abortions there are at historic lows and 4,551 babies were saved by abortion in the last year alone after three

Las Vegas High School Backs Down After Lawsuit, Allows Student to Start Pro-Life Club
Las Vegas, NV | 9/2/15

A Las Vegas high school has backed down in the face of a lawsuit from a pro-life organization representing a pro-life student who was denied

Pennsylvania Bill Would Cut Tax Funding for Planned Parenthood, Which Sells Aborted Babies
Harrisburg, PA | 9/2/15

In Pennsylvania, a lawmaker wants to cut taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood.

California Committee Passes Dangerous Bill Legalizing Virtually Unlimited Assisted Suicide
Washington, DC | 9/1/15

A California legislative committee approved a bill today that would legalize assisted suicide with virtually no limits. The measure received

Woman: If I Knew My Daughter Had Down Syndrome, I Would Have Aborted Her
Washington, DC | 9/1/15

Parenting is about abortion, according to Yahoo!