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Pennsylvania Bill Would Deny Women Information on Abortion Risks

Harrisburg, PA | 7/29/14 6:48 PM

The abortion industry and its allies are lobbing another legislative weapon in their War on Women.

Dad Delivers Baby in Toilet After Couple Turned Away From Hospital

Washington, DC | 7/29/14 5:38 PM

Supreme Court Will Decide if Planned Parenthood Can Injure Women With Dangerous Abortion Drug

Washington, DC | 7/29/14 4:58 PM

The abortion drug is responsible for the deaths of dozens of women worldwide, including several in the United States alone

Dog Finds Abandoned Baby on the Side of the Road, Umbilical Cord Still Attached

White Cloud, MI | 7/29/14 3:52 PM

Appeals Court Stops Pro-Life Law That Could Have Made Mississippi Abortion Free

Jackson, MS | 7/29/14 3:00 PM

A federal appeals court has stopped a pro-life law that could have made Mississippi the first state to be abortion free.

Sandra Fluke Can’t Afford Her Own Birth Control, But She Can Loan Her Campaign $100,000

Washington, DC | 7/29/14 11:11 AM

Sandra Fluke says she and other pro-abortion women need your taxpayer dollars to be able to afford birth control.

“Chloe’s Law” Provides Expectant Moms With Information on Down Syndrome

Harrisburg, PA | 7/29/14 10:08 AM

Incredible 8-Year-Old Boy Helps His Disabled Little Brother Complete a Triathlon

Washington, DC | 7/28/14 5:37 PM

Lucas Aldrich has a rare condition called lissencephaly, which has left him unable to walk or talk and will give him a shorter lifespan. But that did’t stop him from completing a triathlon, with a little help from his big brother.

Teacher Sentenced to Prison for Having Students Bring Semen-Stained Tissues to Class for Art Project

Washington, DC | 7/28/14 5:05 PM

Charles Reilly, a former art teacher, sports coach, and borough councilman, was sentenced to a total of 15 years in prison

Planned Parenthood, ACLU Bankroll Effort to Stop Pro-Life Amendment 1 in Tennessee

Nashville, TN | 7/28/14 12:13 PM

Tennesseans will be asked to vote in 2014 on an amendment to the Tennessee Constitution which would give the Volunteer State a chance to pass important pro-life legislation saving babies from abortion.

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