Ohio Senate Passes Bill to Stop Planned Parenthood From Dumping Aborted Babies in Landfills lol
Columbus, OH | 1/17/18

Today the Ohio Senate approved  legislation that would require abortion businesses to treat the bodies of aborted babies humanely after the

Friends Prayed at This Abortion Clinic for 9 Years, When They Went Saturday to Pray Again It Was Closed
Oakland, California | 1/16/18

Last year the pro-life movement was successful in closing down dozens of abortion clinics and saving countless unborn children from abortion.

Chicago March for Life Draws Record Crowd as Over 6,000 Pro-Life People Oppose Abortion
Chicago, IL | 1/15/18

"The deadliest thing in the world is indifference,” proclaimed former Planned Parenthood director Ramona Trevino to the crowd of an estimated

Battle Continues to Stop Pittsburgh Free Speech Censorship Zone Targeting Pro-Life People
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania | 1/12/18

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed an appeal Thursday of a federal district court’s ruling that last month kept in place Pittsburgh’s

Massachusetts Medical Society Becomes 10th State Medical Association to Succumb to the Assisted Suicide Agenda
Boston, Massachusetts | 1/12/18

In 1980, the Hemlock Society (now known as Compassion and Choices) was formed to work for the legalization of physician-assisted suicide by proposing

Can’t Afford Medical Treatment? Oregon Says You Should Consider Assisted Suicide
Salem, OR | 1/12/18

Euthanasia and assisted suicide advocates throughout the world advocate for laws along the lines of those in place in the state of Oregon, claiming

You’ll be Shocked Who Oregon Official Says is Eligible to Get Assisted Suicide
Salem, OR | 1/11/18

Euthanasia and assisted suicide are being promoted world-wide. Recently the Swedish National Council on Medical Ethics published the report,

Planned Parenthood Says Pro-Life Governor is a Hypocrite Because He Opposes Mandatory Motorcycle Helmets
Lincoln, Nebraska | 1/11/18

The abortion industry attacks pro-life leaders in some bizarre and twisted ways.

Health Department Slams Abortion Biz Trying to Open New Clinic: You’re Not of “Reputable and Responsible Character”
Indianapolis, IN | 1/11/18

Indiana television station WNDU is reporting that the Indiana State Department of Health has denied an application for an abortion facility license

Tennessee Legislator Drafts Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Business
Nashville, Tennessee | 1/11/18

A Tennessee lawmaker proposed a new bill this week to cut off all state funding to the abortion chain Planned Parenthood.

Court Rules in Favor of Constitutional Amendment Saying There’s No “Fundamental Right to Abortion”
Nashville, Tennessee | 1/10/18

In 2014, Tennessee voters added “Amendment 1” to the state Constitution. The key wording was in the beginning: “Nothing in this Constitution

Dangerous Abortion Business Denied License to Open New Abortion Clinic in Indiana
South Bend, Indiana | 1/10/18

An abortion business's efforts to open a new facility in South Bend, Indiana stalled recently after state health officials denied it a license.

Ohio Senate Passes Bill to Stop Planned Parenthood From Selling Aborted Baby Parts
Columbus, OH | 1/10/18

The Ohio legislature is responding to revelations that Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry sold body parts of babies killed in abortions.