Iowa High School Admits It Wrongly Prohibited Students From Creating Pro-Life Club
Des Moines, IA | 5/5/15

The Hampton-Dumont Community School District has acknowledged errors in the application of its school club policies in response to Thomas More

Texas Senate Passes Bill to Opt Out of Abortion Funding Under Obamacare
Austin, TX | 5/5/15

The Texas state Senate has approved major pro-life legislation that will help Texans avoid having their tax dollars funneled to the abortion

50% of Ohio Abortion Clinics Have Shut Down Since 2011, Abortions at Historic Lows
Washington, DC | 5/5/15

Last September, reported that the number of abortions in Ohio have hit historic lows, as thanks to the work of pro-life laws that

Colorado Democrats Defeat Unborn Victims Bill After Mom’s Baby Cut Out of Her Womb
Denver, CO | 5/4/15

After Republicans in the Colorado state Senate approved an unborn victims bill to hold criminals accountable when they kill or injure unborn

New York Bill Allows Starving Patients to Death Without Their Consent
Albany, NY | 5/4/15

While the battle rages over assisted suicide, many forget that in 1990, the United States Supreme Court allowed involuntary euthanasia by dehydration

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring Sides With Abortion Industry, Puts Women’s Lives at Risk
Richmond, VA | 5/4/15

In arguably the least surprising legal opinion of 2015, pro-abortion Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring (D) issued an opinion today that

This Church Faced Criminal Charges for Posting a Pro-Life Sign on Its Own Property
Harrisonburg, VA | 5/4/15

The Constitution was designed to protect both religious rights and free speech, but city officials in a town in Virginia papered to abrogate

Satanic Temple in Missouri Raises Funds for Woman to Have Abortion
St. Louis, MO | 5/4/15

We know satanists believe abortion is sacred as we have documented several times. Now, a St Louis, Missouri Satanic Temple is raising funds to

Oregon House Passes Bill to Charge Teen’s Abortion to Parents’ Insurance Without Them Knowing
Salem, OR | 5/1/15

A new pro-abortion bill in Oregon has pro-life advocates up in arms and urging pro-life Oregonians to contact their members of the state legislature.

Woman Admits to Abandoning Baby Steps From Railroad Tracks While High on Drugs
Washington, DC | 5/1/15

In Florida, 20-year-old Qushanna Doby is facing child neglect charges after abandoning her baby while high on a synthetic drug called “flakka.”

Teacher Forced to Resign After Calling Pro-Abortion President Barack Obama a “Baby Killer”
Atlanta, GA | 5/1/15

In Georgia, veteran middle school teacher Nancy Perry has been forced to resign after telling her students that President Barack Obama is a baby

Colorado Republican Joins Democrats to Kill Bill for Ultrasound Before Abortion
Denver, CO | 5/1/15

A Colorado Republican legislator joined with Democrats on a state Senate committee to defeat pro-life legislation that would allow women a chance

Abortion Clinic That Killed Four Women in Botched Abortions Loses License, Fined $50,000
Chicago, IL | 4/30/15

The Pro-Life Action League has just obtained documents revealing that the Illinois Department of Public Health has fined a notorious Chicago