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Don’t be Fooled Louisiana, Since 2009 Mary Landrieu is 100% Pro-Abortion

Baton Rouge, LA | 11/18/14 6:01 PM

Pro-Life Group Backs Bill Cassidy Over Mary Landrieu in Louisiana Runoff

Baton Rouge, LA | 11/10/14 7:25 PM

Louisiana voters have to go to the polls again in December to determine whether pro-life Congressman Bill Cassidy will defeat pro-abortion Sen. Mary Landrieu after neither candidate received a majority of the vote last week.

Rand Paul Plans to Announce His Republican Campaign for President Next Spring

Washington, DC | 11/10/14 11:37 AM

Meet the Youngest Woman Ever Elected to Congress, And She’s Pro-Life

Washington, DC | 11/5/14 2:45 PM

Republican Elise Stefanik on Tuesday became the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. And she’s pro-life. And she’s from New York state.

Wendy Davis, Face of the Phony “War on Women” Mantra, Loses With Women

Washington, DC | 11/5/14 1:33 PM

Colorado Personhood Amendment 67 Fails a Third Time by Lopsided Margin

Denver, CO | 11/4/14 11:48 PM

A personhoood amendment failed by a lopsided margin for a third time in Colorado, despite efforts by backers of the amendment to change the language and approach of the amendment in an effort to gain additional support.

Florida Pro-Life Gov. Rick Scott Defeats Pro-Abortion Challenger Charlie Crist

Tallahassee, FL | 11/4/14 11:20 PM

Pro-Life Cory Gardner Defeats Pro-Abortion Mark Udall in Colorado

Washington, DC | 11/4/14 11:01 PM

Louisiana Senate Race Will Head to Runoff With Pro-Life Bill Cassidy and Pro-Abortion Mary Landrieu

Baton Rouge, LA | 11/4/14 10:53 PM

Pro-Life Greg Abbott Defeats Abortion Champion Wendy Davis for Governor In Texas

Washington, DC | 11/4/14 10:09 PM

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