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Pro-Abortion Iowa Candidate Bruce Braley Falsely Claims He Opposes Late-Term Abortions

Des Moines, IA | 10/17/14 3:07 PM

Wisconsin’s Mary Burke: Legislation to Protect Unborn Babies Who Feel Pain? “Yeah, I Would Veto It.”

Madison, WI | 10/17/14 10:43 AM

Kansas: Pat Roberts Calls Greg Orman “Unconscionable” on Abortion

Topeka, KS | 10/16/14 4:15 PM

In the cola-dominated soft drink market, 7-up enjoyed great success after it labeled itself the “UN-cola”.

Arizona Governor Candidate Fred DuVal: Okay for 14-Year-Old to Get Abortion Without Parental Consent

Washington, DC | 10/16/14 1:44 PM

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal is coming under fire for saying he doesn’t think a 14-year-old should get parental consent before having an abortion.

Sorry Planned Parenthood, John Kasich Works for Ohio Women Not You

Columbus, OH | 10/16/14 11:45 AM

Gov. Kasich’s recent pro-woman commercial has ruffled the feathers of abortion advocates who believe that women have one narrow interest when it comes to voting: aborting children.

Udall Releases False and Misleading Ad Attacking Cory Gardner on Abortion​

Denver, CO | 10/14/14 4:59 PM

He Prayed Outside Abortion Clinics as a Kid, Now He’s About to Become a U.S. Senator

Lincoln, NE | 10/14/14 4:38 PM

Wendy Davis Doubles Down on Attacking Greg Abbott for Being Paralyzed, Uses Disabled as Props

Austin, TX | 10/13/14 4:03 PM

Wendy Davis learned nothing from the overwhelming backlash she faced from both the left and the right over her wheelchair ad last week.

Wendy Davis Campaign Attacks Pro-Lifer Greg Abbott for Being Paralyzed

Austin, TX | 10/10/14 4:25 PM

Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Trashes Pro-Life Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

Madison, WI | 10/10/14 10:31 AM

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