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The Pro-Life Libertarian Case Against Abortion

Washington, DC | 8/25/14 5:42 PM

Tax-Funded PBS to Air Propaganda Film “Humanizing” Docs Who Do Third-Trimester Abortions

Washington, DC | 8/25/14 4:37 PM

She Didn’t Want to Disappoint Her Parents, So She Didn’t Tell Them She Aborted Their Grandchild

Washington, DC | 8/25/14 4:00 PM

Pope Francis Asked to Ban Planned Parenthood Staff From Catholic Church Positions

Washington, DC | 8/25/14 1:21 PM

Doctors Offered Them a Chance to Abort Their Disabled Baby, But They Trusted God

Washington, DC | 8/25/14 12:58 PM

Catholic Church Warns Pro-Lifers About Ice Bucket Challenge Donations

Washington, DC | 8/25/14 11:59 AM

A Catholic Archdiocese is warning pro-life advocates about the final destination of donations for the popular Ice Bucket Challenge, which has become a pop culture and social media phenomenon.

Pregnant Couples Defend Aborting Babies With Down Syndrome: “Loving Kids Like That is a Waste”

Washington, DC | 8/25/14 11:22 AM

Pro-Lifers Slam Massive Fines Obama Wants on Catholic Nuns Who Oppose HHS Mandate

Washington, DC | 8/25/14 10:40 AM

On Friday, the Obama administration revised the HHS mandate rules — the first revision since losing to Hobby Lobby at the Supreme Court. The revisions provide no relief from the mandate and essentially restate how pro-life groups

Can’t Ban Abortion? 20 Years of Data Prove Pro-Life Laws Stop Abortions

Washington, DC | 8/22/14 6:34 PM

Pro-Abortion Woman Says It’s a Woman’s Choice to Abort Her Baby at Birth

Washington, DC | 8/22/14 4:36 PM

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