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Brittany Maynard’s Mother Calls Vatican Assisted Suicide Opposition “A Slap in the Face”

Washington, DC | 11/19/14 2:18 PM

Shortly after Brittany Maynard took her own life, a leading Catholic Church official said assisted suicide was “reprehensible” because it violated the dignity of human life.

Environmentalist Writer: Women Who Have Babies are “Environmental Villains”

Washington, DC | 11/19/14 12:55 PM

If you asked a scientist to create a test-tube liberal, chances are his product couldn’t hold a candle to Maria Luisa Tucker.

Brooke Shields Was Almost an Abortion Victim: My Grandfather Paid My Mother to Abort Me

Washington, DC | 11/19/14 11:08 AM

I have always been fascinated with the actress, model, spokeswoman, and author Brooke Shields. She has always seemed a compelling mix of wholesomeness and glamour, forthrightness and mystery.

Abortion Worker: “I Wonder How Many Fingers and Toes We’ll Put Down the Disposal Today”

Washington, DC | 11/18/14 7:25 PM

Racist Abortion Supporter: “I Hope They Kill All the White Babies”

Washington, DC | 11/18/14 6:51 PM

A video uploaded a month ago shows a black abortion supporter threatening pro-lifers outside an abortion clinic with her water gun, using expletives, racist rants, and displaying her hatred toward Christianity.

Democrats Still Won’t Let Pregnant Double-Amputee Congresswoman Vote From Home

Washington, DC | 11/18/14 3:01 PM

This Nurse Teaches You How to Starve Yourself to Death, She’s Killed Over 100 People

Washington, DC | 11/18/14 2:26 PM

Planet Fitness Kicks Out Man From Gym Twice for Wearing “Offensive” Pro-Life T-Shirt

Orlando, FL | 11/18/14 1:14 PM

A pro-life man in Florida says he was kicked out of a Planet Fitness gym not once but twice simply for wearing a pro-life t-shirt.

Democrats Unanimously Re-Elect Pro-Abortion Ideologue Nancy Pelosi as House Leader

Washington, DC | 11/18/14 11:11 AM

Democrats lost seats in the House of Representatives and lost the Senate to pro-life Republicans in the mid-term Congressional elections earlier this month, but that didn’t stop House Democrats from unanimously re-electing Nancy Pelosi as their leader.

Abortion Advocates Force Time Magazine to Apologize for Banning the Word “Feminist”

Washington, DC | 11/18/14 10:43 AM

For the past four years, Time Magazine has conducted a poll of which word to “ban” in the upcoming year.

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