30 Conservative Groups Call on Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to Stop Censorship
Washington, DC | 6/19/18

On Tuesday, the Media Research Center (MRC) and the recently formed coalition, Conservatives Against Online Censorship, called on tech giants

Church’s Billboard Saying “America is a Christian Nation” Removed After Liberal Newspaper Complains
Dallas, Texas | 6/19/18

A Texas megachurch billboard that declared “America is a Christian nation” recently was taken down after the church said several powerful

Netflix Show “13 Reasons Why” Will Push Abortion on Teenagers
Washington, DC | 6/19/18

Teen viewers of 13 Reasons Why will get a taste of abortion on top of suicide and graphic sexual assault, according to one main actress.

Medical Journal Admits “Brain Dead” Patients May Not Really be Dead
Washington, DC | 6/18/18

50 years ago, an ad hoc Harvard Medical School committee declared that patients in an “irreversible coma” were dead from a legal and ethical

Facebook Censors Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood Not Reporting Child Rape
Washington, DC | 6/18/18

Facebook has been blocking an important new film series that documents how Planned Parenthood covers up child sexual abuse.

Planned Parenthood Blasts “Separating Parents and Children.” But It Does That 876 Times a Day in Abortions
Washington, DC | 6/18/18

On Father's Day, Planned Parenthood blasted the Trump administration for separating immigrant families at the borders, while ignoring how its

Georgetown University Finally Removes Guide Urging Donations to Planned Parenthood
Washington, DC | 6/18/18

One of America's most prominent Catholic universities just removed contents from its website that encouraged students to support Planned Parenthood

Mike Huckabee: Where’s the Outrage Over Permanently Separating Families in Abortions?
Washington, DC | 6/18/18

Political commentator Mike Huckabee addressed the latest immigration outrage Sunday by asking why there is not similar anger about the permanent

Companies Including Walmart, Merck, AT&T, Whole Foods Accused of Pressuring Employees to Have Abortions
Washington, DC | 6/18/18

While the liberal media routinely push for abortion as a part of “women’s rights,” they’re calling out companies that reportedly pressure

TV Show’s Character Celebrates Dismembering Her Baby in an Abortion: “We D&C’d That S—, B—-“
Washington, DC | 6/18/18

It only took two episodes for the second season of TNT’s over the top dramedy series, Claws, to broach the topic of abortion. The storyline

Christian YouTuber’s Excellent Video for Women: “The First Person You Have Sex With Should be Your Husband”
Washington, DC | 6/15/18

A popular YouTube channel that typically gives fashion and beauty tips recently encouraged young women with an important but often unheard message

Diaper Sales Plummet as Americans Have Fewer Babies
Washington, DC | 6/15/18

As Americans have fewer babies, diaper sales are plummeting. That's the word from the biggest companies that sell diapers across the country.

Abortion Activist Amanda Marcotte Claims Abortions are Safer Than “Carrying an Unwanted Pregnancy to Term”
Washington, DC | 6/15/18

Abortions are safe for everyone, according to one Salon writer. Except for the unborn baby, that is.