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29-Year-Old Woman With Brain Cancer Still Plans to Kill Herself November 1st

Washington, DC | 10/22/14 1:47 PM

10 Quotes Show Abortionists Admitting That Make a Killing Doing Abortions

Washington, DC | 10/22/14 10:10 AM

Doctor Claimed: It’s “Unethical” Not to Experiment on Aborted Babies

Washington, DC | 10/22/14 10:04 AM

Today, it is illegal to perform experiments on living aborted babies in the US. The issue of fetal experimentation has faded into the background. But it wasn’t always that way.

Baby Born Healthy After Couple Refuses Abortion Despite Doctors’ “Fetal Abnormality” Claim

Dublin, Ireland | 10/22/14 9:15 AM

When an Ireland couple, Melanie and Damion Sheenan, went in for their 20-week scan they found out some upsetting news about their baby.

11-Year-Old Rap Sensation MattyB Defends His Sister With Down Syndrome

Washington, DC | 10/22/14 8:24 AM

(LiveActionNews) — Early in September, kid rapper MattyB released a cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors.”

Woman Aborts 20-Week-Old Baby at Home, Police Describe Baby’s “Sad Little Face”

Washington, DC | 10/21/14 5:58 PM

An article in The New Republic described how Jennie Linn McCormack aborted her late term unborn baby with pills she purchased online.

“Orange is the New Black” Stars Design Shirts for Planned Parenthood

Washington, DC | 10/21/14 5:26 PM

Orange is the New Black stars have partnered with Planned Parenthood, the nations largest abortion business, in their campaign “Women are Watching.”

In 5 Minutes, Lila Rose and Kristan Hawkins Expose the $1 Billion Abortion Industry

Washington, DC | 10/21/14 4:13 PM

Recently appearing on a live presentation broadcast in 1,400 churches nationwide, Lila Rose and Kristan Hawkins shared with Tony Perkins of Family Research Council

Told He Wouldn’t Live Long, They Rejected Abortion: “We Didn’t Terminate Because He’s Our Son”

Washington, DC | 10/21/14 3:45 PM

Parents T.K. and Deidrea Lauxs are two courageous people who understand the value of human life — however brief it may be. Although doctors often advise parents of very disabled babies to have an abortion — they chose life.

She Immediately Regretted Taking the Abortion Pill, Doctor Reversed It Before It Killed Her Baby

Washington, DC | 10/21/14 1:31 PM

One of the most fascinating and little-known aspects in the debate over the RU 486 abortion pill is the fact that, in some cases, the abortion drug process may be reversible.

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