Miracle Baby Survives Miscarriage and Abortion and is Born Healthy
Washington, DC | 11/17/17

Doctors told Michelle Hui that she had miscarried her unborn baby about six weeks into her pregnancy.

Pro-Abortion Senator Al Franken Caught on Camera Groping Woman and Forcibly Kissing Her
Washington, DC | 11/17/17

A Minnesota U.S. senator who is under fire for allegedly groping a sleeping woman also is a big supporter of the abortion industry.

ACLU Supports Free Speech for Nazis While Attacking First Amendment Rights of Pro-Lifers
Washington, DC | 11/16/17

On air Wednesday night with Tucker Carlson, NIFLA president and founder Tom Glessner told the top-rated Fox News host and his audience what’s

New University Vending Machine Dispenses Pills That Can Cause Abortions
Boston, Massachusetts | 11/16/17

A Massachusetts university plans to set up new vending machines soon to sell students the Plan B morning after pill.

There’s Little Evidence Contraception Use is Responsible for Abortion Declines
Washington, DC | 11/16/17

Last month two researchers affiliated with the Guttmacher Institute published a report in the American Journal of Public Health.  The study

House Passes Tax Plan Recognizing Unborn Children are Human Beings From Conception
| 11/16/17

The House of Representatives today passed the GOP tax plan that allows expectant parents to contribute to their unborn baby’s 529 college savings

Professor Says Having Kids is an “Indulgence” That’s Bad For The Earth
Washington, DC | 11/16/17

Professor Travis Reider of Johns Hopkins University boosted population control as a solution for climate change in a Wednesday op-ed for

New York Times Reporter Mocks Pro-Lifers for Exposing Her Monthly Donations to Planned Parenthood
Washington, DC | 11/16/17

The liberal website Vox published an interview with former New York Times legal reporter Linda Greenhouse, and the headline surely applauded

Pastor Who Wouldn’t Say If Abortion is a Sin and Then Backtracked: “I Was Trying to Point People to Jesus”
Washington, DC | 11/16/17

Mega-church Pastor Carl Lentz defended his controversial comments about abortion again this week, saying he made the conscious decision to focus

She Grew Up Playing in Her Parents’ Abortion Clinics as Babies Were Aborted, Now She’s Running Them
Washington, DC | 11/15/17

A young Calla Hales and her sister used to play in the hallways of their parents' abortion clinic as their parents prepared rooms for other children

House Will Vote on Unborn Child Tax Credit Thursday, First Time Unborn Babies Included in the Tax Code
Washington, DC | 11/15/17

The House is expected to vote on H.R. 1, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 tomorrow, Thursday November 16th. The tax bill contains a new positive

Amazing Surgery: Doctors Cut Into Mother’s Womb to Repair Unborn Baby’s Spinal Cord Defect
Washington, DC | 11/15/17

Little Eiko Crisostomo's life shines as a beacon of hope to unborn babies in Canada who are diagnosed with spina bifida.

New Video: Woman Explains How Her Mother Was Euthanized Without Consent
Washington, DC | 11/15/17

The Fatal Flaws film (Spring 2018) questions the long term effects of assisted death laws on society.