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Hollywood Actor Nick Searcy Endorses Movie Exposing Kermit Gosnell

Washington, DC | 4/15/14 3:07 PM

The producers behind the funding project for a Kermit Gosnell movie informed LifeNews today that another Hollywood actor has endorsed the project.

Woman Who Killed Her Seven Babies, Packed Them in Boxes Confesses to Murders

Salt Lake City, UT | 4/15/14 2:43 PM

More details are coming in following the horrific discovery of the bodies of seven babies in a garage in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

How Does Someone Survive an Abortion? I Did and Here’s How It Happens

Washington, DC | 4/15/14 12:56 PM

Video Highlights the Link Between Abortion and Domestic Violence

Washington, DC | 4/15/14 11:31 AM

Twin Babies Climb Into Each Other’s Cribs To Play During Nap Time

Washington, DC | 4/15/14 10:52 AM

This Tax Day, Let’s Get Planned Parenthood Off the Federal Dole

Washington, DC | 4/15/14 10:33 AM

Today is April 15th.  It is a day of infamies.  On this day in 1865 Abraham Lincoln died, succumbing to gunshot wounds from the night before.

Planned Parenthood Won’t Condemn Woman Who Killed Her Seven Babies, Packed Them in Boxes

Washington, DC | 4/15/14 9:59 AM

Abby Johnson’s Ministry Has Helped More Than 100 Abortion Clinic Workers Quit

Washington, DC | 4/14/14 6:57 PM

There are a number of ways of stopping abortions — whether it’s legislation, with prayer, pregnancy centers providing positive alternatives, pro-life groups working to close abortion clinics or what former Planned Parenthood abortion clinic manager Abby Johnson is doing.

$5 Billion in Tax Subsidies Initially Available for Obamacare Plans That Fund Abortions

Washington, DC | 4/14/14 4:22 PM

“Abortion Desert:” Activist Complains Large Swath of America is Abortion Free

Washington, DC | 4/14/14 2:37 PM

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