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Pope Francis Asked to Ban Planned Parenthood Staff From Catholic Church Positions

Washington, DC | 8/25/14 1:21 PM

Doctors Offered Them a Chance to Abort Their Disabled Baby, But They Trusted God

Washington, DC | 8/25/14 12:58 PM

Catholic Church Warns Pro-Lifers About Ice Bucket Challenge Donations

Washington, DC | 8/25/14 11:59 AM

A Catholic Archdiocese is warning pro-life advocates about the final destination of donations for the popular Ice Bucket Challenge, which has become a pop culture and social media phenomenon.

Pregnant Couples Defend Aborting Babies With Down Syndrome: “Loving Kids Like That is a Waste”

Washington, DC | 8/25/14 11:22 AM

Pro-Lifers Slam Massive Fines Obama Wants on Catholic Nuns Who Oppose HHS Mandate

Washington, DC | 8/25/14 10:40 AM

On Friday, the Obama administration revised the HHS mandate rules — the first revision since losing to Hobby Lobby at the Supreme Court. The revisions provide no relief from the mandate and essentially restate how pro-life groups

Can’t Ban Abortion? 20 Years of Data Prove Pro-Life Laws Stop Abortions

Washington, DC | 8/22/14 6:34 PM

Pro-Abortion Woman Says It’s a Woman’s Choice to Abort Her Baby at Birth

Washington, DC | 8/22/14 4:36 PM

These Senators Support Late-Term Abortions and Harry Reid is Protecting Them

Washington, DC | 8/22/14 4:11 PM

She Worked at a Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic Until a Teenager Asked Her This Question

Washington, DC | 8/22/14 3:26 PM

We often think of Planned Parenthood as the enemy. How could we not, considering they are the nation’s largest abortion chain, and aggressively promote promiscuous sexual behavior that leads to unplanned pregnancy and abortion?

Amazing Vine Documents 9 Months of Pregnancy in 5 Seconds

Washington, DC | 8/22/14 2:36 PM

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