Warning: You May Soon be Paying for Abortions for Illegal Immigrants
Washington, DC | 10/20/17

While some in the media are reporting on pro-life leaders’ warnings of a “dangerous precedent” in a ruling insisting on abortion for an

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s Niece: “Abortion Violates the Civil Rights of Unborn Children”
Washington, DC | 10/20/17

The niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said today that she opposes abortion and believes it violates the civil rights of unborn children.

Rock Band Foo Fighters Releases New Song to Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Business
Washington, DC | 10/20/17

The rock band Foo Fighters released a new song this week to benefit the abortion business Planned Parenthood.

Democrats’ New Bill Would Overturn Trump Order and Force Christians to Pay for Abortion Drugs
Washington, DC | 10/20/17

Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), along with 35 of her Democratic colleagues in the Senate, introduced a bill Thursday that would repeal the Trump Administration’s

Chelsea Handler Will End Her Show to Become an Abortion Activist
Washington, DC | 10/20/17

Comedian Chelsea Handler has ended her Netflix series in order to become more politically active. Handler said on Twitter that she has teamed

There are So Many Abortion Clinics in the U.S. the Average Woman Lives Just 10 Miles From One
Washington, DC | 10/19/17

As abortion facilities have closed down in many parts of the country, travel distances to abortion clinics have become an increasingly salient

Abortion Rate Drops 25% Over Last 6 Years as More Babies Saved From Abortions
Washington, DC | 10/19/17

Pro-life advocates have made a lot of progress changing hearts and minds for life in the past decade.

Labor Unions Give $2 Million to Planned Parenthood and Pro-Abortion Groups
Washington, DC | 10/19/17

The biggest labor unions have long had ties with top pro-abortion organizations. A new report indicates the leading labor unions across the country

Appeals Court Stops Judge’s Order Forcing Trump Admin to Facilitate Illegal Immigrant’s Abortion
Washington, DC | 10/19/17

An appeals court has stopped a judge's order issued yesterday forcing the Trump Administration to facilitate an abortion for an illegal immigrant.

If Abortion is “Safe” Why Have 51 Ambulances Rushed to Abortion Clinics After Botched Abortions This Year?
Washington, DC | 10/19/17

There have been a disturbing number of medical emergencies at abortion facilities reported by pro-life activists since late September, including

Woman Defends Aborting Her Baby: “I Don’t Feel Guilty I Had an Abortion, I Feel Guilty I Got Pregnant”
Washington, DC | 10/19/17

Leanne believes she made some big mistakes in her life, but aborting the unborn baby who she conceived as a result of her irresponsibility is

Two Abortion Clinic Staffers Have a Change of Heart and Quit Their Jobs
Washington, DC | 10/19/17

More good news today … we’ve learned that two more abortion business workers have had a change of heart and quit the industry!

Late-Term Abortion Clinic Kills Baby in Abortion Then Harvests Baby’s Body Parts for Research
Albuquerque, NM | 10/19/17

A late-term abortion clinic in New Mexico faces a lawsuit after it killed a baby in an abortion and then harvested the baby's body parts for