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Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Gives Away Glittery Penis Ornament at Christmas Party

Washington, DC | 12/15/14 5:58 PM

Planned Parenthood often goes beyond the pale, but this one may take the cake.

Woman With Same Cancer as Brittany Maynard Refuses Treatment to Have Her Baby

Washington, DC | 12/15/14 5:00 PM

They Got Abortions When the Test Said Their Baby Would be Disabled, But The Tests Were Wrong

Washington, DC | 12/15/14 4:03 PM

“Keep Praying for Our Boys!” Parents Welcome Conjoined Twins, Doctors Will Try to Separate Them

Jacksonville, FL | 12/15/14 12:55 PM

Supreme Court Lets Planned Parenthood Risk Women’s Lives With Dangerous Abortion Pill

Washington, DC | 12/15/14 11:44 AM

The RU 486 abortion pill has been responsible for killing dozens of people — including women in the United States — and injuring thousands more. But the Supreme Court refused to take a case today to protect women from it.

Pregnant With Nowhere to Live, She Could Have Had an Abortion But Went Here Instead

Washington, DC | 12/15/14 10:50 AM

Pro-Abortion Study Admits Thousands of Women Hospitalized Every Year From Botched Abortions

Washington, DC | 12/12/14 7:44 PM

What if you walked into the waiting room of any of the country’s abortion clinics and told the young mothers

This Pro-Life Doctor Once Did Abortions Until God Did This Amazing Thing

Washington, DC | 12/12/14 7:06 PM

Dr. John Bruchalski, is a former abortionist and now pro-life OB/GYN in Virginia. He once did abortions early in his career following medical school, but then an amazing thing happened.

Terminally Ill Lauren Hill: “I Feel Like I’ve Done God’s Work, But I’m Not Done Yet”

Washington, DC | 12/12/14 6:05 PM

Catholic Hospital CEO: Obamacare More Important Than Babies Dying in Abortion

Washington, DC | 12/12/14 2:33 PM

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