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New Pampers Ad Celebrating Babies : The Most Powerful Pro-Life Video You’ve Ever Seen

Washington, DC | 1/29/15 8:10 PM

Woman Tells of Horrific Abortion: “No Way What They Are Doing is Humane”

Washington, DC | 1/29/15 7:57 PM

Parents Sue After They Aborted Baby Test Showed Would be Disabled, The Test Was Wrong

Washington, DC | 1/29/15 6:42 PM

The pro-life movement is all-too-familiar with offensive wrongful birth lawsuits — but here’s something very different.

Rap Star Ludacris Bribed His Girlfriend to Have Abortion, Now Wants Custody of Child

Washington, DC | 1/29/15 5:09 PM

Over the years, LifeNews has profiled countless sports stars, musicians and other celebrities who wanted their partners to have an abortion.

I Am Not The Rapist’s Baby, I’m Just a Person Who’s Glad I Wasn’t Aborted

Washington, DC | 1/29/15 4:24 PM

This Stunning Viral Video Shows What the Media Missed at the March for Life

Washington, DC | 1/29/15 3:59 PM

If a picture is worth a thousand words, just how many words is an amazing pro-life viral video worth?

Pro-Life Group Calls for Defeating “Pro-Life” Lawmakers Who Sabotaged 20-Week Abortion Ban

Washington, DC | 1/29/15 1:22 PM

She Was Pro-Choice Til She Learned She Was Conceived in Rape: “I Was Supporting My Own Death”

Washington, DC | 1/29/15 11:09 AM

Four-Year-Old Calls 911 and Saves Her Pregnant Mom’s Life After a Seizure

Washington, DC | 1/28/15 7:11 PM

Baby Boy Was Born Without Eyes, But His Parents Love Him Just as Much

Mesa, AZ | 1/28/15 6:48 PM

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