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How Obamacare Funds the Nation’s Largest Abortion Business

Washington, DC | 9/30/14 10:47 AM

Despite promises to the contrary by members of Congress and even the president, Americans now know that Obamacare is entangling tax dollars with coverage of elective abortion.

Jane Shopping Site Launches Fundraiser for Pro-Abortion Group Girls, Inc

Washington, DC | 9/30/14 9:40 AM

I just received a disturbing e-mail from

Jessa Duggar Criticized for Linking the Holocaust With Abortion

Washington, DC | 9/29/14 7:08 PM

Pro-Abortion Pastors: Christians Shouldn’t Oppose Abortion

Washington, DC | 9/29/14 5:51 PM

In an article published today in The Washington Post, pro-abortion Reverends, Dr. Alethea Smith-Withers and Harry Knox, argue that people of faith shouldn’t oppose abortion.

Doctor Refuses to Treat Child With Trisomy 18, Tells Mom “She’s Lived Longer Than Expected”

Washington, DC | 9/29/14 4:50 PM

Pro-Abortion Student to Pro-Lifers: “Who Let These F—ers on Campus?”

Washington, DC | 9/29/14 3:42 PM

Kelli Kopetz at reported on the kind of guff that pro-life protesters get on campus.

Forced Abortions are Happening in America on Victims of Sex Trafficking

Washington, DC | 9/29/14 2:54 PM

Stevie Nicks Confirms Song “Sara” Was About Baby With Don Henley She Aborted

Washington, DC | 9/29/14 1:50 PM

Abortion and pop music culture are often intertwined. Whether it’s the girlfriend of Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler having an abortion or Michael Jackson writing a song about abortion that wasn’t released until after his death, pop music and musicians are frequently involved in abortion or commenting on it.

Abortion Activist Defends Infanticide: “Medical Necessity” May Require Killing Baby After Birth

Washington, DC | 9/29/14 1:19 PM

A 5-Year-Old With Autism Creates Stunning Paintings

Washington, DC | 9/29/14 11:47 AM

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