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After Battling Leukemia, He Wrote This Beautiful Song That Gives God Glory

Washington, DC | 8/28/14 7:12 PM

You Won’t Believe What This Little Boy Said When He Found Out His Mom is Pregnant

Washington, DC | 8/28/14 6:52 PM

A mother of two decided to announce to her kids that she was expecting another baby, but her son’s response wasn’t what she anticipated.

Benham Brothers: Pro-Life People are Not Anti-Women, We Lay Our Lives Down for Them

Washington, DC | 8/28/14 11:54 AM

Star of Pro-Abortion “Romantic Comedy” Obvious Child: Don’t Call It an Abortion Romantic Comedy

Washington, DC | 8/27/14 5:25 PM

As commenter Christina noted on Facebook (a line I stole on Twitter), “Let’s make abortion the central theme of a comedy, then pretend we’re not trivializing it and trying to make it funny.”

Sorry NARAL, Most Americans Aren’t Pro-Abortion

Washington, DC | 8/27/14 1:51 PM

Woman Takes Job at Medical Clinic and Then Learns It Does Abortions

Washington, DC | 8/27/14 1:17 PM

A young woman living independently of her mother for the first time gets involved in an abortion clinic without knowing it:

Pro-Life Group Asks Tax-Funded PBS to Cancel Film “Humanizing” Docs Who Do Third-Trimester Abortions

Washington, DC | 8/27/14 12:42 PM

Pro-Abortion Blogger Admits Abortion is for Women With Designer Handbags and Swanky Jobs

Washington, DC | 8/27/14 12:11 PM

In another blog post describing what pro-lifers have always said about abortion- that it wasn’t for penniless teens who had been raped, but abortion on demand was just that- abortion on demand for the rich as well.

Why is Richard Dawkins in Favor of Abortion When a Baby Has Down Syndrome?

Washington, DC | 8/27/14 10:47 AM

Amazing Video “Life in the Womb” Chronicles 9 Months of Development in 4 Minutes

Washington, DC | 8/26/14 7:07 PM

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