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Mom Says Expect “Beauty in Imperfections” of Down Syndrome

Washington, DC | 4/24/14 7:02 PM

Shocking Gosnell Movie Preview Shows How He Kept Jars of Aborted Babies’ Feet

Washington, DC | 4/24/14 5:57 PM

Euthanasia for Laughs? Comedian Directs Film About Son Taking His Father to be Killed

Washington, DC | 4/24/14 5:21 PM

So, now euthanasia is becoming a source for comedy. Joel David Moore is about to direct a film about a son taking his father to be killed.

Former Clinic Worker, Abortion Activist: “We Created a Monster”

Washington, DC | 4/24/14 4:33 PM

Washington, DC (LiveActionNews) — Before her tragic death in 2012, former abortion clinic nurse Joan Appleton traveled the country speaking out against abortion.

County Launches Probe Into Why Aborted Babies Were Burned for Electricity, “We’re Horrified”

Salem, OR | 4/24/14 2:25 PM

The government is famous for moving slowly and throwing up red tape as it moves along. That was not at all the case these past 24 hours.

New Fetal Heartbeat Apps for iPhones Allow You to Hear Your Baby’s Heartbeat

Washington, DC | 4/24/14 1:37 PM

This is a great tool for pro-life sidewalk counselors: Fetal HeartBeat Apps.

Dad Films His Son Every Single Week for 11 Years, The Result is Astonishing

Washington, DC | 4/24/14 1:22 PM

Kickstarter Apologizes for Rejecting Gosnell Movie and Pro-Life Film

Washington, DC | 4/24/14 11:06 AM

Last week, Katie exposed how the crowd funding website Kickstarter suspiciously rejected two pro-life films within two weeks.

Officials Outraged Plant Burning Aborted Babies for Electricity: “Ultimate Disrespect to Innocence”

Washington, DC | 4/24/14 10:37 AM

Local officials in central Oregon are upset that an energy plant is reportedly burning aborted babies from Canada to generate electricity.

Yale Denies Pro-Life Group Membership in University’s Social Justice Network

New Haven, CT | 4/24/14 9:31 AM

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