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Obama Awards Presidential Medal of Freedom to Abortion Activist Meryl Streep

Washington, DC | 11/24/14 4:40 PM

30,000 People Support Duggars After Liberals Lobby TLC to Cancel “19 Kids and Counting”

Washington, DC | 11/24/14 3:50 PM

The pro-life community has come together to support the Duggar family in response to efforts by liberals to get TLC to cancel their show, “19 Kids and Counting.”

This Dying Man Has the Same Cancer as Brittany Maynard, But His Response is Priceless

Washington, DC | 11/24/14 1:56 PM

Aaron and Nora met in 2010 and like most people who fall in love, they were head over heels for each other. The next year, Aaron suffered a seizure at work which led to a very grim diagnosis: stage four brain cancer.

Clinic Worker Describes Seeing an Abortion “I Saw Perfectly Formed Fingers and Toes”

Washington, DC | 11/24/14 1:03 PM

Pro-Lifers Will Sing Christmas Carols at Abortion Clinics, Bring Good News to a Place of Death

Chicago, IL | 11/24/14 12:03 PM

Activist: Abortion is Okay Because Some Women Just Don’t Want to Be Pregnant

Washington, DC | 11/21/14 6:29 PM

When Doctors Tell You Your Baby May a Fetal Anomaly, That Info May be Misleading

Washington, DC | 11/21/14 6:10 PM

In a previous article, I spoke about the pressure that doctors often put on the parents of disabled unborn babies to abort.

This Pro-Life Sand Castle May be the Most Amazing Sand Castle You’ve Ever Seen

Washington, DC | 11/21/14 5:35 PM

Cecile Richards Says Aborting My Baby “Wasn’t a Difficult Decision”

Washington, DC | 11/21/14 4:38 PM

Thousands of Pro-Lifers Support Duggar Family, Tell TLC to Keep “19 Kids and Counting”

Washington, DC | 11/21/14 2:36 PM

In the wake of a petition demanding that the cable television channel TLC cancel “19 Kids and Counting” because of the Duggar Family’s pro-life and Christian views, thousands of pro-life people have signed a counter petition supporting them.

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