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Catholic Bishops: Shut Down Government to Stop Obamacare’s Abortion Funding

Washington, DC | 11/21/14 6:58 PM

Activist: Abortion is Okay Because Some Women Just Don’t Want to Be Pregnant

Washington, DC | 11/21/14 6:29 PM

When Doctors Tell You Your Baby May a Fetal Anomaly, That Info May be Misleading

Washington, DC | 11/21/14 6:10 PM

In a previous article, I spoke about the pressure that doctors often put on the parents of disabled unborn babies to abort.

This Pro-Life Sand Castle May be the Most Amazing Sand Castle You’ve Ever Seen

Washington, DC | 11/21/14 5:35 PM

Cecile Richards Says Aborting My Baby “Wasn’t a Difficult Decision”

Washington, DC | 11/21/14 4:38 PM

Thousands of Pro-Lifers Support Duggar Family, Tell TLC to Keep “19 Kids and Counting”

Washington, DC | 11/21/14 2:36 PM

In the wake of a petition demanding that the cable television channel TLC cancel “19 Kids and Counting” because of the Duggar Family’s pro-life and Christian views, thousands of pro-life people have signed a counter petition supporting them.

Woman: I Talked to My Unborn Baby and “Made Peace With It” Before Aborting

Washington, DC | 11/21/14 2:06 PM

A Planned Parenthood worker who got pregnant and chose to have an abortion said the following:

Ben Carson: “Founding Fathers Would Turn Over in Their Graves” if They Saw Pro-Abortion America Today

Washington, DC | 11/21/14 1:36 PM

After Hobby Lobby Ruling, Obama Admin Still Forcing Religious Employers to Obey HHS Mandate

Washington, DC | 11/21/14 12:40 PM

The Supreme Court may have sided with Hobby Lobby in its case against the Obama administration over the pro-abortion HHS mandate, but one leading pro-life group says the Obama administration’s religious discrimination continues.

New Pro-Life Sort Film Offers Unique View on the Reality of Abortion

Washington, DC | 11/21/14 11:59 AM

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