68% of Unborn Babies With Spina Bifida Die in Abortions, But Carter’s Parents Did This Instead
Lansing, MI | 2/27/15

Mike and Kasey Hilton found out that their unborn child had myelomeningocele spine bifida before they even knew the sex of their baby.

The Shocking Moment When an Abortion Clinic Staffer Saw an Aborted Baby’s Arm the First Time
Washington, DC | 2/27/15

One could say that the best way to learn about abortion is to listen to the stories of those who have actually been there, in the rooms where

You Won’t Believe What a Pro-Life Woman Who Was Brutally Raped Has to Say to Her Rapist
Washington, DC | 2/27/15

When Dawn Milberger learned that her birth parents tried to end her life before she was born, she began a journey of forgiveness that has brought

‘The Drop Box’ Movie Director: Embracing Mothers in Need is the Way to End Abortion
Washington, DC | 2/27/15

Brian Ivie has wanted to make movies since age 9. Accepted into the University of Southern California-School of Cinematic Arts, he saw an L.A.

Pro-Life Groups Re-Launch Girl Scout Cookie Boycott After Group Honors Pro-Abortion Politician
Washington, DC | 2/27/15

Leading pro-life organizations are re-launching a boycott of Girl Scout cookies after the Girl Scout group continued its abortion advocacy by

Not One Democrat Sponsors New Senate Bill to Ban Taxpayer Funding of Abortion
Washington, DC | 2/26/15

Members of the U.S. Senate today introduced legislation to completely ban taxpayer funding of abortions. Interestingly, not one Democrat signed

Mom Was Told She Should Abort Her Baby With Down Syndrome, Her Response Was Perfect
Washington, DC | 2/26/15

Two-year-old Gabe has Down Syndrome, but sometimes his mother, Sherry, forgets that her son has the genetic condition. Sherry explained more

The Doctors Said He Would Die, But Baby Easton is a Fighter
Washington, DC | 2/26/15

Like all first time moms, Danielle Orris was a bit nervous when she first discovered she was pregnant, but once she made the announcement to

With GOP Votes, Senate Committee Approves Pro-Abortion Loretta Lynch as Attorney General
Washington, DC | 2/26/15

The Senate Judiciary Committee has approved the nomination of pro-abortion Loretta Lynch as the next Attorney General, replacing pro-abortion

Terminally Ill Mother Was Never Supposed to See Her Son’s 1st Birthday, But a Miracle Happened
Houston, TX | 2/26/15

21-year-old Yesenia Ruiz-Rojo was four months pregnant when she arrived at Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) in Texas. She had also just discovered

Planned Parenthood Fundraising Email: Abortion is “A Simple Way to Save Lives”
Washington, DC | 2/26/15

An e-mail message from Planned Parenthood president, Cecile Richards is entitled, “A simple way to save lives.”

Ben Carson: Ridiculous How Abortion Activists Call Pro-Life People “Anti-Woman”
Washington, DC | 2/26/15

Likely Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson opened the conservative CPAC 2015 conference today with an inspiring speech to attendees.

Franklin Graham: America’s Morality is Crumbling Thanks in Part to Obama’s Abortion Extremism
Washington, DC | 2/26/15

Reverend Franklin Graham, son of world-renown Christian evangelist Billy Graham, recently took to Facebook to defend New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s