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Why Have Adoption Rates Plummeted Since Abortion Was Legalized?

Washington, DC | 11/28/14 4:05 PM

Abortionist: Late-Term Abortion is a “Good Parenting Act” to “Reduce Suffering”

Washington, DC | 11/28/14 2:38 PM

New York Times Hails “Abortion Entrepreneurs” Who Help Women Pay for Abortions

Washington, DC | 11/28/14 2:05 PM

For The New York Times, Black Friday’s just another great day to promote “abortion entrepreneurs” like 20-year-old Lenzi Sheible

Abortions Decline to Historic Low: 33% of Pregnancies Used to End in Abortion, Now Just 18%

Washington, DC | 11/28/14 1:19 PM

The Centers for Disease Control released its national abortion report on Friday and the new figured show the number of abortions in the United States has declined to a historic low.

Abortionist: Late-Term Abortions are Done for “Very Compelling” Reasons

Washington, DC | 11/28/14 12:43 PM

Family Starved 32-Year-Old Man With Down Syndrome to Death, He Weighed Just 69 Pounds

Washington, DC | 11/28/14 10:33 AM

Compassion and Choices Used Name From Brittany Maynard Sympathy Card for Assisted Suicide Petition

Washington, DC | 11/26/14 6:17 PM

VIDEO: “Adoption Saves Lives from Abortion, It Saved Mine”

Washington, DC | 11/26/14 5:06 PM

Girl’s Priceless Response to Mom After Seeing Ultrasound of New Sibling: “You Ate the Baby?”

Washington, DC | 11/26/14 2:17 PM

White House Visitor Logs Show Dozens of Visits by Top Abortion Activists

Washington, DC | 11/26/14 12:31 PM

Last month the White House released their latest visitor log which reveals that the abortion industry has an open door to the Obama administration.

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