9th Shocking Video: Planned Parenthood Sells Intact Aborted Babies, One “Just Fell Out” of the Womb
Washington, DC | 9/1/15

The Center for Medical Progress released a new video this morning -- the 9th in its series of videos catching the Planned Parenthood abortion

Pawn Shop Sells Jack Kevorkian’s Assisted Suicide Van That He Used to Kill People
Washington, DC | 8/31/15

In 2011, assisted suicide proponent Jack Kevorkian died after battling pneumonia and suffering from kidney problems. As LifeNews previously reported,

Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Admits It Doesn’t Do Mammograms at Any of Its Centers
Washington, DC | 8/31/15

In the course of evaluating a claim made by the Alliance Defending Freedom, a prolife group, PolitiFact Georgia's crack investigators learned

Center for Medical Progress Refutes Planned Parenthood’s Claims About the Videos Point by Point
Washington, DC | 8/31/15

Last week, the Planned Parenthood abortion business hired a left-wing group to attempt to refute the series of videos the Center for Medical

Censored: Networks Haven’t Covered a Single Planned Parenthood Video in One Month
Washington, DC | 8/31/15

More fuel doesn’t mean more fire – at least when it comes to the media’s coverage of Planned Parenthood. As more and more undercover footage

Amazing Photos of 7-8-Week Old Miscarried Baby Show Unborn Children’s Humanity
Washington, DC | 8/31/15

At eight weeks and five days old baby Annabelle died after her mother, Mindy Raelynne Danison, suffered a miscarriage. However, Mindy was able

Federal Court Says Obama Can’t Force March for Life to Obey Pro-Abortion HHS Mandate
Washington, DC | 8/31/15

The pro-life organization that puts on the March for Life on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade every year has won a legal victory in its case to

New Video: Planned Parenthood Doc Caught Admitting She Can Hide Profit From Selling Aborted Babies
Washington, DC | 8/31/15

The Center for Medical Progress released a supplemental video today that sheds more light on the profit Planned Parenthood makes associated with

Taxpayer-Funded Planned Parenthood Spends $517,000 Defending Its Sales of Aborted Babies
Washington, DC | 8/31/15

A new report indicates the Planned Parenthood abortion business has spent $517,000 defending itself as a series of undercover investigative videos

House Plans Vote on Bill to De-Fund Planned Parenthood, Which Sells Aborted Baby Body Parts
Washington, DC | 8/31/15

The House of Representatives is planning a vote on legislation that would de-fund the Planned Parenthood abortion business, which has been caught

Hilarious Footage Shows Twin Baby Girls Pretending to be Asleep When Mom Talks Into Monitor
Washington, DC | 8/28/15

In Seattle, beauty vlogger Judy Travis captured a hilarious moment of her baby girls on their baby monitor that was later uploaded to Facebook

Scott Walker Has a 20-Year Record Protecting Unborn Babies From Abortions
Washington, DC | 8/28/15

In July, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker officially announced he was running for president of the United States. He said in a video announcement,

Ben Carson: What Happened to Blacks During Slavery is Why I am Pro-Life on Abortion Today
Washington, DC | 8/28/15

On August 23rd, presidential hopeful and former pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson did an interview with CNN’s “State of the Union” and