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Dumbest Abortion Merchandise Ever: “Abortion Sends Babies to God Faster”

Washington, DC | 1/30/15 6:23 PM

She Had Four Abortions, Was There Any Way God Could Forgive Her?

Washington, DC | 1/30/15 5:55 PM

Abortion Clinic Pressured Woman With Second Thoughts to Have Abortion: Hurry Up and Decide

Washington, DC | 1/30/15 4:59 PM

(LiveActionNews) — In book on postabortion regret by Melinda Tankard Reist , an Australian woman identified as Genevieve describes the “counseling” she received in an abortion clinic. 

I Was Supposed to Have Died in the Abortion, But a Few Weeks Later I Was Still Alive

Washington, DC | 1/30/15 4:35 PM

Doctors Refused to Help This Baby With Trisomy 18, She Almost Died But This Happened

Washington, DC | 1/30/15 3:58 PM

You go to the doctor with a chronic headache and he suggests cutting off your head. The doctor assures you that this will put a permanent end to your headaches.

Seeing Abortion First-Hand: Remembering When I Found Aborted Babies in a Dumpster

Washington, DC | 1/30/15 3:38 PM

Last week we entered the 42nd year of legalized abortion in the United States and I think back to the day I came up close and personal with abortion.

Euthanasia Activists Pushing to Legalize Assisted Suicide in Two Dozen States

Washington, DC | 1/30/15 2:55 PM

From California and Colorado to New Jersey and New Hampshire, euthanasia activists across the country are working to push legalized assisted suicide on state after state.

Mom With Breast Cancer Who Rejected Abortion While Pregnant is Now Cancer Free

Denver, CO | 1/30/15 2:13 PM

Obamacare is Already Rationing Healthcare as Hospitals Employ Fewer Workers

Washington, DC | 1/30/15 1:48 PM

President Obama has been among the many deploring the reality that despite an improving economy, middle-class wages have remained largely stagnant.

Mitt Romney Will Not Seek Republican Nomination for President in 2016

Washington, DC | 1/30/15 12:00 PM

On a conference call with reporters today, 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney indicated he will not seek the GOp nomination for president in 2016.

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