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Wife Uses Halloween T-Shirt With Image of Unborn Baby to Tell Her Husband She’s Pregnant

Washington, DC | 10/20/14 6:47 PM

Abortion Activists Use Junk Science to Attempt to Disprove How Abortion Hurts Women

Washington, DC | 10/20/14 5:47 PM

What is the three-legged stool on which abortionists and their apologists rest their case?

Mother With Stage Four Breast Cancer and Pregnant With 10th Child Refuses Abortion: “I’m Trusting God”

Washington, DC | 10/20/14 5:22 PM

Abortion Activist: De-Funding Planned Parenthood a Bigger Threat Than Ebola

Washington, DC | 10/20/14 2:49 PM

Mom’s Heartbreaking Letter to Her Premature Twins: “I Pray You’ll Forget Every Tube, Every Shot”

London, England | 10/20/14 1:11 PM

Couple’s Heartbreaking Tale of Miscarriage Gives Contrast to Abortion

Washington, DC | 10/20/14 11:42 AM

281 Babies Have Been Saved From Abortion in Latest 40 Days for Life Campaign

Washington, DC | 10/20/14 9:38 AM

Cecile Richards: Aborting My Baby “Wasn’t a Difficult Decision”

Washington, DC | 10/17/14 7:21 PM

The head of the nation’s biggest abortion business disclosed today that she herself had an abortion and apparently it was no big deal to take the life of her unborn child.

Raped by Someone She Trusted, She Refused Abortion and is Raising Her Daughter on Her Own

Washington, DC | 10/17/14 6:47 PM

Thousands Sign Up for First Online Class to Learn How to Do Abortions

Washington, DC | 10/17/14 6:12 PM

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