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Crescendo Director Hopes it Will Become Most Watched Pro-Life Themed Film in History

Washington, DC | 10/23/14 7:08 PM

Earlier this week, the award-winning, pro-life film, Crescendo, was released on YouTube.

Evangelist Dr. R.C. Sproul: Abortion is Not a Christian Response in Cases of Rape

Washington, DC | 10/23/14 5:32 PM

Recently my brother bought a book for me written by Dr. R.C. Sproul Sr. entitled “Now That’s a Good Question!”

“People Stare at My Baby and Say I Should Have Aborted Him, But He’s a Miracle”

Washington, DC | 10/23/14 4:58 PM

Christian’s story—the son of Lacey and Chris Buchanan — has touched millions as his family has dealt with hateful abortion activists who say he should have been aborted because he “looks weird” as a result of his eyes not forming properly in the womb.

Voice of Choice Website Removes “Bully List” Targeting Pro-Life Activists With Harassment

Washington, DC | 10/23/14 4:28 PM

Women Defend Aborting Their Babies With Down Syndrome: “Having a ‘Tard’ is a Bummer for Life”

Washington, DC | 10/23/14 2:59 PM

Wearing His “Sunglasses at Night” Corey Hart Recalls How His Mother Rejected Abortion

Washington, DC | 10/23/14 1:55 PM

Mom Cancels Her Abortion Appointment After God Spoke to Her in a Dream

Washington, DC | 10/23/14 11:02 AM

3-D Printers Help Save Infants With Heart Defects

Washington, DC | 10/22/14 6:51 PM

Every year in the United States, 36,000 children are born with congenital heart defects. While some defects are minor, many are life threatening and require surgery.

“Bro-Choice” Activist Writes Blog on How to Convince a Woman to Have an Abortion

Washington, DC | 10/22/14 4:05 PM

A Bro-choicer calling himself “Bacon” on the Return of Kings Blog has come up with a “plan” for convincing a girl to have an abortion to avoid child support.

Charlotte Was Born at 24 Weeks When Abortion’s Legal For Any Reason, Look at Her Now

Washington, DC | 10/22/14 3:32 PM

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