Neighbor Claims Robbers May Have Killed Laci Peterson and Her Unborn Son, Not Scott Peterson
Washington, DC | 8/17/17

A new series on A&E is calling into question a double-murder case that prompted a number of states to pass laws protecting unborn babies

Pro-Life HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s Home Vandalized With Anti-Trump Graffiti
Washington, DC | 8/17/17

HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson weighed in on the controversy regarding the recent violent rallies in Charlottesville, VA, and urged people to get

Pro-Life Investment Plan Hits $1 Billion in Assets By Rejecting Pro-Abortion Companies
Washington, DC | 8/17/17

Many Christians choose movies, music and even retailers based on how they impact their faith. Why, asks financial expert and nationally syndicated

Abortion Activists Falsely Claim Pro-Life Groups are Linked to White Supremacists
Washington, DC | 8/17/17

The National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL), the oldest abortion advocacy group in the U.S., tweeted claims Wednesday

Woman Celebrates Her Abortion in a New Play Called “Mission Abort”
Washington, DC | 8/17/17

Abortion activists almost seem to be competing to see who can “shout” the loudest about aborting their unborn babies.

Sarah Palin: Aborting Babies With Down Syndrome “Hearkens Back to When Nazi Germany” Killed Them
Washington, DC | 8/16/17

Aborting unborn babies with Down syndrome “hearkens back to neo-Nazi Germany,” according to Sarah Palin.

After a Horrific Brain Injury Doctors Said She Would Never Recover, Now She’s Returning to School
Washington, DC | 8/16/17

An Alabama family prepared for the worst when doctors told them several times that their teenage daughter might never recover from her brain

Federal Court Rules Arkansas Can Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz
Little Rock Arkansas | 8/16/17

Arkansas taxpayers won a victory Wednesday when a federal appeals court ruled that the state can defund the abortion business Planned Parenthood.

Abortion Activists Worry Artificial Wombs Could Move Up Viability and Protect Unborn Babies
Washington, DC | 8/16/17

With artificial wombs moving from the realm of science fiction to scientific fact, abortion sympathizers are starting to get concerned about

Planned Parenthood CEO Claims President Trump Has “Both Barrels Aimed at Women” on Abortion
Washington, DC | 8/16/17

The CEO of America's largest abortion business slammed President Donald Trump again this week for his pro-life policies.

Man in Despair After Wife Aborts Their Baby at Planned Parenthood: “I Don’t Know How to Live Anymore”
New York, NY | 8/16/17

Operation Rescue has obtained a video interview of a man speaking just days after his wife had an abortion at the Margaret Sanger Center Planned

Suicide is Now the Second Leading Cause of Death for Youth and Young Adults
Washington, DC | 8/16/17

What gives us our worth? How we answer that question will shape how we live. And maybe how we die.

Gold Medalist Sanya Richards-Ross: I Know So Many Olympians Who Regret Their Abortions
Washington, DC | 8/16/17

Counter to the pro-abortion narrative of the day, Olympic gold medalist Sanya Richards-Ross says her abortion was a terrible experience that