New “Gosnell” Movie Highlights His Collection of Feet From Aborted Babies
Washington, DC | 8/17/18

The first trailer is out for a movie about Kermit Gosnell, the late-term abortionist in Philadelphia who went to prison after being convicted

Feminists Want American Cities to Support UN CEDAW Treaty Claiming a “Right” to Abortion
Washington, DC | 8/16/18

(C-Fam) Earlier this month the state of Hawaii received an award from the National Association of Commissions for Women for being the first state

UN Names Abortion Activist Michelle Bachelet to Lead Its Human Rights Office
New York, NY | 8/16/18

Trailblazing abortion promoter and Chile’s first woman president Michelle Bachelet was appointed by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to

Character on TBS Comedy “The Detour” Desperately Avoids Telling Her Kids They Could Have Been Aborted
Washington, DC | 8/16/18

In the course of a conversation, an acquaintance recently mentioned that the TBS comedy “The Detour” had been renewed for a fourth season.

Over 200 Liberal Newspapers Launch Massive Coordinated Attack on President Trump
Washington, DC | 8/16/18

Depending on who’s counting (or has the time to do an exhaustive search), between 200 and 300 newspapers sharpened their already razor-sharp

David Daleiden Demands Court Dismiss Lawsuit Blocking Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood
Washington, DC | 8/16/18

The Center for Medical Progress and David Daleiden filed three motions in San Francisco federal court yesterday seeking to dismiss the National

New “Gosnell” Movie Slams Media for Ignoring How Abortionist Killed Newborn Babies in “Abortions”
Washington, DC | 8/16/18

The new trailer for Gosnell teases the horror story of a murderous abortionist and his trial – including scenes of empty media seats in the

Franklin Graham: Chelsea Clinton Defending Abortion as an Economic Good is Like Hitler Defending Killing Jews
Washington, DC | 8/16/18

Christian evangelist Franklin Graham is speaking out against comments Chelsea Clinton made defending abortion as somehow good for the economy.

Radio Host: Democrats Have Killed So Many Black Babies in Abortions Their Future Depends on Illegal Immigrants
Washington, DC | 8/16/18

In a recent interview on Fox News, Hispanic talk show host Chris Salcedo made the claim that Democrats have supported the killing of so many

“Gosnell” Movie Trailer Released, Horror Story of Abortionist Showing in 750 Theaters in October
Washington, DC | 8/15/18

The trailer for the new movie "Gosnell" has just been released and it will surely make watchers want to see the intense new film.

Catholic Bishop Covered for Priest Who Raped Teen Girl and Forced Her to Have Abortion
Washington, DC | 8/15/18

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court released a grand jury report detailing decades of child sexual abuse Tuesday, revealing that the former Bishop

Chelsea Clinton Claims Aborting Babies is a Good Thing Because “Pro-Choice is Pro-Life”
Washington, DC | 8/15/18

Chelsea Clinton responded to pro-life advocates this week after facing criticism for linking legalized abortion on demand to $3.5 trillion in

Heartbroken Pastor Laments: “52% of All African-American Pregnancies End in Abortion”
Washington, DC | 8/15/18

A recent article examines a tragedy that has occurred under Americans’ noses for far too long: abortion.