New Canadian Assisted Suicide Law Will Claim Unintended Victims
Washington, DC | 9/29/16

The Carter decision to allow assisted suicide and euthanasia claimed that Canada could avoid abuses through careful guidelines and screening.

Euthanasia Activists Push Their Death Agenda at Disability Aging and Lifestyle Expo
Adelaide, Australia | 9/28/16

Recently my wife, Anne, attended the Disability Ageing and Lifestyle Expo at the Adelaide Show Grounds. [Adelaide is the capital city of the

Canadian Abortion Activists Oppose Bill Protecting Pregnant Women From Violence
Ottawa, Canada | 9/28/16

A private member’s bill put forward by Cathay Wagantall is receiving pushback from Joyce Arthur, executive director of the Abortion Rights

Abortion Activists Declare Today a Day to Celebrate Abortions Around the World
Washington, DC | 9/28/16

Pro-abortion agitators are again using September 28 as the so-called Global Day of Access for Safe & Legal Abortion promoting access to abortion

Russian Orthodox Church Petition Calls for “The End of Legal Murder of Children Before Birth”
Moscow, Russia | 9/28/16

The Russian Orthodox Church took a strong stand against abortion on Tuesday when Orthodox Patriarch Kirill signed a petition calling on Russian

Actress Sally Phillips: “Hurts My Heart” That Moms of Kids With Down Syndrome Pressured to Abort
London, England | 9/27/16

Actress Sally Phillips is raising awareness about the common practice of recommending abortions for unborn babies with Down syndrome and other

Catholic Bishop: Don’t Abort Babies Afflicted With Zika Virus, We Will Adopt Them
Kingston, Jamacia | 9/27/16

A Catholic leader in Jamaica is offering a loving home for babies who have microcephaly amid fears that the Zika virus is causing brain disorders

Planned Parenthood is Working Hand in Hand With China’s Population Control Officials
Beijing, China | 9/27/16

China’s One Child Policy turns 36 this week (September 25).

Abortion Activists: “Shameful” That Pro-Life People Give Fetal Models to Women Considering Abortion
Sydney, Australia | 9/26/16

Abortion activists in New South Wales are upset that pro-lifers are offering women information about their unborn babies as they walk into abortion

China’s Population Control Policy Turns 36, Asian Nation Aborts 23 Million Babies Every Year
Beijing, China | 9/26/16

Yesterday, China marked 36 years of the one-child family planning policy -- which recently became a two-child population control policy -- that

Thousands of People March to Celebrate Abortion and Legalize Abortions in Ireland
Washington, DC | 9/26/16

Abortion activists across the world have their eyes on Ireland, hoping to pressure it into legalizing abortion on demand.

Abortion Activist George Soros Funding Pro-Abortion March to Legalize Abortion in Ireland
Dublin, Ireland | 9/23/16

Abortion activists are planning a march in Ireland this weekend to demand that the nation legalize abortion on demand and stop protecting unborn

She Survived an Abortion But Was Then Tied Up in a Trash Bag and Left to Die
Washington, DC | 9/23/16

I first met Thandi in 2006 while working at an orphanage for abandoned infants in South Africa.  She was a thriving four-month-old with an infectious