“Abortion Drone” Taking Illegal Abortion Pills to Ireland is a Cheap Publicity Stunt
Dublin, Ireland | 7/6/15

The Pro Life Campaign has described the decision of Women on Waves to target Ireland next with a drone delivery of abortion pills as “nothing

Man Stabs and Beats His Pregnant Girlfriend Screaming “I Will Kick That Baby Out of You”
London, England | 7/6/15

In the United Kingdom, 20-year-old Simon Easterbrook stabbed his pregnant ex-girlfriend with a knife and beat her while screaming “I’m going

25,000 Pro-Lifers March Through the Streets of Dublin, Ireland Against Abortion
Washington, DC | 7/6/15

The weekend All-Ireland Rally for Life saw more than 25,000 pro-life people line the streets in Dublin, Ireland to speak up against abortion.

UN and Pro-Abortion Group Demand Philippines Legalizes Abortion
Manila, Philippines | 7/3/15

Manila, Philippines (CFAM/LifeNews) -- An abortion group traveled to the Philippines last week to heap pressure on government officials after

Video Catches Abortion Activist Attempting to Destroy Sign a Pro-Life Advocate is Holding
London, England | 7/3/15

Abort67, the project that uses abortion victim photographs to convey the reality of abortion, is prepared to take action against an individual

Chile Health Commission Discussing Legalizing Abortion, Your Help is Needed to Stop It
Santiago, Chile | 7/3/15

In Chile life is protected form conception to natural death. This is because in Chile we believe that the defence of life is an inalienable right.

Should This Beautiful Girl Have Been Aborted Just Because She Has Down Syndrome?
Dublin, Ireland | 7/3/15

The pro-life nation of Ireland is at a crossroads. The door has already been opened slightly to legalized abortion and dozens of unborn babies

School Nurse Took Her for Abortion Without Her Parents Knowing, Now She Can’t Have Children
Wellington, New Zealand | 7/2/15

(LiveActionNews) -- Pro-abortion extremists would like nothing more than for parents to be kept out of the decision when teenage girls are considering

Abortion Activists Now Call Themselves “Women’s Human Rights Defenders”
Washington, DC | 7/2/15

New York, NY (CFAM/LifeNews) — A UK-based advocacy group received high-level news coverage this week with a survey claiming that “women’s

Doctors Told Mom Her Son Would Die So She Should Just Abort Him, But This Happened
Washington, DC | 7/2/15

An 18-year-old pregnant teen mother has refused an abortion after doctors said her unborn son would not survive, instead she fought to save his

Catholics are Standing Up Against Abortion in Africa Like Never Before
Cotonou, Benin | 7/2/15

Never before in our times have attacks on human life and the family unit in Africa been more violent. Yet now the Church in Africa has been endowed

Canadian Doctors Want No Limits on Their Ability to Kill Patients in Euthanasia
Ottawa, Canada | 7/2/15

The Canadian Medical Association has, in short course, gone from resisting euthanasia to being enthusiastic collaborators with the culture of

Canadian Medical Association Sells Out as Canada Forces Euthanasia on the Entire Country
Ottawa, Canada | 6/30/15

In the face of the Canadian Supreme Court imposing a radical nation-wide euthanasia regime on the entire country, the Canadian Medical Association