Pope Francis: “The Church Must Never Tire” of Fighting Abortion
Rome, Italy | 5/22/17

Pope Francis sent words of encouragement to pro-life advocates over the weekend as they participated in the March for Life in Rome, Italy.

Canadian Doctors Will Leave if Forced to Participate in Assisted Suicides
Ottawa, Canada | 5/19/17

On May 18, the Ontario legislature rejected Bill 129, the Regulated Health Professions Amendment Act, a bill that was sponsored by Jeff Yurek

The Real “War on Women” is Christian Women Who are Tortured for Their Faith, Not Laws to Stop Abortion
Washington, DC | 5/19/17

While the media readily report the U.S. “war on women” (think: abortion), they oddly refrain from covering the real war on women abroad –

Raped 10-Year-Old Girl Who Aborted Her 20-Week-Old Baby Now Undergoing Counseling
New Delhi, India | 5/19/17

The 10-year-old Indian girl who had a 20-week abortion after being raped is undergoing counseling at a local hospital.

Australia Pushes Assisted Suicide With Euphemisms That Cover Up the Killing
Victoria, Australia | 5/18/17

The Victorian Ministerial Advisory Panel charged by Premier Daniel Andrews with the task of developing a safe way to kill people and to help

Raped 10-Year-Old Girl Aborts Her 20-Week-Old Baby
New Delhi, India | 5/17/17

The 10-year-old rape victim who allegedly was abused by her stepfather had her unborn baby aborted Thursday in India.

Flawed Study Hides How the Abortion Pill Puts Women’s Lives and Health at Risk
Washington, DC | 5/17/17

Charlotte Lozier Institute experts criticized a new study on the purported safety of self-administered, self-reported abortions, calling it dangerously

Pope John Paul II’s Mother Rejected Doctor’s Abortion Suggestion
Washington, DC | 5/17/17

A champion of life—that title expertly captures the work and legacy of Pope John Paul II. More than a decade after his death, the author of

Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron Declares Himself Pro-Abortion
London, England | 5/17/17

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has said for the first time that he is "pro-choice" after the Guardian confronted him with an old interview

One-Pound Premature Baby Could Have Been Aborted, But He Set a World Record Instead
New Delhi, India | 5/17/17

Proving yet again that babies are so much more than just an inanimate clump of cells, a preemie in India beat the odds this week to become the

Thieves Ransack Pro-Life Group’s Office, Stealing Thousands in Equipment and Baby Supplies
Kitwe, Zambia | 5/17/17

Leaders of a life-saving network that serves in 20 nations throughout Africa suffered a setback this month when thieves broke into their offices

Dangerous Abortion Pill Touted as Safe for Women Because it Successfully Kills Unborn Babies
Dublin, Ireland | 5/17/17

A new survey reported in the British Medical Journal tries to make the dubious point that the abortion pill is safe for women to take.

Woman Almost Dies From Botched Abortion: “It Was Horrifying, the Bleeding Was Uncontrollable”
New Delhi, India | 5/16/17

The Times of India is reporting that authorities are investigating the botched abortion of a woman carrying a 21-old-baby for how it happened