Guatemalan Navy Blocks Abortion Boat Illegally Giving Women Free Abortions
Guatemala City, Guatemala | 2/24/17

The Guatemalan Navy detained an abortion boat on Thursday after it advertised free abortions to women in the pro-life country.

Man Kills His Wife Because They Were Refused an Assisted Suicide
Montreal, Canada | 2/23/17

The alleged murder in Montréal of a woman with dementia has led to renewed pressure by the euthanasia lobby to extend "MAID" to incompetent

Abortion Ship Heads to Pro-Life Guatemala to Illegally Give Women Free Abortions
Washington, DC | 2/23/17

A Dutch abortion boat sailed to Central America again this week to skirt pro-life laws by offering abortions on international waters.

Mom Spent 40 Years Looking for Her 4-Day-Old Baby’s Grave and Found It Minutes From Her Home
London, England | 2/22/17

After decades of searching, a British mom finally is at peace after discovering the resting place of her newborn daughter's body.

British General Pharmaceutical Council Wants to Force Pharmacists to Provide Abortion Drugs
London, England | 2/22/17

The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) is considering proposals that would remove the right to conscientiously refuse to provide abortifacient

New Bracelet Could Allow Fathers to Experience Their Unborn Babies Like Never Before
Copenhagen, Denmark | 2/21/17

Exciting developments in Denmark could mean that soon fathers get a chance to experience their unborn child’s life within the womb in a way

Bill and Melinda Gates Will Push Population Control On 120 Million More Women by 2020
Washington, DC | 2/21/17

Melinda Gates vowed this week that she will not give up her goal to provide family planning access to 120 million women world-wide by 2020.

Norway Will Spend $10 Million for Abortions After Trump Defunds International Planned Parenthood
Washington, DC | 2/21/17

Norwegian government leaders promised to give $10 million to a new global abortion fund this week after U.S. President Donald Trump signed an

“Children’s Hospital” Kills Unborn Children in Abortions
Adelaide, Australia | 2/20/17

From a marketing perspective, the name “Adelaide Women's and Children's Hospital” suggests a place where women and children can go seeking

Boy Born With 2% of His Brain Stuns Doctors Years After His Mom Refused Abortion
London, England | 2/20/17

A British boy who was born with just 2 percent of his brain continues to stun the world with his progress.

Is It Appropriate to Compare Abortion Activists to Hitler to Condemn the Atrocity of Abortion?
Belfast Northern Ireland | 2/20/17

Last week, 20 Precious Life volunteers protested outside an Alliance Party office in Belfast, Northern Ireland with a sign that sparked controversy,

Nursing Home Resident Euthanized Against Her Will
Washington, DC | 2/20/17

Once you create a situation at law where killing of another person is allowed in certain circumstances, not only will the circumstances in which

You’ll Want to Read This Mom’s Beautiful Letter to Her Daughter With Down Syndrome
London, England | 2/17/17

A mother has written a touching open letter to her five-month-old daughter who has Down's syndrome to reassure her she is loved unconditionally.