As His Girlfriend Was Inside Preparing for an Abortion, Boyfriend Rushes in to Save His Baby
Washington, DC | 2/27/15

The 40 Days for Life campaign is in full swing not only across the United States, but around the world. And already, main organizer Shawn Carney

This Baby is Guaranteed to Make You Smile, Child’s Laugh Makes Her the Most Adorable Villain
Washington, DC | 2/26/15

A video of a baby boy laughing has gone viral, and not because his laugh is charming, but because it’s mischievous. The baby in the video hails

13-Year-Old Girl Sold Into Slavery, Forced to Conceive Children and Deliver Babies for Sale
New Delhi, India | 2/26/15

In India, a 13-years old girl known as Phulmani was sold into slavery, forced to act as a surrogate mother and deliver six children by human

Chen Guangcheng: Hilary Clinton “Gave In” to China, Sold Out My Freedom to Chinese
Washington, DC | 2/26/15

In 2005, Chen Guangcheng came to prominence after he began to investigate reports of forced abortions and sterilizations in villages in eastern

Meet Seth: The Miracle Baby Born to a Mom Who Thought She’d Never Get to Have Kids
London, England | 2/26/15

At the Royal Derby Hospital in the United Kingdom, Amy Caulton received a life-saving kidney transplant when she was nine-years-old. She shared

Pro-Life Leader Empowers Nigerians Through Education Against Abortion
Abuja, Nigeria | 2/26/15

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) will soon issue a Marriage and Family Life Manual for marriage and family life educators.

17-Year-Old Who Awoke From Coma After a Violent Rape Bravely Rejects Abortion
Sydney, Australia | 2/25/15

In Australia, 17-year-old April-lee Gillen was found lying unconscious and critically injured beside a road after an attempted abduction.

Teenage Girl in India Dies After Being Forced to Take Abortion Drug
New Delhi, India | 2/25/15

The Times of India is reporting that a teenage girl died after being forced to consume an abortifacient by a man who had allegedly sexually exploited

Canadian College’s Student Government Bans Pro-Life Student Group Without Explanation
Toronto, Canada | 2/25/15

On February 23rd, the Ryerson Student Union (RSU) Board of Directors unanimously voted that a group of pro-life students would not be allowed

Britain Gives Final Approval to Scientists Creating Three-Parent Embryos
London, England | 2/25/15

Despite pro-life groups calling on the House of Lords to reject the so-called "three-parent" embryo regulations being debated in the upper chamber,

Amnesty International Pressures Ireland to Legalize Abortions, Ignores Human Rights for Babies
Dublin, Ireland | 2/25/15

Amnesty International is pushing Ireland to scrap its pro-life laws protecting the human rights of unborn children and to approve legislation

Woman Arrested for Murder After Abandoning Her Newborn, Stray Dogs Ate The Baby
Tegucigalpa, Honduras | 2/25/15

In Honduras, a 23-year-old woman has been charged with infanticide and abandoning a child after her newborn was left alone in a courtyard and

59-Year-Old-Woman Plans to Use Dead Daughter’s Eggs to Become Pregnant With Her Grandchild
London, England | 2/24/15

In an unprecedented case out of the United Kingdom, a 59-year-old woman plans to use her dead daughter’s eggs to become pregnant with her own