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Psychiatrist Admits to Killing Seven Patients in Assisted Suicides, Just One Was Terminally Ill

London, England | 12/17/14 11:55 AM

Court Tells Pro-Life Midwives They Must Participate in Abortions or Lose Their Jobs

London, England | 12/17/14 11:28 AM

In a horrible defeat for conscience rights for medical professionals, a British court today ruled that a pair of midwives who didn’t want to be involved in assisting abortions must do so.

Ireland Pro-Life Group Criticizes Health Minister Leo Varadkar for Pro-Abortion Comments

Dublin, Ireland | 12/17/14 10:51 AM

Abandoned Infant Found Dead on Conveyor Belt at Waste Recycling Plant

London, England | 12/16/14 7:05 PM

Irish Media Used Miss Y and HSE Inquiry to Promote Abortion

Dublin, Ireland | 12/16/14 1:56 PM

The case that has now become known as ‘Miss Y’ involved a migrant woman living in Ireland who allegedly sought an abortion on the grounds of being suicidal – the basis on which abortion was introduced by the Irish Government in 2013.

Sydney Siege: She Died Protecting Her Pregnant Friend and Her Unborn Baby

Sydney, Australia | 12/16/14 1:13 PM

Australia was rocked by a rare episode of terrorism on Tuesday, when a tense hostage siege in Sydney came to an end after police rescued hostages from a tenuous situation. As the world follows the fallout of the horrific event, stories of courage are emerging.

His Population Control Program Forcibly Sterilized 300,000 Women But He’s Never Gone to Jail

Lima, Peru | 12/16/14 12:34 PM

“Genocide” and “crimes against humanity” are the words that may come to mind as you learn the truly horrible story of former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori

Top Campaigner Against Sex-Selection Abortion in China Takes In Two Young Girls

Washington, DC | 12/15/14 7:58 PM

Woman Wakes Up After Seizure to Discover She’s Given Birth

London, England | 12/15/14 7:19 PM

Doctor Stops Just Short of Saying Euthanize Patients for Their Organs

Washington, DC | 12/15/14 5:18 PM

For the past few years doctors in Belgium have linked organ donation to euthanasia.

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