Canadian Pro-Lifers Tell Ontario: Stop Censoring Pro-Life People on Abortion
Toronto, Canada | 4/23/15

A few years ago, John Dixon of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association was asked what he thought of attempts to prevent the distribution of pro-life

Jewish Pro-Life Group Efrat Saves 35,000 Babies From Abortion
Jerusalem, Israel | 4/22/15

(LiveActionNews) -- Yesterday I met a Jewish pro-life man who shared great news with me. He told me of an organization called EFRAT that has

Why Did This Chinese Dad Handcuff His 6-Year-Old Daughter to Himself on Their Vacation?
Washington, DC | 4/22/15

It’s funny how our worldview affects the way we live—and shapes our cultural destiny. Here are some real world examples.

Woman Who’s Killed Four Babies in Abortions: “It Gets Easier the More Your Have”
London, England | 4/22/15

The BBC (the British Broadcasting Corporation) is pro-abortion from A to Z. So it definitely caught my attention when Jane Dreaper, a BBC Health

New Study Confirms Free Morning After Pill Increases STDs, Fails to Cut Pregnancy Rate
London, England | 4/22/15

Half of all pregnancies in the United States are unintended. One might therefore assume that making the morning-after pill (MAP) more widely

New Research Confirms Babies Feel Pain Just Days After Birth, So What About Before?
London, England | 4/21/15

A first-of-its-kind study at Oxford University demonstrates not only that babies in their first week can and do feel pain, they are also far

Doctors Said He Would Only Live for Minutes and Should be Aborted, Now He’s Two-Years-Old
Ebbw Vale | 4/21/15

Two years ago, little Alfie Hillman defied the odds. Told he had a condition known as Trisomy 18, Alfie's parents were told by doctors that he

Kill or Get Out of Medicine: What Canada And Australia Tell Pro-Life Doctors
Washington, DC | 4/21/15

Medical martyrdom is coming, a term I coined to describe doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other such professionals being forced (soon) to choose

Shocked Mom Gives Birth to Healthy Baby Boy in Her Bathroom, Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant
London, England | 4/21/15

In the United Kingdom, a 24-year-old woman had the surprise of her life when she gave birth to a baby she didn’t even know she was pregnant

Pro-Abortion Canadian Party Leader Justin Trudeau Criticized For Not Being Pro-Abortion Enough
Ottawa, Canada | 4/20/15

Well this is interesting. In spite of refusing to budge on a proclamation which bans pro-lifers from the Liberal Party of Canada, the federal

Woman Abandons Newborn Baby Face Down in the Toilet, Baby is “Safe and Well”
London, England | 4/20/15

A woman in England is in custody after abandoning her newborn baby face down in the toilet after giving birth in a public restroom in an arcade.

Man Convicted of Raping 14-Year-Old Girl After DNA From Aborted Baby Used to Convict Him
London, England | 4/20/15

In England, a man who got a 14-year-old girl pregnant after they had been drinking and smoking Marijuana has been sentenced to four-and-a-half

Mother Who Thought She Was Pregnant is Devastated When Doctors Remove a Baby-Sized Tumor
Bucharest, Romania | 4/17/15

In Romania, Madalina Neagu was devastated after she found out that she wasn’t pregnant but instead was carrying around an 11lb tumor inside