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Activists Exploit Tragic Stillbirth Case to Try to Legalize Abortion in El Salvador

San Salvador, El Salvador | 9/24/14 12:47 PM

NPR’s Jason Beaubien spotlighted a woman’s “nightmare with El Salvador’s abortion law” on Monday’s All Things Considered.

Suicide Tourism: Belgian Media Promotes Couple Euthanasia

Brussels, Belgium | 9/24/14 9:28 AM

The Belgian online news service Moustique (the Mosquito) is featuring an interview with an elderly Belgian couple and their son in which they discuss the couple’s plans to die together by euthanasia.

Before He Was Born Prematurely, They Said They’d Do a Post-Mortem Exam; But He Survived

London, England | 9/23/14 6:42 PM

“Children’s Rights” are Meaningless Without Rights for Unborn Children

Dublin, Ireland | 9/23/14 12:32 PM

Chinese Twins Aborted at 9 Months Due to One Child Policy

Washington, DC | 9/23/14 12:03 PM

This week, China will mark 34 years of the one-child family planning policy that has resulted in massive human rights abuses, including forced abortions and coercive sterilizations.

Doctors Told Her to Abort Her Unborn Daughter to Save Her Life, Now She’s 10

Washington, DC | 9/22/14 4:31 PM

Mother Who Refused Abortion After Her Water Broke at 16 Weeks Births Miracle Baby Boy

Washington, DC | 9/22/14 1:53 PM

He could have been a statistic, but his mother Katy Evans was too determined to give him a chance of life to have an abortion.

Twelve Out of Twelve Recent Studies Show Abortion Linked to Breast Cancer

Washington, DC | 9/22/14 10:21 AM

Misleading Poll Makes It Appear Ireland Supports Abortion

Dublin, Ireland | 9/22/14 9:48 AM

I Wish I Could Have Stopped My Girlfriend’s Abortion, But She Said “I Don’t Want This Baby”

Washington, DC | 9/19/14 4:34 PM

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