Judge Prohibits Alfie Evans’ Parents From Flying Him to Italy for Care and Treatment
London, England | 4/24/18

The judge in the Alfie Evans case has officially prohibited his parents from flying the 23-month old boy to Rome Italy to take him to a pediatric

Judge May Allow Alfie Evans’ Parents to Take Him Home
Washington, DC | 4/24/18

A British judge is in the middle of a hearing concerning the fate of Alfie Evans. Initial reports indicate Judge Hayden may allow Alfie's parents

Italian Health Care Chief Blasts UK Court Treatment of Alfie Evans: “It’s Inhumane”
Washington, DC | 4/24/18

While attorneys for Alder Hey Children's Hospital keep telling courts that doctors unanimously think Alfie Evans' situation is too far gone,

British Doctors Group Expresses Horror Over Alfie Evans’ “Medical Tyranny,” Demands Release to New Hospital
Washington, DC | 4/24/18

To hear it from Alder Hey Children's Hospital, doctors have some sort of unanimous view that Alfie Evans is too far gone and does not deserve

Air Ambulance Arrives Outside Alfie Evans’ Hospital to Take Him to Italy if Court Approves
London, England | 4/24/18

An air ambulance has arrived outside the hospital where little Alfie Evans is located. Alfie has breathed on his own and has survived for over

Courts Give Rivers “Human Rights” as Unborn Babies Die in Abortions
Washington, DC | 4/24/18

I don’t quite understand why the news that four rivers in the world, including the Ganges and the Amazon, have been declared by courts to be

Alfie Evans’ Parents Head to Court to Restore Life Support After He Lives for Hours Without Food, Water or Oxygen
London, England | 4/24/18

Alfie Evans' parents are heading back to court today to restore his life support after he defied doctors expectations and has survived for 15

Alfie Evans Survives for 15 Hours After Hospital Yanks His Life Support and Oxygen
Washington, DC | 4/24/18

Little Alfie Evans has survived for more than 15 hours after the Children's Hospital where he is located yanked his life support. Evans has defied

Hospital Removes Alfie Evans’ Life Support Over His Parents’ Objections
London, England | 4/23/18

According to supporters of Alfie Evans and his parents, Alder Hey Children's Hospital reportedly went ahead and removed Alfie's life support

Pope Francis: Let Alfie Evans’ Parents Bring Him to Italy to “Pursue New Forms of Treatment”
Washington, DC | 4/23/18

Pope Francis is once again speaking out on behalf of little Alfie Evans and his parents. In a tweet sent this afternoon he says that his parents

Alfie Evans’ Parents are “Heartbroken” After Final Court Sentences Him to Death
London, England | 4/23/18

The parents of Alfie Evans’ slim chances to prevent Alder Hey Hospital from disconnecting their toddler’s ventilator suffered another crushing

Catholic Bishop Says Abortion “Strips the Voiceless of Their Most Fundamental Right”
Dublin, Ireland | 4/23/18

Irish Catholic Bishop Denis Brennan asked voters to consider how unborn babies who can kick and yawn would be aborted if Ireland repeals its

Italy Grants Alfie Evans Citizenship So His Parents Can “Immediately” Take Him to a Hospital There
Washington, DC | 4/23/18

The nation of Italy has granted citizenship to Alfie Evans, the 23-month-old little boy whose hospital is threatening to revoke his life support