Shocking Stats Show China is Targeting Babies With Down Syndrome in Late-Term Abortions
Beijing, China | 5/2/16

When an early prenatal screening test showed that Anna's unborn baby could have Down syndrome, she was shocked by her doctor's response.

Doctors are Putting Involuntary DNRs on Patients’ Charts Without Their Family’s Consent
London, England | 5/2/16

The “do not resuscitate order” (DNR) is an important part of medicine that allows terminally ill, injured, and very aged patients die

Heartbroken Mom Pleads With Judge to Not Deny Treatment for Disabled 2-Year-Old Son
London, England | 4/29/16

A British family is fighting for the life of their 2-year-old disabled son after the National Health System decided to deny him treatment, claiming

Only 17 Babies With Down Syndrome Were Born in Taiwan as Abortions Target Unborn Babies
Tapei, Taiwan | 4/29/16

Last month, we had the privilege of talking with our affiliate director from Taiwan, Gloria Hsu. She shared not only what is happening in her

Catholic Bishops: Pro-Life Voters Must Not Support Pro-Abortion Candidates
Belfast, Northern Ireland | 4/27/16

The Catholic Church is sending a strong message to voters all across the world this spring: Don't vote for candidates who support abortion.

Conjoined Twins Born in India Shared a Face, Tragically They Died Just Minutes After Birth
New Delhi, India | 4/27/16

Siamese twins who lived for just a few minutes outside of the womb died on Friday in India, according to the Daily Mail.

Judge Orders Abortion of 12-Year-Old Girl’s Unborn Baby After She Runs Away From Home
Queensland, Australia | 4/27/16

A judge gave a 12-year-old Queensland, Australia girl permission to abort her unborn baby this month, claiming that giving birth would have caused

Liberal MP Robert-Falcon Ouellette Will Vote Against Canadian C-14 Euthanasia Bill
Ottawa, Canada | 4/26/16

Jorge Barrera from APTN News reported that Robert- Falcon Ouellette, the Liberal MP representing Winnipeg Centre, said that he will be voting

UK Minister Reveals Number of Complaints Against Pro-Life Protesters, The Figure Will Shock You
London, England | 4/26/16

The abortion industry likes to complain about pro-life 'protesters' harassing women outside their clinics.

A New Method of Killing Unborn Babies in Abortions is Coming to Canada
Ottawa, Canada | 4/25/16

It’s not long before the do-it-yourself abortion pill Mifegymiso will be available in Canada. Expected to be prescribed as early as this summer,

Planned Parenthood Works With Chinese Population Control Officials Promoting Forced Abortions
Beijing, China | 4/22/16

A National Protest of Planned Parenthood will be held this Saturday.  At the protest site in Concord, CA Reggie Littlejohn, President of  Women’s

Pro-Life Group to Lord David Steel: Northern Ireland Must Keep Protecting Unborn From Abortion
Belfast, Northern Ireland | 4/22/16

Lord David Steel, the man responsible for the private member’s bill which led to the notorious Abortion Act 1967 which is responsible for the

Shocking Footage Shows Baby Farm Where “Unwanted” Babies are Bought and Sold
New Delhi, India | 4/22/16

New details about an Indian hospital that allegedly sold “unwanted” newborn babies are coming out this week.