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Meriam Ibrahim Visits Pope Francis After Finally Leaving Sudan

Washington, DC | 7/24/14 11:15 AM

Meriam Ibrahim Finally Leaves Sudan After Being Sentenced to Death for Her Faith

Washington, DC | 7/24/14 8:51 AM

The Sudanese woman who was pregnant and sentenced to death for not recanting her faith has finally been allowed to leave Sudan after she spent weeks in a U.S. embassy after her release from prison.

Australian Euthanasia Activist Philip Nitschke Will Lose His Medical License

Canberra, Australia | 7/23/14 7:11 PM

Andrew Lloyd Weber Considered Killing Himself in an Assisted Suicide, Then This Happened

London, England | 7/22/14 2:33 PM

The Moment When People Stop a Homeless Woman From Drowning Herself and Her Disabled Baby

Beijing, China | 7/22/14 2:00 PM

Meriam Ibrahim Still Not Allowed to Leave Sudan After Being Sentenced to Die

Washington, DC | 7/22/14 12:49 PM

As Prince George Turns 1, Remembering When the World Knew an Unborn Baby Was a Baby

London, England | 7/21/14 5:32 PM

Sometimes it takes a prince to show us our humanity.

Ten Reasons Why the UK Should Not Legalize Assisted Suicide

London, England | 7/18/14 6:10 PM

Lord Falconer’s Assisted Dying Bill, due for a second reading in the House of Lords on 18 July, is purportedly based on the US state of Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act (DWDA).

Mother of Portugal Soccer Star Cristiano Ronaldo Tried to Abort Him, Tried to Drink Enough Beer to Kill Him

Washington, DC | 7/18/14 1:34 PM

After 20 Years of Killing Babies, Morgentaler Abortion Clinic Shutting Down in Fredericton

Fredericton, Canada | 7/18/14 11:44 AM

It is a sad day for abortion advocates in Canada.

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