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Canadian Doctors Should Not be Forced to Do Abortions or Provide Birth Control

Ottawa, Canada | 7/9/14 12:23 PM

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) is asking for public input as part of its regular review of policy guidelines.

Nurse Fired for Refusing to Assist Abortions Takes Her Case to Court

Stockholm, Sweden | 7/9/14 9:57 AM

Falconer Bill Legalizing Assisted Suicide in UK Would “Turn Doctors Into Executioners”

London, England | 7/9/14 9:34 AM

Anyone who has been a part of our Movement for more than a week knows we often reference what we call “verbal gymnastics” or “verbal engineering.” In the abortion context, we talk of “abortion distortion.”

Meriam Ibrahim and Family Reportedly Safe at “Makeshift Home” at the U.S. Embassy

Washington, DC | 7/8/14 6:54 PM

Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese Christian woman who was recently released from prison after facing the death penalty,and her family are reportedly safe at a “makeshift home” in at U.S. embassy in Sudan.

Pro-Life Doctor Faces Persecution After Refusing to Do Abortion on Disabled Baby

Warsaw, Poland | 7/7/14 1:51 PM

Miracle Baby Survives Miscarriage and Abortion to Be Born Healthy

Washington, DC | 7/7/14 1:32 PM

Top Abortion Activist: It’s Okay To Kill Baby Girls in Sex-Selection Abortions

London, England | 7/7/14 10:36 AM

Once again, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service has shown that it considers easy access to abortion to be more important than justice, the law, or even women themselves. 

Thousands of Pro-Lifers March Through the Streets of Belfast Against Abortion

Belfast, Northern Ireland | 7/7/14 9:18 AM

They Discovered My Cancer Because I Was Pregnant With Him, No Way Could I Abort My Baby

Vancouver, Canada | 7/4/14 3:46 PM

Euthanasia Activists Push Assisted Suicide for Everyone, Not Just the Old or Ill

Sydney, Australia | 7/4/14 1:19 PM

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