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She Was Taking the Pill “Religiously” When She Naturally Conceived Fraternal Triplets

London, England | 11/18/14 1:40 PM

Pope Francis Condemns Abortion: “In Ancient and Modern Thought ‘Kill’ Means the Same Thing”

Washington, DC | 11/18/14 12:22 PM

Irish Family Planning Association Coached Women on How to Get Illegal Abortion Pills

Dublin, Ireland | 11/18/14 11:50 AM

Pro-life campaigners in the UK have been given a boost in recent days with the news that a doctor who was filmed allegedly agreeing to arrange abortions on gender grounds

Nursing Homes Forced to Facilitate Suicide, Push “Killing Services” on Elderly

Geneva, Switzerland | 11/17/14 6:39 PM

CBS, NBC Censor Pope’s Comments Blasting Abortion, Euthanasia

Washington, DC | 11/17/14 6:14 PM

CBS and NBC’s morning and evening newscasts on Saturday and Sunday ignored Pope Francis’s condemnation of abortion, euthanasia

Unborn Baby With Spina Bifida Undergoes Amazing Operation in the Womb to Repair Her Spine

London, England | 11/17/14 4:24 PM

When their baby was 20 weeks along, doctors diagnosed Gina Beddoe and Dan Lavis’s unborn baby daughter with spina bifida.

Who’s Behind the UN Sterilization Campaign Lacing Tetanus Vaccine With Drug to Cause Miscarriages?

Nairobi, Kenya | 11/17/14 11:59 AM

Miracle Baby Survives Abortion, Born After Mother Takes First Part of Abortion Pill

London, England | 11/17/14 11:41 AM

A miracle baby has been born in Great Britain after surviving an abortion. This little baby was born a few days ago but months before that his mother went to a Marie Stopes abortion clinic and took the first party of the multi-pill abortion drug.

Fine Gael TD Olivia Mitchell Covers for Irish Family Planning Association Putting Women at Risk

Dublin, Ireland | 11/17/14 10:17 AM

The Pro Life Campaign has criticised Fine Gael TD Olivia Mitchell over remarks she made in a Sunday newspaper attacking those involved in an undercover investigation

Ultrasound Shows Baby Boy Smiling Ear to Ear, Now He’s the “Happiest Baby” Ever

London, England | 11/14/14 4:59 PM

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