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The British Government Has Essentially Legalized Assisted Suicide

London, England | 10/17/14 10:11 AM

In an astounding about face for the Crown Prosecution Service, the Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders (pictured), has today rewritten her prosecution policy so that doctors can now be involved in assisting suicide

Girl Whose Conjoined Twin Died So She Could Live Shares Her Story

Washington, DC | 10/16/14 5:31 PM

Miracle Surgery in the Womb Saves Unborn Baby’s Life After Deadly Tumor Discovered

Washington, DC | 10/16/14 1:10 PM

Pro-Life Advocates Take Worldwide Prayer Campaign to Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa

Washington, DC | 10/16/14 12:39 PM

British Government May Allow Genetically Engineered “Three-Parent” Embryos

London, England | 10/16/14 10:46 AM

Doctor: Legalizing Assisted Suicide in Canada Will Lead to Targeting the Disabled

Ottawa, Canada | 10/16/14 9:45 AM

CBC has produced a series of interviews that are being aired during the Supreme Court of Canada case that is examining the issues of euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada. Today, CBC aired the program: Doctor fears legal assisted suicide will lead to more deaths.

Chen Guangcheng Calls Population Control a “Horrible Crime Against the Chinese People”

Washington, DC | 10/15/14 6:59 PM

This past Saturday, October 11, was the International Day of the Girl Child.

Amnesty International Activist Went to Pro-Life Country to Push Abortion

Dublin, Ireland | 10/15/14 11:53 AM

The time has come for Irish pro-life advocates to question whether they can continue to support Amnesty Ireland.

Nurse Killed 38 Patients Because She Found Them “Annoying”

Rome, Italy | 10/15/14 11:07 AM

1-Pound Baby Kept Alive in Freezer Bag Celebrates His First Birthday

Washington, DC | 10/14/14 6:13 PM

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