Vatican Co-Hosts Event with Planned Parenthood Board Member, Euthanasia Advocates
Washington, DC | 11/22/17

The Vatican co-hosted an event featuring a Planned Parenthood abortion activist last week, raising more questions about some Catholic Church

Mother Rescued From Taliban Was Raped After Guards Murdered Her Unborn Child
Washington, DC | 11/21/17

An American woman taken captive by the Taliban shared new details this week about being raped and forced to abort her unborn baby girl.

Pregnancy Center Director Tells UK Health Secretary: Don’t Silence Pro-Lifers Helping Women Find Abortion Alternatives
London, England | 11/21/17

Clare McCullough, Director of Good Counsel Network (GCN), has written an open letter to the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd.

Pregnant With Twins, She Went Into Labor at 23 Weeks. Amazingly Both Babies Survived
London, England | 11/21/17

Leanne Whitaker knows her twins would not be alive today without the quick efforts by a medical team to stall labor and delay her babies' birth.

Millions of Chinese Men Will be Single Their Entire Life Because So Many Girls Have Been Aborted
Washington, DC | 11/20/17

The preference for male children, coupled with China's oppressive population control measure, have led to the mass slaughter of innocent, unborn

New Suicide Machine With Detachable Coffin Lets You Kill Yourself Anytime, Anywhere
Sydney, Australia | 11/20/17

Australia’s best-known euthanasia activist, Dr Philip Nitschke, is back in the news with another machine for committing suicide, the Sarco

Man Won’t Go to Prison After Killing His Diabetic Father With an Overdose of Morphine
London, England | 11/20/17

A High Court Judge has directed a jury to clear a man of murder after he killed his elderly father by putting a lethal dose of morphine into

Abortion Activists Push Women to Misuse This Ulcer Drug in Dangerous Do-It-Yourself Abortions
Washington, DC | 11/20/17

(C-Fam) France announced its intention to withdraw the drug Cytotec from its market by March 2018 after reports of hemorrhaging, ruptured uteruses,

A Vote for Sinn Féin is Now Unambiguously a Vote for Abortion on Demand
Belfast, Northern Ireland | 11/20/17

Do you believe in basic principles? Do you believe in an Ireland where all are cherished equally? Do you believe in a fundamental, universal,

Pregnant Mom Wakes Up From Coma Three Months After Delivering Her Baby
Sydney, Australia | 11/20/17

An Australian mother who gave birth while in a coma three months ago has woken up.

Priest Compares Pro-Abortion Lawmakers to Mob Bosses: “Who Has More Death on Their Consciences?”
Rome, Italy | 11/20/17

A Catholic priest in Italy is facing criticism this week after he compared a prominent pro-abortion politician to a notorious mafia boss.

Premature Baby Born at 25 Weeks and Weighing Just 395 Grams Defies Doctors’ Expectations
Cape Town, South Africa | 11/17/17

Doctors nicknamed a little South African baby girl “Wonder Woman” after she survived a very premature birth.

UK Government Will Fund Free Abortions for Minors and Take Them for Abortion Without Parental Consent
London, England | 11/17/17

When could a child travelling overseas for an abortion without her parents knowing be in her best interests?