Mexican State Votes to Ban Abortions and “Protect Life From Conception”
Vera Cruz, Mexico | 7/29/16

The Mexican state of Veracruz approved a constitutional amendment on Thursday that effectively bans abortions by recognizing that unborn babies

Gospel Singer Lady Bee Thought About Aborting Her Baby But Thanks God She Chose Life
Nairobi, Kenya | 7/28/16

A popular singer in Africa recently opened up about her troubled early life and the temptations that she faced to abort her daughter.

After Aborting 24-Week-Old Disabled Baby, Doc Says “The Abortion Went Well, The Patient is Good”
New Delhi, India | 7/27/16

A young woman who petitioned the India Supreme Court to have a later term abortion had her unborn baby aborted this week, the Hindustan Times

Illegal Pro-Abortion Mural Calling for Repeal of 8th Amendment is Removed
Dublin, Ireland | 7/27/16

A mural painted on an arts centre in Dublin, Ireland has been removed after it was found to be in contravention with the city’s plannings laws.

Mother Who Contracted Zika Virus Rejects Pressure to Abort Baby With Microcephaly
Washington, DC | 7/26/16

The first baby in Europe with birth defects linked to the Zika virus was born on Monday after the baby's parents rejected abortion, Yahoo News

Abortion Activists That Trashed Pro-Life Billboard With Swastikas Vandalize It a 3rd Time
Kelowna, British Columbia | 7/25/16

A Canadian pro-life group is struggling to keep its pro-life billboard on display this month after vandals attacked it for a third time with

India’s Supreme Court Approves Abortion of Disabled 24-Week-Old Unborn Baby
New Delhi, India | 7/25/16

An India Supreme Court decision this week expanded abortion to the point of viability for at least one unborn baby.

Catholic Nursing Home Fined for Refusing to Kill a Patient
Washington, DC | 7/25/16

Judges recently fined a Catholic nursing home in Belgium after it refused to euthanize a patient, WND reported.

This Man Has Buried 10,000 Aborted Babies, But What He Does Now is Priceless
Hanoi, Vietnam | 7/22/16

A Vietnamese father who almost lost his wife and unborn child to a difficult pregnancy has dedicated his life to helping every unborn baby have

Pro-Life Doctors Who Refuse to Do Abortions Face Increasing “Harassment and Abuse”
London, England | 7/22/16

A new report released Thursday by members of British Parliament highlighted the mistreatment of doctors who refuse to perform abortions in the

UK Approved Abortion 50 Years Ago Today, Since Then 8,624,567 Babies Have Been Killed
London, England | 7/22/16

Fifty years ago today, the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Bill [subsequently the Abortion Act 1967] passed its Second Reading in the House

A Couple Saved This Baby From Certain Death Before He Was Even Born
Washington, DC | 7/21/16

In the U.S., an estimated 600,000 human embryos are frozen and in storage at hospitals and infertility clinics.

Native Women’s Association of Canada Supports “Cassie & Molly’s Law”
Ottawa, Canada | 7/21/16

Last week the Native Women’s Association of Canada released a strong endorsement for the Protection of Pregnant Women and Their Preborn Children