Irish Health Minister Wants Women to be Able to Abort Disabled Babies ASAP
Dublin, Ireland | 8/14/18

Irish Minister for Health Simon Harris said he wants to allow certain parts of the legislation to come into effect in advance of abortion services

City Workers Make Gruesome Find, Discover Body of Dead Unborn Baby in Plastic Bag
South Africa | 8/14/18

South African municipal workers recently made a horrific discovery: a dead baby's body in a plastic bag.

She Was Heading to the Abortion Clinic When She Saw Pro-Life People Praying and Changed Her Mind
London, England | 8/13/18

A woman who personally had been impacted by sidewalk counseling now fights for the right to counsel pregnant women like she once was.

New Zealand: National Party Leader Simon Bridges Pushes Referendum for Euthanasia
Wellington, New Zealand | 8/13/18

Right to Life is disappointed that Simon Bridges, leader of the National Party has recently declared that a National led government under his

Pro-Life Group Tells British Politician: Stop Restricting Our Free Speech
London, England | 8/13/18

The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) has told the Home Secretary that his decision on buffer zones around abortion clinics,

Pro-Life Group Kicked of Out County Fair Because of “Inappropriate” Fetal Models Files Lawsuit
London, England | 8/13/18

A British pro-life group that was kicked out of a community fair for displaying scientific images of life in the womb filed a lawsuit against

Churches Throughout Brazil Ring Their Bells at the Same Time to Stand Against Abortion
Brasilia, Brazil | 8/13/18

Brazilian churches are ringing in their opposition to the killing of unborn babies in light of the country's talks about decriminalizing abortion.

Woman Drove to the Abortion Clinic, But a Man Praying Changed Her Mind. Here’s Her Daughter Now
Washington, DC | 8/13/18

Sidewalk counseling is a beautiful way to minister to pregnant women, but oftentimes counselors do not get the opportunity to follow up with

Denmark Bragged It Killed 98% of Babies With Down Syndrome in Abortions, But Last Year 13 Babies Survived
Copenhagen, Denmark | 8/10/18

More families chose life for their unborn babies with Down syndrome last year in Denmark, as pro-life advocates ramped up awareness about the

Mother Arrives at Church for Her Dead Baby Girl’s Funeral, Discovers She’s Still Alive
Honduras | 8/10/18

A shocked Honduran mother discovered almost too late that her baby girl was not dead, as a hospital had claimed.

Will Ireland Also Kill Babies From Northern Ireland in Abortions?
Dublin, Ireland | 8/10/18

In a move condemned by pro-life groups as an "utter contempt for democracy", Minister Simon Harris has announced that women from Northern Ireland

Belgium Euthanasia Commission Defends Euthanizing Three Children: “We Did a Good Thing”
Brussels, Belgium | 8/10/18

On 12 December 2013 the Belgian Senate voted 50-17 in favour of a bill to amend the euthanasia law to allow “emancipated minors” to request

Woman Has Affair With Pastor, Dies After Botched Abortion When She Became Pregnant
Nigeria | 8/10/18

A Nigerian mother of four and her unborn baby are dead after a botched abortion.