Study Claiming More Women With Zika Virus Seeking Abortions is Bogus “Pro-Abortion Propaganda”
Washington, DC | 6/27/16

Don't put too much stock into a new study claiming that illegal abortions are skyrocketing as a result of the Zika virus, a prominent pro-life

While Abortions Kill Babies, Court in Argentina Grants Basic Human Rights to an Orangutan
Buenos Aires, Argentina | 6/24/16

An Argentinian court ruled this week that a orangutan named Sandra should receive some of the same legal rights as human beings, according to

Poland Defends Its Pro-Life Laws, Blasts EU Leaders Telling It to Legalize Abortion
Warsaw, Poland | 6/24/16

(CFAM) -- The Polish government snapped back at European bureaucrats in a scathing response to a report published last week by the Council of

Abortion Demand Skyrockets as Women in Nations Hit by Zika Virus Abort Their Disabled Babies
Washington, DC | 6/23/16

A Dutch group that sends dangerous abortion drugs to women in pro-life countries says the demand has skyrocketed since the Zika virus became

Born at 23 Weeks, Doctors Gave Baby Meabh a 1% Chance of Surviving, But Look to Her Now
Belfast, Northern Ireland | 6/22/16

As you know, there’s a huge push right now, both North and South, to legalise abortion for babies with a disability. That’s why we need to

British Doctors Overwhelmingly Vote Against Dropping Opposition to Assisted Suicide
London, England | 6/21/16

Question: how could you know, just by the length of the first stories in the British press, that the British Medical Association (BMA) had voted

Pro-Life Advocate Demolishes Abortion in UN Speech: “Every Human Being Has a Right to Life”
Geneva, Switzerland | 6/21/16

Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life’s Global Outreach program (MCCL GO) addressed a session of the United Nation’s Human Rights Council

Police Do Nothing as Abortion Drone Breaks Pro-Life Laws to Fly Abortion Pills to Northern Ireland
Belfast, Northern Ireland | 6/21/16

Police in Northern Ireland stood and watched as abortion activists defied the country's pro-life laws and used a drone to deliver abortion pills

British Medical Association Must Not Drop Opposition to Assisted Suicide
London, England | 6/20/16

Tomorrow, 21 June, the Annual Representative Meeting (ARM) of the British Medical Association (BMA) will consider two motions on assisted suicide.

Northern Ireland: Abortion Activists Say Pro-Life Laws are “Incompatible” With Human Rights
Belfast, Northern Ireland | 6/20/16

The Northern Ireland attorney general is headed to court this week to battle a radical High Court decision declaring its pro-life laws “incompatible”

Abortion Business CEO Justifies Abortion: “It Kills a Being With No Sense of Life or Death”
London, England | 6/20/16

The leader of England's largest abortion chain is in the public spotlight this week after making some outrageous statements that compare abortion

Abortionist is “Elated” About Her Job Killing Babies in Abortions
London, England | 6/17/16

The British publication The Guardian published an article entitled, “Being an abortion doctor has taught me a lot about life.”

Woman Who Lost Baby in Ectopic Pregnancy Shocked to Hear She Was Pregnant With a Twin
London, England | 6/17/16

A tragic ectopic pregnancy claimed Sadie Brittle's baby's life and nearly her own earlier this year, but a ray of hope appeared for the British