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Baby Girl Born Healthy After She Has Surgery in the Womb at 20 Weeks

Paris, France | 11/24/14 7:22 PM

Death With Dignity? Study Shows Friends and Family of People Dying in Assisted Suicide Suffer PTSD

Washington, DC | 11/24/14 6:59 PM

In a way, this may be a hopeful sign. A study in European Psychiatry shows that 20% of close friends or family who witness assisted suicide develop post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Abortion Doctor Admits He Regretted His Decision to Abort His Own Child

Ottawa, Canada | 11/24/14 6:17 PM

In March 1983, OB-GYN and former abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson sat down with Canada’s notorious abortionist Henry Morgentaler

Baby Girl Saved From Forced Abortion, Mom Hid From Chinese Officials for Months

Beijing, China | 11/24/14 5:51 PM

You Won’t Believe How This Postal Clerk Reacted When She Saw a Pro-Life Message on My Envelope

Ottawa, Canada | 11/24/14 4:15 PM

Abandoned Baby Found Alive in Storm Drain, Survived Five Days After Mother Left Him

Sydney, Australia | 11/24/14 11:20 AM

Population Controllers Target Pro-Life African Nation of Malawi

Lilongwe, Malawi | 11/24/14 10:43 AM

Malawi, a southeastern African country of 13 million people, is waking up. Targeted by Western organizations for “family planning” goals

Mail-Order Abortions? Activists Break the Law to Sell Women Abortion Pills Online

Amsterdam, Netherlands | 11/21/14 1:14 PM

Thirteen years ago, a ship sailed from Scheveningen, a Dutch town where Nazis once imprisoned resistance fighters.

UNFPA: Children Have Right to Sex, Drugs, Abortion to Reduce Population

New York, NY | 11/20/14 4:38 PM

Miracle Baby Survives “Spontaneous Abortion,” Born at Just 23 Weeks

Washington, DC | 11/20/14 2:09 PM

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