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New Zealand Family Planning Association Making a Killing Aborting Babies

Wellington, New Zealand | 7/15/14 7:10 PM

Woman 39 Weeks Pregnant Has Abortion of “Disabled” Baby

London, England | 7/15/14 5:12 PM

Dutch Professor Now Opposes Euthanasia, “I Was Wrong, Terribly Wrong”

Amsterdam, Netherlands | 7/15/14 11:01 AM

The Daily Mail UK is reporting that a former euthanasia supporter, Professor Theo Boer, has told the House of Lords in the UK not to make the same mistake as the Netherlands.

Attention United Nations: There is No “Right” to Abortion in International Law

Geneva, Switzerland | 7/15/14 10:29 AM

When it comes to promoting abortion in Ireland, there’s very little that internationally-funded pro-choice organisations won’t do.

She Survived and Was Born After Her Mom Died in a Car Accident, Now She’s One Year Old

Washington, DC | 7/14/14 4:53 PM

Euthanasia Doctor Offers “Inspiring” Tour of Nazi Death Camp

Brussels, Belgium | 7/14/14 3:37 PM

An article in the Daily Mail (UK) reported on a disturbing decision by euthanasia activist, Dr Wim Distelmans who is offering a tour of the Nazi death camp, Auschwitz, a tour that he calls “inspiring.”

Birth a Panda and the World Rejoices, Birth a Baby and Population Controllers Go Nuts

Washington, DC | 7/14/14 1:53 PM

Pro-Abortion Groups Push UN to Pressure Ireland to Legalize Abortion Further

Geneva, Switzerland | 7/14/14 12:50 PM

The Pro Life Campaign has called on the UN’s Human Rights Committee to defend the right to life of the unborn when scrutinising Ireland’s human rights record at a hearing in Geneva today.

Why is Meriam Ibrahaim Still Stuck in Sudan After Being Released From Prison?

Washington, DC | 7/14/14 11:39 AM

Desmond Tutu’s Push for Assisted Suicide in England Fuels Prejudice Against Elderly, Disabled

London, England | 7/14/14 9:41 AM

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