Newborn Baby Girl Found Being Eaten by Ants After Her Parents Dumped Her Because She Wasn’t a Boy
New Delhi, India | 10/16/17

A newborn who was found alone and covered with ants Saturday in central India allegedly was abandoned because she is a girl.

Activists Want to Legalize Abortions in El Salvador, But Pro-Lifers are Fighting to Save Unborn Babies
San Salvador, El Salvador | 10/16/17

Every day for the past decade, a small group has gathered to pray for an end to abortion in El Salvador—a nation of six million citizens which,

Court Allows Teen to Kill Her 23-Week-Old Unborn Baby in an Abortion
New Delhi, India | 10/16/17

An India high court gave a 15-year-old rape victim permission to have her unborn baby aborted Monday despite a medical board's warnings about

Pope Francis: “We are Called to Safeguard and Defend Human Life, Especially in the Mother’s Womb”
The Vatican | 10/16/17

Pope Francis has been a consistent pro-life advocate since becoming the leader of the Catholic Church and he is once again speaking out against

MP Wanting to Ban Pro-Lifers Outside Abortion Clinics Refuses to Meet With Women They’ve Helped
London, England | 10/13/17

She also didn't answer why she encourages large counter vigils outside the Ealing clinic.

School Allows Abortion Biz to Implant Norplant Contraceptives in Teen Girls Without Their Parents Knowing
Nairobi, Kenya | 10/13/17

A Kenyan community is furious after Marie Stopes abortion business workers allegedly implanted long-lasting contraceptive devices into school

Woman Has an Abortion, Six Months Later She’s Still Pregnant
New Delhi, India | 10/13/17

A Kurla, India mother who underwent an abortion and sterilization earlier this year was shocked when she recently found out that she still is

Court Denies Permission for 16-Year-Old to Abort Her 27-Week-Old Unborn Baby
New Delhi, India | 10/13/17

A 16-year-old rape survivor and her unborn baby have been spared from a late-term abortion after a Mumbai court rejected her father's request

Canada Euthanizes Thousands of Patients to Save Money
Ottawa, Canada | 10/12/17

Prolific Canadian documentary film maker Kevin Dunn has embarked upon his latest production FATAL FLAWS. In conjunction with the Euthanasia Prevention

Botched Legal Abortion Kills Woman From Ireland, Abortion Activists Blame Something Else
Dublin, Ireland | 10/12/17

Abortion activists are trying to manipulate a woman's tragic abortion death in an attempt to push Ireland to legalize abortion on demand.

Mother of 13 Fined $5,000 For Trying to Save Baby From Abortion Outside Local Abortion Clinic
Sydney, Australia | 10/12/17

An Australian mother was slapped with a huge fine Wednesday simply for trying to give a pamphlet to a couple going into a Melbourne abortion

Student Body President Cancels Abortion Ads in Student Newspaper, Now They Want to Impeach Her
Dublin, Ireland | 10/11/17

Irish pro-abortion students are calling for the impeachment of University College Dublin's student body president because of her pro-life views.

200 Million Girls Worldwide Have Been Victims of Sex-Selection Abortions
Washington, DC | 10/11/17

October 11 is the International Day of the Girl Child. As we celebrate the beloved women and girls in our lives, let us also remember the 200