Ireland: Poll Shows Support for Abortion Declining, Just 33% Back Legalized Abortion
Dublin, Ireland | 7/28/15

A poll published in the Sunday Times has provided more good news for pro-life campaigners in Ireland this week as it revealed that support for

Pro-Abortion Group Trying to Pressure Malta Into Legalizing Abortion
Valletta, Malta | 7/27/15

In Malta, abortion activists are requesting that lawmakers reconsider their country’s abortion ban and its “impact on women, their health

Mom’s Premature Baby Dies After Doctors Mistook Signs of Labor for Kidney Stones
London, England | 7/27/15

In the United Kingdom, 34-year-old Davina Nelid lost her baby after doctors mistook signs of labor as kidney stones.

Study Finds Euthanasia Targets Women and People With Depression or Autism
Brussels, Belgium | 7/26/15

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) will publish a "study" on July 27, 2015 examining 100 requests for euthanasia for psychiatric reasons in Belgium.

Doctors at Hospital in France Postpone Starving Disabled Patient to Death Against His Will
Paris, France | 7/26/15

In an unexpected turn, doctors at a hospital in the northern French city of Reims announced Thursday that they had postponed withdrawing food

India Protects Baby of Raped 14-Year-Old Girl From Abortion
New Delhi, India | 7/26/15

In India, abortion proponents are upset that the Gujarat High Court has denied a father’s petition to allow his 14-year-old daughter from getting

Assisted Suicide “Doctor” Creates Device to “Gas” People to Death, Plans Public Demonstration
Sydney, Australia | 7/26/15

Apparently "helping" people kill themselves with a fatal dose of drugs is not enough for some assisted suicide proponents, which is why Philip

Man Who Took 14-Year-Old for Abortion After He Raped Her Dozens of Times Wants Lesser Sentence
London, England | 7/26/15

In London, Charles Bell has admitted to five accounts of rape and was sentenced to 14 and a half years in prison. However, he believes that sentence

Major UN Committee Breaking Its Own Rules to Push Abortion as a Human Right
New York, NY | 7/24/15

New York, NY (CFAM/LifeNews) -- The way in which the UN Human Rights Committee conducted business last week indicates a plan to abandon neutrality

Portugal Adopts New Pro-Life Laws Designed to Save Babies From Abortions
Lisbon, Portugal | 7/24/15

In Portugal, abortion proponents are upset over a new pro-life bill that requires women to receive counseling prior to an abortion and pay for

Doctors Left Lily for Dead Before She Was Born, But Her Parents Refused to Sign a DNR
London, England | 7/22/15

In the United Kingdom, baby Lily was born at 24-weeks but her parents say she would have died if they took their doctor’s advice.

European Court Rejects Lawsuit to Overturn Britain’s Ban on Assisted Suicide
Washington, DC | 7/22/15

In the United Kingdom, “right-to-die” activists are upset that their bid to overturn the country’s ban on assisted suicide and voluntary

Northern Ireland Court: Mom Can’t Make Tax-Funded NHS Pay For Teen’s Abortion in England
Washington, DC | 7/22/15

The Court of Appeal in Northern Ireland today has turned down the request of a teenage girl and her mother who wanted to travel to England for