University Bans Pro-Life Students From Having Official Club: “Would Give Them a Platform to Harass Others”
Glasgow, Scotland | 12/5/16

New pro-life student clubs are popping up at colleges and high schools across the world, but some are struggling even to be recognized.

Irish Government Paying €30,000 to Woman Who Aborted Her Disabled Baby is “Utterly Outrageous”
Dublin, Ireland | 12/5/16

On Wednesday 1st December 2016, it was announced that the Irish Government had offered to pay Amanda Mellet, a mother whose unborn baby was diagnosed

Liam Neeson Resigns From Catholic Boxing Club After Members Upset He Made Video Promoting Abortion
Dublin, Ireland | 12/5/16

Irish actor Liam Neeson's pro-abortion views are believed to be the reason why he recently resigned as president of a club that he has been involved

France Threatens Free Speech, Votes to Shuts Down “Misleading” Pro-Life Web Sites
Paris, France | 12/2/16

Lawmakers in France have voted to ban supposedly "misleading" pro-life web sites.

The Truth: Women in China are Pressured to Abort or Abandon Their Babies
Washington, DC | 12/2/16

An article came out in the Washington Post yesterday entitled, “Researchers may have ‘found’ many of China’s 30 million missing girls.” 

Judge Lets Woman Get Away With Murder: She Won’t Face Prison After Drowning Her Newborn in a Sink
Ottawa, Canada | 12/2/16

A Canadian woman who has admitted to killing her newborn baby won't spend any time behind bars after her lawyers requested the judge hand down

France Bans Video of Kids With Down Syndrome: It Would “Disturb” Women Who Aborted Such Babies
Paris, France | 12/2/16

Conscience is a good thing. It is the path to repentance, forgiveness, and healing.

Study Confirms at Least 35 Million Girls in China Were Victims of Sex-Selection Abortion, Infanticide
Beijing, China | 12/2/16

A new study suggests that the estimated number of girls missing in China due to sex-selection abortions or infanticide, while still high, is

Women Flee Forced Abortions in China: “If We Weren’t Hiding They Would Have Forced Us to Abort”
Beijing, China | 12/1/16

Women in China say they still are being coerced and forced to abort their unborn babies under the country's new two-child policy.

LoveBoth Project Launched in Ireland to Spotlight People the Eighth Amendment Saved From Abortion
Dublin, Ireland | 12/1/16

The LoveBoth Project, an initiative of the Pro Life Campaign in Ireland, had its official launch in Dublin’s city centre today, with regional

Abortions Dramatically Increase Rate of Preterm Deliveries and Disabled Children
Wellington, New Zealand | 11/30/16

The rate of preterm births in New Zealand is 8 per cent a rate that has increased 2.1 per cent in the last 20 years. This rate has increased

Court Allows Anorexic Woman to Literally Starve Herself to Death
Washington, DC | 11/29/16

We have reached the point that indisputably mentally ill people are being allowed to commit suicide or to die from their terrible psychiatric