Philippines: Duterte Ignores Supreme Court, Orders Action on Controversial Reproductive Health Law
Manilla, Philippines | 1/17/17

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has signed an executive order mandating the immediate and full implementation of the controversial Responsible

Experts Warn Australia Not to Legalize Assisted Suicide
Sydney, Australia | 1/16/17

The practice of euthanasia and assisted suicide overseas has been a disaster, with so-called safeguards failing and doctor-assisted killing on

Activists Call for Euthanizing Patients and Harvesting Their Organs
Ottawa, Canada | 1/16/17

Well, well, that didn’t take long, did it? Euthanasia became legal in Canada in June and by December Quebec bioethicists had already published

Abortion Activist Who Leads National Midwives Group Will Retire, She Pushed Abortion Until Birth
London, England | 1/16/17

Prof Warwick, chief executive of the RCM, signed the country's 30,000 midwives to a campaign to legalise abortion up to birth.

Nurse Charged With 14 Counts of 1st-Degree Murder After Euthanizing Nursing Home Patients
Toronto, Ontario | 1/13/17

On October 25, 2016, EPC reported that Elizabeth Wettlaufer, 49, a nurse from Woodstock, was charged with 8 counts of first degree murder in

Russian City Bans Abortions for One Day to Remember King Herod’s “Massacre of the Innocents”
Moscow, Russia | 1/13/17

At the request of a Russian Orthodox Church diocese and local health officials, abortions are banned for one day in the Russian city of Yaroslavl

Pope Criticizes Woman Who Aborted Her Baby to Save Her Looks: “My Appearance is Important”
The Vatican | 1/12/17

Pope Francis lamented the evils of idolatry and the horrible things that it has driven people to do during his weekly address Wednesday at the

“Degrassi” Pushes Teen Abortions in Television Drama’s Latest Season
Washington, DC | 1/11/17

According to Linda Schuyler, the executive producer of the teen sitcom “Degrassi,” abortion is the “first, if not the second, most divisive

Abortionist Quits After a Dream: “These Children are the Ones You Killed With Your Abortions”
Washington, DC | 1/11/17

Nightmares and dreams about children plagued Stojan Adasevic for years while he worked as an abortionist for communist Serbia.

Abortion Advocates Call for Population Control in the UK, Tell Brits “Stop Having Children”
London, England | 1/11/17

Concerned about the impact of rising population numbers, a British environmentalist group is urging United Kingdom residents to have fewer children.

Mother Gives Birth to Conjoined Twins Who Share a Single Body
Washington, DC | 1/11/17

Conjoined twins occur in about one in 100,000 pregnancies, and this phenomenon recently occurred in a rare case in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

India May be Following China With Two-Child Population Control Policy
New Delhi, India | 1/10/17

A state in northeast India, is currently considering a bill which would impose a two-child limit on all government employees.

38-Year-Old Woman Dies After Having an Abortion
Raipur, India | 1/9/17

Police in India are investigating a woman's death after she had an abortion on Friday and died shortly after it, NewsX reports.