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Doctors Told Her to Abort Her Unborn Daughter to Save Her Life, Now She’s 10

Washington, DC | 9/22/14 4:31 PM

Mother Who Refused Abortion After Her Water Broke at 16 Weeks Births Miracle Baby Boy

Washington, DC | 9/22/14 1:53 PM

He could have been a statistic, but his mother Katy Evans was too determined to give him a chance of life to have an abortion.

Twelve Out of Twelve Recent Studies Show Abortion Linked to Breast Cancer

Washington, DC | 9/22/14 10:21 AM

Misleading Poll Makes It Appear Ireland Supports Abortion

Dublin, Ireland | 9/22/14 9:48 AM

I Wish I Could Have Stopped My Girlfriend’s Abortion, But She Said “I Don’t Want This Baby”

Washington, DC | 9/19/14 4:34 PM

Photo of Baby in Embryonic Sac Goes Viral on Twitter

Washington, DC | 9/19/14 3:18 PM

Fine Gael Claims New Irish Abortion Guidelines “Not Really About Abortion”

Dublin, Ireland | 9/19/14 1:29 PM

The Pro Life Campaign said today that as a direct result of last year’s abortion law “a defenceless baby at this very moment is clinging to life in an Irish hospital.”

Parents Want to Stop Life Support for Baby Because He’s Disabled: Who Wants Their Son to be Handicapped?

Paris, France | 9/19/14 1:03 PM

A major battle in France pits the parents of a disabled prematurely-born baby against doctors — as the parents want doctors to stop life support for their son because he is severely disabled.

The Life and Death of This Baby is Changing The Abortion Debate

Washington, DC | 9/19/14 12:35 PM

Hillary Clinton: “It’s Really Embarrassing” U.S. Hasn’t Adopted Pro-Abortion Treaty

Washington, DC | 9/18/14 4:38 PM

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