China Admits to Killing 336 Million Unborn Babies in Abortions
Beijing, China | 3/29/17

Since 1971, 336 million unborn babies have lost their lives to abortion in China, according to new data from the Chinese government.

Catholic College Representative: “We Defend the Fundamental Right to Abortion”
Brussels, Belgium | 3/28/17

A lecturer at the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium is under fire for calling abortion “murder” in a document to about 100 students.

Denmark Wants Total Elimination of People With Down Syndrome, Aborts 98% of Babies
Copenhagen, Denmark | 3/28/17

Denmark is on its way to matching Iceland's 100-percent abortion rate for unborn babies diagnosed with Down syndrome.

Court Stops Woman From Aborting Her 27-Week-Old Unborn Baby Who May be Disabled
New Delhi, India | 3/27/17

The Supreme Court of India rejected on Monday a woman's request for permission to abort her late-term unborn baby because of physical abnormalities,

3-Month-Old Unborn Baby Found Buried in the Mud
New Delhi, India | 3/27/17

Authorities are investigating what happened to a very premature baby whose body was found buried in the mud recently in South Delhi, India.

Newborn Baby Girl Rescued After She Was Buried Alive by Her Parents Who Wanted a Boy
New Delhi, India | 3/27/17

Discrimination against girls through abortion and infanticide is rampant in India.

Baby’s Birth at the Legal Abortion Limit Should Change The Abortion Debate
London, England | 3/27/17

When Peyton Keir was born 16 weeks early last July, doctors warned her parents that she may not survive.

Hong Kong Adoption Agency Has Served 53,000 Women, Saving Thousands of Babies From Abortion
Hong Kong | 3/24/17

When the South China Morning Post ran a series of articles in 1986 chronicling the rise in teen pregnancies and the growing trend of young women

Study Shows Breast Cancer Rates Steadily Increasing After the UK Legalized Abortion
London, England | 3/23/17

A new study published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons this spring encourages more research to been done on breast cancer and

Drug Marketed as a Pregnancy Test May Have Caused Abortions
London, England | 3/23/17

A drug that was marketed as a pregnancy test in the 1960s and 70s may have caused abortions and fetal defects, according to an investigation

Surrogacy is Linked to Serious Worldwide Sex Trafficking Problems
Washington, DC | 3/22/17

Last week when I was in New York to host and moderate our Trading on the Female Body event—which was a success beyond our expectations (please

Professor Defends Sex-Selection Abortions: If a Woman Doesn’t Want a Girl Baby That’s Her Decision
London, England | 3/20/17

A top British medical leader is facing public backlash this week after saying women should be allowed to abort an unborn baby simply because

Woman and Her Baby Die After Botched Legal Abortion. “She Just Stopped Breathing”
Madrid, Spain | 3/17/17

A woman died along with her unborn baby after having an abortion last week in Cantabria, Spain, according to The Local.