International Pro-Life News

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Australian Officials Investigate Dr. Death’s Role in “Killing” 20 People

Sydney, Australia | 9/30/14 5:18 PM

Notorious Australian euthanasia campaigner Philip Nitschke has been in the news again.

Ultrasound of Unborn Baby Gorilla Sparks Excitement as Unborn Baby Humans Die in Abortions

Washington, DC | 9/30/14 1:53 PM

He Told Her She Had to Have an Abortion, But Changed His Mind When This Happened

Mexico City, Mexico | 9/30/14 1:19 PM

The abortion crisis takes more lives globally than war and disease combined. The numbers can be overwhelming … so the solution must start with prayer.

Hillary Clinton Pushes Abortion on a Global Scale

Washington, DC | 9/30/14 12:22 PM

Netherlands: Euthanasias Increase 15% as Doctors Target Mental Health Patients

Amsterdam, Netherlands | 9/30/14 11:47 AM

Scientists Discover Children’s Math Skills Developed While in the Womb

Washington, DC | 9/29/14 5:20 PM

My Granddaughter Would be Six Now, But I Took Her Mother to Have an Abortion

Washington, DC | 9/29/14 12:28 PM

Pope Francis: Abandoning the Elderly is a Form of Euthanasia

The Vatican | 9/29/14 10:40 AM

Spain’s Government Faces Criticism After Giving Up on Passing Pro-Life Law

Madrid, Spain | 9/29/14 9:47 AM

The Spanish government has officially called it quits on reforming their abortion law, which allows abortion up until the 14th week of pregnancy.

Days Before The Abortion of Their “Disabled” Baby,” They Said No, Now He’s Perfectly Healthy

London, England | 9/26/14 5:03 PM

Robyn and Adam Wilson were told their unborn baby might not survive and doctors advised them to have an abortion because their child was supposedly in a grave condition.

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