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This Baby Was Born at 23 Weeks, She Could Have Been Legally Aborted Instead

Washington, DC | 9/1/14 4:53 PM

Head of Canadian Medical Association Opens Door to Assisted Suicide

Ottawa, Canada | 9/1/14 11:53 AM

32 Women Have Died From Legal Abortions at Hospitals in India Since 2008

New Delhi, India | 8/29/14 5:14 PM

1,000 Babies are Killed in Abortions in Germany and Austria Daily

Salzburg, Austria | 8/29/14 4:50 PM

Flanked by 120 law enforcement officers, 300 pro-life demonstrators marched the streets of Salzburg, Austria in peaceful solidarity.

Mother Wants $6 Million in Wrongful Life Suit, She Wishes Her Baby Was Never Born?

Washington, DC | 8/29/14 12:33 PM

More details are coming in about an outrageous lawsuit in South Africa that has the mother of a child with Down syndrome suing on her 6-year-old son’s behalf for damages because she would have had an abortion had she known her son had Down syndrome.

Woman Kills Pregnant Mom With Knife, Tries to Cut Her Baby Out of Her Womb

Washington, DC | 8/28/14 5:41 PM

Several years ago a few cases cropped up in the United States of women who befriended pregnant mothers only to subject them to horrific violence resulting in their murders and the assailant attempting to cut their unborn baby out of their womb. Now, a new case has surfaced in Mexico.

Doctors Wanted to Abort Her Baby Because She Had Breast Cancer, Then This Happened

Lima, Peru | 8/28/14 2:35 PM

Through the grace of God, PRI has saved the life of an unborn child in Peru who was slated to be aborted for so-called “therapeutic” reasons.

Mom Files Wrongful Life Lawsuit Because She Couldn’t Abort Her Baby With Down Syndrome

Cape Town, South Africa | 8/28/14 1:13 PM

Atheist writer Richard Dawkins created a firestorm of controversy last week with his comments justifying the abortion of babies with Down syndrome. Now, out of South Africa, comes a story of a woman who is suing because she was unable to abort her baby.

Woman Beats Toddler Son to Death, Hides His Body in a Suitcase, Dumps it in Woods

Washington, DC | 8/28/14 10:37 AM

Poll Shows Most British Doctors Oppose Assisted Suicide

London, England | 8/28/14 10:15 AM

A survey of 600 physicians in Britain found that 60% opposed a change in the law to legalize physician-assisted suicide while 19% indicated that they would be willing euthanize or assist the suicide of a patient.

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