A Couple Saved This Baby From Certain Death Before He Was Even Born
Washington, DC | 7/21/16

In the U.S., an estimated 600,000 human embryos are frozen and in storage at hospitals and infertility clinics.

Native Women’s Association of Canada Supports “Cassie & Molly’s Law”
Ottawa, Canada | 7/21/16

Last week the Native Women’s Association of Canada released a strong endorsement for the Protection of Pregnant Women and Their Preborn Children

Study Falsely Claims Abortion is a “Better Outcome” Than Giving Birth for Teen Girls
Helsinki, Finland | 7/21/16

A new Finish study claims to show that teens who have abortions are better off than those who give birth to their babies because pregnant teens

Woman Found Storing Dead Babies in a Storage Locker Had 9 Abortions
Ottawa, Canada | 7/20/16

A grisly trial involving a Canadian woman who is accused of keeping dead babies' bodies in a storage unit is continuing this week.

Abortion Activists Are Pushing Dangerous, Do-It-Yourself Abortions in U.S. and Abroad
Washington, DC | 7/20/16

One of abortion activists' most repeated arguments is that women will resort to dangerous back alley and self-induced abortion attempts if abortion

Quebec Activists Upset a 10-Day Waiting Period Required Before People Can be Euthanized
Quebec City, Quebec | 7/19/16

Waiting periods for reflection are supposed to be a “safeguard” against abuse in euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Malta Government Rejects Legalizing Euthanasia Targeting Elderly and Disabled
Valleta, Malta | 7/19/16

Last week, the Maltese government rejected euthanasia and decided to codify "living wills." The Malta Independent news published a statement

Baby Was Born Alive After Abortion at 34 Weeks and Breathed Before Dying
Washington, DC | 7/18/16

Turkish newspapers are reporting that criminal charges have been filed against six personnel at a hospital in Turkish Cyprus allegedly for illegally

Hospital Illegally Killed 5-Month-Old Babies in Abortions, One Aborted Baby Was Full-Term
Istanbul, Turkey | 7/18/16

In Turkish Cyprus, a case recently was opened against hospital personnel who allegedly performed illegal, late-term abortions. According to Turkish

Abortion Practitioner Accused of Raping Woman During Abortion Visit
Nassau, Bahamas | 7/18/16

An abortionist is on trial for the alleged rape and indecent assault of his 20-year-old employee and patient. A Grand Bahama court began hearing

Canadian Pharmacists Want to Start Selling Dangerous Abortion Pill to Kill Unborn Babies
Ottawa, Canada | 7/15/16

On July 1, Health Canada agreed to allow doctors to prescribe the abortion pill – commonly referred to as RU-486 – to expectant mothers.

Pastor Arrested After the Teenager He Got Pregnant Died in an Abortion
Lagos, Nigeria | 7/15/16

The details of a horrifying case in Nigeria are being reported this week after a teenage girl and her unborn baby died in an illegal, botched

Planned Parenthood Killed 964,325 Unborn Babies in Abortions Worldwide Last Year
Washington, DC | 7/14/16

The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) reports that its affiliates ended the lives of nearly one million unborn children in 2015.