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“Death Test” Supposedly Predicts When an Elderly Person Will Die Within 30 Days

Washington, DC | 1/30/15 12:48 PM

South Africa March for Life on Parliament Will Mourn 18th Anniversary of Abortion

Washington, DC | 1/30/15 11:35 AM

This Canadian Province is Forcing Doctors to Kill Their Own Patients

Winnipeg, Canada | 1/30/15 10:36 AM

Father Repeatedly Raped His Daughter, Then Did an Abortion on Her With a Coat Hanger

Washington, DC | 1/29/15 3:40 PM

A woman from London has revealed that her father abused her for over a decade and at one point performed an abortion on her with a coat hanger.

She Was Supposed to Die, But Twin Baby Girl Was Born at 24 Weeks, 87 Days Earlier Than Her Sister

Washington, DC | 1/29/15 2:38 PM

Doctors Said to Abort Because Her Baby Had Down Syndrome, He Was Born Healthy

London, England | 1/29/15 2:13 PM

Man Stabs Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend Five Times Because She Wouldn’t Abort, Baby Survives

Washington, DC | 1/28/15 8:01 PM

China Sees 13 Million Abortions a Year, 91% Percent of Pregnant Teens Have Abortions

Washington, DC | 1/28/15 7:27 PM

British Doctor Filmed Offering to Kill Girl Baby in Sex-Selection Abortion Faces Charges

London, England | 1/28/15 2:16 PM

27 Years Ago Today, Canada Allowed Unlimited Abortions Up to Birth for Any Reason

Ottawa, Canada | 1/28/15 10:59 AM

In a landmark decision already twenty-seven years old today, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that Canadas then-existing abortion regulations were unconstitutional.

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