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Mail-Order Abortions? Activists Break the Law to Sell Women Abortion Pills Online

Amsterdam, Netherlands | 11/21/14 1:14 PM

Thirteen years ago, a ship sailed from Scheveningen, a Dutch town where Nazis once imprisoned resistance fighters.

UNFPA: Children Have Right to Sex, Drugs, Abortion to Reduce Population

New York, NY | 11/20/14 4:38 PM

Miracle Baby Survives “Spontaneous Abortion,” Born at Just 23 Weeks

Washington, DC | 11/20/14 2:09 PM

Why Gendercide is the Real “War on Women”

Washington, DC | 11/19/14 7:12 PM

Topless Feminists Protest for Abortion at The Vatican in St. Peter’s Square

The Vatican | 11/19/14 5:35 PM

She Was Almost Aborted, But Teen Athlete Won Olympic Gold Medal Instead

Accra, Ghana | 11/19/14 1:35 PM

Swiss March for Life Draws 2,500 to Protect Babies With Down Syndrome From Abortion

Zurich, Switzerland | 11/19/14 10:43 AM

Baby’s Life Saved After Doctors Plug Hole in His Brain With Superglue

London, England | 11/18/14 4:44 PM

A baby’s life has been saved after doctors were able to plug a hole in his brain with superglue.

Want to Stop Abortions in Canada? Volunteer at a Pregnancy Center Today

Ottawa, Canada | 11/18/14 4:32 PM

Christians who strive to live by the Scriptures will know that the two greatest commandments are to love the Lord with heart, soul and mind, and to love their neighbours as themselves (Mark 12:30-31).

South Korea Pastor’s “Drop Box” Saves Abandoned Babies From Infanticide

Seoul, South Korea | 11/18/14 3:58 PM

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