Doctors Discover 4-Year-Old Boy With Stomach Pain Has His Dead Unborn Sibling Inside Him
New Delhi, India | 10/8/15

In India, a four-year-old boy was born with a developed fetus inside his abdomen due to a condition called “fetus in fetu.” The condition

UN Human Rights Committee Prepared to Exclude Unborn Children From International Law
New York, NY | 10/8/15

New York (CFAM) -- A draft UN report excludes all children in the womb from any protections under international law.

Canada’s Next Prime Minister Supports Late-term Abortions and Sex-Selection Abortions
Ottawa, Canada | 10/8/15

Justin Trudeau’s attempt to play wedge politics with the abortion issue fell flat at last week’s French language debate. This must have been

At 7 Months, ZhenZhen’s Mother Was Pressured to Have a Sex-Selection Abortion, But She Refused
Beijing, China | 10/8/15

This Sunday, October 11, is the International Day of the Girl Child. As we celebrate the beloved women and girls in our lives, let us also remember

Hospital Kills 6-Year-Old Boy With Down Syndrome, Mistakenly Thought He Had DNR Order
London, England | 10/7/15

In England, a six-year-old boy with Down syndrome died at Leicester Royal Infirmary after his doctor mistakenly thought he was under a Do Not

Pro-Lifers in Winnipeg Canada Will Plant 100,000 Pink and Blue Flags Representing Aborted Babies
Winnipeg, Canada | 10/7/15

More than 100 volunteers will gather in Memorial Provincial Park across from the Manitoba Legislative Building, in downtown Winnipeg tomorrow

ISIS Forces Sex Slaves to Have Barbaric Abortions Leaving Them Unable to Walk
Washington, DC | 10/7/15

In Iraq, Islamic State Fighters are selling women as sex slaves and forcing them to have barbaric abortions. In fact, ISIS fighters bring their

Woman Gets Abortion, Complains Clinic Sent Her Ultrasound Images of Her Baby
London, England | 10/6/15

In June, 29-year-old Nicky Windsor had an abortion at the Conifer House clinic in England. Then, after the procedure, the clinic sent her a sympathy

Man Shook His 11-Week-Old Son So Violently Doctors Found 18 Fractures on His Tiny Body
London, England | 10/6/15

In England, 22-year-old Jordan Saxton has been sentenced to nine years in prison for shaking his son so violently that he died. In November 2014,

Council of Europe Rejects Petition to Stop Neonatal Infanticide as “Too Sensitive and Divisive”
Strasbourg, France | 10/6/15

On Friday, October 2, 2015, while the petition against neonatal infanticide was reaching 224,000 signatures, the Bureau of the Parliamentary

South Africa: Pro-Life People Will Gather for LifeChain to Speak Up Against Abortion
Durban, South Africa | 10/2/15

Sunday, 4 October is International Life Chain Sunday. As many as a million Christians in approximately 1 800 locations worldwide have participated

Man Stabs Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend to Kill Her Unborn Baby, Wanted to “Get That Baby Out of Her”
London, England | 10/2/15

In July, Samuel Easterbrook pleaded guilty to bodily harm and criminal damage charges after he beat his pregnant girlfriend in an attempt to

Pro-Life Advocate Behind Shocking Planned Parenthood Videos Arrested After False Complaints
Washington, DC | 10/1/15

American pro-life activist Troy Newman is on the board of directors of the Center for Medical Policy, which is responsible for the series of