Doctors Advised Mom to Abort Her Baby Girl With Down Syndrome, She’s Now Healthy
London, England | 5/27/15

In 2012, Michaela and Christopher were at their 20-week ultrasound patiently waiting to find out if they were having a boy or a girl. However,

Father of Three Kills Himself in Assisted Suicide While His Family Begs Him Not to Do It
London, England | 5/27/15

A 54-year-old British man with an inoperable brain tumor has committed suicide at a Swiss assisted suicide clinic even though his wife and three

Scotland Parliament Rejects Bill to Legalize Assisted Suicide by Large Margin
Glasgow, Scotland | 5/27/15

In a victory for pro-life advocates looking to protect the disabled and terminally ill, the Scottish parliament has rejected a bill to legalize

Irish Parents of Severely Disabled Newborns: “Don’t Use Our Babies to Push Abortion in Ireland”
Dublin, Ireland | 5/26/15

Parents whose unborn children have been diagnosed with often devastating and life-limiting conditions such as anencephaly and Trisomy 13 have

11-Year-Old Bravely Rejected Abortion After Rape, She Has No Regrets 10 Years Later
London, England | 5/25/15

(LiveActionNews) -- Tressa Middleton didn’t grow up in a stable home. Her mother was homeless, and because of that, Middleton and her brother,

65-Year-Old Mother of 13 Children Gives Birth to Quadruplets
Berlin, Germany | 5/25/15

In Germany, a 65-year-old woman who already has 13 children has given birth to quadruplets. Annegret Raunigk conceived after several attempts

Women and Girls Raped and Impregnated by Boko Haram Need Support, Not Abortion
Abuja, Nigeria | 5/25/15

When I was growing up in the South-Eastern Nigerian city of Owerri, I remember once when unspeakable crimes were committed, a poor boy was kidnapped,

Activists Push Abortion in Ireland After Marriage Referendum Vote, But True Equality Includes the Unborn
Dublin, Ireland | 5/25/15

The Pro Life Campaign has strongly criticised attempts by abortion advocates to push for a repeal of the 8th Amendment in the aftermath of the

World Health Organization Falsely Claims Legalizing Abortions Reduces Maternal Mortality
New York, NY | 5/21/15

The World Health Organization (WHO) has just released a new report concerning the global problem of maternal mortality.

Teacher in China Ordered to Have Late-Term Abortion or Lose Her Job Now Allowed to Give Birth
Washington, DC | 5/21/15

A teacher in China who was facing the prospect o having to have a late-term abortion or lose her job has been allowed to give birth following

1,500 Pro-Life Filipinos Join March for Life Against Abortion in Naga City
Naga City, Philippines | 5/20/15

As keynote speaker for the first ever March for Life organized by the Diocese of Caceres in Naga City, Philippines, I was amazed at the overwhelming

Man Who Abandoned Baby With Down Syndrome Now Trying to Take Donations for Gammy’s Care
Sydney, Australia | 5/20/15

In 2014, LifeNews reported on twin baby Gammy who was abandoned by his biological parents after their surrogate refused abortion. Baby Gammy