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Baby Boy Born After Brain-Dead Mother Kept Alive Two Months

Milan, Italy | 12/19/14 7:10 PM

A baby has been born in Hungary after a very rare circumstance in which his brain-dead mother was kept alive for three months so he could be born.

Woman Decapitates Her 7-Year-Old Daughter With Cerebral Palsy, Says Demons Told Her to Do It

Moscow, Russia | 12/19/14 6:11 PM

A 33-year-old mother, Nadejda Voronova, was arrested in Russia after she cut off her disabled daughter’s head because she allegedly heard the voices of demons who told her to do it.

Multi-Millionaire Faces Trial After Attempting to Force His Partner to Get an Abortion

London, England | 12/19/14 5:04 PM

Man Punched His Girlfriend in the Stomach So Hard He Killed Her Unborn Baby

Glasgow, Scotland | 12/19/14 2:47 PM

Woman Seven Months Pregnant Killed, But Canada Says Her Unborn Baby Molly Isn’t a Human Being

Ottawa, Canada | 12/19/14 1:42 PM

Sydney Siege: Pregnant Woman Pays Tribute to Friend Who Died Protecting Her and Her Baby

Sydney, Australia | 12/19/14 1:08 PM

Tanzania’s Proposed Constitution Promotes Population Control, Abortion

Dodoma, Tanzania | 12/19/14 12:35 PM

The Tanzania government’s new proposed constitution has been heavily influenced by NGOs that promote contraceptives and abortion rights

After Having Four Miscarriages, Mother Becomes Pregnant With Quadruplets

London, England | 12/19/14 11:05 AM

Doctors Keep Brain-Dead Pregnant Mother Alive to Save Her Unborn Baby

Dublin, Ireland | 12/18/14 6:24 PM

Irish Member of Parliament Breaks Law to Purchase Abortion Pills

Dublin, Ireland | 12/18/14 5:56 PM

TD Ruth Coppinger, a Dublin West Deputy, has said she’s “helped” around two dozen women buy abortion pills online.

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