Swiss Assisted Suicide Deaths Increase 30% in 2015
Bern, Switzerland | 11/16/17

The Swiss statistics office reported that there were 965 reported assisted suicide deaths in 2015 up from 742 in 2014. Earlier media reports

New South Wales Australia Defeats Bill to Legalize Assisted Suicide
Sydney, Australia | 11/16/17

Congratulations to HOPE Australia and all of the caring people who are standing for the protection of vulnerable Australians.

Miraculous Cuddle Helps Twins Survive Who Were Born 13 Weeks Premature
London, England | 11/16/17

Ava and Austin Jayson's mother believes a hug helped to save her twins' lives.

Multiple Abortion Clinics Caught Selling Abortions to Women Who Weren’t Pregnant
Mexico City, Mexico | 11/15/17

Though abortion advocates have tried for years to make the “fake abortion clinic” label stick to pro-life centers that offer women a life-saving

Parents Post Desperate Plea for New Heart for 6-Week-Old Baby They Refused to Abort
London, England | 11/15/17

Little British infant Charlie Douthwaite is clinging to life as he waits for a new heart.

Automatic Prenatal Test for Down Syndrome Means More Babies Will Become Abortion Victims
London, England | 11/15/17

Ethicists and Down's syndrome advocates have raised concerns about a new process for prenatally screening for chromosomal conditions, which,

British Abortion Activists Pass Proposal to Stop Pro-Lifers From Helping Women Outside Clinics Find Abortion Alternatives
London, England | 11/15/17

Portsmouth Council has followed Ealing in voting for a buffer zone around a local abortion clinic.

Christopher Was a Mere 10 Pounds When a Pro-Life Family Adopted Him at Age 6
Washington, DC | 11/14/17

I wanted to share with you all the wonderful adoption story of my friends, the Collicott family:

Their Baby Girl Only Lived for Minutes But They Never Could Have Aborted Her
Ottawa, Canada | 11/14/17

Canadian parents Stefanie and Adam Wahl could not see the compassion in aborting their dying unborn baby girl.

Topless Feminists Protest Brazil Bill to Ban All Abortions, Screaming “Our Bodies Are Ours”
Washington, DC | 11/14/17

Thousands of abortion activists protested Monday in the streets of Brazil, just days after a legislative committee voted to make abortions illegal

Oireachtas Committee Evaluating 8th Amendment is a Sham, Here’s How
Dublin, Ireland | 11/13/17

The Pro Life Campaign has accused Senator Catherine Noone of making “highly misleading” statements about how the Oireachtas Committee on

Doctor Killed Depressed Woman in Euthanasia, Didn’t Tell Family Until Next Day
Brussels, Belgium | 11/13/17

The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) has filed an application with the European Court of Human Rights on behalf of Tom Mortier, a Belgian man

Global Abortion Activists Make Malta Their Next Target to Legalize Abortion
Valleta, Malta | 11/13/17

Abortion activists are turning their attention to the island of Malta to push their radical abortion agenda.