United Nations is Exploiting Zika Crisis to Promote Abortion as Virus Spreads
New York, NY | 2/8/16

The United Nations recommended on Friday that South American countries legalize abortion as they work to curb the spread of the Zika virus.

She Was Beaten When She Refused an Abortion, Her Boyfriend Told Her “I’ll Dance on Your Grave”
London, England | 2/8/16

Shiree Afzal was a mother who cared for her daughters, but was trapped in a fatal relationship with someone she met online. Her boyfriend, Kenneth

BBC Tells Reporters to Call Pro-Life People “Anti-Abortion” and to Call Pro-Abortion Activists “Pro-Choice”
London, England | 2/5/16

The mainstream media doesn't appear to be even trying to hide its pro-abortion bias anymore. Whether they are reiterating Planned Parenthood's

Mom of Child With Microcephaly Slams Push for Abortion Because of Zika Virus: “She is a Gift”
Washington, DC | 2/5/16

When Gabrielle Frohock was pregnant with her youngest daughter, she had no idea what microcephaly was. When her doctors diagnosed her daughter

Radical Feminists Carry Huge Plastic Statue of Vagina Through City to Protest for Abortion
Madrid, Spain | 2/5/16

In a blatant attempt to mock the Catholic Church's life-affirming teachings, a radical group of feminists marched through a Spanish city carrying

“Nothing Justifies Abortion,” Catholic Church Says Killing Babies Not Acceptable During Zika Crisis
Brazilia, Brazil | 2/5/16

Babies with the brain disorder microcephaly deserve the same right to life as everyone else, Catholic authorities told South American countries

23-Year-Old Woman Dies From Huge Blood Clot After Taking Birth Control Pill
London, England | 2/4/16

Another young British woman died recently from a blood clot supposedly caused by the birth control pill that she was taking.

Abortion Activists Exploit Zika Crisis: They Want to Kill Babies But We Should Kill Mosquitoes
Washington, DC | 2/3/16

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared it a global health emergency.

UN Committee Calls Abortion a Human Right, Punishes Country That Protected Unborn Baby
New York, NY | 2/3/16

The United Nations Human Rights Committee punished the pro-life nation of Peru in December, forcing it to pay reparations to a woman who was

Family of Woman With Autism Upset She Was Euthanized Just Because She Was Depressed
Brussels, Belgium | 2/3/16

Generally speaking, once assisted suicide or euthanasia is legalized, people give a fig about abuses.

Mom of Baby With Down Syndrome Campaigns to Stop Abortions on Them: “They Benefit Our Lives”
Washington, DC | 2/3/16

In 2014, the British government reported 12 late-term unborn babies were aborted simply because they had Down syndrome.

Scientist Says Legalized Abortion Hindered Research on Massive Zika Virus
Washington, DC | 2/2/16

A scientific researcher who has been studying the Zika virus and its possible link to brain abnormalities in babies says legalized abortion hindered

Doctor Said She Would Never Walk or Talk and Would Die in a “Vegetative State.” He Was Wrong
Washington, DC | 2/2/16

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