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Pro-Abortion Activists Protest Campus Abortion Debate Because the Pro-Life Side is “Traumatizing”
Ithaca, NY | 11/20/17

Student abortion activists at Cornell University protested a debate about abortion last week, arguing that even an academic debate on the divisive

Man Won’t Go to Prison After Killing His Diabetic Father With an Overdose of Morphine
London, England | 11/20/17

A High Court Judge has directed a jury to clear a man of murder after he killed his elderly father by putting a lethal dose of morphine into

University of Wisconsin Lets Student Government Deny Status and Funding to Pro-Life Group
Washington, DC | 11/20/17

Alliance Defending Freedom sent a letter Monday to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point on behalf of a student organization that had been

Pro-Lifers Arrested Nationwide for Providing Women Alternatives Inside Abortion Clinics and Refusing to Leave
Washington, DC | 11/20/17

In three different cities across the United States, pro-lifers simultaneously entered abortion centers to talk to women scheduled for abortions.

Abortion Activists Push Women to Misuse This Ulcer Drug in Dangerous Do-It-Yourself Abortions
Washington, DC | 11/20/17

(C-Fam) France announced its intention to withdraw the drug Cytotec from its market by March 2018 after reports of hemorrhaging, ruptured uteruses,

Woman Rushed to Hospital With Sheet Over Her Head After Botched Abortion Causes Excessive Bleeding
Hartford, CT | 11/20/17

An abortion patient suffered “excessive bleeding” in the middle of an abortion procedure at Hartford GYN Center in Hartford, Connecticut,

Woman Says Pro-Abortion Sen. Al Franken Inappropriately Touched Her as a Senator
Washington, DC | 11/20/17

A second woman has come forward to accuse pro-abortion U.S. Sen. Al Franken of inappropriately touching her in 2010.

A Vote for Sinn Féin is Now Unambiguously a Vote for Abortion on Demand
Belfast, Northern Ireland | 11/20/17

Do you believe in basic principles? Do you believe in an Ireland where all are cherished equally? Do you believe in a fundamental, universal,

Washington Post Trashes Roy Moore, But Says “Women are Better Off With Al Franken”
Washington, DC | 11/20/17

The Washington Post Outlook opinion section on Sunday really demonstrates that this newspaper is deeply invested in Democratic Party spin. Take

Pregnant Mom Wakes Up From Coma Three Months After Delivering Her Baby
Sydney, Australia | 11/20/17

An Australian mother who gave birth while in a coma three months ago has woken up.

Priest Compares Pro-Abortion Lawmakers to Mob Bosses: “Who Has More Death on Their Consciences?”
Rome, Italy | 11/20/17

A Catholic priest in Italy is facing criticism this week after he compared a prominent pro-abortion politician to a notorious mafia boss.

Pro-Life Advocate Sandra Merritt Asks Court to Dismiss Bogus Charges for Exposing Planned Parenthood Selling Baby Parts
Washington, DC | 11/20/17

Pro-life advocate Sandra (Susan) Merritt has asked a court to dismiss the bogus charges a pro-abortion state attorney general filed against her

Meet These 5 Stellar Conservatives President Trump Just Added to His Supreme Court List
Washington, DC | 11/20/17

On Friday, President Donald Trump announced the addition of five individuals to his outstanding list of potential candidates for a future Supreme