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Chile Senate Passes Bill Taking First Step in Legalizing Abortion
Santiago, Chile | 7/19/17

Many South American countries are facing strong pressure from abortion activists because of their pro-life laws.

Abortion Activists: The Most Effective Way to Fight Global Warming? Don’t Have Kids
Washington, DC | 7/19/17

A radical solution is being proposed by those promoting the theory that man is to blame for climate change. Their solution? Have fewer children.

Woman Sues Hospital Because Abortion Failed to Kill Her Baby
Rome, Italy | 7/19/17

An Italian woman filed a lawsuit against the San Paolo hospital in Milan recently because her child is alive.

Adorable Baby With Down Syndrome Headlines New Yogurt Ad Campaign
Dublin, Ireland | 7/19/17

A beautiful little girl with Down's syndrome is now gracing yoghurt pots across Ireland. Abby Dillon has just been revealed as one of four faces

Planned Parenthood Opening New Abortion Clinic in Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City, OK | 7/19/17

The Planned Parenthood abortion business is renovating and planning to reopen another facility in Oklahoma City this year.

California Judge Slams State Law Forcing Pregnancy Centers to Promote Abortions
Sacramento, California | 7/19/17

It’s been over a year and a half since clinic administrator Scott Scharpen filed a lawsuit challenging California’s so-called Reproductive

Teen Drama “The Bold Type” Promotes Planned Parenthood and Its Abortion Agenda
Washington, DC | 7/19/17

Freeform’s The Bold Type, which is dubbed a teen drama and centers around three young women who work at Scarlet magazine (which is based on

Court Protects Raped 10-Year-Old and Her Baby, Rejects Abortion
Chandigarh, India | 7/19/17

A very young victim of sexual abuse in India will not be allowed to abort her late-term unborn baby, according to a court decision Tuesday.

Canadian Health Official Wants Free Abortions for All Women
Ottawa, Canada | 7/19/17

Canadian health official Sarah Hoffman wants to offer every Canadian woman and refugee free abortion drugs to kill their unborn babies.

Judge Fines David Daleiden $137,000 for Exposing Planned Parenthood Selling Aborted Baby Parts
Sacramento, California | 7/19/17

Yesterday Judge William Orrick held David Daleiden, the Center for Medical Progress, and two of David's criminal defense attorneys in civil contempt

Charlie Gard and His Parents Given U.S. Residency to Fly Him to America for Treatment
London, England | 7/19/17

Pro-life Congressmen gave Charlie Gard new hope this week when they granted the British infant and his parents permanent residence in the United

Abortion Activist Complains About Large Families: “Cats Take Up Way Less Room” Than Kids
Washington, DC | 7/18/17

Abortion activists cried, “Save the planet!” on social media this past week as they called for the abortion of unborn babies.

WNBA Team Hoping to “Make History” Raising $45,000 for Planned Parenthood Abortion Company
Washington, DC | 7/18/17

At their best, sports represent a place where Americans can come together – no matter their differences – to root for their team. Despite