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Using Brittany Maynard to Push Assisted Suicide Hurts the Sick and Disabled

Washington, DC | 11/5/14 12:34 PM

Imagine you have Lou Gehrig’s disease. You know you are dying. But your struggle is made even more difficult by advocates who claim:

Why Was Brittany Maynard “Courageous” Because She Wanted to Die But Not if She Wanted to Live?

Washington, DC | 11/4/14 10:29 AM

The San Francisco Chronicle columnist, Debra J. Saunders (my wife), has a really good piece out about the Brittany Maynard tragedy.

Every Day 3,000 Babies Die From Abortion, But That Could Change if You Do This

Washington, DC | 11/3/14 5:54 PM

Once again that season is almost upon us. No, I don’t mean Christmas.

Three Reasons Pro-Life People Need to be Involved in the Political Process

Washington, DC | 11/3/14 11:30 AM

It’s Election Day on Tuesday. (Not a Calvinist holiday. People are voting in booths…)

Brittany Maynard Case Illustrates Problems With Legal Assisted Suicide

Washington, DC | 10/31/14 11:43 AM

Assisted Suicide Activists Use Brittany Maynard to Silence Opponents

Washington, DC | 10/30/14 1:33 PM

Do We Vote Pro-Life in Accordance With What We Say We Believe?

Washington, DC | 10/28/14 9:39 AM

Unlike some, I don’t make a habit of bashing people for not voting.

Infanticide is Okay But Peter Singer Says Chimps Should Have Human Rights

Washington, DC | 10/27/14 6:00 PM

There he goes again.

Can Someone Who is an Atheist be Pro-Life on Abortion?

Washington, DC | 10/24/14 3:11 PM

I Lost My Daughter to Suicide: A Nurse’s Response to Brittany Maynard’s Decision to Kill Herself

Washington, DC | 10/24/14 2:50 PM

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