Why Do They Call Them “Fetus” and “Vegetables” When Certain People are “Unwanted?”
Washington, DC | 5/27/16

Words matter. The terminology we employ not only reflects our values but helps to define them. Language is particularly important in bioethical

Is Abortion Okay When the Mother’s Life is in Danger? A New Video Has Answers
Washington, DC | 5/27/16

Students for Life has a new video out that examines the question of whether aborting an unborn baby is necessary to save a woman's life.

Abortion Advocates Defend Woman Who Threw Her 25-30 Week-Old Newborn Son in the Dumpster
Indianapolis, IN | 5/26/16

Pro-abortionists are often either too cute for their own good and/or believe the public can be bamboozled if they scream loud enough into believing

Euthanasia Advocates Come Up With a Disgusting New Word to Describe Killing People
Washington, DC | 5/26/16

The euthanasia movement has always been about finding words and terms to mask the harshness of killing as a response to suffering.

Does Every Human Life Have Equal Moral Value Simply Because It is Human?
Washington, DC | 5/25/16

We live in an increasingly secular society. One consequence (among many) of this cultural shift has been an increasing rejection of the once

Abortion Activists More Concerned With Killing People Like Ana Than Killing Mosquitoes Causing Zika
Washington, DC | 5/25/16

Ana Carolina Caceres is a journalist in Brazil.  In a photograph in a recent story about her, she wears a garland of flowers, a simple necklace

Pro-Abortion Web Site Defends Sex-Selection Abortions, Banning Them is “Terrible for Women”
Washington, DC | 5/24/16

I should have known better, of course, but on first glance I honestly misread the intent of the headline at Slate.com: “Why Sex-Selective Abortion

I Will be Meeting With Donald Trump to Discuss Abortion and Pro-Life Issues, Here’s Why
Washington, DC | 5/24/16

For the past couple of months, I’ve been considering how our movement should proceed in the upcoming Presidential election.

Pro-Abortion Writer: 1.2 Million Abortions a year “is Too Low.” We Need More Abortions
Washington, DC | 5/23/16

How many times have you heard a pro-abortion person say that abortion should be rare? The oft-repeated words, notably spoken by pro-abortion

I Didn’t Always Vote Pro-Life, But Something Astounding Changed My Mind
Washington, DC | 5/20/16

I used to vote my pocketbook. Raised in a home in which chronic unemployment was a constant and unwelcomed guest, I longed for an economy which

Doctors are Calling Patients Like Her “Brain Dead,” But It Turns Out That’s False
Washington, DC | 5/19/16

Few topics intrigue me more than why “trends” develop, or, better put, why “givens” that have gone essentially unchallenged suddenly

She Killed Herself in an Assisted Suicide, But Could Brittany Maynard Have Been Saved?
Washington, DC | 5/19/16

This week, CBS’ 60 Minutes reported that FDA has just granted “breakthrough status” for an innovative treatment for glioblastoma brain

Black Abortionist Thinks the Real Reason Pro-Lifers Oppose What He Does is They’re Racist
Washington, DC | 5/19/16

Southern abortionist Willie Parker has become a media darling on pro-abortion news sites in the past few years.