Is Someone Who is “Personally Opposed” to Abortion Really Pro-Life?
Washington, DC | 2/23/15

America has its fair share of conflict and strife. From the Internet to cable news, Americans are bombarded with caustic clashes between opposing

The Number One Reason It’s Incredibly Obvious Barack Obama is Not a Christian
Washington, DC | 2/23/15

Whether President Barack Obama is truly a Christian has been a hot topic for debate recently, especially after the mainstream media attempted

Woman: Aborting My Baby With Down Syndrome Was the Best Thing for My Child
Washington, DC | 2/20/15

Can we just be honest? The reason our society accepts killing unborn babies with Down syndrome is because we don’t want so-called “imperfect”

Some Women Say This is the Biggest Regret of Their Lives, But the Media is Silent About It
Washington, DC | 2/20/15

Last week on BreakPoint, I told you about the convocation address I gave at the University of the South in Sewanee. The theme of my talk was

If Black Lives Matter, What About the Millions of Black Babies Killed in Abortion?
Washington, DC | 2/18/15

It’s Black History Month 2015. This is a time of remembering the many great contributions of African Americans in the history of our great

My Daughter Lived Only Two Hours After Birth, Should She Have Been Aborted Instead?
Washington, DC | 2/13/15

In 2010 my unborn daughter was diagnosed with a lethal birth anomaly. We continued our pregnancy, much to the consternation of our physicians,

Don’t be Fooled: “Aid in Dying” IS Assisted Suicide
Washington, DC | 2/12/15

Sophistry, redefintion of terms, blurring vital distinctions, postmodern deconstruction of words–such are the weapons wielded by assisted suicide

Image of Baby’s Hand Touching His Finger Highlights Doctor’s Letter to Premature Baby Who Died
Washington, DC | 2/6/15

We deal with it fairly often. Or maybe not that often; perhaps it just seems more frequent than it actually is. But at least a couple times a

Good News: The Next Generation is Pro-Life on Abortion
Washington, DC | 2/4/15

I want to introduce you to some of the exciting young faces and frontiers of the pro-life movement.

The Death Penalty is “Cruel and Unusual Punishment,” But You Can Starve Patients to Death
Washington, DC | 2/3/15

Recently, the United States Supreme Court announced it would review the procedure for lethal injection used for death row inmates across the

With Abortion, There Are No Do-Overs: The Death of a Baby is Devastatingly Permanent
Washington, DC | 2/2/15

The little backward arrow icon on my emails has become one of my best friends.

Dismemberment Abortions Tear Babies Limb From Limb, It’s Time to Ban Them
Washington, DC | 1/30/15

One of the great humanitarian achievements of the Right to Life movement was the exposé of partial-birth abortion by National Right to Life.

We Need to Help Patients Battling Depression, Not Push Them Into Assisted Suicide
Washington, DC | 1/29/15

My concern with the legalization of assisted suicide is the psychological impact on the rest of society. I am writing from my personal experience.