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This 29-Year-Old Woman Has Chosen to Die. Why That’s a Loss for All of Us.

Washington, DC | 10/9/14 5:15 PM

Pro-Life People Should Support Free Day Care in High Schools to Help Teen Moms Avoid Abortion

Washington, DC | 10/9/14 12:36 PM

Like many D.C.-area commuters, I always grab a free copy of the Washington Examiner to read on the metro. 

Pregnant Six Months After My Son Was Born, I Could Have Aborted But Did This Instead

Washington, DC | 10/8/14 12:15 PM

October is Breast Cancer Awareness, But Will Anyone Tell Women of Abortion’s Link?

Salem, OR | 10/7/14 5:34 PM

I wanted to take a few minutes to address all that pink you’ve been seeing in stores, on athletes and on your TV screen.

When I Was Pregnant After Rape, I Wanted to Kill the Rapist, Not My Baby

Washington, DC | 10/6/14 3:03 PM

Abortion Activist: I Would Have Died for My Aborted Daughter’s “Right to Choose”

Washington, DC | 10/6/14 1:18 PM

Lately, advocates of legal abortion have attempted to give their ailing cause a shot in the arm.

Should Pro-Life People be Concerned About Baby Born After Womb Transplant?

Washington, DC | 10/6/14 12:50 PM

The story of a successful birth post uterus transplant has been promoted understandably as a “feel good” saga of joy and the awesome power of modern medical science. But I have a different take.

My Dad is a Pro-Life Hero Because He Adopted Me After I Survived an Abortion

Washington, DC | 10/3/14 1:27 PM

Dawn Milberger is a wife, abortion survivor, and a pro-life speaker. Her story is nothing short of amazing — as she survived multiple abortion attempts.

They Say Assisted Suicide Should Only be a Last Resort, But It’s Not

Washington, DC | 10/3/14 12:15 PM

Many supporters of assisted suicide are well-meaning, really thinking that it would only be done in the proverbial “last resort” scenario. But that’s a fantasy, as we will discuss below.

What Do You Say When Your Best Friend Tells You She’s Had an Abortion?

Washington, DC | 10/3/14 11:45 AM

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