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She Announced Her Pregnancy Way Before 12 Weeks, Why More Women Should Consider Doing the Same

Washington, DC | 9/11/14 4:00 PM

Fans of the hit TLC show “19 Kids and Counting” were excited to watch daughter Jill Duggar get married in June–but they weren’t expecting to hear she was pregnant just two months later.

“We Will See Joshua in Heaven:” How My Kids Reacted When I Told Them Mommy Had an Abortion

Washington, DC | 9/11/14 11:51 AM

“The Giver” Mirrors My Life: Born With Cerebral Palsy, Doctors Would Have Left Me for Dead

Washington, DC | 9/9/14 1:57 PM

What happens when Hollywood takes a Newberry Award-winning tale and brings it to the silver screen?

Pro-Life Writer: Ray Rice Video Demonstrates Why America Should See Abortion

Washington, DC | 9/9/14 10:04 AM

We Are Bigoted Against the Old When We Make Them Feel Like “a Burden”

Washington, DC | 9/9/14 9:37 AM

How often have we heard our elderly brothers and sisters say they don’t want to be “a burden.” Who made them think such a thing? We did!

“I’m So Glad I Had You:” She Was Raped and Could Have Had an Abortion

Washington, DC | 9/5/14 6:34 PM

Hey New York Times, Quit Offending Women by Calling Abortion “Miscarriage”

Washington, DC | 9/5/14 9:59 AM

It Wasn’t Just the Nazis: Now Doctors Can Euthanize Sick Children, Mentally Disabled

Washington, DC | 9/4/14 1:35 PM

It wasn’t “the Nazis” that caused the mass euthanasia deaths of disabled infants and adults. It was the eugenics ideology of the era that denied human exceptionalism.

Abortion Activists Want to Protect Abortion, We Protect the Moms and Babies

Washington, DC | 9/4/14 10:06 AM

Last Thursday evening, NRLC’s communications department received an email, asking if I would be available as a guest on the ABC Sunday morning show, “This Week,”

A Pro-Life Lesson From a Grumpy 8-Year-Old Kid

Washington, DC | 9/4/14 9:37 AM

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