Woman Writes Heartbreaking Letter to Twin Babies Who Were Aborted at 8 Months: “We Failed You”
Washington, DC | 1/27/16

In November, South African authorities made a horrifying discovery when they found the bodies of aborted twin baby girls stuffed in a plastic

My Son, Born With Half A Heart, Left A Legacy On Earth Because I Refused Abortion
Washington, DC | 1/26/16

Choosing life for a child who is diagnosed with a severe abnormality can be one of the most heart-wrenching decisions one may ever make. Yet

Should You Get An Obamacare Conscience Tax Exemption for Paying for Abortions?
Washington, DC | 1/21/16

This spring, the Obama administration will again ask the Supreme Court to allow it to force Catholic nuns, Christian universities, and other

7 Things Most People Think are True About Roe vs. Wade That are Totally False
Washington, DC | 1/21/16

A recent special edition of TIME Magazine headlined ‘The Supreme Court Decisions That Changed America’ makes a surprising admission for the

Human Trafficking Views Women as Disposable, Abortion Does That to Unborn Babies
Washington, DC | 1/21/16

Being a Christian, pro-life university student in a Women and Gender Studies program has not been easy. On a daily basis, I am faced with the

Today’s Abolitionists Unite in One Voice to End the Violent Injustice of Abortion
Washington, DC | 1/20/16

Human history is filled with injustices…and victories over them. Slavery abolitionists in this country were often often defeated legally, emotionally,

I Help Women and Save Babies From Abortion For a Living, That’s Why I Support Carly Fiorina
Washington, DC | 1/20/16

I have been working with women in crisis and helping to heal the hearts of those who have chosen abortion for the last 20 years. I have seen

The Next President Will Determine if America Has Abortion for 43 More Years
Washington, DC | 1/19/16

I remember that night in 2012, as I’m sure many of you do, when we realized that Barack Obama had been re-elected president of the United States.

At 13 I Rejected Abortion After My Stepfather Raped Me, Thank God I Did Because Now I Can’t Have Kids
Washington, DC | 1/19/16

Trials are a way for God’s name to be glorified.  It’s called purpose! My name is Yoi Reyes and my husband Pete and I are the founders of

Today Let’s Celebrate the Lives of Those People Conceived in Rape Who Were Not Aborted
Washington, DC | 1/19/16

A couple of years ago I was on my couch (probably playing video games) when God laid it on my heart to run a pro-life page on Facebook. So I

Heard the Claim That 1 in 3 Women Will Have an Abortion? It’s Totally False
Washington, DC | 1/19/16

Abortion advocates will hold an online "speakout" today from noon to 6:00 p.m., in which women who do not regret ending the lives of their children

Last Month I Had an Abortion Because Motherhood Just Wasn’t Right for Me
Washington, DC | 1/18/16

The young woman passed through a toy store, touching soft woolen hats and toy giraffes and wondering if motherhood was right for her. She dreamed

CNN’s Paul Begala: Pro-Life Republicans Just Want to Jail Women Who are Raped
Washington, DC | 1/18/16

Appearing as a guest on Monday's New Day on CNN to discuss Sunday night's Democratic presidential debate, liberal CNN political commentator Paul