Abortion Group: Pro-Lifers “Care Little for People’s Lives” Since They Oppose Aborting Disabled Babies
Washington, DC | 6/24/16

Abortion activists are attacking Republicans this week for not including abortion funding in a bill to fight the Zika virus in the U.S.

As the Abortion Industry Loses Ground, Here’s 5 Ways It’s Attacking Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers
Washington, DC | 6/24/16

By now, it’s abundantly clear Big Abortion understands the strategic threat that free pregnancy help poses to its business model.

Woman’s Guilt After Abortions: “If I Didn’t Sweep Them Under the Rug, I Couldn’t Live With Myself”
Washington, DC | 6/24/16

James McNeill married a woman who had 2 abortions in her past. He says [1]:

What Abortion, Domestic Violence and Sex Trafficking All Have in Common
Washington, DC | 6/23/16

It’s true that some men experience domestic violence and men are trafficked. Men are also certainly impacted by abortion. Yet, by and large,

Abortion Supporter Admits, “My Miscarriages Made Me Question Being Pro-Choice”
Washington, DC | 6/23/16

I’m not entirely sure the headline and sub-headline fully convey what JJ Keith actually wrote—“My miscarriages made me question being pro-choice:

After Discovering Down Syndrome, Jerome Lejeune Was Upset Abortion Targeted Children With It
Washington, DC | 6/22/16

It is August 1969 in San Francisco and Professor Jerome Lejeune is addressing the annual meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics.

Will the Supreme Court Protect Women From the Abortion Industry’s “Front Alley” Abortions?
Washington, DC | 6/21/16

The U.S. Supreme Court will soon issue its most significant abortion opinion in decades.

She Aborted 7 Years Ago and Now Struggles Seeing New Baby on Ultrasound: “Wow, That’s a Baby!”
Washington, DC | 6/21/16

I had not read or heard about the essay that appeared on the Jewish parenting site Kveller titled, “My Jewish Abortion” when it first ran

My Mother Was Gang Raped, But Heroically Gave Me Life
Washington, DC | 6/20/16

All my life I was told how special I was to be loved so much by not one, but two sets of parents.

The Media Rightly Covers the Tragic Shooting in Orlando, But Why Does It Ignore Abortion?
Washington, DC | 6/20/16

In the wake of wall-to-wall cable coverage of the Orlando tragedy, I have been thinking a great deal lately about the world in which our children

British Medical Association Must Not Drop Opposition to Assisted Suicide
London, England | 6/20/16

Tomorrow, 21 June, the Annual Representative Meeting (ARM) of the British Medical Association (BMA) will consider two motions on assisted suicide.

Pennsylvania Pro-Life Group Supports Donald Trump: “He Will be a Defender of Human Life”
Washington, DC | 6/20/16

The 2016 Presidential contest is not just any election. It may, in fact, be the most important one of our lives.

Why is This Dad Using Father’s Day to Defend Abortion?
Washington, DC | 6/17/16

Because abortion activists are supporting his election campaign, that's why.