Planned Parenthood is Working Hand in Hand With China’s Population Control Officials
Beijing, China | 9/27/16

China’s One Child Policy turns 36 this week (September 25).

Man is Devastated After Learning His Girlfriend Aborted Their Baby Without Telling Him
Washington, DC | 9/27/16

A New York Times journalist revealed his heartbreaking experiences with abortion this week in a column for Narratively.

Through Laura’s Eyes: Abortion’s False Promise of Empowerment
Washington, DC | 9/27/16

For decades, legalized abortion has been slickly marketed, or “packaged,” by the feminist movement and the abortion industry as “empowerment”

While Hillary Clinton Supports Abortion Up to Birth, Pro-Life Democrats Are A Thing Of The Past
Washington, DC | 9/27/16

“The Democratic Party is a party of inclusion. We respect the individual conscience of each American on this difficult issue, and we welcome

100 Reasons Why Elected Officials Should Never Honor Planned Parenthood
Harrisburg, PA | 9/26/16

One Pennsylvania State Representative has proposed a resolution to honor the largest abortion business in Pennsylvania – Planned Parenthood

Hillary Clinton Loves People With Disabilities, But Only if They Weren’t Aborted
Washington, DC | 9/26/16

Writing at the Federalist, pro-life writer Mary Powers hits on one the biggest duplicitous positions of pro-abortion presidential candidate Hillary

Remember the Huge Embryonic Stem Cell Research Debate? Turns Out the Pro-Life Side Was Right
Washington, DC | 9/26/16

The biggest ethical and scientific debate of the early 2000s has all but disappeared. And we need to tell people why.

Abortion Supporter: “God Has Already Decided” It’s Okay With Women Abort Their Babies
Washington, DC | 9/26/16

A letter-writer in The State Journal-Register argued that God gave women the “responsibility” to choose abortion or life for their children.

Why Oppose Assisted Suicide? Even if They See No Value in Their Lives, We Do
Washington, DC | 9/23/16

I have read and re-read the following passage from Kevin Yuill over and over again. He is addressing not only the lure, the seduction, of “assisted

Tricked Into an Abortion Appointment, How One Mom Rescued Her Daughter
Washington, DC | 9/23/16

Like so many women, when I found out I was pregnant, my initial reaction was shock. I could not believe I was pregnant. But unlike so many others,

She Survived an Abortion But Was Then Tied Up in a Trash Bag and Left to Die
Washington, DC | 9/23/16

I first met Thandi in 2006 while working at an orphanage for abandoned infants in South Africa.  She was a thriving four-month-old with an infectious

Advice Columnist Suggests Woman Divorce Her Husband Who Didn’t Want His Daughter Aborted
Washington, DC | 9/23/16

I do not take divorce lightly. I generally think "til death do us part" should mean til death do you part, and if you can't handle that, don't

Hillary Clinton’s Plan to Make Americans Fund Abortions “is Right Out of Margaret Sanger’s Playbook”
Washington, DC | 9/23/16

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has extreme ambitions for abortion on demand in America. She wants to make it taxpayer funded