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Young Woman Explains Why “I’m Done With Being Pro-Choice” on Abortion

Washington, DC | 1/6/15 7:04 PM

My Mother Was a Raped Teen Who Abandoned Me at a Hospital, But I’m Glad She Chose Life

Indianapolis, IN | 1/6/15 4:26 PM

They Say Black Lives Matter But Abortion is the Number One Killer of Black People

Baton Rouge, LA | 1/2/15 8:15 PM

As we begin the year 2015 here in Louisiana, we look forward with hope in the knowledge of last year’s successes and understanding the ongoing challenges for the pro-life community.

Pregnant Workers Fairness Act: Choosing Life Instead of Abortion Shouldn’t Cost You Your Job

Washington, DC | 1/2/15 12:25 PM

My 14-Year-Old Daughter Was Told She Wasn’t Really Raped Because She Didn’t Have an Abortion

Washington, DC | 12/31/14 5:13 PM

7 Ways Abortion Advocates Avoided Discussions in 2014 By Talking About Genitals Instead

Washington, DC | 12/30/14 11:03 AM

Ah, 2014, we are sad to see you go. You’ve really thrown abortion advocates on their heels.

Rabbi Says Unborn Babies are “Water” Until 40 Days But Claims Pro-Lifers Ignore Science

Washington, DC | 12/24/14 5:34 PM

In an article in the pro-abortion Huffington Post, a Jewish rabbi claims that unborn babies are “water” until 40 days into pregnancy.

When Bioethics Has No Ethics: Pushing Medical Futility and Requiring Organ Donation

Washington, DC | 12/24/14 10:46 AM

Julian Savulescu represents all that I find so objectionable about the mainstream bioethics movement.

Sex-Selection Infanticide Dates Back to the Greeks: Girl Babies Were Killed, Thrown Into Sewers

Washington, DC | 12/23/14 12:08 PM

(LiveActionNews) — A common narrative in our society is that, by opposing abortion and infanticide, Christians are conducting a “war on women.”

When He Got Me Pregnant, I Faked an Abortion So My Sex Trafficker Would Let Me Go

Washington, DC | 12/17/14 2:08 PM

I was trapped in the sex trafficking industry.  Trafficking in persons is not like any regulated industry.  There are no rules.

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