Activist Defends Women Having Multiple Abortions: OK to Get Rid of “Pregnancies They Don’t Want”
Washington, DC | 10/18/17

Women should not be judged for aborting multiple unborn babies, argues Carrie Purcell, a research associate at the University of Glasgow.

My Wife Was Pregnant After a Brutal Rape and Encouraged to Abort, Here’s How We Responded
Washington, DC | 10/18/17

I understand what women mean when they say that men don’t have as much of a right to talk about abortion after rape as it doesn’t have anything

Liberals Exploit Illegal Immigrant to Push Free Abortions for Non-Citizens
Washington, DC | 10/18/17

The story of a pregnant teenager, an illegal alien, has captured attention as the American Civil Liberties Union and abortion industry argue

Can There Really Be a “Safer” Physician-Assisted Suicide?
Washington, DC | 10/17/17

In August, I wrote a blog “Physician-assisted Suicide and the Palliative Care Physician” about Dr. Jessica Nutik Zitter, a palliative care

President Donald Trump is Undoing the Pro-Abortion Damage Barack Obama Caused
Washington, DC | 10/17/17

I had big dreams when this year started. We were going to change or repeal Obamacare with its many abortion-expanding provisions, and we were

How Can Planned Parenthood be Pro-Woman When It Supports Sex-Selection Abortions?
Washington, DC | 10/17/17

Planned Parenthood wants you to think it is the champion of women. But if it achieves its goals, there may not be very many women left to champion.

Catholic Cardinal: “No One Can Justify Terminating an Innocent Child Growing in the Mother’s Womb”
Washington, DC | 10/17/17

Catholic Cardinal Oswald Gracias of India recently preached a strong message about the battle between the culture of life and culture of death

Americans Increasingly Understand That Pro-Abortion Arguments Are Based In Ignorance
Washington, DC | 10/16/17

When I was a child, I thought I could count the stars. I didn’t have the patience to do it, of course, but I figured that anyone with a good

Abortion Activist: “Abortion is a Moral Choice That Affirms a Woman as an Autonomous Human Being”
Washington, DC | 10/13/17

Regular readers of NRL News Today are fully aware of how prominent is the agitator role of the pro-abortion to the gills Irish Times. It works

Woman Regrets Aborting Her Baby After Rape: “I Got Over the Rape, I Never Got Over the Abortion”
Washington, DC | 10/13/17

Raped and pregnant at 13, Lesley McAskie was pushed from one horrifying experience into another.

Abortion Activist Harvey Weinstein is a Sexual Predator and Major Planned Parenthood Donor
Washington, DC | 10/12/17

Hollywood, the Land of Make-Believe and Botox injections, loves to inject its “moral” authority into every social issue. But, like everything

NFL Athletes Can Take a Knee, But Universities are Denying Pro-Life Students Free Speech
Washington, DC | 10/12/17

The uproar over Vice President Mike Pence’s decision to leave the Colts-49ers game after some NFL players took a knee during the national anthem