Democrats Used to Want Abortion to be “Safe, Legal and Rare.” Now They Want “Legal and Free”
Washington, DC | 9/30/16

Michael New is absolutely correct to sound the alarm about the Democratic Party’s threat to the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal money

Catholic Priest: “Unless We End the Killing of Children in Abortion Our Nation’s Problems Will Get Worse”
| 9/30/16

A leading pro-life Catholic priest says the top issue for American voters ought to be abortion and that unless abortion in America ends the nation's

We Should Make the Hyde Amendment Permanent So Americans Never Fund Abortions Again
Washington, DC | 9/30/16

In our Declaration of Independence, the Founders declared that everyone is endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, including

Woman Takes a Job at a Medical Clinic and Then Finds Out It Does Abortions
Washington, DC | 9/29/16

A young woman living independently of her mother for the first time gets involved in an abortion clinic without knowing it:

Psychotherapist Relates the Chilling Story of How Her Disabled Patient Died
Washington, DC | 9/29/16

It’s not often that the background to cases of legal assisted suicide emerges. But in the summer newsletter of End of Life Washington, a dying-with-dignity

Abortion Activist: “So What if Abortion Ends a Life?” An Unborn Baby is “a Life Worth Sacrificing”
Washington, DC | 9/29/16

Three years ago, abortion activist Mary Elizabeth Williams wrote a shocking piece for Salon where she argued that abortion should be legal even

Priest to Christians: “You Might Not Have a Church to Go to If You Don’t Vote Right in November”
Washington, DC | 9/28/16

A Catholic priest's powerful call to action for American churches has caught the attention of tens of thousands of people online.

Abortion Activist: “Good Girls” Have Abortions and Abortion Allows for “Sexually Empowered Women”
Washington, DC | 9/28/16

Illyse Hogue got her time in the spotlight this summer during the Democratic National Convention when she insisted that aborting her unborn child

Hillary, If You Really Believe “Every Life Matters and One Murder is Too Many,” Why Support Abortion?
Washington, DC | 9/28/16

Some said it was the most important 90 minutes of our time, but Monday night’s Presidential Debate between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat

We Can’t Remain Silent as Unborn Babies With Down Syndrome are Aborted
Washington, DC | 9/27/16

Monsignor Charles Pope’s blogs are full of Christ’s wisdom about the most pressing subjects in modern life and his latest “Accepting Disability

Planned Parenthood is Working Hand in Hand With China’s Population Control Officials
Beijing, China | 9/27/16

China’s One Child Policy turns 36 this week (September 25).

Man is Devastated After Learning His Girlfriend Aborted Their Baby Without Telling Him
Washington, DC | 9/27/16

A New York Times journalist revealed his heartbreaking experiences with abortion this week in a column for Narratively.

Through Laura’s Eyes: Abortion’s False Promise of Empowerment
Washington, DC | 9/27/16

For decades, legalized abortion has been slickly marketed, or “packaged,” by the feminist movement and the abortion industry as “empowerment”