Woman Wants to Abort Her Baby Without Telling Her Husband “I Don’t Want This Baby”
Washington, DC | 7/20/18

A British mother turned to an online forum this week to ask if she should abort her second unborn baby without telling her husband, who wants

America Faces Underpopulation Crisis as Women Have Fewer Than Two Children
Washington, DC | 7/19/18

Americans are having fewer and fewer babies, and the New York Times wants to know why.

Courts are Essential to Saving Babies From Abortion, Which is Why Brett Kavanaugh is So Important
Washington, DC | 7/19/18

The courts are absolutely essential to saving unborn babies. From Roe v. Wade onward, abortion advocates have only been able to impose their

I Was Aborted at 8 Months and Left in a Bin to Die
Washington, DC | 7/19/18

Growing up, my elder sister Tammy and I fought like many siblings do. It was during one of these childish rows when I was 14 that she blurted

We Know Unborn Babies Feel Pain in Abortions Because Premature Babies the Same Age Feel Pain
Annapolis, MD | 7/19/18

House Bill 1424, The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, was designed to protect pain-capable beings from an agonizing death caused by

Conservative Tomi Lahren Says Roe v. Wade Should Not be Overturned. Here’s 4 Reasons Why She’s Wrong
Washington, DC | 7/19/18

Conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren brought up the issue of Roe v. Wade and the conservative approach to abortion during a July 7 segment of her

Instagram Censors Planned Parenthood Meme: “We Kill More Black Lives in 2 Weeks Than the KKK Lynched in a Century”
Washington, DC | 7/18/18

House conservatives took some social media companies to task for political bias earlier today -- and not a moment too soon, based on what's happening

Facebook and Google Censor Pro-Life Christians While Pro-Abortion Liberals Get Free Reign
Washington, DC | 7/18/18

Americans deserve the facts, objectively reported. They know media bias is pervasive.

Abortion Activist Says Killing Black Babies in Abortions Isn’t “Black on Black Crime”
Washington, DC | 7/17/18

Angered by a recent column lamenting the high abortion rate in the Black community, one abortion activist insisted that killing unborn babies

Couple Headed to Prison After They Refused Medical Care for Their Premature Baby Girl
Washington, DC | 7/17/18

Equal treatment under the law is a cornerstone of our government—but one group of humans doesn’t get the same treatment as everyone else.

Pro-Life Dr. Jérôme Lejeune, Who Discovered Down Syndrome, Describes Unborn Babies in an Amazing Way
Washington, DC | 7/17/18

Although it’s now almost two decades back, I confess I did not know nearly as much as I should have about Dr. Jérôme Lejeune until he testified

While Many 13-Year-Olds Are Going To Summer Camp, My Son Is Going To a Pro-Life Summer Camp
Washington, DC | 7/17/18

As a young boy, one of the things I looked forward to most was summer camp at Sequoia Lake in California. I spent weeks selling toffee peanuts

Black Pastor: Why Hasn’t NAACP Denounced Racist Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger?
Washington, DC | 7/17/18

The NAACP religiously monitors the world for racist comments made by dignitaries, especially elected officials and organizations opposing the