Abortion Activist: Killing Their Babies in Abortions Allows Women to be on “Equal Footing” With Men
Washington, DC | 4/24/17

Some people argue that gender equality requires legalized abortion. After all, the challenges of pregnancy and childbirth fall on women but not

Democratic Party Leaders: “Every Candidate Who Runs as a Democrat” Must Support Abortion
Washington, DC | 4/24/17

Just when I thought the Democratic National Committee (DNC) couldn’t get more pro-abortion, they proved me wrong. The party has supported abortion

Margaret Sanger: “We Do Not Want Word to Go Out That We Want to Exterminate the Negro Population”
Washington, DC | 4/24/17

Discrimination runs all the way back to the roots of Planned Parenthood.

Chelsea Handler and People Magazine Airbrush the Ugliness of Abortion
Washington, DC | 4/24/17

Actress Julia Roberts graces the cover of the latest “People” magazine, which has declared her the world’s most beautiful woman for 2017.

We had 100 reasons why we could’ve chosen abortion, but my boyfriend and I chose life
Washington, DC | 4/21/17

(Save the Storks) The gynecologist put her hand on mine as she told me I was pregnant. I was in shock. I couldn’t have a baby right now with

Environmentalists Will Celebrate Earth Day, But Will They Celebrate Unborn Babies Who Live On It?
Washington, DC | 4/21/17

If there is such as thing as a reverse spoiler alert, this may well qualify. In this post, you will figure out where I am headed long before

To Win Again, Must Democrats Stop Being the Abortion Party?
Washington, DC | 4/21/17

The results of the 2016 presidential election have spurred some soul-searching among many in the Democratic party. Some analysts are even encouraging

“Each Finger Could be Counted:” What a Doctor Saw After Examining a Baby Who Died in a Miscarriage
Washington, DC | 4/20/17

(LiveActionNews) -- Melissa Ogle, MD, is a pro-life doctor I wrote about in a previous article. When she was young, she had an abortion and

The Horribly Dehumanizing Language People Use to Describe Babies With Down Syndrome
Washington, DC | 4/19/17

More than a few times I have drawn attention to the work of Mark W. Leach, an attorney from Louisville, Kentucky. With respect to children prenatally

What if Flags Flew at Half Staff Each Day to Remember Babies Killed in Abortion?
Washington, DC | 4/19/17

Flying the United States flag at half-mast or half-staff is a symbol of honor, remembrance, and mourning in response to a loss of human life.

Peter Singer: Sexually Assaulting Mentally Disabled People Isn’t That Bad Because They Can’t Comprehend It
Washington, DC | 4/19/17

We say it often: ideas have consequences; bad ideas have victims. And a certain, consistent Princeton bioethicist continues to show just how

Abortion Activists Have a Hard Time Condemning Sex-Selection Abortions
Washington, DC | 4/18/17

Abortion rights groups are put in a difficult position by sex-selection abortions. They have said for years that a woman’s decision to abort

Elections Have Consequences: Trump Defunded UNFPA and Gave Us Gorsuch, Hillary Never Would Have
Washington, DC | 4/17/17

Wow! If you didn’t believe that elections have consequences, the past few weeks should have been able to convince you otherwise.