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Most People Probably Won’t Read This Article on Why You Should Vote Pro-Life, But Will You?

Washington, DC | 10/21/14 6:22 PM

Leading Pro-Life Activist’s Wife Scheduled to Terminate Her Pregnancy

Washington, DC | 10/20/14 4:44 PM

Some time in the next few weeks, my wife is planning to have her pregnancy terminated.

If Brittany Maynard Kills Herself on November 1, The Media Will Forget Her the Next Day

Washington, DC | 10/20/14 3:46 PM

I wrote my first anti-euthanasia article for Newsweek.

Writer: It’s Okay If an 11-Year-Old Has an Abortion

Washington, DC | 10/15/14 5:48 PM

Pro-Choice is Morphing Into Pro-Abortion as Writer Claims “Abortion is Great”

Washington, DC | 10/14/14 2:44 PM

I have been predicting (warning?) my pro-life friends that pro-choice is morphing into pro-abortion. Some have smiled, saying in effect, “Bring it on.”

My Sister Has Down Syndrome, Would Abortion be OK?

Washington, DC | 10/13/14 7:09 PM

Media Trips Over Itself to Extol 29-Year-Old Woman Who Plans to Kill Herself

Washington, DC | 10/13/14 4:38 PM

White Woman Sues Sperm Bank Because It Mistakenly Gave Her a Black Baby

Washington, DC | 10/13/14 11:52 AM

Amazing Letter Responds to Woman Who Told Her Unborn Baby: I’m Aborting You on Friday

Washington, DC | 10/13/14 10:39 AM

Euthanasia Advocates Exploit 29-Year-Old Who Wants to Kill Herself to Push Assisted Suicide

Washington, DC | 10/10/14 11:30 AM

I wasn’t going to write about the Brittany Maynard assisted suicide frenzy. Maynard is apparently dying of brain cancer at age 29, and has decided to mount a pro-assisted suicide campaign, announcing she will kill herself on November 1.

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