God Could Never Approve of My Decision to Abort My Baby, But Thanks to His Amazing Grace I’m Forgiven
Washington, DC | 2/23/17

From the Dirksen Senate Office Building, I walked up to the United States Supreme Court, until my toes kissed the first step. I stood gazing

Woman Defends Aborting Two Babies: “I Talked to the Babies and I Felt the Babies Understood”
Washington, DC | 2/22/17

A woman talking about her 2nd abortion said :

Planned Parenthood Still Can’t Make the Numbers Work in Their Favor
Washington, DC | 2/22/17

It’s been somewhat entertaining to watch as Planned Parenthood tries desperately to hold on to its federal funding under a new, far less abortion-friendly

Pro-Lifers Have Won the Intellectual Battle Over Abortion. Here’s Why
Washington, DC | 2/21/17

I just ran across a terrific piece that appeared on the patheos.com website written by Michael Novak.

Roe v. Wade Attorney Sarah Weddington’s Shocking Answer When Asked, “Whatever Happened to Roe?”
Washington, DC | 2/20/17

February 18, 2017, Norma McCorvey passed away. Her long, hard journey on this harsh Earth behind her, she finally rests in the peace of our Lord.

“Child-Free” Millennials Choose Pets Over Kids: “Who Needs Children When We Can Cuddle Our Pets”
Washington, DC | 2/20/17

According to government statistics, an increasing number of women from the millennial generation are opting out when it comes to having babies.

If Beyoncé’s Fetuses Are Babies, Why Not All Fetuses?
Washington, DC | 2/17/17

Objective realities aren’t subject to feelings, but increasingly, that’s the verdict of our celebrity-driven culture. Just ask Beyoncé’s

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards’ Salary Has Gone Up a Whopping 265% to Almost $1 Million
Washington, DC | 2/17/17

It must be nice to be untouchable by mainstream media. You can lie through those shiny white teeth and mainstream media will treat every rehearsed

How Can You Do a Better Job Counseling Women Considering Abortion? Here’s Some Tips
Washington, DC | 2/16/17

Every other Tuesday we publish a new episode of the Equipped for Life Podcast, available to everyone who purchases our course, “Equipped for

She Was Looking for an Abortion But Made One Phone Call That Changed Everything
Washington, DC | 2/16/17

Several months ago, a 24 year-old woman called our center looking for an abortion. She spoke with someone who informed her of all of her other

Abortionist Loves Her Job Killing Babies: “As I Leave the Clinic, I Feel Elated From the Work”
Washington, DC | 2/16/17

The British publication The Guardian published an article entitled, “Being an abortion doctor has taught me a lot about life.”

Former Catholic Priest: I Used to Pray Outside Abortion Clinics, Now I Support Abortion
Washington, DC | 2/16/17

Dan Murtah used to be a Catholic priest. He used to stand outside of abortion clinics in the United Kingdom and pray for women and babies with

Media Mourn Deaths of Hundreds of Whales, Ignore Deaths of Thousands of Aborted Babies
Wellington, New Zealand | 2/15/17

This week the media have been leading the nation in national mourning for the deaths of hundreds of Pilot Whales that perished on the beach at