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PBS Says “My Body, My Choice” for Abortion, But Not for Those Who Want a Large Family

Washington, DC | 1/15/15 2:28 PM

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having just one kid or a large family.

Man Lets His Elderly Mother Die on Floor of Her Home After She Fell, Didn’t Call for Help

Washington, DC | 1/14/15 7:08 PM

The case of a Winnipeg man accused of leaving his fallen, elderly mother on the floor of her home where she then died is a “horrifying” example

Court: Teen Not Mature Enough to Make Health Care Decisions, But Abortion’s Okay

Hartford, CT | 1/14/15 11:14 AM

Jessica Didn’t Need Someone to Debate Her on Abortion That Day, She Needed Someone to Love Her

Washington, DC | 1/13/15 10:39 AM

It was Spring, 2010. I was at Pasadena City College with Justice for All. I was standing inside the barricades protecting the large 18-foot-tall pro-life display.

Duty to Die: Author Says Too Few People in Oregon are Requesting Assisted Suicide

Portland, OR | 1/12/15 11:19 AM

Just as an illustration of where too many among the intelligentsia and technocratic classes are concerning euthanasia

This is One of the Most Ridiculous Pro-Abortion Arguments I’ve Ever Heard

Washington, DC | 1/7/15 6:02 PM

(LiveActionNews) —  You may remember “can’t say it? don’t legislate it.”

Don’t Abort Babies With Down Syndrome: “They Will Bless Your Life More Than You’ll Bless Theirs”

Washington, DC | 1/7/15 11:32 AM

Young Woman Explains Why “I’m Done With Being Pro-Choice” on Abortion

Washington, DC | 1/6/15 7:04 PM

My Mother Was a Raped Teen Who Abandoned Me at a Hospital, But I’m Glad She Chose Life

Indianapolis, IN | 1/6/15 4:26 PM

They Say Black Lives Matter But Abortion is the Number One Killer of Black People

Baton Rouge, LA | 1/2/15 8:15 PM

As we begin the year 2015 here in Louisiana, we look forward with hope in the knowledge of last year’s successes and understanding the ongoing challenges for the pro-life community.

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