An Interview With an Assisted Suicide Doctor: A Surprising Look at Euthanasia
Washington, DC | 6/21/17

It’s not often that we get a glimpse into the assisted suicide movement from the perspective of a medical professional who actually participates

No More Excuses, It’s Time to Defund Planned Parenthood
Washington, DC | 6/20/17

As the healthcare bill makes its way through whatever the Senate is doing with it, one provision is absolutely non-negotiable: The bill needs

If You Think Birth is When Human Life Begins, Consider That Unborn Babies Can Do This in the Womb
Washington, DC | 6/20/17

I believe that there is a common and insidious cultural misconception with regards to fetuses: the subtle idea that birth is the true beginning

A Letter to My Dad, an Adoptive Father of 13
Washington, DC | 6/19/17

Dear Dad,

Dads: You Matter, And We Appreciate You
Washington, DC | 6/16/17

Many will use Father’s Day as a day to point out the failures of men in child-rearing. This is not my motivation today. I have written in the

Woman Conceived in Rape: If You’re Pro-Life With a Rape Exception You Think It’s OK to Abort Me
Washington, DC | 6/16/17

While many liberal media outlets and activists push an abortion-without-apology perspective, nearly all promote the view that abortion is justified

Democrats’ Rabid Pro-Abortion Stance Is Endangering Their Appeal To Millennials
Washington, DC | 6/16/17

When Democrats passed the most extreme party platform at their convention last summer, the abortion lobby cheered. Their takeover of the party

Woman Defends Her Abortion, Calls Her Baby a “Little Ghost” She Didn’t Want
Washington, DC | 6/15/17

A woman who had an abortion told a pro-choice writer:

Men Should Speak Out Against Abortion. Here’s Why
Washington, DC | 6/15/17

“I don’t understand how any man thinks that he has the right to dictate to women what they should do with their body,” said Trevor Noah,

Elder Abuse is a Clear Consequence When Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Are Legalized
Washington, DC | 6/15/17

June 15 is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Timed to coincide with this international day, the Australian Law Reform Commission has released

Actress Amy Brenneman Celebrates Her Abortion: “I Have Never Regretted My Abortion”
Washington, DC | 6/15/17

Actress Amy Brenneman's new video about her abortion experience should be both heartbreaking and revealing to pro-life advocates.

If You Want Planned Parenthood Defunded, Here’s What You Need to Do
Washington, DC | 6/15/17

A battle is brewing in the U.S. Senate over funding of Planned Parenthood.

Pro-Abortion Clergy Complain Pro-Life Christians Dominate The Faith-Based Political Arena
Washington, DC | 6/15/17

The religious left feels left out.