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Hey Pro-Choice Activists: One Last Time, Abortion is a About a Baby

Washington, DC | 1/26/15 3:48 PM

When Will Babies Killed in Abortion Get as Much Attention as Deflated Footballs?

Washington, DC | 1/26/15 2:14 PM

Abortion Activist: “Yes Babies in the Womb are Human Beings, But So What”

Washington, DC | 1/23/15 10:59 AM

In 2013, pro-abortion writer, Mary Elizabeth Williams penned an article titled, “So What if Abortion Ends Life?”

These People All Have One Shocking Thing in Common: They Survived Abortion

Washington, DC | 1/23/15 10:53 AM

Reflections on Roe vs. Wade: Remembering When Margaret Sanger Spoke to the KKK

Washington, DC | 1/22/15 10:52 AM

Pro-Abortion Movement in a State of Panic as Young Americans are Passionately Pro-Life

Washington, DC | 1/21/15 3:43 PM

Ban on Abortions After 20 Weeks Would Save Babies With Down Syndrome Targeted in Abortion

Washington, DC | 1/20/15 6:09 PM

327,653: the number of babies who did not get to experience a first Christmas last year thanks to Planned Parenthood.

What Will the Legacies of Brittany Maynard and Lauren Hill Be? One Chose Death, One Chose Life

Washington, DC | 1/20/15 11:06 AM

42 Years After Roe, We Must Reaffirm Our Commitment to Protecting Human Life

Washington, DC | 1/19/15 4:33 PM

In 1984, President Ronald Reagan designated Sunday, January 22nd as Sanctity of Human Life Day.

After Scan Showed Possible Disability, My Doctor Suggested Amniocentesis for One Horrible Reason

Washington, DC | 1/15/15 2:54 PM

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