America’s Suicide Crisis: Life Expectancy Declines for First Time Since 1930 Because So Many Commit Suicide
Washington, DC | 8/14/17

How bad is America’s suicide problem? Well, it’s so bad that Americans’ overall life expectancy has declined for the first time since the

We Used to Fight to Save Every Polio Victim, Now Disabled People are Left to Die
Washington, DC | 8/11/17

When I was a small boy, polio terrified me. Each year, it would strike thousands of children like me—and you never knew when or where it would

She Looks So Innocent, But Cecile Richards Sells Abortions for a Living
Washington, DC | 8/11/17

People magazine could be considered the bible of the pop culture world. It excels in presenting covers graced by beautiful babies, breathtaking

They Don’t Want to be Called Pro-Abortion But They Attack Abortion Alternatives
Washington, DC | 8/11/17

“Do you have a minute for a quick call?” read the email from Amy Scheuring, the executive director of Women’s Choice Network in Pittsburgh,

Should Pro-Life People Shame Women Who Have Had Abortions?
Washington, DC | 8/8/17

The way our society uses the word “shaming” is complicated. In this article I discuss three different types of shaming and how they relate

Celebrity Fundraisers Raise Money for Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz as an “Act of Kindness”
Washington, DC | 8/7/17

I was reading a magazine spotlighting celebrities recently when I noticed a paragraph that was supposed to highlight acts of kindness.

Abby Johnson: I Could Have Quit Planned Parenthood Two Years Sooner But Something Awful Happened
Washington, DC | 8/7/17

I resigned from Planned Parenthood in 2009, but it could have been two years earlier. I had developed a relationship with one of the anti-abortion

Abortion Activists Claim Laws Punishing Pregnant Women for Drinking Alcohol are Sexist
Washington, DC | 8/4/17

Abortion advocates continue to hit bizarre new lows. In an August 2 column for the “Mothership” section of Refinery 29, Kimberly Truong writes

How Much Did It Cost the Hospital to Kill Charlie Gard?
Washington, DC | 8/4/17

Remember the good old days when the medical community used their time and money to wipe out disease not the patient? The strange and tragic case

Human Life is No Less Sacred Before Birth Than After
Washington, DC | 8/3/17

Not so long ago, a friend of mine, ever-sunny Robin, was all set to serve as a volunteer on a women’s retreat weekend. Then she learned that

Quit Pretending the Democrat Party Doesn’t Have a Pro-Abortion Litmus Test
Washington, DC | 8/2/17

“Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” doesn’t even begin to plumb the depths of the Democratic Party’s deceitfulness,

Feminist Writer: “Abortion is Liberty.” Abortion Celebrates “People’s Fundamental Humanity”
Washington, DC | 8/2/17

Feminist writer Lindy West wrote a column in The New York Times Wednesday responding to comments by the chairman of the Democratic Congressional