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Since Michael Brown Died, 981 Black Babies Have Died in Abortion in Missouri, But There are No Riots

Jefferson City, MO | 11/26/14 11:52 AM

Riots are taking place across the country in response to a grand jury’s decision not to indict a Ferguson, Missouri police officer for shooting a black teenager.

Patients Like Brittany Maynard Need Hospice Info, Not Assisted Suicide

Washington, DC | 11/26/14 10:43 AM

Planned Parenthood Activist’s Ironic Sign: “He Was Planned”

Washington, DC | 11/25/14 10:44 AM

Two Women Facing Terminal Brain Disease Two Profoundly Different Legacies

Washington, DC | 11/21/14 5:12 PM

I am convinced that anyone who read our stories about Brittany Maynard would come away knowing two things.

I. Love. Adoption.

Washington, DC | 11/20/14 7:46 PM

My Birthmother Was a Paranoid Schizophrenic Who Was Raped, Thank God I Wasn’t Aborted

Washington, DC | 11/20/14 12:09 PM

Republicans Must Pass Bill to Stop Taxpayer-Funded Abortions in Obamacare

Washington, DC | 11/20/14 11:44 AM

A September 2014 report by an independent government watchdog confirmed that Obamacare is replete with abortion on demand and that it is often nearly impossible for consumers to determine whether the plan they are considering includes elective abortion.

If You’re Pro-Life But Support Abortion in Cases of Rape, Are You Really Pro-Life?

Washington, DC | 11/19/14 12:10 PM

If Scientists Find a “Gay Gene” Will “Gay” Unborn Babies be Killed in Abortions?

Washington, DC | 11/19/14 11:42 AM

Lately, “pro-choice” has been “evolving” into “pro-abortion”–including support for sex selection abortion.

Mom Who Adopted Daughter as Frozen Embryo: “Life Begins at Conception, These are Little Humans”

Washington, DC | 11/18/14 6:22 PM

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