To Win Again, Must Democrats Stop Being the Abortion Party?
Washington, DC | 4/21/17

The results of the 2016 presidential election have spurred some soul-searching among many in the Democratic party. Some analysts are even encouraging

“Each Finger Could be Counted:” What a Doctor Saw After Examining a Baby Who Died in a Miscarriage
Washington, DC | 4/20/17

(LiveActionNews) -- Melissa Ogle, MD, is a pro-life doctor I wrote about in a previous article. When she was young, she had an abortion and

The Horribly Dehumanizing Language People Use to Describe Babies With Down Syndrome
Washington, DC | 4/19/17

More than a few times I have drawn attention to the work of Mark W. Leach, an attorney from Louisville, Kentucky. With respect to children prenatally

What if Flags Flew at Half Staff Each Day to Remember Babies Killed in Abortion?
Washington, DC | 4/19/17

Flying the United States flag at half-mast or half-staff is a symbol of honor, remembrance, and mourning in response to a loss of human life.

Peter Singer: Sexually Assaulting Mentally Disabled People Isn’t That Bad Because They Can’t Comprehend It
Washington, DC | 4/19/17

We say it often: ideas have consequences; bad ideas have victims. And a certain, consistent Princeton bioethicist continues to show just how

Abortion Activists Have a Hard Time Condemning Sex-Selection Abortions
Washington, DC | 4/18/17

Abortion rights groups are put in a difficult position by sex-selection abortions. They have said for years that a woman’s decision to abort

Elections Have Consequences: Trump Defunded UNFPA and Gave Us Gorsuch, Hillary Never Would Have
Washington, DC | 4/17/17

Wow! If you didn’t believe that elections have consequences, the past few weeks should have been able to convince you otherwise.

I Debated a Pro-Abortion Politician Who Loves Planned Parenthood. Here’s What Happened
Washington, DC | 4/13/17

Most Americans should know by now that NPR stands for National Prochoice Radio. They rarely ever try to appear objective on abortion. This

Republicans “Getting Closer Ever Day” to New Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood
Washington, DC | 4/13/17

The biggest prize of last November is getting settled in his Supreme Court office. But Justice Neil Gorsuch was only part of the GOP's payoff

Exposing the Evil of Abortion: The Courage of Pro-Life Factivists
Washington, DC | 4/11/17

Courage. It’s a rare thing these days. Hollywood confuses it with monolithic thinking and award show monologues cheered on by automatons from

Charges Against Pro-Life Investigative Journalist David Daleiden are Totally Bogus. Here’s Why
Washington, DC | 4/10/17

The saga of David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress continues to shed new light on the darkness of Planned Parenthood and its political

Mother of 4 Defends Having an Abortion “Who are You to Judge?”
Washington, DC | 4/7/17

It's difficult to understand how a woman could defend legalized abortion after having a brutally painful abortion experience that has haunted

Pro-Abortion Writer Admits Human Life Begins Before Birth
Washington, DC | 4/7/17

Pro-Abortion author Katie Roiphe admits that abortion kills a life, and people know it: