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Gendercide in America: Why the Issue Hits Home

Washington, DC | 9/18/14 2:45 PM

(LiveActionNews) — San Francisco Supervisor David Chiu made waves after announcing a proposed city-wide prohibition on sex-selection abortion bans.

The Birth Defect That Never Was: The Story of My Son

Washington, DC | 9/18/14 1:27 PM

Are Vaccines Made With Cells From Aborted Babies Linked to Autism?

Washington, DC | 9/16/14 5:06 PM

Do Gays and Lesbians Have a Place in the Pro-Life Movement?

Washington, DC | 9/15/14 11:19 AM

Losing the Abortion Debate, Planned Parenthood Abandons the Term “Pro-Choice”

Washington, DC | 9/15/14 10:16 AM

Germany Dedicates Memorial to Disabled People Nazis Killed, But is Our Abortion Eugenics Much Different?

Washington, DC | 9/15/14 9:47 AM

We should applaud the newest memorial in Germany. And maybe we need one of our own. I’ll explain.

No, There is No “Christian Case” for Abortion

Washington, DC | 9/12/14 10:22 AM

Keli Goff ‘s essay at the Daily Beast was headlined “A Christian Case for Abortion Rights?”

Activist Says There is Never a Bad Reason to Have an Abortion

Washington, DC | 9/11/14 6:41 PM

Abortion Activist Upset Police Called When Student Gives Birth in School Bathroom, Abandons Dead Baby

Washington, DC | 9/11/14 4:40 PM

She Announced Her Pregnancy Way Before 12 Weeks, Why More Women Should Consider Doing the Same

Washington, DC | 9/11/14 4:00 PM

Fans of the hit TLC show “19 Kids and Counting” were excited to watch daughter Jill Duggar get married in June–but they weren’t expecting to hear she was pregnant just two months later.

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