UK Scientists Close to Creating Three-Parent Babies: Creating Children With Three Genetic Parents
London, England | 11/2/15

The United Kingdom has taken one step closer to creating children with three genetic parents. Last week legislation that will allow fertility

Professor Says People Should Self-Identify as Mammals Not as Human Beings
Washington, DC | 10/27/15

The New York Times dedicated to undermining human exceptionalism, publishing such subversive advocacy regularly.

Scientists Cloned 60 Cows and All But 14 Died, Just Wait Until They Start Cloning Humans
Washington, DC | 10/26/15

Dolly was manufactured to open the way for cloned “transgenic” animal herds, that is cloned sheep containing a few human genes so they exude

This Organization Just Saved Its 500th Baby From Dying in a Fertility Clinic
Washington, DC | 10/21/15

In September, the National Embryo Donation Center threw a party to celebrate the 500 embryo adoptions they’ve facilitated since they opened

Woman Dies While Acting as Couple’s Surrogate, Along With the Unborn Twins She Was Carrying
Washington, DC | 10/13/15

An American woman has died while acting as a surrogate for a Spanish couple, as did the unborn twins she was carrying. This is the first known

Europe Bans Animal Cloning, But Human Cloning Has Not Been Banned
Washington, DC | 9/24/15

I am always amazed at how there is a great anger in Europe against technologies like plant GMOs, but far less outrage over the prospect of human

Scientists Want to Genetically Modify Human Embryos, Calling it “Essential” Research
Washington, DC | 9/14/15

New genetic engineering techniques are going to revolutionize medicine. They may also irrevocably change mankind if we are not careful.

Five-Year-Old’s Decision to Donate Stem Cells to Her Twin Brother With Cancer Saved His Life
Washington, DC | 9/3/15

In Illinois, a five-year-old girl made the selfless decision to give her twin brother her stem cells to help him fight an aggressive form of

Where Do the Body Parts of Aborted Babies End Up? Scientists Transplant Their Brain Tissue Into Mice
Washington, DC | 8/5/15

The Scientist recently ran commentary by John D. Loike  questioning the ethics of transplanting human brains cells into other species. The piece

Ethical Stem Cells Grow Tiny Human Hearts Without Killing Human Embryos
Washington, DC | 7/22/15

Remember when THE SCIENTISTS! insisted that embryonic stem cells and human cloning were the ONLY HOPE to create a vibrant regenerative medical

Husband Wants Frozen Embryos Destroyed, Wife Says “I Want My Babies…They are Priceless to Me”
Los Angeles, CA | 7/20/15

In California, a divorced couple is fighting over the future of the frozen eggs they created right before their wedding. Five years ago, Dr.

Husband Wants Frozen Embryos Destroyed After Divorce, Wife Says No Because She Can’t Have Kids
Sacramento, CA | 7/14/15

In California, a divorced couple is fighting over the future of the frozen eggs they created right before their wedding. Five years ago, Dr.

Couple Spends $100,000 on Seven Rounds of IVF to Guarantee a Girl Baby
Houston, TX | 7/9/15

In Texas, a couple spent $100,000 on seven rounds of IVF to ensure that they would conceive a daughter after having two sons. The pair, Rose