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Euthanasia Activists Want to Harvest Organs From Conscious ICU Patients

Washington, DC | 6/12/14 11:08 AM

UK Govt Says Testing Three-Parent Embryos Wrong in Animals, Okay in Humans

London, England | 6/10/14 3:50 PM

In today’s modern society everything seems turned around. Black is white. White is black.

British Govt Claims Creating Human Embryos With Three Parents is Perfectly Safe

Washington, DC | 6/3/14 1:37 PM

Woman Sets Record Giving Birth at 46 Using IVF and Her Own Eggs

Washington, DC | 5/30/14 5:28 PM

A woman from Orlando set a world record in conceiving and giving birth at 46.

Judge Awards Frozen Embryos to Woman, Even Though Boyfriend Didn’t Consent

Chicago, IL | 5/19/14 5:08 PM

Welcome to the muddy ethical world of in-vitro fertilziation.

More Human Embryos Destroyed in Grisly Human Cloning Experiments

Washington, DC | 5/2/14 12:01 PM

The Matrix Revisited: Scientists Want Human Embryos as Planted Crops

Washington, DC | 4/29/14 1:22 PM

Remember in the early days of the embryonic stem cell debate being repeatedly assured that “all” the scientists wanted were ”leftover embryos due to be destroyed anyway” (from IVF) for use research?

Ethical Concerns Surrounding Three Parent Embryos Raised on Capitol Hill

Washington, DC | 4/22/14 10:49 AM

Two Men Cloned for Stem Cells by Company Destroying Human Embryos

Washington, DC | 4/18/14 1:06 PM

For years Massachusetts company Advanced Cell Technology (ACT) has been trying to clone human embryos.

Mad Scientists Take Another Step Towards Human Cloning, Ban It Before It’s Too Late

Washington, DC | 4/17/14 4:39 PM

Once Dolly the sheep was cloned, human cloning was always primarily a matter of developing the right technique.

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