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Ethical Concerns Surrounding Three Parent Embryos Raised on Capitol Hill

Washington, DC | 4/22/14 10:49 AM

Two Men Cloned for Stem Cells by Company Destroying Human Embryos

Washington, DC | 4/18/14 1:06 PM

For years Massachusetts company Advanced Cell Technology (ACT) has been trying to clone human embryos.

Mad Scientists Take Another Step Towards Human Cloning, Ban It Before It’s Too Late

Washington, DC | 4/17/14 4:39 PM

Once Dolly the sheep was cloned, human cloning was always primarily a matter of developing the right technique.

Hwang Woo-suk Makes Britain’s First Cloned Dog

London, England | 4/10/14 7:21 PM

Like a bad penny, disgraced South Korean cloning researcher Hwang Woo-suk is always popping up in the headlines somewhere around the world.

Scientists Destroy Embryos for Cloning Process Similar to Dolly the Sheep

Washington, DC | 3/28/14 11:09 AM

Adult Stem Cells Help Young Woman Conquer Lupus

Washington, DC | 3/20/14 11:58 AM

Mad Scientists Push Self-Breeding and Polyamorous Genetic-Related Babies

Washington, DC | 3/11/14 5:23 PM

The bioethics movement grows ever more radical. In the reproductive field, many activists promote a near-absolute right to have a baby, the kind of baby we want, via any means we desire.

Tinkering With Frankenstein: Obama Admin Considers Three-Parent Embryos

Washington, DC | 3/7/14 1:54 PM

Some things are better left untried. Like trying to create children with three genetic parents. I’ll explain …

Barcoding Human Embryos: What Message is Sent When You Begin Life as a Number?

Washington, DC | 3/4/14 2:09 PM

Oklahoma House Votes to Ban Research Destroying Human Embryos

Oklahoma City, OK | 3/3/14 10:33 AM

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