Leah Used to be a Happy, Healthy Person. Then She “Donated” Her Eggs
Washington, DC | 10/11/17

It seems not a week goes by without hearing from someone who has been harmed by either egg “donation” or surrogacy. Today is no different.

Surrogate Mom Who Refused to Abort Triplets Sues for Custody, Supreme Court Rejects Her Case
Washington, DC | 10/3/17

Melissa Cook, the California surrogate mom who refused to abort her unborn triplets, will not get the chance to argue her case before the U.S.

Embryonic Stem Cell Research Still Hasn’t Cured a Single Patient
Washington, DC | 9/20/17

Dr. Francis Collins has not shown any pro-life leadership at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). In fact, in an interview, Dr. Collins‘

Scientists Conduct Grisly Experiments Modifying the DNA of Human Embryos
Washington, DC | 8/31/17

Scientists in Oregon have successfully genetically modified human embryos, according to research published earlier this month. The researchers

Sofía Vergara Defeats Her Ex-Fiance in Battle to Kill Their Frozen Unborn Children
Washington, DC | 8/28/17

A multiple-year legal battle and the lives of two human embryos, Emma and Isabella, may be over after a federal judge dismissed a case between

China Uses Eugenic Embryo Screening to Weed Out and Destroy “Imperfect” Unborn Children
Beijing, China | 8/22/17

Gene-editing with CRISPR has been in the headlines over the past month and touted as a way of eliminating genetic diseases. But the cruder and

Amazing Artificial Womb Helped Birth a Premature Lamb, Premature Babies May be Next
Washington, DC | 8/21/17

For the second time in a year, a group of scientists managed to create an artificial womb that one day could save very premature babies' lives.

Woman Will Use Stem Cells From Her Baby’s Umbilical Cord To Save Her Brother, Who Has a Brain Tumor
London, England | 8/18/17

A pregnant British mom hopes she and her unborn baby will be the answer to help prolong her ailing brother's life.

Scientists are Editing the DNA of Unborn Babies in Shocking Experiments
Washington, DC | 8/8/17

In late July, the MIT Technology Review published news many of us have been dreading: A team of scientists at Oregon Health and Sciences University

Human Life Begins at Fertilization — Even if Scientists are Creating People in a Lab
Washington, DC | 7/27/17

There continue to be reports of new attempts to create life, sometimes labeled “synthetic” or “artificial” because the entity is not

Scientists Kill Unborn Children in Human Genetic Engineering Experiments
Washington, DC | 7/27/17

Some of the most powerful technologies ever invented–which can literally change human life at the DNA level–are moving forward with very

Despite Massive Hype and Billions of Dollars Embryonic Stem Cells Still Haven’t Cured a Single Patient
Washington, DC | 6/30/17

Stem cells. Those words can conjure up many images for those who hear them: cures, death of young human beings, millions and billions of taxpayer

Adult Stem Cells Save Woman Ravaged by Lupus, Now She Can be a Mom
Washington, DC | 6/27/17

Today the Charlotte Lozier Institute announced the release of its latest testimonial video at, a project of the Washington,