Scientists are Making Human-Pig Hybrids for Organ Transplants That Could Develop Into “Monsters”
Washington, DC | 2/22/17

The recent creation of animal-human hybrids is stirring up ethical questions about the value and definition of human life.

Scientists Given Green Light to Edit the DNA of Unborn Babies
Washington, DC | 2/17/17

A group of international scientists opened Pandora's box this week with a new report arguing that it may be acceptable to genetically edit unborn

Sofía Vergara Fights Her Ex-Fiance to Kill Their Frozen Unborn Children
Washington, DC | 2/16/17

The legal battle over actress Sofia Vergara's and ex-fiance Nick Loeb's frozen human embryos continued this week.

Scientists Create Human-Pig Hybrids for Organ Transplants That Could Develop Into “Monsters”
Washington, DC | 1/27/17

Scientists announced this week that they successfully created the first human-pig hybrid, a living pig embryo with some human characteristics.

Woman Gives Birth to Three-Parent Baby After Her DNA Was Combined With Two Other People
Washington, DC | 1/19/17

A child conceived using a controversial three-parent embryo technique was born on Jan. 5 in the Ukraine, the Daily Mail reports.

Scientists: New Fertility Technique “Raises Spectre of Embryo Farming on Unimaginable Scale”
London, England | 1/12/17

A new fertility procedure that could allow sperm and eggs to be made from people's skin may lead to "embryo farming" on a massive scale and drive

Donald Trump Must Reverse Obama’s Order Forcing Taxpayers to Fund Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Washington, DC | 1/2/17

President-elect Donald Trump reassured pro-lifers multiple times that he will sign a bill to defund the nation's largest abortion chain, Planned

Cells From Cancer Victim’s Own Body Help Man Fight Deadly Brain Cancer
Washington, DC | 12/30/16

Paging through the many posts I receive daily about stem cells, I ran across a story that was published by the Associated Press earlier this

Shocking Report Shows IVF Clinic Fertilized 26 Women With the Wrong Sperm Cells
Washington, DC | 12/28/16

A Dutch fertility clinic made a huge mistake that may have affected 26 families and their children.

Over 60,000 People Every Year Get Adult Stem Cell Treatments, Embryonic Cells Help No One
Washington, DC | 12/9/16

We are now just a little more than two weeks away from Christmas when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus and reflected on the wonder of

Shocking Report Shows 2.5 Million Human Beings Created for IVF Have Been Killed
Washington, DC | 12/6/16

In vitro fertilization is becoming an increasingly controversial fertility procedure because of its treatment of human life in its earliest form.

Three-Parent Babies Could be Created by UK Scientists Within Months
London, England | 12/1/16

Media sources are reporting that the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) is expected to approve the use of mitochondrial replacement

Judge Rules Sperm Donor is Not Responsible for Paying Child Support
Topeka, KS | 12/1/16

New reproductive and fertility procedures are raising difficult legal and ethical questions in our modern society.