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British Government May Allow Genetically Engineered “Three-Parent” Embryos

London, England | 10/16/14 10:46 AM

White Woman Sues Sperm Bank Because It Mistakenly Gave Her a Black Baby

Washington, DC | 10/13/14 11:52 AM

Embryonic Stem Cell Backers Make More False Claims, Only Adult Cells Help Patients

Washington, DC | 10/9/14 4:16 PM

Excitement over a newly-released paper on stem cells making insulin is a tribute to the Harvard stem cell Press Office.

He Had No Feeling in His Legs or Feet and Was Confined to a Wheelchair, Then This Happened

Washington, DC | 9/4/14 1:06 PM

Adult Stem Cells Help Totally Paralyzed Patient Walk, Embryonic Stem Cells? Zilch

Washington, DC | 8/28/14 4:12 PM

Scientist: Creating Babies as Three-Parent Embryos is Unethical, Will Result in Disabled Kids

Washington, DC | 8/27/14 2:58 PM

Paul Knoepfler is a stem cell researcher in California.

Pro-Abortion Amanda Marcotte Trashes Pro-Lifers Concerned About the Ice Bucket Challenge

Washington, DC | 8/27/14 10:17 AM

Now we’ve done it. Pro-life critics of the ALS Association Ice Bucket Challenge, which tacitly supports embryonic stem-cell research, have drawn the ire of Amanda Marcotte.

Shocking Report Reveals Scientists Created 17 Babies as Three-Parent Embryos

Washington, DC | 8/26/14 12:55 PM

U.S. Becomes a Destination for Brits to Use IVF to Sex-Select Their Baby

Washington, DC | 8/5/14 1:36 PM

Helping the Blind to See: Scientists Regrow Human Corneas From Adult Stem Cells

Washington, DC | 7/9/14 6:33 PM

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