New Trial With Adult Stem Cells Will Investigate Treating People With Traumatic Brain Injuries
Washington, DC | 9/27/16

Contained in a “Q&A” that ran today in the Texas Tribune is still more evidence that the truth is gradually seeping out: the wave of

Remember the Huge Embryonic Stem Cell Research Debate? Turns Out the Pro-Life Side Was Right
Washington, DC | 9/26/16

The biggest ethical and scientific debate of the early 2000s has all but disappeared. And we need to tell people why.

Here’s What “Bioethicists” are Promoting Nowadays: Infanticide, Organ Harvesting and Euthanasia
Washington, DC | 9/19/16

Thousands of medical ethicists and bioethicists, as they are called, professionally guide the unthinkable on its passage through the debatable

Adult Stem Cells: The Best Kept Secret In Medicine
Washington, DC | 8/30/16

Stem cell therapies and their lifesaving results are arguably the best kept medical secret.  Stem cells are currently being used in several

No Cures… Embryonic Stem Cell Research Hype Was Just That: Hype
Washington, DC | 8/18/16

When George W. Bush put minor federal funding restrictions on embryonic stem cell research–he funded it in the hundreds of millions during

Given Just 5 Years to Live, Woman’s Deadly Blood Cancer Treated With Her Own Cells
Washington, DC | 8/12/16

Today the Charlotte Lozier Institute announced the release of its latest patient testimonial video at, a project of

Scientists Who Use Aborted Baby Parts in Their Research Sue to Hide Their Identities
Washington, DC | 8/5/16

Researchers who use aborted babies' body parts filed a lawsuit this week in Washington state to keep their names from being released in several

We Can’t Trust the Obama Admin to Monitor Scientists Making Human-Animal Hybrids
Washington, DC | 8/4/16

The NIH is considering funding research that will inject human stem cells into animal embryos, thereby creating human/animal chimeras.

Obama Administration Wants to Allow Scientists to Make Human-Animal Hybrids
Washington, DC | 8/4/16

The Obama administration today announced it has flung the door wide open to scientists making grisly human-animal hybrids. After overturning

Scientists Cloning More Animals Using Dolly the Sheep, May Lead to Human Cloning
Washington, DC | 7/27/16

Apparently clones of the same dead sheep from which Dolly was manufactured are in good health and aging normally. From the LiveScience story:

Chinese Scientists Look to Cure Lung Cancer With Genetic Engineering
Washington, DC | 7/25/16

There is a new tool in the biotechnology tool belt that may revolutionize the way medicine treats a host of diseases. It is called CRISPR-Cas9.

Scientists are Now Attempting to Figure Out How to Get Men Pregnant
Washington, DC | 6/20/16

As uterus transplants become a more realistic possibility, some doctors say they are receiving inquiries from male patients who identify as women

Scientists Creating Human-Pig Hybrids for Organ Transplants That Could Develop Into “Monsters”
Washington, DC | 6/7/16

Researchers in the U.S. are tinkering with a disturbing new experiment that mixes human and pig cells to produce a hybrid embryo, The Express