Over 60,000 People Every Year Get Adult Stem Cell Treatments, Embryonic Cells Help No One
Washington, DC | 12/9/16

We are now just a little more than two weeks away from Christmas when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus and reflected on the wonder of

Shocking Report Shows 2.5 Million Human Beings Created for IVF Have Been Killed
Washington, DC | 12/6/16

In vitro fertilization is becoming an increasingly controversial fertility procedure because of its treatment of human life in its earliest form.

Three-Parent Babies Could be Created by UK Scientists Within Months
London, England | 12/1/16

Media sources are reporting that the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) is expected to approve the use of mitochondrial replacement

Judge Rules Sperm Donor is Not Responsible for Paying Child Support
Topeka, KS | 12/1/16

New reproductive and fertility procedures are raising difficult legal and ethical questions in our modern society.

Professor Warns IVF is Producing a Generation of Infertile Children Prone to Cancer
Washington, DC | 11/28/16

The controversial infertility procedure in vitro fertilization may lead to a greater risk of infertility and cancer in children conceived through

Court Rules Couple’s Frozen Human Embryos are Joint Property: Wife Says They Have a “Right to Life”
Washington, DC | 11/18/16

Modern fertility procedures are causing new legal and ethical dilemmas involving parents and their unborn children.

Europe Rejects Legalizing Surrogacy to Protect the Rights of Children
Strasbourg, France | 10/13/16

(CFAM) -- Last Tuesday, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) rejected an attempt to legalize surrogacy throughout Europe.

Woman Born From the Same Womb as Her Son Describes Womb Transplant With Her Mother’s Womb
Stockholm, Sweden | 10/7/16

One of the first women in the world to successfully receive a womb transplant and give birth shared her story with the Associated Press this

When Scientists Created the 3-Parent Baby, They Killed 4 Unborn Children in the Process
Washington, DC | 9/29/16

Fertility doctors have brought a baby to birth from an embryo created artificially with the biological substances of two women and one man.

Shocking Report Reveals Scientists Have Created the Word’s First Baby With Three-Parents
Washington, DC | 9/28/16

A shocking new report claims the world's first three-parent baby (pictured above) has been born. Children born through ‘three-person IVF’

New Trial With Adult Stem Cells Will Investigate Treating People With Traumatic Brain Injuries
Washington, DC | 9/27/16

Contained in a “Q&A” that ran today in the Texas Tribune is still more evidence that the truth is gradually seeping out: the wave of

Remember the Huge Embryonic Stem Cell Research Debate? Turns Out the Pro-Life Side Was Right
Washington, DC | 9/26/16

The biggest ethical and scientific debate of the early 2000s has all but disappeared. And we need to tell people why.