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Time-Lapse Video Allows Couple to See Their Baby Three Days After Conception

London, England | 1/27/15 10:37 AM

In May 2014, Laura and Richard Lawrence welcomed their daughter, Matilda, into the world.

Did Brittany Maynard’s Donating Her Eggs Lead to Cancer That Prompted Assisted Suicide?

Washington, DC | 1/21/15 11:05 AM

New DNA Editing Technique Makes Designer Babies a Possibility

Washington, DC | 1/20/15 3:42 PM

In science fiction movies, it seems like it is easy to edit the genetics of a living organism.

IVF Gone Wild: 23 “Hollywood Moms” Use Same Sperm Donor to Create “Perfect” Kids

Washington, DC | 1/15/15 4:28 PM

This Couple Could Have Destroyed Their “Unused” Embryos, They Did This Pro-Life Thing Instead

Washington, DC | 1/14/15 4:10 PM

Scientists Want to Create Babies With Two Dads, Turning Sperm Into Eggs

Washington, DC | 1/5/15 3:58 PM

I wrote here the other day about how scientists believe they may be able to turn skin cells into usable eggs and sperm.

New Experimental Adult Stem Cell Treatment Helps Those With MS

Washington, DC | 12/31/14 4:42 PM

Can a Man be Both Mother and Father of Child?

Washington, DC | 12/26/14 1:54 PM

We are speeding toward a time when human skin cells or embryonic stem cells can be morphed into sperm and eggs. The precursor of these gametes have been made in the lab.

British Government Will Keep Third Parent in Three-Parent-Embryo IVF a Secret

London, England | 12/19/14 11:40 AM

The British government is considering using a new technique to eradicate serious illness stemming from one parent.

Does Woman Need Permission From Ex-Boyfriend to Use Frozen Embryos Made From His Sperm?

Chicago, IL | 12/4/14 4:59 PM

Over four years ago, Jacob Szafranski and Dr. Karla Dunston were dating and created embryos together after Dr. Dunston was diagnosed with cancer.

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