Four Things You Can Do to Help Stop Creation of Genetically-Modified Kids
Washington, DC | 2/19/15

At a time when more and more people are becoming wary of generically-modified foods in their diet, the United Kingdom is poised to begin creating

American “Scientist” Wants to Create Human Embryos With Three Parents
Portland, OR | 2/11/15

Logic purists will always call the appeal to the slippery slope a fallacy. You cannot argue against A just because it might lead to B.

Fraudulent Human Cloning Scientist Hwang Woo-suk Hits it Big With new Stem Cell Startup
Washington, DC | 2/11/15

We live in very unethical times. The human cloning fraudster, Hwang Woo-suk, has hit it big with a new stem cell startup.

Britain’s Scary “Brave New World:” Parliament Allows Three-Parent Embryos
London, England | 2/4/15

Oh Huxley, what is your beloved country about to do?

British Parliament Approves Genetically Engineered “Three-Parent” Embryos
Washington, DC | 2/3/15

Members of the British parliament today voted to make Britain the first country in the world to allow scientists to create three-parent genetically-engineered

British Parliament May Make UK First Country to Allow Creating Three-Parent Embryos
London, England | 2/2/15

Tomorrow MPs in the House of Commons will be asked to vote to make Britain the first country in the world to offer controversial ‘three-parent’

Time-Lapse Video Allows Couple to See Their Baby Three Days After Conception
London, England | 1/27/15

In May 2014, Laura and Richard Lawrence welcomed their daughter, Matilda, into the world. However, before they met her, they were able to see

Did Brittany Maynard’s Donating Her Eggs Lead to Cancer That Prompted Assisted Suicide?
Washington, DC | 1/21/15

The tagline of our film Eggsploitation is "The infertility industry has a dirty little secret." In the film we seek to expose the many facets

New DNA Editing Technique Makes Designer Babies a Possibility
Washington, DC | 1/20/15

In science fiction movies, it seems like it is easy to edit the genetics of a living organism. In reality, it is very, very difficult. A new

IVF Gone Wild: 23 “Hollywood Moms” Use Same Sperm Donor to Create “Perfect” Kids
Washington, DC | 1/15/15

Isn’t it amazing how often “progressive” human fertility industry practices mimic methods of animal husbandry?

This Couple Could Have Destroyed Their “Unused” Embryos, They Did This Pro-Life Thing Instead
Washington, DC | 1/14/15

One of the problems with in vitro fertilization is that unused or unwanted embryos are often discarded or destroyed. Unfortunately in 2011, a

Scientists Want to Create Babies With Two Dads, Turning Sperm Into Eggs
Washington, DC | 1/5/15

I wrote here the other day about how scientists believe they may be able to turn skin cells into usable eggs and sperm. This means, among other