New Law is First Ever to Protect Unborn Babies Stored in Fertility Clinics From Destruction When Couples Divorce
Phoenix, Arizona | 7/20/18

A new Arizona law recognizes the worth of unborn babies at their earliest stage of life by giving the custody of frozen embryos to a divorced

Britain Says Genetically Modifying Unborn Babies OK “If It’s in Their Best Interest”
London, England | 7/18/18

“Designer babies” may be a thing of the not too distant future in the United Kingdom after a prominent ethics group urged more research on

Woman Told IVF Was Only Way to Get Pregnant Conceives Naturally After She Stopped Treatments
Sydney, Australia | 7/17/18

The Australian website Kidspot has reported the story of a couple who were told that IVF was their only chance to have a baby, only to conceive

Woman Who Says She’s Addicted to Being Pregnant Gives Birth to Her Fifth Surrogate Baby
Dallas, Texas | 6/26/18

A five-time surrogate mother, Didi Perry went into the business to help people who could not become parents naturally.

Malta Betrays its Pro-Life Values By Approving Freezing of Human Embryos
Valleta, Malta | 6/20/18

Malta has passed new legislation allowing for embryo freezing and gamete donation.

A Simple New 3-Minute Test Could Cut Premature Births in Half and Save More Babies
Washington, DC | 6/11/18

Medical research teams across the world are working on new ways to help protect unborn babies from premature birth.

Father Seen in Public With 2-Year-Old Triples for First Time Since Trying to Pressure Surrogate to Abort One
Washington, DC | 6/5/18

A British tabloid recently captured photos of a Georgia man and his young triplets who are at the center of a massive legal battle about surrogacy

Is It Ever Okay to Treat Life in the Womb or a Test Tube as a Commodity?
Washington, DC | 5/30/18

Advances in technology are changing almost everything about our lives. But it must not change how we understand, and value, human life.

Should Christians Use In-Vitro Fertilization?
Washington, DC | 5/21/18

Sometimes premarital counseling includes conversations about having children. But what about conversations about not being able to have children?

FDA Tells Scientist to Stop Making Three-Parent Unborn Babies
Washington, DC | 5/16/18

A Manhattan fertility doctor has stopped creating three-parent embryos for now after receiving a warning letter from the federal government last

Parents 65 and 63 Have Child Via IVF, Social Services Removes Child After Parents Unable to Provide Care
London, England | 5/9/18

Britain’s oldest IVF parents have had their child removed by a government agency after they failed to meet minimum care requirements. The unnamed

Thousands of Pro-Life People March in Malta Against Embryo Freezing and Commercial Surrogacy
Valleta, Malta | 4/23/18

Thousands of people marched through the streets of Valletta yesterday in protest against a a proposed IVF law that would legalise embryo freezing,

This Man Wants to Kill Hundreds of Unborn Children to Help People Find the Perfect Genetically-Engineered Baby
Washington, DC | 4/20/18

Procreation is becoming a matter of manufacturing, engineering, quality control, and other accouterments of industrial control. Babies are already