Timothy Brahm

Want to Change Someone’s Mind on Abortion? Here’s a Little Tip to Help
Washington, DC | 9/12/16

You can’t dialogue well about abortion or anything else unless you learn to listen well. It should be obvious to anyone that if you want to listen well you shouldn’t interrupt people when they’re in the middle of a sentence. Something much less obvious is that you shouldn’t interrupt people when they’re in the middle of an important thought. An excellent listener should develop both the wisdom to recognize and the patience to allow space for a thinking pause.

How Should Conservatives Respond to the Disturbing Trend of Campus Censorship?
Washington, DC | 6/6/16

We experienced an aggressive protest at UC Davis, but this is part of a disturbing, growing trend of censorship of conservative speech on college campuses.

Bodily Rights Arguments for Abortion are Always Extremist Arguments With No Compromise
Washington, DC | 5/6/16

Bodily rights arguments for abortion are always extremist arguments, at least in the way people present them. No bodily rights argument that I have ever seen (or even heard of any pro-choice advocate making) leaves room for abortion exceptions.

Six Ways I’ve Seen Pro-Choice People Try to Censor Pro-Lifers
Washington, DC | 12/18/15

Abortion is not merely immoral, it is obviously immoral.