Ryan Bomberger

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Black Media Shills for Big Abortion, Planned Parenthood
Washington, DC | 1/27/14

The Root, a “black media” subsidiary of The Washington Post, claims that “safe” abortion and contraception save women’s lives. Special correspondent Keli Goff presents a free advertisement for Planned Parenthood. Never mind the abortion chain has never reduced the national unintended pregnancy rate…EVER. The CDC reports (since they started tracking this data in 1995) that the national unintended pregnancy rate hasn’t been reduced at all. It’s still 49%. But, Planned Parenthood has successfully increased their share of our tax dollars (now at over $540 million per year) and nationwide abortions since then, currently aborting nearly 330,000 annually.

Shock: More Black Babies Aborted Than Born Alive in New York
New York, NY | 1/20/14

New York's Governor, Andrew Cuomo, just announced that "right-to-life" advocates have "no place in the state of New York." The Radiance Foundation and its civil rights allies defy Governor Cuomo's intolerance and have launched the "DREAM IS DEAD" ad campaign (www.toomanyaborted.com/ny) in New York on Martin Luther King Day.

Abortion Industry Welfare: It Pays Planned Parenthood to be a Big Fat Zero
Washington, DC | 1/7/14

What do you get when you fail to meet stated annual goals, reduce unhealthy outcomes, yet increase the number of deaths of human beings? Rewarded.

A Pro-Life Christmas Story: When God Turned Unplanned Parenthood Into Salvation
Washington, DC | 12/24/13

This Christmas, as I see unbelievable and frightening events unfolding around the world, I have to remember one thing: God is in control. I don’t have to know the outcome of what is happening, because I know God deeply loves His creation, and He continues to enable triumph to arise from tragedy.

Christmas: An Unplanned Pregnancy Resulting in the Ultimate Self-Sacrifice
Washington, DC | 12/17/13

Sometimes we achieve clarity when we put an ideology into a different context. Our news media superficially celebrates those who fight for “equality” while denying it to millions through the violence of abortion. They go all Lady Gaga over someone who will stand for a whopping 11 hours to demand the death of innocent human life. Christ hung on a cross for a lot longer, and I’m pretty sure it was more physically tasking than standing in place in comfy pink sneakers. The difference? His sacrifice was so others wouldn’t perish.

From One Adoptee to Another: Dear Elijah
Washington, DC | 11/22/13

Recently, I received an email from a father who told me of his love for his adopted son, Elijah. He wanted me to share a little of my experience, as an adoptee, with his amazing 8 year old. So, I thought I’d write him a letter…

Abortion Impacts More Women and Children Than Modern Slavery, Sex Trafficking
Washington, DC | 10/24/13

It’s quite popular to join the fight against human sex trafficking. On college campuses across the country, one of the most uncontroversial efforts to engage in is fighting against this despicable human injustice. But those same campuses demonize those whose fight is the abolition of another, and more prevalent, human injustice—abortion.

Planned Parenthood Attacks Ken Cuccinelli on Rape While it Ignores Statutory Rape
Richmond, VA | 10/23/13

In state after state, Planned Parenthood has been found guilty of its failure to report rape (here and here and here and here). So how do liberals allow them to accuse others of a faux “War on Women?"

The Abortion Industry Puts the Con in Population Control
Washington, DC | 10/17/13

Control. Someone has it. And, too often, it’s not you. We live in a culture that has disdain for self-control, unfortunately allowing all kinds of forces to remotely control so many aspects of our lives and the very definition of our humanity.

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