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Ryan Bomberger

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Planned Parenthood Marks 98 Years of Killing Black Americans’ Dreams

Washington, DC |   | 2/12/14 11:05 AM


Planned Parenthood is commemorating 98 years of killing by “celebrating” Black History Month.

Tell Girl Scouts USA to Get Out of Bed With Big Abortion

Washington, DC |   | 2/5/14 11:14 AM


Black Media Shills for Big Abortion, Planned Parenthood

Washington, DC |   | 1/27/14 12:07 PM


The Root, a “black media” subsidiary of The Washington Post, claims that “safe” abortion and contraception save women’s lives.

Shock: More Black Babies Aborted Than Born Alive in New York

New York, NY |   | 1/20/14 6:32 PM


Abortion Industry Welfare: It Pays Planned Parenthood to be a Big Fat Zero

Washington, DC |   | 1/7/14 4:41 PM


What do you get when you fail to meet stated annual goals, reduce unhealthy outcomes, yet increase the number of deaths of human beings? Rewarded.

A Pro-Life Christmas Story: When God Turned Unplanned Parenthood Into Salvation

Washington, DC |   | 12/24/13 1:32 PM


Christmas: An Unplanned Pregnancy Resulting in the Ultimate Self-Sacrifice

Washington, DC |   | 12/17/13 4:17 PM


Sometimes we achieve clarity when we put an ideology into a different context.

From One Adoptee to Another: Dear Elijah

Washington, DC |   | 11/22/13 2:45 PM


Recently, I received an email from a father who told me of his love for his adopted son, Elijah.

Abortion Impacts More Women and Children Than Modern Slavery, Sex Trafficking

Washington, DC |   | 10/24/13 12:20 PM


Planned Parenthood Attacks Ken Cuccinelli on Rape While it Ignores Statutory Rape

Richmond, VA |   | 10/23/13 12:06 PM

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