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New DNA Editing Technique Makes Designer Babies a Possibility

Washington, DC |   | 1/20/15 3:42 PM


In science fiction movies, it seems like it is easy to edit the genetics of a living organism.

New Experimental Adult Stem Cell Treatment Helps Those With MS

Washington, DC |   | 12/31/14 4:42 PM


New Prenatal Screening Tests are Leading to Abortions of Healthy Babies

Washington, DC |   | 12/16/14 10:46 AM


An excellent piece by Beth Daley from the New England Center for Investigative Reporting called “Overused and Misunderstood” is a must read.

Scary Genetic Engineering: Three-Parent Embryo Technique is More Like Cloning

London, England |   | 12/2/14 4:41 PM


The technique that the United States and, more seriously, the United Kingdom are considering bringing to the IVF clinic, which creates embryos with three genetic parents, is often “mitochondrial replacement” or “mitochondrial transfer.”

Scientists Tell British Government: Don’t Allow Three-Parent Embryos

London, England |   | 11/4/14 10:51 AM


Paul Knoepfler, a vocal stem cell researcher, has penned an open letter to the UK Government asking for them to put the breaks on the three-parent embryo.

Scientist: Creating Babies as Three-Parent Embryos is Unethical, Will Result in Disabled Kids

Washington, DC |   | 8/27/14 2:58 PM


Paul Knoepfler is a stem cell researcher in California.

Attention Pro-Lifers: Be Careful Where You Send Your ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Donation

Washington, DC |   | 8/15/14 1:06 PM


U.S. Becomes a Destination for Brits to Use IVF to Sex-Select Their Baby

Washington, DC |   | 8/5/14 1:36 PM


Dear Hobby Lobby Haters: Birth Control is Not Medicine

Washington, DC |   | 7/22/14 2:50 PM


There is one argument against the Hobby Lobby decision that is driving me crazy maybe because it is going unchallenged on Facebook pages and comboxes all over.

Helping the Blind to See: Scientists Regrow Human Corneas From Adult Stem Cells

Washington, DC |   | 7/9/14 6:33 PM

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