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Canadian Pro-Life Leader Hails Vote for Freedom of Conscience in House of Commons
Ottawa, Canada | 6/18/15

The Canadian pro-life group We Need a Law submitted the following to LifeNews:

Are We Any Different Than Nazi Eugenics When We Abort Babies Because They Have Down Syndrome?
Ottawa, Canada | 6/16/15

When the horrors of the Holocaust became public in the 1940s, eugenics faded to the background. But once again we are witnessing science being manipulated in an attempt to create a more “perfect” society.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau Continues Pushing Unlimited Abortions Up to Birth
Ottawa, Canada | 6/4/15

A political campaign being carried out by anti-abortion groups is evoking reactions from across the country. The two groups, Campaign Life Coalition and Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform have combined their resources and are in the process of delivering one million postcards in advance of the October federal election. The postcards show an aborted baby juxtaposed with the well-known face of Justin Trudeau and the phrase “No 2 Trudeau”. It's a provocative message to be sure.

Abortion is Allowed Up to Birth in Canada, Pro-Life Canadians Will March for Life to Protest
Ottawa, Canada | 5/13/15

Should Christians rally on the steps of government? Does Scripture allow for peaceful protest? While many answer in the affirmative there are some Bible believing Christians who do not support any form of protest and see it as an act of aggression against God-ordained civil authorities. As a response to those who do not support the annual March for Life demonstration I quote my colleague André Schutten. In an article he wrote for the Reformed Perspective magazine he says,

Canadian Pro-Lifers Tell Ontario: Stop Censoring Pro-Life People on Abortion
Toronto, Canada | 4/23/15

A few years ago, John Dixon of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association was asked what he thought of attempts to prevent the distribution of pro-life flyers in a Chilliwack, B.C. neighbourhood. Dixon pointed out that, while his organization staunchly supports a woman’s right to choose abortion, he nonetheless was “discouraged to see old comrades in the fight for democratic freedoms acting as though they are so afraid of argument and advocacy for the other side that we should embrace the illusory comforts of censorship.”

Pro-Abortion Canadian Party Leader Justin Trudeau Criticized For Not Being Pro-Abortion Enough
Ottawa, Canada | 4/20/15

Well this is interesting. In spite of refusing to budge on a proclamation which bans pro-lifers from the Liberal Party of Canada, the federal New Democrats think Justin Trudeau is not pro-choice enough.

In Canada, Criminals May Not be Held Accountable for Killing Your Unborn Baby
Ottawa, Canada | 3/20/15

The unjustifiable killing of a human being is always a tragedy. When the victim is carrying a pre-born child the tragedy becomes all the more complex. In two alarming news stories this week from two separate jurisdictions we once again are confronted with the need for just laws that protect the human rights of all human beings.

Woman Killed Who Was 7 Months Pregnant, But Canada Says Her Unborn Baby Molly Isn’t a Human Being
Ottawa, Canada | 2/11/15

Media are reporting that Windsor police have made an arrest in the gruesome murder of Cassandra Kaake. Matthew Brush, 26, is charged with one count of murder. The arrest follows less than a week after Windsor police took the extraordinary step of canvassing an entire neighbourhood for voluntary DNA samples to rule themselves out as a suspect.

27 Years Ago Today, Canada Allowed Unlimited Abortions Up to Birth for Any Reason
Ottawa, Canada | 1/28/15

In a landmark decision already twenty-seven years old today, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that Canadas then-existing abortion regulations were unconstitutional. While many Canadians grieve the subsequent loss of a full quarter of their generation through abortion, others celebrate this day with exuberance, calling Canadians to protect their unfettered access to abortion at any stage of the pregnancy.

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