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Mike Schouten

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Amazing Flag Display Honors 100,000 Babies Killed in Abortions in Canada Each Year

Ottawa, Canada |   | 10/2/14 4:56 PM


Killed in An Accident at 8 Months: Canada Says Unborn Baby Wasn’t a Human Being

Ottawa, Canada |   | 10/1/14 2:51 PM


A tragic accident that claimed the lives of two children in London, Ont., this past summer has now been thrust into the national spotlight.

Justin Trudeau: Abortion Trumps MPs’ Freedom of Conscience

Ottawa, Canada |   | 9/15/14 7:06 PM


Where are all the pro-life politicians?

Why Do We Tell Pregnant Women Not to Hurt Their Baby by Drinking But Ignore Abortion?

Ottawa, Canada |   | 8/28/14 3:44 PM


In Canada You Can’t Destroy Viable Geese Eggs, But You Can Abort Viable Unborn Babies

Ottawa, Canada |   | 8/19/14 2:53 PM

International, Opinion

Whether your summer involved staying around home visiting the local swimming holes or travelling great distances, the chances are most of us will have seen Canada geese at some point. And, if not the geese themselves, certainly their ill-placed feces scattered across lakeside beaches.

Canada’s Attitude on Abortion is Still: “We Can’t Help You Raise Your Child, But We Can Kill Her”

Ottawa, Canada |   | 8/1/14 1:31 PM


According to a recent poll conducted by Angus Reid, Canadians are divided on the need for abortion laws in this country.

After 20 Years of Killing Babies, Morgentaler Abortion Clinic Shutting Down in Fredericton

Fredericton, Canada |   | 7/18/14 11:44 AM


It is a sad day for abortion advocates in Canada.

City Censors Pro-Life Group’s Images of Babies Dying From Abortion

Hamilton, Canada |   | 7/16/14 3:31 PM


There is scarcely an area in the world that is unaffected by one atrocity or another.

Canadian Doctors Should Not be Forced to Do Abortions or Provide Birth Control

Ottawa, Canada |   | 7/9/14 12:23 PM

International, Opinion

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) is asking for public input as part of its regular review of policy guidelines.

Men Often Support Abortion More Than Women, And There’s a Reason Why

Ottawa, Canada |   | 6/11/14 12:32 PM

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