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Washington Post Lied About Me Surviving an Abortion Last Year, Would It Lie Now?
Washington, DC | 9/26/13

What a difference a year makes.  Last year, about this time, the Washington Post wrote a “fact check” article on the Susan B. Anthony List ad that I participated in entitled, “How Will You Answer?”

Woman Survives Three Attempted Abortions, Now Celebrates Life Via Photography
Washington, DC | 9/18/13

Bethany Sanderson has survived 3 attempts on her life. Not in a dark alley at the hands of a robber, but in the womb of her mother – an unwed 15 year old in a remote Indian village.

As a Survivor of Abortion, I Remember Abortion’s Victims Every Day
Washington, DC | 9/9/13

“The living owe it to those who no longer can speak to tell their story for them”―Czesław MiłoszThe Issa Valley: A Novel.

The Pro-Life Movement Needs More Speaking Truth About Abortion in Love
Washington, DC | 8/14/13

Truth. Legislation. Love. When I’m asked about the most important tools that we can utilize in the pro-life movement, these make up what I see as the three-legged stool.

I Survived an Abortion, Now I’m Talking to My Mother For the First Time
Washington, DC | 8/5/13

Prayers are answered and the time and manner in which they are, undoubtedly, are not always what we want or expect, as I talked about recently in the article about the closing of the abortion clinic where Abby Johnson worked.

Abortion Survivor: My Mom Tried to Abort Me Three Times, God Protected Me
Washington, DC | 8/2/13

LifeNews Note: Due to issues with the people mentioned in this column, we have removed this article. Return to LifeNews here.

Closing of Abby Johnson’s Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic is an Answered Prayer
Washington, DC | 7/18/13

Prayers are answered. The time and manner in which they are, undoubtedly, are not always what we want or expect. Yet, if we are patient and trust that God answers prayers in His time and as they fit in accordance with His will, we will often be blessed in seeing the fruits of our prayers as He answers them.

“Abortion Was Supposed to Kill You Mom:” Why We Should Help Kids Understand Abortion
Washington, DC | 7/11/13

“Abortion was supposed to kill you, Mom, and if it would have, I never would have lived…or gone to kindergarten…or taken gymnastics.  I never would have gotten a hug from you or ate pizza.”

Born With No Arms, Chet McDoniel Says “I’m Not Perfect, But I’m Worth It”
Washington, DC | 6/28/13

“I’m not perfect, but I’m worth it.”

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