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Mallory Quigley

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Supreme Court Will Decide if Pro-Life Groups Can be Censored for Telling the Truth

Washington, DC |   | 4/22/14 9:48 AM


This morning the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Susan B. Anthony List v. Steve Driehaus.

Billboard Campaign Targets Senators Who Voted for Abortion-Funding Obamacare

Washington, DC |   | 4/11/14 5:40 PM


Pro-Life Women’s Group Backs Black Pro-Lifer Mia Love for Congress in Utah

Salt Lake City, UT |   | 3/17/14 4:52 PM

Politics, State

These Young Pro-Life Women are Future Leaders of the Pro-Life Movement

Washington, DC |   | 3/12/14 1:45 PM


Susan B. Anthony and her fellow suffragettes like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Alice Paul, and Victoria Woodhull were trailblazers who fought for the rights of women and the unborn

Pro-Life Women’s Group Seeks Young Pro-Life Women for Leadership Award

Washington, DC |   | 1/31/14 10:36 AM


Do you know a young woman who is leading the fight to protect the unborn in your community, whether on her University campus, in your state legislature, in the media, or in a local pregnancy center?

Cathy McMorris Rogers: A Pro-Life Rock Star With a Bright Future

Washington, DC |   | 1/29/14 11:46 AM


Mike Huckabee to Keynote Pro-Life Woman’s Group Annual Gala

Washington, DC |   | 1/21/14 1:38 PM


Supreme Court Takes Case of Pro-Life Group Defending Its Free Speech Rights

Washington, DC |   | 1/10/14 5:37 PM


Today the Supreme Court of the United States announced it will consider the Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) petition

FALSE: Sebelius is Wrong: Obamacare Web Site Doesn’t List Which Plans Cover Abortion

Washington, DC |   | 12/18/13 6:17 PM


Planned Parenthood Report: $540 Million in Tax Dollars, 327,000 Abortions

Washington, DC |   | 12/11/13 7:45 PM

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