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Top 17 Most Outrageous Pro-“Choice” Signs During Texas’ Abortion Debate
Austin, TX | 7/17/13

A run-down of the most obscene and outrageous pro-abortion signs Students for Life of America saw at the Texas State Capitol in Austin during the debate over HB2/SB1.

How Pro-Lifers Beat the Pro-Abortion Mob in Texas: An Eyewitness Account
Austin, TX | 7/15/13

When the Texas State Senate passed HB2 on Friday night, banning abortions after 20 weeks (when pre-born children have been scientifically proven to feel pain) and instituting regulations on abortion facilities that will bring them up to par with other surgical centers across the state, the scene outside the Senate chamber was chaotic. Abortion rights activists had descended upon the state capitol for a protest that became about much more than just one bill. Even Occupy Austin had joined the fray for demonstrations that, as our team witnessed, went far beyond the control of Planned Parenthood and NARAL.

“BroChoice:” Man Complains Casual Sex More Difficult if Abortions Banned
Washington, DC | 7/11/13

This week, Ben Sherman, a pro-abortion boy, took to his blog to explain the #brochoice movement.

Bus Tour Brings Pro-Life Students to Texas to Back Late-Term Abortion Ban
Austin, TX | 7/8/13

Today Students for Life of America (SFLA) launched the "Students #Stand4Life Bus Tour" to Austin, Texas, for the conclusion of the special session of the Texas legislature.

What Does Wendy Davis Really Stand For? Killing Babies Just Before Birth
Washington, DC | 7/2/13

After her 12+ hour filibuster of SB5 on the floor of the Texas Senate Tuesday night, State Senator Wendy Davis rose to "stardom," being labeled a hero by Planned Parenthood and the political left and given fawning interviews on cable news shows asking when she plans to run for higher office.

Rush Limbaugh Was Right, Abortion is What’s Wrong With Our Culture
Washington, DC | 6/28/13

Let me give you something real quick to think about:

Young People Must Lead the Way to Expand the Pro-Life Message, Stop Abortion
Washington, DC | 6/26/13

Our culture has become celebrity-obsessed. Too often, what’s cool is more important than what is right.

The Obamacare Death Panels Have Begun for Disabled Children
Washington, DC | 6/10/13

When working to educate Americans on what the future of medicine would look like in an Obamacare world, our coalition of concerned parents warned of the effects of rationing and government red-tape for those most vulnerable among us. Now, sadly, even before it's in full implementation next year, we're seeing first-hand the result of this government beaucracy.

Another Kermit Gosnell Delivers Babies Alive and Snips Their Necks
Washington, DC | 6/1/13

Pro-abortion zealots want you to believe that convicted killer Kermit Gosnell was an exception. That his "House of Horrors" was the only bad apple.

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