Kristan Hawkins

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Planned Parenthood Told Me I Could Birth 22-Week Baby and Let Him Die
Washington, DC | 5/2/13

This week Live Action put out a new undercover video exposing America’s inhuman late-term abortion industry. This latest one has DC abortionist Cesare Santangelo on tape saying of a baby born alive during an abortion, “We would not help it.”

Most Young People Don’t Know Planned Parenthood Does Abortions
Washington, DC | 4/22/13

Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider, has set their sights on college-aged women – preying on them in their moments of crisis and panic. We must expose Planned Parenthood as the big abortion business that they are -- and show young people just how Planned Parenthood is profiting off of them.

“Pro-Choicers” Can’t Handle Legitimate Debate With Pro-Lifers
Washington, DC | 4/19/13

After all of the ruckus at University at Buffalo this week, our team at Students for Life is shocked that, once again, pro-aborts don’t know how to defend their position! (Well, not really.)

Professors Refer to Pro-Life Students as “Those Who Supported Lynching”
Buffalo, NY | 4/17/13

Pro-abortion professors were out of control this week at University at Buffalo, equating pro-life students to lynch mobs and getting arrested for disorderly conduct at a pro-life display.

Pro-Life Students Launch Two-Week Bus Tour to Expose Planned Parenthood
Washington, DC | 4/15/13

Today Students for Life of America begins a 2 week bus tour exposing Planned Parenthood on college campuses. "The Planned Parenthood Project" ( will educate students on Planned Parenthood's real agenda and plans for them.

The Libertarian Pro-Life Case Against Abortion
Washington, DC | 4/8/13

At this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), I was invited to participate on a panel called "The Future of the Movement: Winning with Generation X/Y." I had a lot of ideas to discuss, including utilizing new messages to reach this new pro-life generation, recruiting more candidates with a willingness to stand up for what they believe in, developing new technology, and improving grassroots organizing, to name a few.

Johns Hopkins Students Appeal Decision Denying Pro-Life Club
Baltimore, MD | 4/3/13

As we reported last week, Johns Hopkins University’s Student Government Association (SGA) unfairly denied the pro-life group Voice for Life (VFL) official group status.

Planned Parenthood Gets Pro-Life Teacher Removed, Holds Sex Toy Class
Portland, OR | 3/26/13

Planned Parenthood Preys on College Students With Abortions
Cincinnati, OH | 3/21/13

This spring, Students for Life of America's full-time team is criss-crossing the country starting new pro-life groups. But what some folks may not know is that we spend the a vast majority of our time helping the 705 already active Students for Life groups already in existence – training them to handle anything that is thrown their way on campus.

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