Kristan Hawkins

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Top 8 Things Planned Parenthood Wants To Forget In 2013
Washington, DC | 12/30/13

The abortion industry had a hard time in 2013, especially Planned Parenthood.

2013 Was a Bad Year for Planned Parenthood as Fraud and Filthy Clinics Exposed
Washington, DC | 12/26/13

The New Year is a time of reflection and resolution. So many people get out their pens and paper, well maybe iPads and iPhones, and begin to reflect on the past year and how they can move forward for the better in the calendar year to come. But, some things are better left forgotten. This year, Planned Parenthood has a few things that they might not want to be so reflective about.

NPR Poll Shows Americans Don’t Want Teens Buying Morning After Poll
Washington, DC | 12/20/13

Americans are in favor of common sense restrictions on the morning after pill, found an NPR poll, which only reinforces the undercover video work Students for Life of America released last month, showing a minor girl being able to purchase Plan B and not Sudafed as well as revealing how simple it is for an adult male, who is having relations with a minor, to cover up his crime by buying the drug.

Abortion Activists Attack Pregnancy Centers With Fake Negative Yelp Reviews
Washington, DC | 12/9/13

Abortion mills, supposedly advocating “choice,” have failed for forty years to inform women of all of their choices when it comes to pregnancy. Abortion facilities advocate abortion choice because, well, it’s their main source of revenue.

Don’t be Discouraged About the Albuquerque Abortion Ban Losing, Press on to End Abortion
Washington, DC | 11/20/13

There is going to be a lot of things written today and in the coming few days about what happened down in Albuquerque (ABQ) last night. As a political junkie, I have my own opinions on the strategy and tactic side of things.

Taxpayer-Funded University Employee Lobbies Students to Oppose Abortion Ban
Albuquerque, NM | 11/15/13

Last night, Students for Life of America (SFLA) received disturbing video footage showing an employee, Sarah Crawford, of the taxpayer-funded University of New Mexico lobbying students to vote against the Albuquerque Late Term Abortion Ban happening this Tuesday, November 19th.

Abortion Activist’s Play “Mom Baby God” Lies About and Mocks Young Pro-Lifers
Washington, DC | 11/8/13

Just when we thought we saw the craziest of the crazy that the abortion movement had to offer this July in Austin, Texas, we got this: MOM BABY GOD, a new play created to fictionalize the work of Students for Life of America and some of our compatriots in the pro-life movement.

If Planned Parenthood Docs Can’t Get Admitting Privileges, They Shouldn’t Do Abortions
Austin, TX | 10/29/13

United States District Judge Lee Yeakel ruled yeseterday that part of the abortion law passed this summer in Texas (known as HB2) is unconstitutional, saying that abortionists don't need to have local hospital admitting privileges within 30 miles of their abortion facilities.

Planned Parenthood Isn’t About Women’s Health, It’s Just an Abortion Business
Washington, DC | 10/1/13

Planned Parenthood claims to be the ultimate “sexual health” expert, especially for women. But, when you look a little deeper, what will you find? A federally-funded, corrupt business relying on a vicious cycle of bad decisions.

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