Kristan Hawkins

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Thank You President Trump for Protecting Christians From the Obamacare Abortion Mandate
Washington, DC | 10/10/17

Fans of the Seinfeld Show may remember Elaine’s dilemma when her favorite form of birth control was being discontinued, leading to her and other characters’ decision to stockpile her brand and to wonder whether her dates were “sponge-worthy.” If you read the headlines last week about changes to the Affordable Care Act mandates, you may have thought that fiction had become fact as groups such as Planned Parenthood and NARAL turned on the hyperbolic sirens claiming the end of birth control was near. Fake news personified.

What Jimmy Kimmel May Not Know About The Healthcare Bill
Washington, DC | 9/25/17

Every time that a new health care reform bill is introduced, it causes panic. Newly-minted health care expert Jimmy Kimmel, who has previously mocked Obamacare’s failures, quickly rushes in to denounce any attempt to move away from Obamacare. I feel for Kimmel’s concerns for sure, which is why I support Graham-Cassidy. When it comes to repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, the hyperbole usually varies from, “This will destroy people’s lives,” on one side, to “This doesn’t go nearly far enough,” on the other side of the issue. Meanwhile many Americans just ignore the pundits and scare tactics coming from Washington as they are relatively healthy with few health concerns. For me, that is not the case.

Truck Filled With 328,348 Pairs of Baby Socks Will Highlight How Many Abortions Planned Parenthood Does
Washington, DC | 9/19/17

This week, SFLA is kicking off its National #Sockit2PP truck tour--because we’re sick of waiting for Congress to follow through on their campaign promises to Defund Planned Parenthood.

Hey Hillary, America Rejected You Because You’re a Pro-Abortion Radical
Washington, DC | 9/14/17

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is out with her new book, What Happened, a postmortem on her (second) failed presidential run. In behavior that is often thought of as typical for political liberals, Clinton has trouble with taking personal responsibility for her election loss, blaming numerous people and even Russia for her defeat.

Planned Parenthood is Trying to Infiltrate Your Child’s School
Washington, DC | 8/29/17

Planned Parenthood has lost its battle to weasel into Pennsylvania’s Reading High School. On Wednesday, August 23, Planned Parenthood-Keystone and an affiliate, Access Matters, lost a school board vote to set up a ‘counseling office’ inside Reading High School.

No More Excuses, It’s Time to Defund Planned Parenthood
Washington, DC | 6/20/17

As the healthcare bill makes its way through whatever the Senate is doing with it, one provision is absolutely non-negotiable: The bill needs to defund the nation's largest abortion giant, Planned Parenthood. They committed 328,548 abortions last year, which is equal to one of every three abortions in the country.

Democrats’ Rabid Pro-Abortion Stance Is Endangering Their Appeal To Millennials
Washington, DC | 6/16/17

When Democrats passed the most extreme party platform at their convention last summer, the abortion lobby cheered. Their takeover of the party was near completion. The president of NARAL, one of the top abortion groups in the country, spoke about her abortion at the convention and met thunderous applause. No pro-life Democrats spoke at the convention, which included no semblance of anything that could be construed as anti-abortion. Abortion had become the litmus test for Democrats.

“Miscarriage Management:” What Planned Parenthood Will Call Abortion When It’s Illegal
Washington, DC | 6/2/17

The nation's largest abortion vendor, Planned Parenthood, finally got around to releasing their 2015-2016 annual report so their stakeholders (taxpayers) can get a look at what their hard-earned dollars are going toward.

Planned Parenthood Video Claims Pregnant Students Can’t Go to School and Have a Baby
Washington, DC | 5/18/17

Planned Parenthood is pulling out ALL the stops to make sure that no one finds out how little actual healthcare they provide and that they are the nation’s largest abortion vendor. Why? Because the half a billion taxpayer dollars they get every year is on the chopping block in Congress (about time).

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