Kristan Hawkins

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Planned Parenthood’s “Good” Services Can Never Outweigh the Bad
Washington, DC | 8/14/15

I cringed as I read what Donald Trump said in the media this week.

Pro-Life Americans Will Rally on July 28th to De-Fund Planned Parenthood
Washington, DC | 7/17/15

The undercover videos released this week that showed Planned Parenthood’s top abortionist, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, casually discussing the how she fills the orders for the body parts of aborted babies for the day, were shocking. They were horrific.

Will Planned Parenthood Side With Pro-Abortion Satanists Against Women?
Washington, DC | 6/30/15

If a woman is seeking to have an abortion in the state of Missouri, it is required that she be given medical information on abortion, how the fetus can feel pain by 22 weeks and wait 72 hours before having the abortion.

Some People Who Think They’re “Pro-Choice” on Abortion are Actually Pro-Life
Washington, DC | 6/1/15

While Cecile Richards and her pro-choice allies in the abortion industry may be gleefully reading over the Gallup poll released on Friday on abortion views in this country, once they dig a little deeper, it’s obvious that they should hold off on opening the champagne bottles.

California School District Finally Approves Pro-Life Clubs After Calling Them Too Controversial
Madera, CA | 5/28/15

While this semester has seen three different schools and districts receive legal demand letters for refusing to acknowledge the free speech rights of high school students, sometimes problems can be overcome without resorting to demand letters.

Pro-Life Student Censored at High School in Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV | 5/25/15

Amy Dockter-Rozar, Principal of West Career and Technical Academy, and the Clark County School District have received a demand letter from the Thomas More Society, on behalf of sophomore Angelique Clark and Students for Life of America. The letter charges that school administrators have unconstitutionally discriminated against Angelique by denying her the right to form a Students for Life club at West Career and Technical Academy.

Some People May Call My Son “Imperfect,” But Should He Have Been Aborted Instead?
Washington, DC | 5/14/15

As I prepare this week to be a mother for the fourth time and give birth to my long-awaited first little girl, Gracie, it pains me that there is a dark cloud hanging above her pending delivery.

Students for Life Table Saves Baby From Abortion, Student Says Boyfriend Pressured Her to Abort
Portland, OR | 5/7/15

While I know you can't be with us right now as we are rushing around from campus to campus hosting events and training leaders before the school year comes to an end, I want to give you an inside glimpse of just how important Students for Life groups are.

New Students for Life Program “Pro-Life Future” Will Connect Pro-Life Young Adults After College
Washington, DC | 4/30/15

Students for Life of America, the nation’s largest youth pro-life organization with over 800 groups on college and high school campuses, is announcing a brand new initiative aimed at young, pro-life adults that will continue to involve them in the pro-life movement beyond their high school and college experiences.

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