Kristan Hawkins

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Witches Come Out to Support Planned Parenthood as Pro-Life People Protest
Washington, DC | 2/13/17

This weekend, there were pro-life #ProtestPP rallies scheduled at more than a quarter, over 200, of Planned Parenthoods across our nation. And the violence and hatred that our team saw at multiple locations was not only frightening but it was a clear warning sign to you and me.

This Christmas Remember Real Hope Doesn’t Come From Politicians, It Comes From God
Washington, DC | 12/21/16

As if the presidential election cycle wasn’t divisive enough, the protests and rioting following the results last month have been saddening to watch.

Democrats Should Blame Planned Parenthood for Hillary Clinton Losing
Washington, DC | 12/8/16

Not too long ago, the abortion industry noticed their identity as “pro-choicers” wasn’t conveying their position accurately or resonating with younger people. So they sought to change the messaging on abortion, pushing out radical feminists like Katha Pollitt, who declared abortion was a social good.

Abortion Activists Destroy Pro-Life Pregnancy Center in Suspected Arson, Set Center’s Chapel on Fire
Albuquerque, NM | 11/23/16

Abortion Activists Destroy Crosses in Display to Remember Babies Killed Every Day in Abortions
Arlington Heights, IL | 11/22/16

The Live Pro-life student group at Christian Liberty Academy in Arlington Heights, Illinois has been hit with vandalism twice in the past two weeks. The pro-life group set-up a display initially on November 3rd with a large sign that read “Abortion Takes Human Life” along with rows of white crosses representing the 113 humans aborted each day in Illinois.

Congratulations Pro-Lifers, Yesterday Was a Massive Defeat for Planned Parenthood and Big Abortion
Washington, DC | 11/9/16

No other election in recent history has been as divisive as this 2016 presidential cycle, especially in the pro-life movement as long-time friends spat at and “unfriended” each other on Facebook while debating the best way to advance our agenda of ending abortion. But pro-lifers can certainly celebrate this morning that Planned Parenthood’s grip of death has been released from the White House. Come January, their influence will be gone. We can rejoice that millions of lives will be saved in the next four years instead of lost.

Planned Parenthood Admits It is Losing Millennials: “We Need Grandmas to Promote Abortion”
Washington, DC | 11/3/16

Planned Parenthood and their friends in high places held a tele-townhall/virtual pep rally last night with their supporters to pump them up about voting in favor of pro-abortion candidates. It was the trifecta of the abortion industry’s most ardent defenders: Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and former Texas state senator Wendy Davis.

Kristan Hawkins: I Am Voting for Donald Trump and Pro-Life Voters Should Too. Here’s Why
Washington, DC | 10/27/16

To my co-laborers in the pro-life generation,

Planned Parenthood’s $30 Million Army Will Knock on Your Door Soon to Promote Hillary Clinton
Washington, DC | 10/10/16

As Frodo and Sam gazed at the great gates of Mordor in “The Lord of the Rings”trilogy, readers (and viewers watching the movies) could feel their fear and trepidation.

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