Kristan Hawkins

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What Would You Say if You Sat Next to an Abortionist on a Plane? Here’s What I Did
Washington, DC | 4/22/14

When you are working or volunteering in the pro-life movement day in and day out, we can easily get consumed by the big picture and lose sight of what is happening every day in the nation’s abortion mills. Working in the pro-life movement can sometimes make us too immune to the killing. We worry about money, politics, and metrics and we get bummed by our lack of sleep and time away from family.

Abortion Activists at University of Washington Trash Pro-Life Display
Pullman, WA | 4/17/14

This morning, Wednesday April 16th, a pro-life “Cemetery of the Innocents” was torn down and thrown in the trash at the University of Washington. Although the event was approved at the very last minute by the school administration, students set-up the flags in their approved, high-traffic area to memorialize the victims of abortion. The pro-life group on campus, “Students for Human Life” hosted the display.

I’ll Never Forget When This Baby Saved From Abortion Came Running Up to Me
Washington, DC | 4/9/14

In the midst of all that our team is fighting for on campuses right now - the right to establish pro-life clubs, hold events and stop taxpayer money from unfairly promoting abortion - it can be hard to keep our eye on the ball.

University-Sponsored Display Claims Abortion is a “Gift From God”
Washington, DC | 3/28/14

Just this week Students for Life of America was on the University of Michigan campus with our “What Has Roe Done For Us?” display, educating and dialoging with students about how abortion exploits and harms women, only to find out that the university is apparently endorsing a different message to their students.

High School Banning Pro-Life Group’s Fetal Models Caves, Restores Free Speech
Branford, CT | 3/20/14

Yesterday, Branford High School in Branford, Connecticut caved into demands made by Alliance Defending Freedom on behalf of Branford High School Students for Life.

Connecticut High School Administration Censors Pro-Life Student Group
Branford, CT | 3/10/14

And the school administration bully strikes again…

What Has Roe Done For Us? Project Focuses on Women Killed by Abortions
Washington, DC | 3/5/14

Students for Life of America, the nation's largest pro-life youth organization, has launched a 4,076 mile tour for their ground-breaking What Has Roe Done For Us? Project. The tour will visit more than 25 college campuses this spring and over a dozen states, ranging from Maine to Washington, this March and April.

Washington Public High School Censors Pro-Life Group’s Posters
Olympia, WA | 2/19/14

In the aftermath of our 1st Amendment victory at the University of Alabama yesterday, Students for Life of America is disappointed to have to report another case of pro-life censorship by Wilson High School in Tacoma, Washington.

University of Alabama Apologizes for Denying Pro-Lifers’ Free Speech
Washington, DC | 2/18/14

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