Kristin Hawkins

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Planned Parenthood Supporter: “Abort Away as Far as I Am Concerned”
Plattville, WI | 10/9/14

Students for Life of America, the nation’s largest pro-life youth organization, took their ground-breaking Planned Parenthood Project to the University of Wisconsin-Platteville yesterday and met some resistance – check out the video below to hear an avid Planned Parenthood defender call the abortion giant a “noble and just organization” all the awhile advocating to “Abort away as far as I am concerned.”

Pro-Abortion Protestor Tells Pro-Lifers: “The Earth’s Vagina is Pissed Off”
Washington, DC | 10/2/14

Because of your prayers and support, Students for Life’s Planned Parenthood Project is now underway.

Losing the Abortion Debate, Planned Parenthood is Abandoning the Term “Pro-Choice”
Washington, DC | 7/29/14

Because Planned Parenthood is always looking for a way to normalize abortion and make it seem mainstream, accepted and no big deal, (see their funding of the “abortion comedy” movie flop Obvious Child), their president Cecile Richards found something equally appalling to compare the ending of a child’s life to: men’s colonoscopies.

Democrats Promote “Women’s Health” Bill for Abortion Without Limits Until Birth
Washington, DC | 7/15/14

The U.S. Senate held a hearing today on the Women’s Health Protection Act – a pretty-sounding name for an awful bill that would roll back years of pro-life laws that sought to save the lives of preborn children and protect their mothers.

Would You Want to Give Birth in the Next Room From a Woman Having an Abortion?
Washington, DC | 6/19/14

Would you give birth where a woman was having an abortion in the next room? One “full-spectrum” women’s facility in Buffalo, New York, is shepherding patients through that exact scenario, according to the New York Times.

He Killed Babies Born Alive After Abortion, Until This Happened
Austin, TX | 6/18/14

Anyone who remembers pro-life activity last summer will recall the battle of getting HB 2 passed successfully and signed into law – Wendy Davis, pink sneakers, Planned Parenthood buses, protests in Austin, filibusters, and ultimately victory.

Pro-Life Teen Assaulted After Standing for Life, His Reaction is Priceless
Montgomery, AL | 5/22/14

Standing up for what you believe in isn’t always easy. Sometimes something unexpected happens, and it’s at that moment you will decide whether or not to change course or continue on. This Monday, our team received a phone call from one of our 17 year-old high school leaders in Alabama who faced that moment this weekend.

Abortion Activists Vandalize Pro-Life Display At University of Miami
Miami, FL | 4/23/14

Last night, a pro-life display at the University of Miami was vandalized by fellow students. With graduation nearing, UM Respect Life created graduation cap cut outs to show students just how many 2014 graduates are missing because of abortion. They set up the graduation caps along a prominent sidewalk on campus along with signs explaining their meaning.

What Would You Say if You Sat Next to an Abortionist on a Plane? Here’s What I Did
Washington, DC | 4/22/14

When you are working or volunteering in the pro-life movement day in and day out, we can easily get consumed by the big picture and lose sight of what is happening every day in the nation’s abortion mills. Working in the pro-life movement can sometimes make us too immune to the killing. We worry about money, politics, and metrics and we get bummed by our lack of sleep and time away from family.

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