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Tired of the Pro-Abortion Bias in the Irish Media? Do Something About It
Dublin, Ireland | 3/10/15

In the space of a fortnight recently, 33 articles appeared in Irish national newspapers pushing hard for more abortion. In the same period, only 1 pro-life article was published. Pro-life campaigners in Ireland are now expected to take this level of bias as normal. That’s just not acceptable.

Ireland’s Media Bias: Newspapers Publish 33 Pro-Abortion Articles, Just One Pro-Life
Dublin, Ireland | 2/20/15

It has become all too clear to pro-life supporters in Ireland that the media is now the main driver for a further liberalisation of abortion laws.   In the past few months, this fact has become so blatant that it simply cannot be ignored any longer.

Irish Bill Would Legalize Abortion on Babies Like This, Just Because They’re Disabled
Dublin, Ireland | 2/9/15

In a move described by pro-life campaigners as “unbelievably hypocritical”, Irish politician Clare Daly expressed her support last week for an extension of legal protection for animals, while at the same time insisting that Ireland’s abortion laws must be further liberalised.

Members of Irish Parliament Call Severely Disabled Babies “Corpses” and “Abnormal”
Dublin, Ireland | 2/6/15

The Pro Life Campaign is today criticising the language used by some politicians in the Oireachtas, when describing unborn babies with life-limiting conditions, during the debate on Deputy Clare Daly’s latest abortion bill on the issue. The Dáil will vote on the bill next Tuesday.

Clare Daly Introduces Bill to Legalise Abortions on Disabled Babies in Ireland
Dublin, Ireland | 2/5/15

The Pro Life Campaign has questioned the motivation behind Deputy Clare Daly’s latest abortion Bill in the Dáil and the insensitive way some members of the Oireachtas have described babies with life-limiting conditions.

Pro-Life Irish Politician Lucinda Creighton to Start New Political Party
Dublin, Ireland | 1/5/15

Irish politician Lucinda Creighton has today announced plans to set up a new political party in eight weeks' time.

Ireland Pro-Life Group Criticizes Health Minister Leo Varadkar for Pro-Abortion Comments
Dublin, Ireland | 12/17/14

In the Dáil yesterday evening Health Minister Leo Varadkar said that the Eighth Amendment to the Constitutional dealing with abortion is too “restrictive” and is having a “chilling” effect on doctors. He was commenting during a private members’ bill tabled by Clare Daly TD, which seeks to remove all remaining constitutional protection for the unborn.

Irish Media Used Miss Y and HSE Inquiry to Promote Abortion
Dublin, Ireland | 12/16/14

The case that has now become known as 'Miss Y' involved a migrant woman living in Ireland who allegedly sought an abortion on the grounds of being suicidal - the basis on which abortion was introduced by the Irish Government in 2013.

Parents of Severely Disabled Babies: Quit Using the Term “Incompatible With Life”
Dublin, Ireland | 12/1/14

Members of a disability support group have launched a campaign to ask members of the legal, media and medical professions to dispense with the term "incompatible with life" when describing unborn babies suffering from a life-shortening illness.

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