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Pro-Life Irish Politician Lucinda Creighton to Start New Political Party
Dublin, Ireland | 1/5/15

Irish politician Lucinda Creighton has today announced plans to set up a new political party in eight weeks' time.

Ireland Pro-Life Group Criticizes Health Minister Leo Varadkar for Pro-Abortion Comments
Dublin, Ireland | 12/17/14

In the Dáil yesterday evening Health Minister Leo Varadkar said that the Eighth Amendment to the Constitutional dealing with abortion is too “restrictive” and is having a “chilling” effect on doctors. He was commenting during a private members’ bill tabled by Clare Daly TD, which seeks to remove all remaining constitutional protection for the unborn.

Irish Media Used Miss Y and HSE Inquiry to Promote Abortion
Dublin, Ireland | 12/16/14

The case that has now become known as 'Miss Y' involved a migrant woman living in Ireland who allegedly sought an abortion on the grounds of being suicidal - the basis on which abortion was introduced by the Irish Government in 2013.

Parents of Severely Disabled Babies: Quit Using the Term “Incompatible With Life”
Dublin, Ireland | 12/1/14

Members of a disability support group have launched a campaign to ask members of the legal, media and medical professions to dispense with the term "incompatible with life" when describing unborn babies suffering from a life-shortening illness.

Irish Family Planning Association Coached Women on How to Get Illegal Abortion Pills
Dublin, Ireland | 11/18/14

Pro-life campaigners in the UK have been given a boost in recent days with the news that a doctor who was filmed allegedly agreeing to arrange abortions on gender grounds must now appear in a criminal court to face an allegation under the 1861 Offences Against the Person Act. Dr Prabha Sivaraman will appear in court next month.

Fine Gael TD Olivia Mitchell Covers for Irish Family Planning Association Putting Women at Risk
Dublin, Ireland | 11/17/14

The Pro Life Campaign has criticised Fine Gael TD Olivia Mitchell over remarks she made in a Sunday newspaper attacking those involved in an undercover investigation that exposed life-endangering counselling practices at clinics run by the taxpayer-funded Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA).

Amnesty International Activist Went to Pro-Life Country to Push Abortion
Dublin, Ireland | 10/15/14

The time has come for Irish pro-life advocates to question whether they can continue to support Amnesty Ireland.

She Was Rock Star Steven Tyler’s Girlfriend and Aborted Their Baby, Now She’s a Pro-Life Advocate
Dublin, Ireland | 10/9/14

Julia Holcomb, ex-girlfriend of rockstar Steven Tyler, will address members of the Irish Parliament today to speak to them about her experiences of abortion regret after she aborted Tyler’s baby.

Ireland: Pro Life Campaign Announces MonthForLife to Push Back Against Abortion
Dublin, Ireland | 10/1/14

The Pro Life Campaign has announced plans for an exciting new initiative called the MonthForLife which will take place on an annual basis every October.

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