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New Video Exposes Interesting Things About Pro-Abortion Forces in Ireland
Dublin, Ireland | 4/5/17

Observers of the abortion debate in Ireland have been watching a video which is showing how those who are calling for removal of Ireland’s pro-life laws don’t know very much about what the introduction of abortion to Ireland would mean.

Council of Europe Calls for Legalizing Abortion in Ireland
Dublin, Ireland | 3/29/17

Once again, the Irish people are being pressured by an external body to abandon legal protections for the unborn child.

New Bracelet Could Allow Fathers to Experience Their Unborn Babies Like Never Before
Copenhagen, Denmark | 2/21/17

Exciting developments in Denmark could mean that soon fathers get a chance to experience their unborn child’s life within the womb in a way never before envisaged.

United Nations Hearing Will Slam Ireland for Not Killing Unborn Babies in Abortions
Dublin, Ireland | 2/14/17

This week, the Irish Government will appear before the UN Committee for the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women.  The hearing takes place in Geneva and while it focuses on many areas of life affecting women such as equal pay, the issue of abortion is also on the table for discussion.

Irish Citizens Assembly Reviewing Pro-Life Eighth Amendment Stacked With Abortion Activists
Dublin, Ireland | 2/6/17

The Pro Life Campaign has expressed concern over a lack of balance in the line-up of speakers at the Citizens Assembly’s deliberations on the Eighth Amendment.

Abortion Activists Traveling Across Pro-Life Ireland to Hand Out Dangerous Abortion Drugs
Dublin, Ireland | 2/3/17

In yet another stunt designed to trivialise the abortion debate in Ireland and endanger the lives of women facing unplanned pregnancy, pro-choice activists have announced their plans to travel round the country again, handing out abortion pills.

Irish Abortion Activists Will Strike if Government Doesn’t Allow Vote on Overturning Pro-Life 8th Amendment
Dublin, Ireland | 1/25/17

A group of pro-choice activists in Ireland are trying to pressurize the Irish Government into holding a referendum on the right to life of unborn babies by calling people onto the streets for a strike on March 8th.

LoveBoth Project Launched in Ireland to Spotlight People the Eighth Amendment Saved From Abortion
Dublin, Ireland | 12/1/16

The LoveBoth Project, an initiative of the Pro Life Campaign in Ireland, had its official launch in Dublin’s city centre today, with regional launches in Cork and Galway.

Heartbreaking New Song Reveals the Regret and Sadness Women Face After Abortion
Dublin, Ireland | 10/21/16

A new song and accompanying video has been launched in Ireland with the aim of drawing attention to women who are suffering from regret and sadness after abortion.

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