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Cora Sherlock

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Amnesty International Activist Went to Pro-Life Country to Push Abortion

Dublin, Ireland |   | 10/15/14 11:53 AM


The time has come for Irish pro-life advocates to question whether they can continue to support Amnesty Ireland.

She Was Rock Star Steven Tyler’s Girlfriend and Aborted Their Baby, Now She’s a Pro-Life Advocate

Dublin, Ireland |   | 10/9/14 11:41 AM


Julia Holcomb, ex-girlfriend of rockstar Steven Tyler, will address members of the Irish Parliament today to speak to them about her experiences of abortion regret after she aborted Tyler’s baby.

Ireland: Pro Life Campaign Announces MonthForLife to Push Back Against Abortion

Dublin, Ireland |   | 10/1/14 10:23 AM


The Pro Life Campaign has announced plans for an exciting new initiative called the MonthForLife which will take place on an annual basis every October.

“Children’s Rights” are Meaningless Without Rights for Unborn Children

Dublin, Ireland |   | 9/23/14 12:32 PM


Fine Gael Claims New Irish Abortion Guidelines “Not Really About Abortion”

Dublin, Ireland |   | 9/19/14 1:29 PM


The Pro Life Campaign said today that as a direct result of last year’s abortion law “a defenceless baby at this very moment is clinging to life in an Irish hospital.”

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny Pushing Abortion Expansion Friday

Dublin, Ireland |   | 9/18/14 12:58 PM


Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny has told the Irish Parliament that the Minister for Health, Leo Varadkar, is expected to publish abortion regulations this Friday.

Hospital Review Confirms Lack of Abortion Did Not Kill Savita Halappanavar

Dublin, Ireland |   | 9/11/14 1:27 PM


The Health Service Executive (HSE) in Ireland today confirmed that they have taken disciplinary action against nine members of staff who treated Savita Halappanavar before her death at Galway University Hospital. 

Ireland: Labour Party Pushes for More Abortion as Premature Baby Clings to Life

Dublin, Ireland |   | 8/19/14 9:21 AM


Irish Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald is Determined to Push Abortion

Dublin, Ireland |   | 8/6/14 9:22 AM


Fresh from her failure to defend Ireland’s pro-life record in Geneva, the Irish Minister for Justice has once again shown how determined she is to support the new abortion law, no matter what. 

Attention United Nations: There is No “Right” to Abortion in International Law

Geneva, Switzerland |   | 7/15/14 10:29 AM


When it comes to promoting abortion in Ireland, there’s very little that internationally-funded pro-choice organisations won’t do.

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