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UN Human Rights Council Plans to Target Ireland for Protecting Unborn Children From Abortion
Dublin, Ireland | 5/4/16

Pro-life supporters in Ireland are not surprised at reports that the United Nations plans to facilitate further attacks on the country’s constitutional pro-life laws when the Human Rights Council meets in Geneva next week as part of its Universal Periodic Review into the human rights records of Member States.

Irish Pro-Lifers: New Government Should Not Repeal 8th Amendment Protecting Unborn Babies
Dublin, Ireland | 4/12/16

The Pro Life Campaign in Dublin, Ireland has said that any suggestion that negotiations for a new government would be held up or influenced by discussions on abortion is astonishing given the lack of support for a referendum in the recent election results.

Woman Prosecuted for Illegally Buying Abortion Pills Left Her Fully-Formed Baby in a Trash Bin
Belfast, Northern Ireland | 4/6/16

More details have emerged of the recent case in Northern Ireland where a woman self-administered an abortion pill, and was prosecuted in the courts, ultimately receiving a suspended sentence.

Amnesty International Supports Human Rights, Except for the Human Rights of Unborn Children
Dublin, Ireland | 3/30/16

As Amnesty Ireland continues its campaign to pressure the Irish Government into holding a referendum to remove the 8th Amendment to the Irish Constitution, and clear the way for abortion to be fully introduced into Ireland, pro-life campaigners have been pointing out that their plans leave no room for protection of unborn children.

Amnesty International Pressuring Ireland to Overturn Its Pro-Life Laws Protecting Unborn Children
Dublin, Ireland | 3/29/16

The Pro Life Campaign in Ireland has accused Amnesty Ireland of ignoring horrific abuses in the abortion industry and of brushing aside the rights of unborn babies throughout the full nine months of pregnancy. The PLC made its comments as members of Amnesty Ireland start a two week campaign today outside the main government buildings in Dublin, seeking the dismantling of the last remaining legal protection for unborn babies under the 8th Amendment of the Irish Constitution.

Amnesty International Poll Falsely Claims Irish Voters Want to Repeal Pro-Life 8th Amendment
Dublin, Ireland | 3/4/16

The Pro Life Campaign has said that the findings of today's Amnesty International/Red C poll on abortion are much more ambivalent and uncertain than the way they are being presented by Amnesty Ireland’s Executive Director, Colm O' Gorman.

Irish Abortion Advocates Lose Seats in Parliament, Pro-Life Voters Want 8th Amendment to Stay
Dublin, Ireland | 3/2/16

Over the weekend, the votes were counted in the Irish General Election and as the new political landscape emerges, pro-life supporters have lots to be positive about.

Labour Party Trying to Foist Horrific Pro-Abortion Laws on Ireland
Dublin, Ireland | 2/25/16

As the days close in to the Irish General Election, desperate tactics by the Labour Party have seen them unveil plans for the further liberalization of abortion that would lead to a system amounting to “abortion on demand”.

Ireland Will Hold a General Election Soon, Which Candidates are Pro-Life on the 8th Amendment?
Dublin, Ireland | 2/9/16

A general election has been called in Ireland and the vote will be held on 26th February, 2016.  In advance of polling day, the various politicians are setting out their position in relation to the abortion issue and specifically on where they stand on the retention or repeal of the 8th Amendment to the Irish Constitution, which provides the last remaining constitutional protection for unborn babies in Irish law.

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