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Amnesty International Pushes Legalizing Abortion in Ireland, Ignores Irish Record Helping Women
Dublin, Ireland | 11/20/15

Ireland’s doctors will be feeling left out in the cold after reading today’s open letter published by Amnesty International.

Abortion Activists Tweet the Details of Their Periods to Try to Overturn Pro-Life Laws
Dublin, Ireland | 11/13/15

I doubt it’s come as any great surprise to Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny that women have periods.  He is a married father of three, after all.  And I don’t really care if some women in Ireland tweet him details of their menstrual cycle.  Most women keep those things to themselves, I suppose, figuring that those things are, well, private and just another part of life.

China Will Keep One-Child Policy, and Forced Abortions, in Effect Until March 2016
Beijing, China | 11/3/15

I’ll say one thing for the Chinese; they know how to spin.  Within just a few hours of the announcement that the People’s Republic had “abolished” the One Child Policy, the news was spreading like wildfire.  Every major website was broadcasting the fact that couples in China would now be freed of the restrictions which had been in place since the Policy was first imposed back in 1979 when the slogan “late, long and few” was promoted by the Communist Party in an attempt to control China’s growing population.

Ireland: Pro-Abortion Campaigners Trying to Overturn 8th Amendment Protecting Unborn Babies
Dublin, Ireland | 10/30/15

The 8th Amendment (Article 40.3.3.) to the Irish Constitution is the original Life Equality Amendment. It protects the equal right to life of unborn children and their mothers.

Congressman Tells Irish Pro-Lifers: Pro-Abortion Laws Will Come Down Just Like the Berlin Wall
Dublin, Ireland | 10/13/15

Hundreds of pro-life supporters from all over Ireland travelled to Dublin last weekend for the Pro Life Campaign National Conference.

China’s One-Child Policy Turns 35 as Forced Abortions, Female Infanticides Continue
Beijing, China | 9/25/15

China’s One Child Policy represents one of the darkest aspects of human rights abuses globally.  Today marks the 35th anniversary of the introduction of this draconian measure and it provides a much-needed opportunity to reflect on the devastation and heartache that the policy has caused.

Anti-Assisted Suicide Campaigners Protest Outside Parliament Ahead of Vote on Dangerous Bill
London, England | 9/11/15

Anti-assisted suicide campaigners in the UK are gathering outside the Houses of Parliament today where a debate is taking place on a piece of legislation that would erode the rights of disabled people and those living with some form of dependency.

Irish Family Planning Association Affiliated With Planned Parenthood, Which Sells Aborted Babies
Dublin, Ireland | 8/4/15

In the wake of the first shocking undercover video which have emerged showing staff members of Planned Parenthood engaged in the sale of the organs of aborted babies, Irish politician Mattie McGrath has called on the Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA) to distance itself from the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), which is the parent group of both the IFPA and Planned Parenthood.

Ireland: Poll Shows Support for Abortion Declining, Just 33% Back Legalized Abortion
Dublin, Ireland | 7/28/15

A poll published in the Sunday Times has provided more good news for pro-life campaigners in Ireland this week as it revealed that support for loosening the restrictions on abortion are at their lowest level in more than two years.

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