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Andrew Bair

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Abortion Coupon Puts Disregard for Life on Full Display

Washington, DC |   | 4/10/14 5:24 PM


In the consumer society in which we live, we are constantly looking for the best deal on a product.

Tweetfest Will Demand Harry Reid Allow Vote to Ban Abortions on Babies Who Feel Pain

Washington, DC |   | 4/4/14 3:03 PM


I’m sure you’re as outraged as I am about what happened in West Virginia.

Pro-Life Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell Faces Radical Pro-Abortion Opponent

Frankfort, KY |   | 3/25/14 6:13 PM

Politics, State

2014 presents a great opportunity for the pro-life movement.

Bad News for the Pro-Abortion Movement: Obamacare Dooming Democratic Senate Hopefuls

Washington, DC |   | 3/19/14 5:43 PM

National, Politics

Obamacare is moving poll numbers against Democrats and even some of the law’s supporters are beginning to fear the effect it may have on the 2014 midterm elections.

Pro-Life Candidate David Jolly Beats Pro-Abortion Alex Sink in Florida Special Election

Washington, DC |   | 3/12/14 9:27 AM

Politics, State

Tennessee Should Be Known For These Things, Not Abortion

Nashville, TN |   | 2/26/14 2:33 PM


As a result of a ruling in 2000 by the TN Supreme Court, Tennessee now boasts a broader right to abortion than that recognized by Roe v. Wade.

Florida Congressional Election Pits Pro-Life David Jolly vs. Pro-Abortion Alex Sink

Tallahassee, FL |   | 2/21/14 12:38 PM

Politics, State

In the race to replace the late Congressman Bill Young (R) in Florida’s 13th Congressional district, there is a clear contrast between the candidates on abortion and Obamacare.

“House of Cards” Misses Mark in Characterization of Pro-Lifers

Washington, DC |   | 2/17/14 4:21 PM


Innovative Program Trains Young Pro-Life Activists to be Future Leaders

Washington, DC |   | 2/7/14 10:39 AM


In just a few months, a group of young pro-life leaders will meet in Washington, D.C. for an unforgettable summer that will equip them with the knowledge and skills to lead the pro-life movement into the future.

Abortion Advocates Reduce Killing an Unborn Baby to a Puppet Show

Washington, DC |   | 1/31/14 1:09 PM

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