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Abby Johnson

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Ex-Abortion Worker: I’m So Glad God Got Me Out of Planned Parenthood

Washington, DC |   | 4/18/13 10:15 AM


LifeNews Note: Abby Johnson brings the following story from a former abortion worker named Angie, who has since gotten out of the abortion industry.

Five Abortion Clinic Employees Looking at Quitting Their Jobs

Washington, DC |   | 4/12/13 11:38 AM


They Can Quit Too: A Way Out for Abortion Clinic Workers

Washington, DC |   | 4/1/13 3:09 PM


Doctor: Why I Quit Doing Abortions at Planned Parenthood

Washington, DC |   | 2/19/13 12:35 PM


Ex-Abortion Biz Worker: I Had to Make Sure All The Baby’s Parts Were There

Washington, DC |   | 2/12/13 5:54 PM


A former abortion clinic worker, Ann, shared her story with ATTWN:

Abortion Doc’s Ex-Wife, Daughter to Star in New Show “Big Rich Atlanta”

Atlanta, GA |   | 1/17/13 2:09 PM


This Sunday, January 20, 2013, a new show called Big Rich Atlanta will air on Style Network.

Former Abortion Clinic Worker Shuts Down Center Where She Worked

Washington, DC |   | 12/27/12 12:46 PM


When we started And Then There Were None, our goal was to convert workers…and eventually shut down abortion facilities.

Five Abortion Workers Leave One Clinic, Three Leave Another

Washington, DC |   | 11/26/12 11:12 AM


Planned Parenthood Wants to Eliminate Prenatal Care

Washington, DC |   | 10/25/12 11:47 AM


I attended my last Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) Annual Conference in 2009.

Christians, Quit Being Apathetic and Stand Against Abortion

Washington, DC |   | 10/2/12 11:31 AM


One night over dinner, a friend of mine told me that he had seen a very pregnant homeless woman on the corner of a busy Austin intersection.

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