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Don’t Believe Misleading Attacks on Romney’s Abortion Record

Washington, DC | 12/30/11 8:58 PM

First, we all know Mitt Romney is a convert on the life issue, so his record prior to that conversion is checkered, at best.  

2011: Year of Liberation From the Stranglehold of Abortion

Washington, DC | 12/30/11 7:58 PM

Abortion Practitioner Charged With Murder Had Sordid Past

Washington, DC | 12/30/11 6:50 PM

The Abortion Industry’s Greatest Hits in 2011

Washington, DC | 12/30/11 5:40 PM

I think many will agree with me that 2011 was a pivotal year for the pro-life movement. Let’s take a moment to look back at some of the hits the abortion industry suffered during 2011:

Survivors of Abortion Are Changing Hearts and Minds

Washington, DC | 12/30/11 4:57 PM

I’m guessing that, based on the title of this post, you think I’m going to talk about photographs of aborted children. Nope. I’m going to talk about the living faces of aborted children. They wield an incredible power all their own.

Pennsylvania Abortions Drop in 2010, 535 on Underage Girls

Harrisburg, PA | 12/30/11 2:57 PM

New Year’s Resolution: 10 Pro-Life Things You Can Do in 2012

Washington, DC | 12/30/11 2:23 PM

Clinic in Austin, Texas Did Abortions on Christmas Eve

Washington, DC | 12/30/11 1:51 PM

When I learned that an abortion clinic in Austin, Texas was performing abortions on Christmas Eve I immediately thought, “Is nothing sacred?”

Planned Parenthood Leaders Say 2011 Was Worst Year Ever

Washington, DC | 12/30/11 1:23 PM

To say that 2011 has been a watershed year in the battle against Planned Parenthood is an understatement. This has been a year that has seen the effort to close down Planned Parenthood escalate to new and successful heights.

Planned Parenthood Helps Fewer Pregnant Women, Adoptions Drop

Washington, DC | 12/30/11 12:50 PM

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