Satanic Temple in Missouri Raises Funds for Woman to Have Abortion
St. Louis, MO | 5/4/15

We know satanists believe abortion is sacred as we have documented several times. Now, a St Louis, Missouri Satanic Temple is raising funds to

True Death With Dignity: A Friend Recalls the Last Minutes of Pope John Paul II’s Life
Washington, DC | 5/4/15

In an interview with the Catholic News Agency, Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz explained that John Paul II restored dignity in death during his final

Cecile Richards on Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Customers: “Like a Big Alumni Association”
Washington, DC | 5/4/15

In an interview with Fast Company, the president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, said that their customers are like a huge alumni association.

Pro-Abortion Group Honors Abortion Doc Who Calls His Abortion Clinic a “Ministry”
Washington, DC | 5/4/15

Just a few hours after the Pro-Life Action League’s Eric Scheidler revealed yesterday that the Albany Medical Surgical Center abortion facility

They Waited Two Years to Get the Baby They Wanted to Adopt, Then She Almost Died
Washington, DC | 5/4/15

Mark and Maureen already had three children of their own but felt that God was calling them to adopt. Unfortunately, it took two-years for their

Jeb Bush Adviser Says He Supports Defunding Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz
Washington, DC | 5/4/15

At the Faith and Freedom Summit in Iowa, prominent Christian attorney and advisor to Jeb Bush, Jordan Sekulow, said that Bush wants to defund

Research Shows Couples Who Abort Their Baby Because She is Disabled Face Massive Grief Afterwards
Washington, DC | 5/4/15

Every year in the United States, approximately 133,000 pregnant mothers will undergo routine pre-natal tests and receive what is called “poor

New York Bill Allows Starving Patients to Death Without Their Consent
Albany, NY | 5/4/15

While the battle rages over assisted suicide, many forget that in 1990, the United States Supreme Court allowed involuntary euthanasia by dehydration

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring Sides With Abortion Industry, Puts Women’s Lives at Risk
Richmond, VA | 5/4/15

In arguably the least surprising legal opinion of 2015, pro-abortion Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring (D) issued an opinion today that

Baby Angel is Born After Doctors Keep Brain Dead Mother Alive to Give Birth
Omaha, NE | 5/1/15

A miracle baby has been born after doctors kept his brain dead mother alive long enough to give birth.

2-Pound Premature Baby Survives as He Was Kept Alive in a Freezer Bag
London, England | 5/1/15

In the United Kingdom, a mother of two thanks supermarket freezer bags for saving her children from death.

Watch What This “Pro-Choice” Student Says After He Changes His Mind on Abortion
Washington, DC | 5/1/15

One thing I love about being a Regional Coordinator for Students for Life is the fact that I have the ability to go to several college campuses

Teacher Forced to Resign After Calling Pro-Abortion President Barack Obama a “Baby Killer”
Atlanta, GA | 5/1/15

In Georgia, veteran middle school teacher Nancy Perry has been forced to resign after telling her students that President Barack Obama is a baby