This Pro-Abortion “Catholic” Prayed the Supreme Court Would Uphold Abortion
Washington, DC | 6/27/16

The Supreme Court issued its major abortion decision today striking down part of a Texas pro-life law protecting women's health and saving babies

Mom Pregnant With Twins Schedules Abortion, Changes Mind at the Last Minute
Washington, DC | 6/27/16

Three years ago, when Rebecca Rizzi became pregnant, she initially wanted to have her baby. But when the father told her to consider other options,

Study Claiming More Women With Zika Virus Seeking Abortions is Bogus “Pro-Abortion Propaganda”
Washington, DC | 6/27/16

Don't put too much stock into a new study claiming that illegal abortions are skyrocketing as a result of the Zika virus, a prominent pro-life

Abortion Clinic Sold “Whole Brains” of Aborted Babies for Students at Summer Camp to Dissect
Washington, DC | 6/24/16

In one of the most disturbing pieces of evidence yet, a U.S. Congressional panel found that an abortion facility may have provided aborted babies'

Abortion Doc Quits When Baby Keeps Breathing After Abortion: “Her Chest Was Moving Up and Down”
Washington, DC | 6/24/16

Former Planned Parenthood abortion facility director Abby Johnson has seen her share of abortion facility workers leave the abortion industry

Poland Defends Its Pro-Life Laws, Blasts EU Leaders Telling It to Legalize Abortion
Warsaw, Poland | 6/24/16

(CFAM) -- The Polish government snapped back at European bureaucrats in a scathing response to a report published last week by the Council of

21 Abortion Clinics Have Closed in Texas in Three Years Under Key Pro-Life Law
Austin, TX | 6/24/16

Everyone who has an interest in the abortion debate is waiting anxiously for the U.S. Supreme Court to hand down an important decision on a Texas

Planned Parenthood Campaign Trashes Donald Trump: You Can “Stop Hate” if You “Stop Trump”
Washington, DC | 6/24/16

Planned Parenthood is targeting young voters with a new campaign that trashes likely Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

New York Times: Children With Zika-Caused Birth Defects are Better Off Aborted
Washington, DC | 6/24/16

The New York Times pro-abortion propaganda strikes again.

Abortion Group: Pro-Lifers “Care Little for People’s Lives” Since They Oppose Aborting Disabled Babies
Washington, DC | 6/24/16

Abortion activists are attacking Republicans this week for not including abortion funding in a bill to fight the Zika virus in the U.S.

Abortionist Caught With 14 Containers of Aborted Babies in His Car Faces Charges
West Bloomfield, Michigan | 6/24/16

Last  year, LifeNews reported the story of the Michigan abortion practitioner who was caught with what local police believe were 14 plastic

While Abortions Kill Babies, Court in Argentina Grants Basic Human Rights to an Orangutan
Buenos Aires, Argentina | 6/24/16

An Argentinian court ruled this week that a orangutan named Sandra should receive some of the same legal rights as human beings, according to

Baby Bentley Born With His Brain Outside His Skull Defies the Odds, Turns 7 Months Old
Washington, DC | 6/24/16

When having an ultrasound, Dustin and Sierra Yoder discovered that their five-month-old unborn baby had a brain disorder called an encephalocele,