Planned Parenthood is Spending $500,000 to Create an Army of Pro-Abortion Activists
Washington, DC | 8/18/17

Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups have long envied the grassroots power of the pro-life movement.

Under Speaker Nancy Pelosi 709,855 Black Babies Were Killed in Abortions
Washington, DC | 8/18/17

Prominent U.S. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is an ardent abortion supporter who claims to be Catholic.

35-Week-Old Unborn Child Was Supposed to Be Killed in an Abortion, But the Baby Survived
Washington, DC | 8/18/17

A story almost beyond belief whose conclusion came about last May, four years after “Lil” aborted her child in the 35th week.

Woman Will Use Stem Cells From Her Baby’s Umbilical Cord To Save Her Brother, Who Has a Brain Tumor
London, England | 8/18/17

A pregnant British mom hopes she and her unborn baby will be the answer to help prolong her ailing brother's life.

Are Pro-Lifers Winning the Abortion War? The Answer May Surprise You
Washington, DC | 8/18/17

The Millennial Generation has grown up with an explosion of technology — the expansion of the Internet, the invention of the iPhone, the birth

Shame on CBS for Applauding Iceland for “Eliminating” Down Syndrome By Aborting Babies Who Have It
Washington, DC | 8/18/17

This week, the CBS News program “On Assignment” included a long feature on what it described as the near eradication of Down syndrome in

Man Smothered His Wife to Death With a Pillow Because He Was Tired of Caring for Her
Ottawa, Canada | 8/18/17

The ink was hardly dry on Canada’s right-to-die legislation before lawsuits began to expand eligibility for euthanasia to those who are not

Woman’s Violent and Abusive Husband Forced Her to Have an Abortion: “I Wanted to Keep My Baby”
Dublin, Ireland | 8/18/17

A woman seeking residency status in Ireland told a judge Friday that her Irish husband abused her and forced her to abort their unborn baby.

Abortion Advocates Come Unhinged When They Learn Abortions Can be Reversed
Washington, DC | 8/18/17

Why do pro-abortionists come absolutely unhinged when the case is made that chemical abortions can be halted, provided the woman does not take

How to Turn the Tables on Four Pro-Choice Arguments
Washington, DC | 8/18/17

Imagine you and a good friend decide to play a game of chess. As you sit down, your friend takes your queen off the board and puts it back in

New York Times is a Staunch Defender of Assisted Suicide
Washington, DC | 8/18/17

About a week ago the New York Times published an opinion piece I can't get out of my mind. The title was provocative—“Should I help My Patients

Raped 10-Year-Old Gives Birth After Law Protects Baby From Abortion
New Delhi, India | 8/17/17

A 10-year-old Indian girl and her newborn child are in stable condition at a Chandigarh hospital this week after the country's highest court