Abortion Clinic Puts Up Controversial Billboard Saying, “I’m Grateful for My Abortion”
Cleveland, OH | 1/18/17

A pro-abortion billboard brandishing the phrase “I'm Grateful for My Abortion” is upsetting women across Cleveland, Ohio this week.

Susan B. Anthony Would Never Have Joined the Pro-Abortion “Women’s March.” She Was Pro-Life
Washington, DC | 1/18/17

Those of us at the Susan B Anthony Birthplace Museum in Adams, Mass., are saddened that the museum honoring this American iconic heroine and

Woman: I Was Raped at 18 and Became Pregnant, My Son is Now 11 and Nothing Like the Rapist
Washington, DC | 1/18/17

Certainly, post-rape is an emotionally trying time for any victim of sexual assault. Complicating matters further can be the issue of an unintended

ABC Promotes Pro-Abortion “Women’s March,” Ignores How It Kicked Out Pro-Life Groups
Washington, DC | 1/18/17

It isn’t just the Women’s March on Washington that’s excluding pro-life women; the liberal media are doing the same during their nationally

Planned Parenthood CEO: If You Want to “Prevent” Abortions, You Should “Triple” Our Budget
Washington, DC | 1/18/17

In light of the distinct possibility her organization may soon be defunded under a new administration, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards

100,000 People Are Alive Today Because Northern Ireland Didn’t Legalize Abortion
Belfast Northern Ireland | 1/18/17

A new report has estimated that the lives of 100,000 people have been saved because of Northern Ireland’s pro-life laws.

Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Says: “Please Do Not Bring Your Children With You”
Washington, DC | 1/18/17

I remember back in the mid 90s, Sears launched a rebranding campaign: “Come see the softer side of Sears.” Over the past year, Planned Parenthood

784 Patients Have Been Euthanized in Canada in Just Six Months
Ottawa, Canada | 1/18/17

The Globe and Mail published an article by Kelly Grant featuring a BC couple who wanted to die by euthanasia together, but ended up dying by

Iowa Bill Would Allow Women to Sue The Abortionist for Emotional Grief After an Abortion
Des Moines, Iowa | 1/18/17

An Iowa Senate subcommittee approved a bill on Tuesday that would make it easier for women to sue an abortion practitioner for psychological

Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Asks Judge to Force Texas to Fund It
Austin, Texas | 1/18/17

Planned Parenthood is fighting the will of the public again this week by urging a judge to force Texas to continue giving it tax dollars.

Abortions Hit Record Low, Abortion Activists Admit Pro-Life Laws Saving More Babies
Washington, DC | 1/17/17

For the first time in more than four decades, abortions dropped below 1 million in the United States, according to a new report from the Alan

Possible Trump Supreme Court Nominee William Pryor: Roe is the “Worst Abomination in the History of Law”
Washington, DC | 1/17/17

President-elect Donald Trump has said that, just two weeks after his inauguration, he will nominate somebody to replace pro-life Justice Antonin

Writer Tells Abortion Activists: If Your Sex Life is None of My Business Stop Demanding I Finance It
Washington, DC | 1/17/17

Focusing heavily on abortion is not a good political selling point for Planned Parenthood, and its leaders know it.