Euthanasia Supporter Exposes Assisted Suicide Activists: They’ll Break the Law to Kill More People
Brussels, Belgium | 2/19/18

Last year the London Telegraph ran a travel article about Belgium, “10 reasons why Belgium is not as boring as you think”. A bit patronising,

Thank You Gerber for Selecting a Baby With Down Syndrome as Your Spokesbaby
Washington, DC | 2/19/18

An adorable boy with Down syndrome was selected as this year’s Gerber baby. That’s great news. But remember, he’s not valuable because

Catholic Bishop: Discrimination Against Pro-Life People is Turning Christians Into “Second Class Citizens”
Ottawa, Canada | 2/19/18

Canadian leaders are creating “second-class citizens” by chipping away at religious freedom, Montreal Archbishop Christian Lépine said recently.

Mississippi Governor Wants His State to be “the Safest Place in America” for Unborn Babies
Jackson, MS | 2/19/18

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant hopes to make his state “the safest place in America” for unborn babies by supporting a bill to ban abortions

Tennessee Panel Passes Bill To Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Chain
Nashville, Tennessee | 2/19/18

A Tennessee bill moving through the legislature would ensure that the state does not give tax dollars to the abortion chain Planned Parenthood.

New Kansas Measure Says There’s No Right to Abortion in the Constitution
Topeka, KS | 2/19/18

Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer is backing a new effort to ensure that the state constitution does not recognize the so-called “right” to abort an

Iowa Senate Committee Passes Bill to Ban All Abortions After an Unborn Baby’s Heartbeat Begins
Des Moines, IA | 2/19/18

The Iowa Senate soon could vote on a bill to prohibit abortions after an unborn baby's heartbeat is detectable.

Abortion Activists Freak Out as Support for Legalizing Abortion in Ireland Collapses
Dublin, Ireland | 2/19/18

Two opinion polls published over the weekend are showing a drop in support for the Irish Government's plans to introduce abortion on wide ranging

Reporter: If More Babies Were Aborted, the Florida School Shooting Wouldn’t Happen
Washington, DC | 2/16/18

As America reels from another mass shooting in Florida, one abortion activist used the tragedy to claim that fewer mass shootings would happen

Planned Parenthood Sues President Trump After He Defunded Its Programs Pushing Sex on Kids
Washington, DC | 2/16/18

There's nothing, it seems, that the abortion chain Planned Parenthood won't sue over.

Abortionist on Pro-Life Christians: “Their Mere Existence is a Crime Against Women”
Albany, New York | 2/16/18

Merle Hoffman, president and CEO of Choices Women's Medical Clinic (Choices) in Jamaica, New York, who was questioned under oath yesterday by

Planned Parenthood Attorney: Women Have an “Absolute Right” to Abort Babies With Down Syndrome
Indianapolis, IN | 2/16/18

A woman's reason for aborting her unborn baby should not matter, even if she does not want a child with Down syndrome, an attorney for Planned

Joy Behar Says Vice President Mike Pence Has a “Mental Illness” Because He’s a Christian
Washington, DC | 2/16/18

ABC got at least one thing right about "The View" -- its name. As far as the hosts are concerned, there is only one view: theirs. Sure, they'll