She Was Determined to Have an Abortion, But When She Googled “Abortion,” Everything Changed
Washington, DC | 3/4/15

When “Charla” searched the Internet for information about a local abortion clinic, Online for Life’s marketing outreach was there and encouraged

Democrat Compares Head of Pro-Abortion Group to Moses, “Let My People Abort?”
Washington, DC | 3/4/15

New York Times reporter Amy Chozick profiled Stephanie Schriock, the current president of Emily’s List, the PAC that supports only Democratic

Jahi McMath’s Family Files Malpractice Suit Against Doctor Who Left Her Incapacitated
Oakland, CA | 3/4/15

The family of Jahi McMath officially filed its lawsuit Tuesday and for the first time provided the family’s account of what allegedly happened

Thousands of Pro-Life Students Will Participate in National Pro-Life Chalk Day Thursday
Washington, DC | 3/4/15

What activity requires almost no money and minimal time commitment yet saves lives and impacts a whole school campus?

Euthanasia Activist: The Only Way to End Patients’ Suffering is to Kill Them
Washington, DC | 3/4/15

Rob Jonquière is a retired doctor and advocate on the so-called “End-of-Life choice.” Jonquière started his career as a family doctor in

Planned Parenthood Forced to Send Woman to Pregnancy Center Who Didn’t Want Abortion
Indianapolis, IN | 3/4/15

The other day I got an email from the folks organizing the 40 Days for Life vigil outside Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinic in Indianapolis.

Man Hires Babysitter to Kill Girlfriend’s Unborn Baby: “Get the Abortion or I’ll Do It Myself”
Pittsburgh, PA | 3/4/15

In Pennsylvania, police say a man offered his babysitter $100 to assault his ex-girlfriend and cause her to miscarry their unborn child. On Tuesday,

Colorado Democrats Kill Bill Protecting Babies Born Alive After Failed Abortions
Denver, CO | 3/4/15

Democrats on a Colorado state House panel last night defeated a pro-life bill to ensure babies who survive failed abortions receive appropriate

Texas Pro-Life Bill Stops Forcing Texans From Paying for Abortions in Their Health Insurance
Austin, TX | 3/4/15

A new pro-life bill in Texas would protect Texans from being forced to pay for abortions under their current health insurance plans.

Families of Severely Disabled Babies to Lobby UN: Quit Calling Them “Incompatible With Life”
Geneva, Switzerland | 3/4/15

Families of children diagnosed with life-limiting conditions in the womb are to host a special conference at the United Nations in Geneva to

Action Needed to Stop Bill Legalizing Assisted Suicide in Connecticut
Hartford, CT | 3/4/15

Sometime in the next few weeks the Judiciary Committee will hold a public hearing on a bill to legalize assisted suicide, either SB 668, whose

Conjoined Twins Doing Great After Surviving 9-Hour Separation Surgery
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia | 3/3/15

In Saudi Arabia, a pair of conjoined twins survived a rare surgery to separate them after a team of medical personnel operated on them for more

“She’s Not a Monster” Mom Defends Disabled 2-year-Old Daughter From Mean Facebook Bullies
Columbia, SC | 3/3/15

In South Carolina, a mother discovered that a picture of her sick daughter was being used on Facebook to make fun of the child’s appearance.