Lawyers for StemExpress, Which Sold Planned Parenthood Aborted Baby Parts, Want to Quit
Washington, DC | 8/25/16

How bad must it be to serve as the attorneys for the biotech firm that sold aborted baby parts for Planned Parenthood? Apparently bad enough

George Soros Gave Planned Parenthood $1.5 Million to Cover Up Sales of Aborted Baby Parts
Washington, DC | 8/25/16

It’s no secret that liberal billionaire George Soros is one of Planned Parenthood’s biggest donors. Now leaked documents show that the horrific

Planned Parenthood Opening New Abortion Business Next Week Next to an Elementary School
Washington, DC | 8/25/16

Just as the school year begins, a new Planned Parenthood abortion center is planning to open next door to two Washington, D.C. schools.

Government Covers Up Botched Abortion at Planned Parenthood That Put Woman in Hospital
Madison, WI | 8/25/16

Emergency radio traffic has revealed important information about what happened to an asthmatic Planned Parenthood patient who was transported

Kayella Was Once an Orphan With Down Syndrome, Now She’s a Successful Model
Washington, DC | 8/25/16

An adopted child with Down syndrome now is a familiar face for Target shoppers.

Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic Tells Patients: “Please Don’t Bring Children With You”
Washington, DC | 8/25/16

Go to the Planned Parenthood website, find your nearest abortion clinic (e.g.,,

Abortion Doc Who Was So Bad Other States Banned Him is Illegally Running Clinics in New Jersey
Trenton, NJ | 8/25/16

One of the East Coast's most notorious abortionists is being accused this week of illegally running abortion clinics in New Jersey.

Baby Saved After Abortion Pill Was Reversed is Starting Kindergarten, This State Wants to Save More
Phoenix, AZ | 8/25/16

A Planned Parenthood lawsuit challenging an Arizona law to inform women of the possibility that abortion drugs can be reversed was settled this

New Study Confirms: Women Can Abort Their Baby Virtually Any Time, Anywhere, for Any Reason
Washington, DC | 8/25/16

Late last week, the Guttmacher Institute released a study that analyzed wait times among women seeking abortions. They surveyed over 8,000 women

Abortion Doc Admits “Abortion is Killing. No One Can Argue With That”
Washington, DC | 8/25/16

Dr. Bertram Wainer founded an abortion facility and commits abortions. He was quoted in a book by pro-abortion author Miriam Claire saying the

Kentucky Supreme Court Lets Governor Close Illegal Abortion Clinic That Broke State Law
Louisville, KY | 8/25/16

A Lexington, Kentucky abortion clinic caught masquerading as a doctor's office will remain closed after the state Supreme Court rejected the

8 Reasons Why Colorado Voters Should Vote Against Legalizing Assisted Suicide
Denver, CO | 8/25/16

Doctor-assisted suicide is a horrible idea for Colorado. Though its proponents promote doctor-assisted suicide as “death with dignity,”

Abortion Activists Lie About Maternal Mortality to Claim Defunding Planned Parenthood Hurts Women
Austin, TX | 8/25/16

Pro-abortion activists, hiding behind the (often undeserved) cloak of credibility provided by a peer-reviewed journal, made a concerted effort