Democrats Will Filibuster Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch
Washington, DC | 3/23/17

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, an abortion advocate announced today that Democrats will filibuster the nomination of Supreme Court nominee

Cecile Richards: Women Members of Congress Who Vote to Defund Planned Parenthood Aren’t Real Women
Washington, DC | 3/23/17

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards issued a scathing criticism of pro-life female lawmakers on Thursday ahead of a scheduled vote to defund

Neil Gorsuch Defends His Opposition to Assisted Suicide: “Intentionally” Causing Someone’s Death is Wrong
Washington, DC | 3/23/17

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch defended his opposition to assisted suicide yesterday during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings.

Abortion Activist Wants to “Humanize” How She Aborted Her Baby
Washington, DC | 3/23/17

When abortion activists talk about “humanizing” abortion, they are not talking about unborn babies. They mean getting rid of anything that

Woman Pregnant With 4 Babies After IVF Regrets “Selective Reduction” Abortion of One Baby
Washington, DC | 3/23/17

A woman who had In Vitro Fertilization done and conceived four babies had a “selective reduction” where one baby was aborted. A pro-choice

Melanie and Madeline, Two Young Women With Down Syndrome Changing the Face of Beauty
Washington, DC | 3/23/17

Two beautiful young girls – one in France and the other from Australia – are showing the world a new face of Down syndrome.

Three Different Doctors Told Mom Seven Times to Abort Her Baby Because He Would be Disabled
Washington, DC | 3/23/17

Hydrocephalus is a disease where fluid collects in the brain of an unborn baby. the prognosis varies, but many children with hydrocephalus go

MSNBC Gripes That Neil Gorsuch Believes “Human Life is Fundamentally and Inherently Valuable”
Washington, DC | 3/23/17

During the 10 a.m. ET hour on Wednesday, correspondent Chris Jansing openly cheered on Democratic California Senator Diane Feinstein for attacking

Woman Died From Botched 23-Week Abortion After She Lost So Much Blood She Went Into Shock
Cleveland, OH | 3/23/17

Lakisha Wilson, a beautiful 22-year old African American woman, died three years ago from a fatally botched abortion she obtained at the Preterm

Study Shows Breast Cancer Rates Steadily Increasing After the UK Legalized Abortion
London, England | 3/23/17

A new study published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons this spring encourages more research to been done on breast cancer and

Pro-Life Legislator Under Fire for Saying a Baby Resulting From Rape is “Beauty From Ashes”
Oklahoma City, OK | 3/23/17

Abortion activists slammed a pro-life Oklahoma lawmaker this week after he repeatedly was pried by a fellow lawmaker to answer whether he believes

California Legislator Pushes Bill to Force College Health Centers to Sell Abortion Pills
Sacramento, California | 3/23/17

A California state lawmaker is working to expand abortions by forcing colleges to offer students abortion drugs on campus.

Drug Marketed as a Pregnancy Test May Have Caused Abortions
London, England | 3/23/17

A drug that was marketed as a pregnancy test in the 1960s and 70s may have caused abortions and fetal defects, according to an investigation