Babies With Down Syndrome Shouldn’t be Aborted, Their Parents Deserve Our Support
Baton Rouge, LA | 3/3/15

Recently in Armenia, in the moments following her son's birth, baby Leo's mother saw only sad faces and heard a dread-like verdict from the doctor

Why Does Planned Parenthood Get $3.6 Billion in Tax Dollars When it Makes $700 Million From Abortions?
Washington, DC | 3/3/15

As debate heats up in Washington over the federal budget, new research shines light on the growth in taxpayers’ funding for Planned Parenthood

Abortion Advocates Continue Denying Scientific Studies Showing Abortion-Breast Cancer Link
Washington, DC | 3/3/15

Where to begin to expose the over-the-top dishonesty of abortion advocate Dr. David Grimes’ piece on abortion and breast cancer posted on Feb.

Woman Headed to Abortion Clinic to End Her Baby’s Life Made a U-turn When This Happened
Manassas, VA | 3/3/15

The current 40 Days for Life prayer campaign outside abortion clinics has already saved 87 babies form abortion across the United States and

Obamacare Pays for Abortions But Congressman Can’t Get His Newborn Daughter Insured
Washington, DC | 3/3/15

Rep. Alex Mooney (R-WV) wasn’t prepared for the lengthy battle he was about to endure when he and his wife Grace tried to put their newborn

Pro-Life Doctor Ben Carson Launches Exploratory Committee for GOP Presidential Run
Washington, DC | 3/3/15

Pro-life doctor Ben Carson on Monday launched an exploratory committee for a possible run for the Republican nomination for president.

Houston Planned Parenthood Clinic Injures Four Women in Botched Abortions in 30 Days
Houston, TX | 3/3/15

The Houston Coalition for Life is reporting that in less than 30 days, there have been four women rushed to a local hospital by ambulance from

Duggar Family Legacy Continues: Anna and Josh Duggar are Expecting a Baby Girl
Washington, DC | 3/3/15

In July, Anna and Josh Duggar are expecting their fourth child together. Josh Duggar is the son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, from TLC’s

United Nations Committee Targets Ecuador, Wants Pro-Life Nation to Legalize Abortion
Quito, Ecuador | 3/3/15

The UN's Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) continued its distortion of the anti-discrimination treaty to promote

Idaho House Passes Pro-Life Bill to Ban Webcam Abortions With Dangerous Abortion Pill
Boise, ID | 3/3/15

Proving last week’s 13-4 vote in the Idaho House State Affairs Committee was no fluke, the full house today voted 55-17 in favor of House Bill

Chile Government Won’t Let 14-Year-Old Break Law to Kill Herself in an Assisted Suicide
Santiago, Chile | 3/3/15

On February 28th, Chile's president visited a hospital to meet with a 14-year-old girl who shocked the country after posting a YouTube video

He Refused Abortion When He Learned His Baby Had Down Syndrome: “I Have a Daughter to Protect”
Washington, DC | 3/2/15

In 2010, Tom and Karen Bachofner found out they were pregnant with their third child. At the time, Karen was 39 and decided to have the Bart’s

Pregnant Woman’s Baby Dies After Car Hits Her, But the Law Says Her Unborn Child Isn’t a Human Being
Denver, CO | 3/2/15

In Colorado, a pregnant woman lost her unborn baby after a car hit her while she walking on the sidewalk with family members. The woman, Leah