Catholic Bishop Calls for Prayer to Overturn Roe v. Wade and End Abortion
Washington, DC | 7/20/18

Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York is calling for united national prayer for the U.S. Supreme Court and its potential to end Roe v.

UN Partners With Abortion Activists to Counter Pro-Life Trump Admin, Push Abortion Worldwide
Washington, DC | 7/20/18

(C-Fam) UN agencies are working with abortion groups to make abortion part of sexual and reproductive health policies and programming everywhere

Abortion Pill Injures More Women Than Ever Before, Requiring Hospitalizations or Even Blood Transfusions
Columbus, Ohio | 7/20/18

A new round reporting forms for 2017 and part of 2018 obtained by Operation Rescue show that complications in Ohio to medication abortions done

2018 Congressional Elections Provide Great Opportunity to Elect Pro-Life Candidates
Washington, DC | 7/20/18

I’ve been thinking back to campaigns of many years ago — back to the day when political leaders who supported abortion would say “I’m

New Law is First Ever to Protect Unborn Babies Stored in Fertility Clinics From Destruction When Couples Divorce
Phoenix, Arizona | 7/20/18

A new Arizona law recognizes the worth of unborn babies at their earliest stage of life by giving the custody of frozen embryos to a divorced

Abortion Activists Sue Trump Admin Program to Protect Doctors, Nurses From Being Forced to Do Abortions
Washington, DC | 7/20/18

The Center for Reproductive Rights and the National Women's Law Center filed a lawsuit against the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

Woman Wants to Abort Her Baby Without Telling Her Husband “I Don’t Want This Baby”
Washington, DC | 7/20/18

A British mother turned to an online forum this week to ask if she should abort her second unborn baby without telling her husband, who wants

Even Fox News Gets It Wrong on Roe v. Wade and Abortion. Here’s The Truth
Washington, DC | 7/20/18

I was disheartened recently while watching Fox News coverage of the U.S. Supreme Court.

UN “Human Rights” Office Pressures Mexico to Legalize Abortion
New York, NY | 7/20/18

(C-Fam) UN Agencies interfered in a contentious local debate about abortion in the State of Veracruz, Mexico, last week.

Ireland Court Throws Out Lawsuits Challenging Results of Referendum Legalizing Abortion
Dublin, Ireland | 7/20/18

The High Court in Ireland has today denied the request of a number of applicants who were questioning the results of the recent abortion referendum.

Whoopi Snaps After Judge Jeanine Accuses Her of Having “Trump Derangement Syndrome”
Washington, DC | 7/19/18

Thursday at the View, Fox News’ host Judge Jeanine Pirro appeared as the guest to talk about her new book about what she called, the “conspiracy”

Abortionist Slams Brett Kavanaugh: He “Threatens the Freedom to Have an Abortion”
Washington, DC | 7/19/18

Abortionist Willie Parker slammed conservative U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh this week by claiming he could jeopardize the freedom

Court Orders Abortion of 13-Year-Old Girl’s 26-Week-Old Unborn Baby
New Delhi, India | 7/19/18

A young victim of sexual violence in India will be subjected to even more violence, as well as her unborn child, after a Chhattisgarh High Court