27-Year-Old Adopted Woman Meets Birth Parents for First Time After Finding Old Letter They Left Her
Washington, DC | 3/16/18

There are very few facts about an adoptive woman meeting her birth family in Illinois recently.

Illinois Legislator Jeanne Ives: Why I Chose Life for My Terminally Ill Unborn Baby
Springfield, IL | 3/16/18

Illinois state Rep. Jeanne Ives recently shared her heartbreaking experience of losing her newborn son to a terminal illness.

Abortionist: I Cut Unborn Babies’ Cords So They Can’t Scream
Washington, DC | 3/15/18

Every now and then, abortionists will admit publicly to the horrifying reality of what they do to unborn babies.

Population Control and Euthanasia Activist Stephen Hawking Passes Away
Washington, DC | 3/14/18

World-renowned physicist Dr. Stephen Hawking died Wednesday after decades of brilliant and sometimes hugely mistaken ideas about the universe,

Republicans Refuse to Allow Democrats to Force Americans to Fund Abortions in New Health Care Deal
Washington, DC | 3/15/18

Just when it seemed that Democrats and Republicans found something to agree about regarding Obamacare, battle lines were re-drawn over whether

Court Upholds President Trump’s Decision to Overturn Obama Abortion Mandate
Washington, DC | 3/15/18

The Trump administration won an initial victory for religious freedom in court this week when a federal judge allowed its religious exemptions

Judge Blocks Ohio Law Banning Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome
Columbus, Ohio | 3/15/18

An Ohio judge with close ties to Planned Parenthood blocked a state law Wednesday that protects unborn babies with Down syndrome from discriminatory

Former “Bachelor” Sean Lowe Says He’s “Very” Pro-Life: “God Loved Us In Our Mother’s Wombs.”
Washington, DC | 3/14/18

While the Oscars and Top Chef celebrate Planned Parenthood, a former star of ABC’s The Bachelor is going against the grain – and taking

Woman Says: If Planned Parenthood Didn’t Abort My Baby, I Would Have Killed Him
Phoenix, Arkizona | 3/15/18

Arizona’s Senate Bill 1394, introduced Tuesday, prompted some pro-abortion activists to invoke a fear of an inauguration of a dictatorial society.

WATCH: Awesome Video Has Young Students Explain Why They’re Pro-Life
Washington, DC | 3/14/18

This year, more than 100,000 people gathered in the nation’s capital to participate in the annual March for Life. Among them were many high

Premature Twins Born So Small a Wedding Ring Fit Around Their Arms Survive the Odds
Hartford, CT | 3/14/17

When Connecticut twins Teddy and Kiley Marzinotto were born in 2015, they were so small that their mother could slip her wedding ring around

Elderly Couple Kill Themselves in Controversial Assisted Suicide in Oregon
Salem, OR | 3/14/18

A controversial new documentary has been released in the US telling the story of an Oregon couple who took their own lives via lethal medication

Judge Revokes Free Speech Rights of Pro-Life Advocates Arrested Inside Abortion Clinic Offering Women Alternatives
Washington, DC | 3/15/18

Pro-life advocates who entered a Michigan abortion facility in December may no longer protest outside abortion facilities, a Bloomfield Township