Two Companies That Sold Aborted Baby Parts for Planned Parenthood Forced to Close Down
Washington, DC | 12/9/17

In what is the first successful prosecution in the scandal involving Planned Parenthood, the abortion industry, and the sale of aborted baby

“Abortionist to the Stars” Botches Two Late-Term Abortions, Tells 911 Injured Woman Had “a Fetal Demise”
Beverly Hills, California | 12/11/17

It appears as an upscale doctor’s office in the tony Southern California community of Beverly Hills. Photos of the interior of the office show

Justice Dept. Launches Criminal Investigation of Planned Parenthood for Selling Aborted Baby Parts
Washington, DC | 12/8/17

The U.S. Department of Justice officially is investigating whether the abortion chain Planned Parenthood sold aborted babies' body parts for

WATCH: Abortion Clinic Will Kill Viable Baby: “Does There Have to be Anything Wrong With the Baby?” “No.”
Washington, DC | 12/8/17

Undercover investigators exposed another abortion facility's willingness to abort a later-term, healthy unborn baby again this week.

Teen Punched in the Face by Planned Parenthood Client Will be Back at Abortion Clinic This Weekend to Pray
Washington, DC | 12/8/17

Being physically assaulted is a price the pro-life generation is willing to pay to rescue a child from abortion and serve women with a message

Pro-Life Champion Rep. Trent Franks Announces He is Leaving Congress
Washington, DC | 12/8/17

Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) released a statement Thursday announcing his resignation from Congress, citing a conversation involving surrogacy that

Principal Who Screamed at Pro-Life Teen: “I Don’t Give a S— What Jesus Says” Says His Life’s Been a Wreck Ever Since
Washington, DC | 12/8/17

Earlier this year and assistant principal at a Pennsylvania high school was caught on video yelling profanities at pro-life teenagers who are

Abortion Activist Says: After Three Miscarriages I’m More Pro-Abortion Than Ever Before
Washington, DC | 12/8/17

Pro-abortion writer Danielle Campoamor wrote a heartbreaking column this week as she experienced the pain and grief of miscarrying a baby.

Mother of Three Who Developed Cancer During Each Pregnancy: I’m Aborting Next Time
Chicago, IL | 12/8/17

Chicago mom Lea Grover went through a terrifying ordeal when she was diagnosed with cancer during both her pregnancies.

Chinese Girl Adopted by American Family to Escape Abortion Reunites With Her Birthparents 20 Years Later
Washington, DC | 12/8/17

Xu Lida and his wife, Fenxiang, went to great lengths to save their unborn daughter's life under China's oppressive one-child policy.

Alabama Senate Candidate Doug Jones: If You Don’t Like That I’m Pro-Abortion Don’t Vote for Me
Montgomery, AL | 12/8/17

Alabama Senate candidate Doug Jones professes radical pro-abortion views that few Americans share.

Told She Was Terminally Ill She Tried to Commit Suicide, Then She Got Some Shocking News
Ottawa, Canada | 12/8/17

The story of Mya DeRyan is not just a story of gaining a second chance at life, but it is also a warning to Canadians, now that euthanasia is

NPR Claims Black Women Are Dying In Childbirth Because of ‘Racism’
Washington, DC | 12/8/17

Remember when Planned Parenthood tweeted on Halloween that it’s safer for black women (and abortion providers’ bank accounts) if they have