Abortion Activists Remove From Pro-Life Group From “Women’s March” After Feminists Complain
Washington, DC | 1/17/17

The Women’s March on Washington’s message could not be clearer: “women” does not include pro-life women or women in the womb.

Abortions Have Dropped 43% Since 1990, 673,800 Fewer Babies Die From Abortion Now
Washington, DC | 1/17/17

The Guttmacher Institute’s long-awaited new report hit the Internet this morning and the bottom line is wonderful news (unless you are Guttmacher):

Planned Parenthood Trained Employees How to Identify Undercover Journalists Instead of Sex Traffickers
Washington, DC | 1/17/17

The pro-life group Live Action, which has done important work in exposing Planned Parenthood’s pro-abortion agenda, has released yet another

“Women’s March” Chair Admits Event is Really About Defending Planned Parenthood, Promoting Abortion
Washington, DC | 1/17/17

Planned Parenthood is more than just a partner for the upcoming Women’s March on Washington.

Do You Support Repealing Obamacare? Here’s How Many Americans Agree With You
Washington, DC | 1/17/17

Practically since Obamacare became law, Republicans in Congress have been promising to repeal it. The law has been consistently unpopular during

Woman Will Kill Her 24-Week-Old Disabled Baby in an Abortion Today
New Delhi, India | 1/17/17

The Supreme Court of India granted a woman's request to allow her to abort her late-term unborn child this week, the Hindustan Times reports.

Clinic Botched Abortion So Badly Woman Couldn’t Breathe and Ambulance Had to Rush Her to Hospital
Dallas, TX | 1/17/17

An ambulance was called to Southwestern Women’s Surgery Center in Dallas, Texas, on January 12, 2017, to aid a woman who was removed from the

New TV Show “EWTN Pro-Life Weekly” Debuts Next Week With Special March for Life Program
Washington, DC | 1/17/17

EWTN Global Catholic Network, in partnership with the Susan B. Anthony List, will launch a new half-hour weekly program that will inform and

Philippines: Duterte Ignores Supreme Court, Orders Action on Controversial Reproductive Health Law
Manilla, Philippines | 1/17/17

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has signed an executive order mandating the immediate and full implementation of the controversial Responsible

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards Stands in Front of a Cross While Promoting Abortion
Washington, DC | 1/16/17

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards' latest photo op had pro-lifers calling out the abortion chain this weekend for using a cross to promote

Kentucky Abortion Clinic That Killed Babies Since 1989 is Closing
Lexington, Kentucky | 1/16/17

A Kentucky abortion facility caught masquerading as a doctor's office will close permanently on Jan. 27, the Lexington Herald-Leader reports.

Teenage Girl Posts Shocking 40-Minute Live-Stream Video of Her Own Suicide
Washington, DC | 1/16/17

For the generation that has grown up glued to social media, anything goes. Photos and videos of pets, family vacations, friends, selfies, food

Where Are They Now? These 23 Celebrities Said They’d Move If Trump Won
Washington, DC | 1/16/17

Back in September, my colleague Catherine Dunn published this nice compilation of 23 celebrities who said they would be leaving the country if