Abortionist Talks About Her Job Killing Babies for a Living: “I Have No Regrets, It’s Rewarding”
Washington, DC | 11/25/15

Chicago abortion practitioner Cheryl Chastine believes women need abortions, and that's why the young doctor decided to begin doing them after

Missouri Down to One Abortion Clinic After Planned Parenthood Stops Abortions in Columbia
Columbia, MO | 11/25/15

A Missouri Planned Parenthood stopped doing abortions Monday, leaving just one abortion clinic left in the whole state.

Liberals Applaud ABC TV Show “Scandal” for Showing Abortion During Playing of “Silent Night”
Washington, DC | 11/25/15

The Left worships death. Don’t believe it? Check out the reception journalists and writers gave Thursday’s episode of Scandal on ABC.

Abortion Activist Threatens Student’s Life After Writing Pro-Life Column, Ohio State Ignores It
Columbus, OH | 11/25/15

Ohio State University is coming under heavy criticism today for ignoring a threat an abortion activist made against a pro-life student after

Birth Father Demands Surrogate Have Abortion After Learning She’s Pregnant With Triplets
Atlanta, GA | 11/25/15

A Georgia man never bargained for triplets when he hired a surrogate to have his child by in vitro fertilization. Now, he is demanding that she

Democrats Complain GOP Gets $300,000 to Investigate Planned Parenthood, Which Gets $500 Million
Washington, DC | 11/25/15

Pro-abortion Democrats continued their attack today of a Congressional panel that will begin investigating whether abortion businesses such as

“I’m Going to be a Grandfather?” The Priceless Moment When Dad Finds Out His Daughter’s Pregnant
Washington, DC | 11/25/15

A popular new YouTube video of a hilarious family guessing game ends in a heartwarming celebration of a new life.

Ben Carson: They Say Abortion is About Women’s Rights, “But What About the Baby?”
Washington, DC | 11/25/15

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson continued to vocally defend unborn babies' rights on the campaign trail this week.

Planned Parenthood Kills 897 Babies in Abortions Every Single Day
Washington, DC | 11/25/15

Desperation breeds the kind of logic that warrants double takes – did they really just say that?

Grant Was Literally Born With No Voice and a 3% Chance to Live, But He’s Defying the Odds
Grand Rapids, MI | 11/25/15

After doctors looked at Grant on his 18-week ultrasound, they told his parents that he probably would not survive birth. Cartilage blocked his

Abortion Activists Fear Supreme Court Upholding Ban on Dismemberment Abortions
Topeka, KS | 11/25/15

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, all fourteen judges of Kansas’ state Court of Appeals will begin analyzing all legal briefs, pro and con, for

Planned Parenthood and Abortion Clinics Want to Force Maine to Pay for Abortions
Augusta, ME | 11/25/15

Abortion advocates and the ACLU are suing the state of Maine this week in an attempt to force taxpayer funding of abortion.

Sex-Selection Abortions Targeting Girls in Vietnam are Causing a Massive Gender Ratio Imbalance
Hanoi, Vietnam | 11/25/15

Sex-selection abortions are illegal in Vietnam, but the cultural preference for boys is leading families to find new ways around the law.