Planned Parenthood Hails Doug Jones Win as Victory Over “Predators,” As It Covers Up Sexual Abuse
Washington, DC | 12/13/17

The abortion chain praised Alabama voters on Tuesday for rejecting a man who allegedly sexually harassed several women, while congratulating

Planned Parenthood Claims There’s “No Difference” Between a Miscarriage and an Abortion
Washington, DC | 12/13/17

Moms who have suffered miscarriages are slamming Planned Parenthood for its tweet comparing miscarriage to abortion. The liberal media have yet

Even As Media Whine About Trump, Their Hostile Coverage Shows No Let Up
Washington, DC | 12/13/17

As Monday’s throwdown in the White House press room made clear, relations between the President and the press corps are as bad as they have

Planned Parenthood Exposed for Lying About Pro-Life Judicial Nominee Amy Barrett
Washington, DC | 12/13/17

Law professors called out the abortion chain Planned Parenthood on Tuesday for an inaccurate comment about one of President Donald Trump's judicial

CBS Donates 20 Minutes to Pro-Abortion Joe Biden to Lobby for His 2020 Presidential Bid
Washington, DC | 12/13/17

CBS co-host — and Democratic donor — Gayle King on Wednesday openly lobbied Joe Biden to make a presidential bid. CBS This Morning’s journalists

Mom of 6-Year-Old With Down Syndrome: It’s Okay if Babies With Down Syndrome are Aborted
Columbus, OH | 12/13/17

More than six years ago, Emily Chesnut chose life for her daughter who has Down syndrome.

Doctor Spiked Pregnant Girlfriend’s Drink With the Abortion Pill, He Didn’t Want to be a Father
Richmond, VA | 12/13/17

A Virginia doctor is scheduled to stand trial next year for allegedly spiking his pregnant girlfriend's drink with an abortion drug, killing

Irish Pro-Life Group Slams Committee’s “Appalling” Vote for Legalizing Abortion on Demand
Dublin, Ireland | 12/13/17

The Pro Life Campaign has said today’s vote for abortion by the Oireachtas Committee on the Eighth Amendment is “a total betrayal of women

Pro-Life Group and Christian College Defend Trump Admin Overturning Obama Abortion Mandate
Washington, DC | 12/13/17

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys representing the March for Life Education and Defense Fund have filed motions in two federal courts asking

CBC Airs propaganda Program Promoting Assisted Suicide
Ottawa, Canada | 12/13/17

CBC is once again promoting euthanasia.

“This is Us” Star Mandy Moore and Other Celebrities Will Headline Planned Parenthood Christmas Show
Washington, DC | 12/12/17

It’s called ironic. Big name celebrities are preparing to celebrate Baby Jesus’ birth by fundraising for America’s largest producer of

Cecile Richards: Time for Women to Start Bragging About Their Abortions, Don’t be “Ashamed”
Washington, DC | 12/12/17

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards urged women to keep bragging about aborting their unborn babies to fight the Trump administration's pro-life

Medical Waste Firm That Processed Aborted Babies Cancels Contracts With Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinics
Washington, DC | 12/12/17

Another medical waste firm is ditching Planned Parenthood. Specific Waste, which process the bodies of the babies aborted at Planned Parenthood