“Abortion Clinic to the Stars” in Beverly Hills Kills Babies Throughout All 9 Months of Pregnancy
Beverly Hills, California | 7/16/18

Hundreds of people drive by it every day without giving it a second thought. But this nondescript gray concrete and glass building, which is

Man Left His Elderly Mother on the Floor for Three Weeks to Die After She Fell, Never Called for Help
Winnipeg, Canada | 7/16/18

Ron Siwicki, the Winnipeg man who left his mother unattended on the floor to die over a span of three weeks, was sentenced to three months in

Population Control Has Decimated China So Badly It May Pay Couples to Have Children
Beijing, China | 7/16/18

After decades of forced abortions and sterilizations, Chinese government leaders now appear to be realizing the devastating effects of their

Planned Parenthood Kills More Blacks in 2 Weeks Than the KKK Killed in a Century
Washington, DC | 7/16/18

What is it about truth that sends people scrambling to their “safe” (dishonest) spaces? Online, in schools, in entertainment, in news media,

Media Falsely Reports Trump Admin Blocked Resolution on Breastfeeding at World Health Assembly
Washington, DC | 7/16/18

After the fire bombings leveled Tokyo in the Pacific War, my father-in-law watched his parents bury his infant sister, who starved to death.

Abortion Activists Fight Texas Law Requiring Proper Burial for Aborted Babies
Austin, TX | 7/16/18

Pro-lifers and abortion activists in Texas will be head-to-head once again Monday in a trial to retain a law requiring proper burial for aborted

The View Host Claims Americans Who Support President Trump are Part of a “Cult”
Washington, DC | 7/13/18

Friday, The View’s Hot Topics table, devolved into a shouting match between Republican hosts Meghan McCain and Tara Setmayer. The Never Trump,

South Carolina Governor Defunds Planned Parenthood, Removes Abortion Clinics From Medicaid
Columbia, SC | 7/13/18

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster continued this week to implement his promise to defund the abortion chain Planned Parenthood of tax dollars.

Republican Writer: “Honestly I Think You Can Support Abortion and Still be a Conservative”
Washington, DC | 7/13/18

Popular Republican journalist Jonah Goldberg angered his base Wednesday by claiming people can be conservative and support abortion.

Teen Whose “Make America Great Again” Hat Was Stolen Gets a New One Signed By President Trump
Washington, DC | 7/13/18

President Donald Trump gifted a San Antonio teen with a new autographed “Make America Great Again” hat after his first one was ripped from

Planned Parenthood’s New Campaign: “Protect Our Freedom to F—”
Washington, DC | 7/13/18

Planned Parenthood's New York City affiliate launched a crude new campaign this week to promote abortion and promiscuous sex with the slogan

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is Anti-Woman? His Numerous Female Law Clerks Strongly Disagree
Washington, DC | 7/13/18

After several women’s rights organizations suggested President Donald Trump’s pick for the next Supreme Court justice doesn’t have the

Man Who Euthanized His Disabled 12-Year-Old Daughter Wants Pardon or New Trial
Ottawa, Canada | 7/13/18

Multiple news outlets are reporting that Robert Latimer has submitted a letter to the Minister of Justice seeking a pardon or a new trial following