Ireland Must Vote No on Legalizing Abortion Because “Unborn Babies are Human Beings”
Dublin, Ireland | 5/18/18

Katie Ascough, a young voice of the pro-life movement in Ireland, challenged voters to consider one question before they go to the polls on May

This Man Donated Blood Every Week for 60 Years and Saved 2.4 Million Babies
Washington, DC | 5/18/18

When James Harrison was 14 years old, he underwent a major surgery that required blood donations to sustain his life.

Even a Pro-Abortion Group Opposes Justin Trudeau’s New Policy Forcing Churches to Promote Abortion
Ottawa, Canada | 5/18/18

The ideological demands of pro-abortion Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are so radical that even an organization that supports abortion

Abortion Activist Gloria Steinem “Excited” for New Play About Herself
Washington, DC | 5/18/18

Feminist Gloria Steinem is thrilled about a new play about herself – and, presumably, her progressive stances on issues like abortion.

Guernsey Parliament Defeats Proposal to Legalize Assisted Suicide
St. Peter Port, Guernsey | 5/18/18

A proposal which would have led to assisted suicide on Guernsey has been defeated after a three day debate in the island's Parliament.

ACLU Argues Taxpayers in Maine Should be Forced to Fund Abortions
Augusta, Maine | 5/18/18

Lawyers with the American Civil Liberties Union appeared before the Maine Supreme Court on Wednesday to argue that state taxpayers should be

Vietnam Faces Massive Infertility Crisis Because It Has the Highest Abortion Rates in the World
Washington, DC | 5/18/18

Abortion rates are up in Vietnam and fertility rates are down, yet some medical professionals claim there is no link between the two.

Attorney Says Canada’s Assisted Suicide Law is Unconstitutional, Wants All Suicides Stopped
Ottawa, Canada | 5/18/18

Ken Berger, the lawyer representing Roger Foley, a man who is stuck in a London, Ontario hospital for two years, told CTV news that has urged

Louisiana Legislature Approves New Pro-Life Laws to Stop Abortions and Protect Women
Baton Rouge, Louisiana | 5/18/18

Louisiana Right to Life is proud to herald the successful passage of a diverse package of life-protective laws this legislative session, including:

Abortion Activist Cecile Richards Receives Human Rights Award
Washington, DC | 5/17/18

The former CEO of the Planned Parenthood abortion business Cecile Richards has received a top human rights award. The irony is not lost on pro-life

WNBA Partners With Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz for “Women’s Empowerment” Event
Washington, DC | 5/17/18

Women’s basketball is teaming up with Planned Parenthood in the name of “women” – even though millions of women are missing today because

Priest Says Abandoned Baby With Down Syndrome is a “Gift From God”
Lima, Peru | 5/17/18

Father Omar Sanchez Portillo was celebrating his birthday on May 5 when a little baby boy with Down syndrome arrived at his Catholic children's

Support for Legalizing Abortion in Ireland Collapses, Less Than Half Want to Overturn 8th Amendment
Dublin, Ireland | 5/17/18

Hope remains for unborn babies and the pro-lifers who are fighting for their lives in Ireland.