“Blind Side” Mom of Michael Oher Praises Adopted Son on Making Second Super Bowl
Washington, DC | 2/5/16

On Super Bowl Sunday, proud adoptive mom Leigh Anne Tuohy will watch her son play football for the second time in the biggest American sports

Mom of Child With Microcephaly Slams Push for Abortion Because of Zika Virus: “She is a Gift”
Washington, DC | 2/5/16

When Gabrielle Frohock was pregnant with her youngest daughter, she had no idea what microcephaly was. When her doctors diagnosed her daughter

Abortion Increases Risk of Premature Birth for Next Baby Analysis of 36 Studies Finds
Washington, DC | 2/5/16

A new study shows that surgical abortion can increase the risk of premature birth in future pregnancy.

New York Times Refuses to Correct False Claim Only “Hundreds” Participated in March for Life
Washington, DC | 2/5/16

No one denies that fewer people attended this year's March for Life in Washington, D.C., which began just as a massive snowstorm hit the East

If You Defund Planned Parenthood Lots of Welfare Babies Will be Born? Study Proves That’s False
Washington, DC | 2/5/16

A recent New England Journal of Medicine study has the mainstream media swooning. Ever since Texas excluded Planned Parenthood from its state

U.S. Panel Allows Scientists to Create Three-Parent Embryos With Sex Selection
Washington, DC | 2/5/16

This week a committee of scientists and ethicists have recommended to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that they approve three-parent embryo

“Nothing Justifies Abortion,” Catholic Church Says Killing Babies Not Acceptable During Zika Crisis
Brazilia, Brazil | 2/5/16

Babies with the brain disorder microcephaly deserve the same right to life as everyone else, Catholic authorities told South American countries

“Comedian” Lizz Winstead Mocks Pro-Life People, Calls Pro-Life Lawmaker “Senator Vaginal Probe”
Washington, DC | 2/5/16

It’s a wonder groundhogs don’t stay underground forever, with abortion activists creating a climate that’s anything but temperate.

Woman Says Boyfriend Forced Her to Have Abortion, Wouldn’t Marry Her Without Killing Their Baby
New Delhi, India | 2/5/16

A British hockey player is accusing an Indian hockey captain of coercing her into getting an abortion.

Woman’s Husband Dies Suddenly While Driving Her to Deliver Their Baby at the Hospital
Bellvue, CO | 2/5/16

A heartbreaking tragedy occurred in Bellvue, Colorado, on Jan. 17 when Jill Schmucker went into labor with her third child. On their way to the

Colorado Committee Passes Bill to Legalize Assisted Suicide, Elderly People Targeted as “Sitting Ducks”
Denver, CO | 2/5/16

A Colorado legislative committee has approved a dangerous bill that would make the state the fifth to legalize assisted suicide, following Oregon,

Washington State Senate Committee Passes Ban on Sex-Selection Abortions
Olympia, WA | 2/5/16

A bill banning abortions for sex-selection purposes cleared the Senate Law and Justice Committee Wednesday night and awaits action in the Senate

Pregnancy Center Fights Back After City Censors Ad for Helping Women Find Abortion Alternatives
Fort Wayne, IN | 2/5/16

A pro-life pregnancy center whose ads were rejected by the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana continued its fight Tuesday against the city's discriminatory